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Editor’s Letter For me, Fall is like New Year - a time when I want to change the way I look and the way I live it’s all about new beginnings. Fall is a luxurious season with rich, colourful leaves and gorgeous, changing landscapes. So it’s obvious that in this issue we had to include a prestige beauty brand that is synonymous with ultimate luxury! Of course, we are talking about Guerlain. Please enjoy the exclusive interview with Olivier Echaudemaison, Creative Director for Guerlain, and discover more about the stunning current col- too! Discovering the hottest lection, as well as a sneak pre- looks of the season, including view of the Holiday collection. creating Mad Men’s January Jones and Christina Hendricks’ You’ve always wanted to be- on and off camera looks, and come a Make-up Artist but you the most-wanted beauty proddon’t know where to start? In ucts, can help you draw up your this issue the most talented in- own must-have list. dustry insiders share their experience and dispense advice on how to start a comprehensive make up kit and a career in make up artistry. As usual, some of the best beauty bloggers share their view on the hottest trends along with their wish lists and collections of their dreams. Of course, our own wish list is included,

2 FALL/2010

This Fall, anything goes; daring fuchsia lips and purple smoky eyes, nude lips with neutral eyes and full-on siren reds - the perfect season to experiment with amazing shades. But, no matter what looks you choose, have a wonderful Fall season full of beauty and happiness! Marina, the Founder and Editor of


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FALL/2010 3

Interview with Olivier Echaudemaison We are excited to share our exclusive interview with Olivier Echaudemaison; Creative Director of luxury beauty brand, Guerlain. Olivier is the talented creative brain behind the colours, presentation and concepts that make Guerlain collections so hotly anticipated every single season.

Enjoy the interview! Working for Guerlain sounds like a dream. Could you describe your average day? Everyday is dierent: - It can be around the products - It can be around the images - It can be around the future - It can be around the PR - It can be travelling around the world How did your career bring you to Guerlain?

so inspiring, we changed our strategy: she can be the image of Beauty, Skincare, and our legendary fragrance, Shalimar.

How are you inspired for new Guerlain products collections and is it a long What process? How early do you should be in a makeup bag of start working on the upcoming every woman? collection? Always a compact: to retouch We work on our products 2 the skin, something like Parure years, at least, in advance. It's a Compact Foundation; long process, with a new pack- a lipstick like Rouge G, where aging, new textures, etc. The you have a mirror for a quick easy part is the colour palettes! retouch, When we create with an exter- a gloss, to make your smile nal designer, it's a long process, shine, since the beginning: the and a blush, if you run from sketches, the industrial part, the business to parties! mock-ups, the materials, and so and so. 24 months are neces- What trends in makeup do you see emerging in the near fusary! ture? For a collection, it depends if it is only new shades, or if we 2 years in advance is today for have to develop with the lab a me, what do you call near funew texture of powder, cream ture? or gel. We have lots of meetings, with 10 people around the table.

For the French makeup artist I was 20 years ago, Guerlain was THE must of luxury brands. It was necessary for me to be part What qualities one should posses to work for Guerlain? of it! How do you choose ambassadors of the brand and do you plan a long term Guerlain relationship with Natalia Vodianova? Normally we choose a model for one year, for the dierent makeup collections, to evoke our feeling of the year. With Natalia, who is so beautiful, 4 FALL/2010

Guerlain product. To understand fashion and frivolity. To have a smart brain, to know business.

First to love, love, Beauty and fragrances! To be sophisticated enough to desire the most unique

FALL/2010 5

Create Guerlain’s Model Look e gorgeous Fall 2010 Collection, 68 Champs-Elysées. Model is wearing: Ombre Eclat Eye Primer, Ecrin 6 Couleurs - 68, Champs-Elysees, Le 2 de Guerlain Volume - Noir 2 Laque 11, Eyes Pencil - Khol Me Black 01, Meteorites Perles Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer, Precious Light Beige Clair 01, Parure Gold - Beige Clair 02, Blush 4 Eclats - Caresse de l'aube 07, KissKiss Essence de Gloss - Violine 462

6 FALL/2010

Guerlain 68 Champs-Elysees Fall Collection 68 Champs-Elysées, a collection that pays tribute to the French glamour and joie de vivre that is the root of the Guerlain spirit. e new Fall Color collection, boasting rich eyeshadows and new lip colors for the must-have look of the season.

