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The Dark Side Side Of The Model Industry By Charlie Macdonald

This book has been made to exploit the not so glamorous issues that sparks controversy surrounding the model industry, to help raise public awareness of how dangerously cut throat the industry can be...



“It seems they prefer her to be young, coltish, 6ft tall and built like a prepubescent boy�. - Kirstie Clements

‘ To

maintain this model look, real extreme

diets are used to keep models at that skinny size zero by digesting cotton wool dipped in

Orange Juice, forcing the stomach to swell up and fill leaving dangers of malnutrition’.

‘Im a model - I dont think there should be “plus size” - Robyn Lawley

‘To fit into industry requirements, heavy amounts of dietry pills will be taken to suppress the appetite’.

Ill Fitted Garments

“ unless you’re a highly trained circus performer, or a well practised drag queen, you should’nt be asked to wear stilts that high as part of your regular day job”. - Alyx Gorman

‘health and safety is something every designer should consider when putting together their collections, instead you see models taking to the catwalks in platforms centremetres high’.

The Party Drug

“Backstage, at a shoot, just waiting around, people use coke like others drink coffee.� - The independent

‘People think modeling is a glamorous career, but underneath all that fame and beauty lies unhappy model’s feeling trapped in a world where substance abuse is the only way to stay in the game, and keep them going through the long working hours.

Sexual Objectification

In the modeling market, men’s and women’s bodies are commodified as “ornamental objects.” - Ashley Mears

“As professionally ornamental objects, male models exist in a cultural contradiction with masculinity on display�. - Ashley Mears

'Womens bodies have higher cultural value of sexuality and beauty making them publicly worshipped objects of desire.'

Underage Modeling

“A lot of people do take advantage of you because you are young.� - Vyalitsyna

Fashion models - so often encouraged to “work it” -”are not taken seriously as workers.” Rather, they are “a raw material. You don’t see the individuals on a runway, you see this abundant resource of youth and fragility. - SARA ZIFF

Gender Identities

Models are told to go “gay for pay� and in the world of modeling this strategically means performing a sexual identity to land the higher paid jobs.

“Sex Sells” - Edward Bernays

Ethnic Diversity

“We cant have a lot of diversity with black models; it's harder work for the agency because there's not so much on offer. White model's have more diveristy.� - Carole White

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The Dark Side Of The Model Industry  

By Charlie Macdonald