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Native American music icon Jim Boyd dead at 60 CAUSE OF DEATH NOT RELEASED

By Bernie Dotson Sun Correspondent


early a month after the iconic Native American musician Jim Boyd pa ssed away, folks who knew him are still in shock. Boyd was a Native American singer, songwriter, actor, and member of the Jim Boyd Band, which was based out of the Colville Indian Reservation in northeastern Washington State. Boyd sang four songs with lyrics written by Sherman A lexie for the soundtrack of f ilm Smoke Sign a l s, a 1998 breakthrough feature d i rec t ed, w r it t en, a c t ed, a nd pr o duce d by Na t ive Americans. He also appeared in Alexie’s The Business of Fancydancing. Boyd, 60, died June 22 in Washington. The cause of death is unknown. “It was a total shock to hear about this,” Chris Eyre,

Actress and Producer Irene Bedard performed in Gallup with the late Jim Boyd, and played Pocahontas in the 1995 film. Photo Credit: Courtesy the director and producer of Smoke Signals, said. The film garnered a Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Award in 1998 and put Eyre on the map as a director and producer. “I heard about it from a friend of mine. He was a fantastic musician and an even better

person,” Eyre said. Boyd performed several times over the years at Gallup’s El Morro Theatre, where he drew large audiences. His songs ranged from blues to folk, country to rock. “He wa s a n i ncred ible musician,” Knifewing Segura, a member of the Chiricahua Apache Tribe and a former volunteer production coordinator at the El Morro, said. “If you are Native American, then you definitely know who Jim Boyd is. The theatre was packed whenever he performed there.” The death of Boyd spread to Native circles everywhere. I rene Beda rd, a n A la sk a native who is of I nupiat, Yupik, Cree, Inuit, and Métis ancestry, performed alongside Boyd a couple times in Gallup. Bedard is part of Segura’s Ga llup -ba sed NativeSta r s ta lent agency. She played Pocahontas in the 1995 film of the same name.

Singer/songwriter Jim Boyd died at the age of 60. In the past, he played in Gallup to a packed house. Photo Credit: Courtesy “I was just shocked, and I still can’t believe it,” Bedard said. “He was an incredible musician. I remember the songs he sang went across very well with audiences. Gallup liked him.” B o y d ’s m u s i c c a r e e r spanned four decades. At the time of his death, Boyd

was serving his second term as chairman of the Colville Business Cou ncil. Boyd’s AlterNatives won Record of the Year in 2001 at the Native American Music Awards. Over the years, he’s worked and performed with artists like Bonnie Raitt, Joe Cocker, and the Indigo Girls.

McKinley County Senior Olympics athletes travel to the Senior Olympic State Games in Roswell Staff Reports


n July 12, McKinley County Senior athletes headed to the s e n io r O l y m pic s State Games in Roswell. The ath letes included: P r isci l la Becent i, Er nest Benally, Guy Bitsilly Jr., Joann Chava r r ia , Pau li ne Claw, Virginia Jean Cometsevah, Sylv ia Con ley, Genev ieve Cooley, Mary DeLao, Tony

DeL a o, Glor ia Den n ison, Sam Florence, Peggy Franz, E st her Gatewood, Ja mes Glacier, Carol Halona, Esther Holiday, Robert Koops, Lenora LeMaster, Richard LeMaster, Antoinette Martinez, David “Bronco” Martinez, Michael Martinez, Margaret Mitchell, Dorothy Montano, Frances Perez, Rosie Quicero, Gloria Santiago, Patricia Slinkey, Manuel Troncoso, Dennis Van Andel, Cecelia Varanauskas,

Ira Wallace, Sharon Wallace, Daisy Wero and Joann Wren. McK i nely Cou nt y S en ior Olympics President Michael Martinez, Vice-President Mary DeLao, and Secretary Gloria Santiago. The Senior Olympics would like thank Cathy McKinneySenior Olympics Coordinator, Gr e g S a nt i a go -A s s i s t a nt Senior Olympics Coordinator, B e ve r ly New m a n - G a l lu p McKinley County Senior Olympics athletes headed to the Senior Olympics in Roswell on July 12. Photo Credit: NativeStars


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Senior athletes en route to the Senior Olympics in Roswell on July 12. Photo Credit: NativeStars COMMUNITY

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