Face • Blush 4 Eclats in NEW Caresse de L'Aube Eyes • NEW 6 Shade Eyeshadow in Rue de Passy, Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, Rue de Sevres, Place Vendome and Champ-Elysees Lips • NEW Kiss Kiss Gloss Serum in Tonka, Violine, Baie de Rose, Ambre, Grenat, Cuir and Myrrhe • Rouge G Lipstick in NEW Ginny, Gillian, and Gigi • Kiss Kiss Gloss in NEW Poppy Star, Brown Sugar, and Peche Charnelle

FALL/2010 7

Guerlain Les Ors Holiday 2010 Collection And here is a preview of the gorgeous Guerlain Holiday! î ˘is beautiful gold collection is inspired by the Guerlain bee which was originally on the bottle of Eau de Cologne Imperiale bottle from 1853 which was intricately adorned with golden bees. Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Velours D'Or Le 2 De Guerlain Volume High Shine Mascara Volume 13 Or 2 Nuit (black mascara with a liquid copper gold lacquer)

8 FALL/2010

Rouge G De Guerlain Le Brilliant Lipsticks in B64 Bee, intense violet KissKiss Strass Crystal Shine Rouge in Imperial, a dark red, Rose de la Reine, a pink beige

FALL/2010 9

Meteorites Perles D'Or Illuminating Powder Meteorites Poudre D'Or Exceptional Pressed Powder

10 FALL/2010

Or Imperial Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body

FALL/2010 11

Make Up Artists Must-have products for a MUA MAC Full Coverage etc Highlighter, Contour, beginner kit? Bronzer (both matte and MAC or MUFE Face & Body shimmer) foundation as it can be worn A variety of lipgloss. sheer or built up for a heavier Variety of lipstick inc. red lipstick in different shades coverage. Eyelash curlers, tweezers, scis- and textures. sors, lash strips, individual lashes, Try to cover all eventualities skincare, Lip Balm, Eye drops (in- and carry as many things in your kit that might be dividually sealed), A palette of 15 eyeshadows con- needed. I even carry a mini sisting of various sewing kit. Samantha from shades of neutral and brown Can you name your What were the first years of your (some matte, some shimmer). In- favourite makeup products career as a Make-up Artist (MUA) clude a black and a white. which you would recomA 15 palette of bright and mend to get? like? They were filled with frustration stronger coloured eyeshadows and poverty. My first job was A palette of concealer. (buy own Chanel Pro Lumiere working in the Cosmetics a La palette and fill up) Bobbi Brown, MUFE HD Foundation Carte shop in Motcomb Street, Belgravia. The clientele were not adventurous with their make-up at all. I guess I learned more about dealing with different personalities than anything. My second job was working in a makeover studio. To say I hated that job would be an understatement but I learnt to work very quickly and by the time I left I could set hair with my eyes closed. Introducing three amazing makeup artists; two of whom, Sam and Nic, also known as Pixiwoo, are sisters based in the UK. You can find out more about Pixiwoo here. And, from the USA, make-up artist, Marlena who is a highly talented teacher of makeup techniques. See more of Marlena here: m/.

Did you get a special education and do you think it’s important? Nic and I studied at our local college. The course was 2 years and it felt too long. I think a short course to learn the basics followed by a year or two on a counter (MAC, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Shu Uemura) then assisting an experience artist is the best education you can get. What is the best way to start a career as a MUA ? What can you recommend? Answered above. 12 FALL/2010

MAC White Face & Body mixer Shu Uemura H9 eyebrow pencils MAC Brule, Vanilla, Patina, Mulch, Mystery e/s Laura Mercia Noir e/s Clinique Brush on liner Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks Benefit Hoola This list could be infinite... What are the essential things that every MUA should know? To keep everything clean and hygienic When to keep quiet. When to touch up make-up. and Never to be late. Can you share a makeup trick that will work for every model? Prep skin throughly before any make-up product is applied. You base is the key to Nicola from Anglia and I can honestly say I learnt a professional looking finto be otherwise. pretty much nothing, I spent most ish. What were the first years of your of my time hanging out with the career as a Make-up Artist (MUA) boys on other courses! However, Today makeup and beauty like? I do think it is important to do a industries are very competcourse I just think that the one I itive, what advice could you Really hard work, when I finished took was much to long. I would give to all the beginners out college my first job was working really look into how much work there? as a manager for a retail store (not your tutor has done in the indusmake-up related) and doing make try before signing up or paying Don't get involved in the up in my spare time. Later that any money out. bitching. Focus on your year I became a manager of an work and no one else's. Be Estee lauder account which I re- What is the best way to start a cahappy and thankful for ally enjoyed. reer as a MUA ? What can you every opportunity that recommend? comes your way and happy Did you get a special education for your colleagues when and do you think it’s important? I would start by doing a short they get the opportunities course then get part time working over you. I did a two year diploma in Media on a counter such as MAC. Stay polite and friendly Make-up at the college of West even when you would like FALL/2010 13

Make Up Artists That way you are doing make up all the time. There is no better experience than hands on experience. Also get in contact with models and photographers that are just starting out and test shoot so you know what works and more importantly what wont work. Must-have products for a MUA beginner kit? Good brushes, 5 or 6 foundations in various shades that can be mixed together to make most shades (MAC Face and Body is a good foundation to start with). A palette of at least 15 eyeshadow they don’t have to be expensive, a few eyeliners, lipliners, lipsticks and glosses they don’t have to be expensive. Can you name your favourite makeup products which you would recommend to get? Chanel foundations are fantastic. I like Pro Lumiere. MAC eyeshad- Today makeup and beauty indusows and MUFE Smoky Lash Mas- tries are very competitive, what advice could you give to all the cara beginners out there? What are the essential things that It is a competitive industry and every MUA should know? sometimes fickle my advice You are always learning. Research would be don’t get involved in make up eras because almost bitching and always work as hard every fashion make up has a ref- as you can and to your best ability because thats all you can do. erence to an period of time. Can you share a makeup trick that will work for every model?

Did you get a special education and do you think it’s important? Since my minor in college

Marlena from

What were the first years of your Make-up Artist Not really, every model is differ- career as a ent the only thing I can think of is (MUA) like? Embryolisse moisturizer as I have never had a compliant about it as It was difficult starting out as the jobs were sporadic, but as time yet. went on and word spread, my 14 FALL/2010

client base increased. Most MUA work in the US is bridal work, so the busiest times were summers and on the weekends.

was drama, I chose the Stage Makeup class as an elective- that was the only "training" I received. I don't believe school is necessary for Makeup Artists as the schools here in the US do

not teach extensive techniques. Most MUA's are freelancers and learn by practice and experience. 3.What is the best way to start a career as a MUA ? What can you recommend? The best way to start is part time on the weekends doing makeup for weddings and special events. You first need to practice on as many friends and family as possible, as practice and experience are your best ways to improve! Must-have products for a MUA beginner kit? -Face and Eye Primers: I use Monistat Chafing Gel or MAC's Matte Gel and Too Faced Shadow Insurance for the eyes (the tube is very sanitary vs the UDPP which requires disposable wands) -Foundations in 4 or 5 colors ranging from lightest to darkest and 2-3 shades in between. You can mix to get the exact shade you need. My kit has Revlon Colorstay in it. -Concealer Palette: I have the Coastal Scents camo quads as they are inexpensive and work well -Setting powder: I like the Make Up For Ever HD powder as it's translucent and can be used on anyone -5 lipliners: nude, pink, red, rose, and peach/coral -Lipstick palette or variety of lipsticks: If you want great variety, the MAC Viva Glams are amazing colors and look good on everyone -Blush Palette: I have the 10

color palette from the Makeup eyeliners but much cheaper) Geek store :) -Clear Lipgloss (you could have What are the essential things that colors also, but at least carry a every MUA should know? clear one to apply over lipstick) -Lash curler, tweezers, small scis- -Don't give up too soon- it takes sors, and pencil sharpener time to build a client base -Pencil Eyeliners: black, brown, -Practice as much as possible and purple, and flesh/white on as many different people as -Eyeshadow Palette: a couple possible great beginner palettes are the 120 -Always take pictures of your Manly palette and the 28 neutral work to see where/how you can palette improve -Mascara: my favorite is Loreal -Take constructive criticism as just Voluminous that- it should fuel you to do bet-Setting Spray: I do not go a day ter, but don't take it hard on yourwithout MAC's fix plus spray as self ;) it gives the skin a dewy finish! -Start your MUA career as a side -Beauty Blender Sponge - is great job as the pay in the beginning is for applying foundation on clients rough. Over time, it can be a full and for blending time job once your reputation is -Makeup Brushes (see my brush established video ;) ) -ALWAYS wash your hands and -Disposable mascara wands, lip sanitize your tools before workgloss wands, qtips, hand sani- ing on clients tizer, and tissues! -Chew gum or eat breath mintsyour clients will be very close to Can you name your favourite your face! :D makeup products which you Can you share a makeup trick would recommend to get? that will work for every model? -MAC Fix Plus spray -Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foun- -Less is more when it comes to dation (my new fav!) foundation/concealer: use as little -MAC Matte Gel as a primer as possible to even the skin as it -Make Up For Ever HD Powder looks more natural. Also, curling -Loreal Voluminous Mascara the lashes makes everyone's eyes -NARS Orgasm Blush look more awake -Bobbi Brown Concealers or Correctors (for under eye circles) Today makeup and beauty indus-Beauty Blender Sponge tries are very competitive, what -Makeup Geek Foundation Stip- advice could you give to all the pling Brush beginners out there? -Sephora dual pencil sharpener -NYX Mega Shine Lipglosses If you find your niche, you will be -Makeup Geek 28 Neutral eye- successful. Don't do what everyshadow palette (is very versatile one else is doing as you have cerand daytime appropriate!) tain strengths that you bring to -Milani Liquif'eye Eyeliners (are the table- utilize those and do just like the Urban Decay 24/7 what you know you excel at. FALL/2010 15

Fall Makeup Collections

16 FALL/2010

Les 4 Ombres Enigma Joues Contraste Pink Explosion Rose Temptation Plum Attraction Le Vernis Paradoxal Ombre Essentielle Taupe Grise Vert Khaki Le Crayon Khol Clair Beige Stylo Yeux Waterproof Cassis Plum Rouge Coco Chintz Rose Dentelle Chalys Luminous Levres Scintillantes Petite Peche Coral Love Rose Dilemma Pink Teaser

FALL/2010 17

MANUCURE COUTURE N° 1 – Belle de Jour N° 2 – Rive Gauche N° 3 – Belle de Nuit N° 4 – Y-Cone PÉCHÉ N° 1 : L’ÉCLAT TOUCHE ÉCLAT COLLECTOR N° 1 – Rose Lumière N° 2 – Ivoire Lumière BLUSH VARIATION N° 19 – Rose Caresse MASCARA SINGULIER N° 5 – Indigo Profond OMBRES DUOLUMIÈRES N° 29 – Violet Améthyste / Brun Fauve N° 31 – Bleu de Minuit / Or Solaire OMBRES SOLO N° 13 – Aigue Marine N° 14 – Blanc d’Argent GOLDEN GLOSS N° 30 – Péché de Gourmandise N° 1 N° 31 – Péché de Gourmandise N° 2 ROUGE VOLUPTÉ PERLE N° 101 – Beige Caresse N° 102 – Corail Solaire N° 103 – Rose Pétillant N° 104 – Rose Stellaire N° 105 – Beige Insolent N° 106 – Violet Envoûtant

20 FALL/2010

Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Misty Mauve #844 Dior 5-Colour Designer Eyeshadow in Pink Design #808 Dior Serum de Rouge Pearly Pink Serum #470 Radiant Pink Serum #560 Pink Diva Serum #670 Ruby Serum #870 Plum Serum #880 Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Tailored Mauve #692 Dior Addict Lipcolor Spectacular Mauve #694 Technicolor Red #873 Dior Vernis Cherry Blossom #386 Black Sequins #905 Lip Maximizer Mascara Diorshow 360 Mascara Base – Diorshow Maximizer

FALL/2010 21

22 FALL/2010

Le Prisme Yeux Quatour #71 - Purple Show #72 - Midnight #73 - Pastel Model #74 - Khaki Egerie #75 - Blue Collection #76 - Siena Silhouette Le Prisme Blush Blooming Pink Le Prisme Visage #1 - Blooming Pinks #2 - Blooming Apricots Gloss Interdit #26 - Blooming Coral Rouge Interdit Shine #26 - Blooming Abricot Rouge Interdit #48 - Blooming Peach Pop Gloss Crystal #449 - Blooming Lilac Le Vernis #171 - Blooming Pink

FALL/2010 23

24 FALL/2010

Look 2: Surreal Violet Look 1: Blue Dahlia Blue Dahlia Pure Color Five Color Eye Shadow Surreal Violet Pure Color Five Color Eye Shadow Palette Palette Pure Color Gloss Stick Rose Dusk Night Bloom

Pure Color Gloss Stick Orchid Dream Mauve Mirage

Pure Color Gloss Rock Candy Twilight Petal

Pure Color Gloss Raspberry Pop Star Pink

Pure Color EyeShadow Single Twilight Rose Sepia Sand

Pure Color Eye Shadow Single Enchanted Meadow Emerald Star

Blue Dahlia Pure Color Nail Lacquer

Surreal Violet Pure Color Nail Lacquer

FALL/2010 25

26 FALL/2010

Confident. Avant-garde. Extraordinarily Chic. That’s the new vision for fall from Lancôme Artistic Makeup Director Aaron De Mey. The seductive color statement captures the spirit of the modern woman at the start of the 20th century, heralding the signature hallmarks of French glamour. Deep plums, shimmering charcoals and sophisticated nudes are sure to inspire. Ombre Magnetique Black Macadam Uban Silver Cherry Cherie Color Design Eye Shadow Quad French Touch L’Absolu Rouge Rose Divine Parisian Attraction Cherry Kiki Le Vernis in Bloody Black Cherry Metropolitan Beige

FALL/2010 27

28 FALL/2010

Fluid Shine Nail Polish 47 Dark blue Blush duo Dark raspberry / Shimmering pale Lip skin 1 Black Purple, 2 Lavish Red, 3 Sharp Pink 4 Nude Rose Rouge d’Armani 602 Soft Pink 603 Deep Ruby 604 Black Purple Mascara Eyes to kill 05 Blue grey night Palette Eyes to kill 10 Twilight hues (Pure mauve, Encre noire, Violet aubergine )

FALL/2010 29

30 FALL/2010

Classic Cream Lipstick 167 Lust 237 Cosmopolitan 165 Amethyst Shine Lipstick 115 Orchid Ultra-Shine Lipgloss 155 Amethyst 143 Vibrant Smooth Eye Colour Duo 95 Evocative 180 Ocean Smooth Eye Colour Quad 147 Divine Crayon Intense 10 Chocolate 11 Onyx Nail polish Cosmopolitan Petal Drama

FALL/2010 31

32 FALL/2010

New Sequin Eye Colour Sterling Violetta Peacock Eye Basics Wheat Eye Colour Brush Lip Glace Cocoa Lait Pink Tulle Plum Noir Shimmer Lip Colour Brown Plum Sandcastle St. Tropez Second Skin Cheek Colour City Pink Lotus Pink

FALL/2010 33

34 FALL/2010

Eyes Metallic Eye Shadow Black Berry Black Charcoal Black Cocoa Sparkle Eye Shadows Black Black Velvet Denim Kohl Eyeliner Black Black Chocolate Black Plum

Lips Metallic Lip Color Black Garnet Creamy Lip Color Black Mahagony Black Cherry Lip Color Black Maple Black Raspberry Sheer Lip Gloss Black Chocolte

Eye Shadow Black Charcoal Black Chocolate

FALL/2010 35

36 FALL/2010

Rouge Prodige Lipstick Colors featured in the Rouge Prodige collection include Coral Tulip, Lilac Pink, Rosewood, Litchi, Raspberry Sorbet, Pretty Plum, Mystic Plum, Blackberry, Sunset, Clementine, Fusion Red, Red Prodige, Nude, Redwood, Copper Brown and Dark Chocolate. Clarins 'Palette Prodige' Face Highlighter Clarins 'Instant Light' Brush-On Perfector Khol Eye Pencil Instant Blush

FALL/2010 37

38 FALL/2010

Quickliner for Eyes Intense Intense Black Intense Plum Intense Chocolate Intense Coffee

Quick Eyes Cream Shadow Sparkling Nude Truffle Rock Violet Starlit Pink

Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour Guava Good Pear-Fection Running Latte Strawberry Bliss Pome-Greatness Blackberry Nirvana

Instant Lift for Brows Soft Blonde Soft Brown Deep Brown Airbrush Concealer Fair Medium Medium Fair

High Impact Mascara Brightening Black Colour Surge Eyeshadow Duos Beach Plum Like Mink Blackberry Frost

FALL/2010 39

40 FALL/2010

Eyes Single Eyeshadows in Daphne Mangrove Coconut Grove Duo Eyeshadow in Rajasthan Tzarine Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Palladium Lips Lipstick in Rouge Basque Lipgloss in Strawberry Fields Face Blush in Douceur

FALL/2010 41

42 FALL/2010

Intense Lipgloss Hermetic(Deep wine red) Lipstick Disciple(Deep navy, matt finish) Liquid Metals Resolute (Metallic ruby) Superior(Metallic sapphire) Stoic(Metallic emerald) Pure Pigments Alluvium (Iridescent midnight blue) Ore (Rich russet bronze) Precision Ink Alchemy(Antique gold) Abyss(Gloss black) Nail Varnish Scarab(Deep ruby red, metallic finish) Virdian (Peacock green, metallic finish) Powdered Metal Ether (Pale gold shimmer)

FALL/2010 43

44 FALL/2010

FALL/2010 45

46 FALL/2010

FALL/2010 47

Blogospheric Beauty As usual we have the section which all of you love so much. Some of the best beauty bloggers from all over the Web are answer the burning questions! Find out what they think about Fall 2010.

Please share what’s on your wish list from this year’s fall collections?

I've already acquired many fall items on my wishlist! My favorites are NARS Tzarine, Edward Bess Love Affair Compact Sabrina from The Beauty Rouge, Chanel Enigma, Urban Look Book Decay's Naked Palette, and Chantecaille's Tiger Palette. At If you could create your own Fall this moment I have Chanel's Les makeup collection what colours Khakis nail polishes and Le Metier's Fall Eye Kit on my wishwould you use? list.

My ideal fall collection would consist of: * different variations of shimmery taupe eyeshadows: golden taupe, deep smokey taupe, charcoal taupe, blackened taupe-brown shimmer * soft pink blush (like Chanel Caprice US version, my holy grail pink blush - long discontinued) * nude pink lips, dusty mauve plum pink lips, and a pink caramel shade for lips

Aleksis from Alpha Blonde

If you could create your own Fall makeup collection what colours would you use? I love seeing red when the leaves start to turn so I would use all different shades of red; deep bloodred to bright orange-red, but also different shades of gray. The two would pair gorgeously together.

What are the main beauty trends What are the main beauty trends for Fall 2010 in your opinion? for Fall 2010 in your opinion? Every luxury brand seems to have a different take on fall lips or cheeks this year. I think the one common trend though is a rich smokey eye, NARS fall duos are a gorgeous mix of pale and smokey, Dior's Misty Mauve is a good smokey purple, Chanel's Enigma is a pretty combination of taupe, plum, silver, Bobbi Brown's Black Velvet eyeshadows are all smokey and dark, even MAC's Fabulous Felines collection features rich colors.

48 FALL/2010

I definitely think it's going to be very dark this fall, I have been seeing so many dark eyes and lips paired together. Please share what’s on your wish list from this year’s fall collections? I really want a shade of dark berry colored lip stain, a new red lipstick and a cobalt blue nail polish. So far no fall collections have caught my eye.

Amy from Café Makeup

If you could create your own Fall makeup collection what colours would you use? If I could create my own line, the colors would be very alive and fresh, over a perfect canvas. An excellent foundation is essential, and mine would have just a bit of a glow. Fall fashions, with their strong colors this season, can sap attention away from the face. Beautifully textured skin keeps the face in the spotlight. The eyeshadows would include a metallic version of Chanel’s Taupe Grise, a sheer cool-toned light gold, a startlingly pigmented khaki green infused with either silver or gold and a metallic camel. The neutrals include deep almonds and near-blacks, as well as some light grieges and nude highlighters. I would have blushes in several shades of pinks, peaches, and a burgundywine. It may sound over the top, but we’re dreaming here-- I’d add blushes in every imaginable shade of nude—from cool to golden. Is a dozen different nude blushes too many? I say it’s not enough. Eyeliners would include one the color of the original Chanel Vamp crème nail polish, a black infused with graphite shimmer, a black

infused with a deep khaki green/bronze/gold shimmer and a blue infused with blackened plum. For lips, several nudes are necessary to balance strong Fall eye looks. One cannot put out a line that includes only one nude—nude lips are tricky and different skintones need to be able to choose from a variety. All of my non-nude lipsticks would drip in pigment. I’d need a deep blue-red crème lipstick, and a coordinating shade in a high-shine lipgloss. Also, a neutral pink and a soft pink-peach that can be worn for those very proper tea-with-the-Queen type events. The texture of the lips is as important as the foundation—each shade would have a glow or gloss to balance out the heavier matte textures of the Fall fabrics.

ern blue eyeshadow compared to former years, and so pervasive. Red lips are back with a vengence. It’s interesting to see that there are so many nude lips too, to balance Fall’s smoky eye looks. Liquid eyeliners and massive lashes are everywhere, perhaps because of the Mad Men influence. Blushes are pinks, burgundies, plums and nudes. All that coral we saw last Spring has vanished. Fall 2010 nail polishes seem like the product of a mad scientist’s conjuring—the glass fleck, the smoked jewel-tones, the greige cremes, and the duochrome/glass fleck combinations. Nail polish formula’s have gone through such a significant change in the last twelve months. Now when I apply a polish I got a year ago, I ask myself if it looks dated. Please share what’s on your wish list from this year’s fall collections?

What are the main beauty I’d love to know more about Le trends for Fall 2010 in your Metier de Beaute’s Fall collection—it looks so exciting! Anyopinion? thing from Edward Bess. Rescue Like the Fall fashion trends, Beauty Lounge’s Fall nail collecnearly all major high-end tion. Anything by Tom Pecheux Burberry makeup lines are using for Estee Lauder. deep neutrals as their main- Beauty’s lipsticks and glosses. stay, coupled with rich tra- Chantecaille’s Tiger in the Wild ditional Fall colors—smoky collection. Saying that, I’m alpurples, taupes, greys, deep ways so excited to see new indegreens and an astounding pendent makeup lines starting amount of blue. Does every up. I would put Guerlain’s 68 major line tell a blue eye- Champs-Élysées palettes on my shadow story? I think so-- list, except that I’ve purchased Estee Lauder’s Blue Dahlia, nearly all of them already. The Bobbi Brown’s Denim and same with Chanel Fall 2010—both Rose, Armani’s Night Viper, lines did a fabulous job this seathe list goes on. It’s a mod- son.

Betsy from Autumn Masquerade

If you could create your own Fall makeup collection what colours would you use? I'd draw inspiration from nature if I were in charge of creating a makeup collection. I'd choose a lot of golds, reds, browns, and platinums, but give it a slightly gothic or cyberpunk edge, so it'd be wearable and classic but interesting. What are the main beauty trends for Fall 2010 in your opinion? Makeup trends tend to follow a cycle, but the makeup artists always try to put a new twist on them so they're not too repetitive. Kind of variations on a theme. Smokey colors always make a return in the colder months. This year however it's more of an edgy, slightly punk smokey eye or a lady like smokey eye than rock star. Even better red lips are fairly popular! Please share what’s on your wish list from this year’s fall collections? Guerlain's new Ecrin 6 palettes have caught my eye and I've already indulged in the fabulous Armani Night Viper collection. Overseas the revamped SUQQU and Lunasol's Aurora Purification collections have caught my eye.

FALL/2010 49

Blogospheric Beauty Rowena Candy


Cosmetic coming out. I will also look at Art Deco and Revlon all have pinks which are soft, can be dressed up or down and which are very wearable – precisely the sort of thing real women actually like! Lip stains are on the agenda too with two great luxe ones from Guerlain and Giorgio Armani, and what's also so nice about Autumn/Winter makeup is that it's so much better than summer for the transition from day to night. Illamasqua and Bourjois both have great gold liners this season which make for fanOh – excellent question! This year tastic accents on an autumn I've gotten really into shimmers eye. after years of rocking mostly mattes so I'd really love a suite of Please share what’s on your gorgeous autumnal semi-metallic wish list from this year’s fall shadow shades with creamy, vel- collections? vety finishes. In fact, I'm drooling now just thinking about them. Ombre Magnétique from Lancome's Coquettes collecSmashbox's Masquerade eye tion look incredible and I shadow palette is the closest thing to what I've got in mind, but I'd would adore to try them. A still like to make a few tweaks. I'd couple more shades from also like a foundation in pure the YSL Rouge Pur Couture white to mix summer foundation lipstick collection will hopedown with and I can never get fully find their way into my makeup bag and I'm interenough of lip tints either. ested to see how Topshop's What are the main beauty trends makeup line develops now the spotlight is off. IsaDora for Fall 2010 in your opinion? Graffiti Nails is top of my We've got the usuals from the cat- lust-have list, too. walks again this year: deep eyes, berry lips and worryingly, I'm Gio from Beautiful with seeing a lot of brown lipsticks, Brains which I really don't like. But the makeup collections themselves are telling a different story to cat- If you could create your walk trends in a large part, and own Fall makeup collection one trend I'm really liking is the what colours would you return to dusky pink lips. Mac, use?

Asian brands, especially Lavshuca and Addiction to see what they are offering for fall any casual red lipstick will catch If you could create your own Fall my attention and since I love dark makeup collection what colours eyeshadows, anything that is would you use? deep but also has some sparkle gotta get over those drab I know that fall colours tend to be evenings somehow! more reds and purples, but since my favourite colour is green I from Beautie would definitely create some Kirstie green eyeshadows, dark leafy greens or emerald greens on a blackened base with sheer lip If you could create your own Fall glosses with a hint of gold for the makeup collection what colours lips. So I guess greens and golds. would you use? What are the main beauty trends for Fall 2010 in your opinion? I guess there are always the same kind of trends around fall; dark lips - I reckon it will go even darker this year like a deep purple, and matte nails along with the YSL double colour effect applied! I think matte skin will be popular too; matte but not heavy, and really flat beige nude lips as an alternative to the people who don't want to wear purples and reds! Please share what’s on your wish list from this year’s fall collections? There's nothing madly grabbing my attention just yet, I think because I don't want to let the summer (or lack of!) go just yet. I think both Chanel and YSL have some really interesting eyeshadows and lip colours for fall, and Nars has a lovely limited edition eyeshadow trio and nude lipstick 50 FALL/2010

Well, I like colorful makeup so the eyeshadows and the eyeliners would be in beautiful deep purples, greens and blues. I would also create a couple in coppers and golds for those that prefer a more natural look. For the lips and cheeks, soft pinks, deep purples and sheer burgundy shades. What are the main beauty trends for Fall 2010 in your opinion?

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is too much.

Charlotte from Lipglossiping If you could create your own Fall makeup collection what colours If you could create your own Fall would you use? makeup collection what colours I really love Fall because colors would you use? are more deeper and bold, which is completely my style. I'd defi- For me, fall should be all about nitely use smokey purple, mikado how nature prepares itself for a yellow (I know, this seems more long, harsh winter. I'd love to crelike a Summer color, but Mikado ate a collection that celebrates Yellow isn't that bright actually) this. From olive greens and anbut these two colors are, as we tiqued golds right through to know, complementary and I love fiery reds and magnificent copper how they look together and bring shades. Lips would be neutral, each other to pop out. I'd also add creamy and mid-toned. Cheeks a green shade - Myrtle and black should have just a hint of the which could be used with purple flush one gets from those first and mikado yellow. The rest of cold blasts of wind that signals the face would look more natural. Winter hasn't forgotten about us!

I think the barely-there makeup look, with a flawless complexion and soft, natural eyes will be very in this fall. I also saw lots of brands coming out with purple shades, which I'm very pleased about as I love What are the main beauty trends What are the main beauty trends for Fall 2010 in your opinion? purples. for Fall 2010 in your opinion? Please share what’s on your I've noticed A LOT of purple wish list from this year’s fall shades for Fall. And that's great because I really think it's a great collections? shade for Fall. Of course, most I'm planning to get at least brands launch bolder colors for one of The Body Shop Au- Fall. Seems like I and some tumn Leaves compact. brands have the same taste in colTheir leaves pattern is just ors. so beautiful! I also want Nars Soft Touch Shadow Please share what’s on your wish Pencil in Palladium, Chanel list from this year’s fall collecJoues Contraste Powder tions? Blush in Pink Explosion and the entire Pupa Baroque This one is always tough! I have Couture collction! But I so many things on my wish list think I'll only end up get- right now! Let's start with UD ting the soft geen eye- NYC palette, Collistar is releasing shadow and nail polish in an awesome Fall/Winter Collecthe end. tion, some Dior lipsticks (Haute Couture), some ArtDeco stuff and some other things which I won't be mentioning because even this

There seems to be two distinct trends forming for Fall 2010. We have a whole host of neutrals hitting the scene... reflected in Urban Decay's hugely successful Naked Palette and Guerlain's eagerly anticipated Fall palettes but there's also something darker and moodier muscling in! Bobbi Brown's Black Velvet Collection of shimmering almostblacks is testament to this, as is UD's Black Palette.And have you seen Scarlett's lips for the D&G Fall/Winter campaign? Vampy!

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Blogospheric Beauty colours, the warm earthy tones as opposed to pale pastels. If I could create my own collection I'd include reddy toned browns, shiny coppers, forest greens and deep plum shades.

dark berry lips and tons of Khaki. Gorgeous glowing skin is always in fashion for me, so its important to always keep your skin in tip top condition to compliment any of the current What are the main beauty trends trends. for Fall 2010 in your opinion? Looking at the Autumn/Winter Please share what’s on your catwalk shows Fall 2010 is going wish list from this year’s fall to be all about the bold brow as collections? opposed to last years barely there Chanel Khaki Vert Nailpollook, slate grey nails, jewel toned ish and The perfect matte eyeshadows and bright coppers vamp lipstick color, possion the lids and as always the clas- bly MAC cyber. Please share what’s on your wish sic crimson lip. list from this year’s fall collecGrace from London Please share what’s on your wish Makeup Girl tions? Oh a bit of Guerlain for sure! I'm list from this year’s fall collec- always easily tempted by gor- tions? geous neutrals and housed in My wish list for the Fall collec- If you could create your those divine cut-out palettes? tions is continually growing, own Fall makeup collection Sign me up! I've already been there are so many gorgeous prod- what colours would you caught under the Chanel spell ucts out this Autumn. Here's a use? and indulged in a few pieces from few I'm lusting over, all of the I think I'd do rich pewter their Fall collection. Hmmm... Chanel les Khaki de Chanel pol- with emerald accents on the what else, the new Clarins Rouge ishes, amazing chic shades, Nars's eyes, beige/amber cheeks Prodige lipsticks finally introduce new blush in Douceur a stunning and warm coppered rose me to a long-lasting lipstick that soft pink brown and Becca's lips. doesn't dry me out too much. I Prairie Moon Palette, the colours want to check out a couple more sum up Fall perfectly. What are the main beauty shades from their line up. trends for Fall 2010 in your Lastly? Probably NARS Douceur Dara from Belle du Juor opinion? blush. I've heard so many lovely I think the Gothic trend is things about it but don't have a going to be big again this counter near me! I will have to If you could create your own Fall year. Illamasqua is right make a special effort to track one makeup collection what colours there with its Art of Darkwould you use? down for a closer inspection! ness collection, Dolce & I would create a collection comGabbana are showcasing a pletely based on the winter night Holly from Yummy very vampy look on Scarlett sky. Gunmetals, sparkling blacks Mummy Beauty Blog this season and even Bobbi and berry noir lips. So sexy and Brown is getting into it with vampy, perfect for winter. the Black Velvet collection. If you could create your own Fall makeup collection what colours What are the main beauty trends Please share what’s on your for Fall 2010 in your opinion? would you use? wish list from this year’s fall I love Autum/winter make-up so The beauty trends for FALL 2010 collections? much more than summer that I have been seeing are vampy I'm most interested in seeAnother trend that's not so much shade-related but equally interesting is the effort that brands are starting to put into beautifully packaged products. I mean, truly stunning. I've already mentioned Guerlain's little masterpieces... but let's not forget Clarins' upcoming Barocco collection. I know it's more for Holiday 2010 but brands are really starting to take on board the effect that an exquisitely packaged collection can have on us consumers. Like moths to a flame!

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ing the revamped Suqqu line-up this autumn.

Kitiya from

on the nails only at the moment. For face makeup I like classic dark, rusty colors like brick red, dark orange or plummy red with very dark brown or gold.

Urban Decay Naked Palette - because I got it! (amazing!!). What can I say.. I'll forever be an eyeshadow junkie!

Jacqueline from If you could create your What are the main beauty trends own Fall makeup collection for Fall 2010 in your opinion? what colours would you If you could create your own Fall It seems to me that there is a focus makeup collection what colours use? The focus of the collection on luxury, heavy duty packaging would you use? would be the lips. And with at the moment. Classic colors that said, the lip color col- from black to white with black- I'd definitely stick with my favorite fall colors; a warm and lection would include a vel- ened basic colors. shimmering gold, deep bronze, vety burgundy, rich reds, deep purples and dark Please share what’s on your wish deep metallic red, and perhaps a list from this year’s fall collec- neutral cream eyeshadow for the pinks. tions? eyes. Something neutral for the What are the main beauty DIOR The Minaudiere Clutch- cheeks, and a choice of a neutral pink or deep wine lipstick. It may trends for Fall 2010 in your Palette. be on the typical side for what opinion? people see as fall colors, but they The one I love the most is Michelle from MupNorth just feel like fall to me. the bold lip! I'm looking forward to seeing the various shades of reds, pinks If you could create your own Fall What are the main beauty trends and purples. makeup collection what colours for Fall 2010 in your opinion? would you use? Please share what’s on your For Fall 2010 I've been seeing a lot wish list from this year’s fall I would definitely go with greys of neutral tones; colors that look collections? and silver colors with a pop of natural but can be bumped up for YSL Fall 2010 Manicure purple! So pretty together and a bit more drama for evening. I've seen a lot of golds and other metal Couture compliments everyone! colors mixed paired with natural NARS Single Eye Shadow in Daphne What are the main beauty trends lips and cheeks. I love it. Dior Rouge Dior Replenish- for Fall 2010 in your opinion? ing Lip Colour in Fantastic Please share what’s on your wish Plum Blush! Make those cheeks pop! list from this year’s fall collecDole & Gabbana's entire fall And eyeliner to accentuate the tions? 2010 collection eyes. I actually have a lot of the eye, Please share what’s on your wish cheek, and lip colors that are remMagi from list from this year’s fall collec- iniscent of Fall 2010. What I'm re ally interested are the Fall nail tions? If you could create your polish collections. The deep, dark, own Fall makeup collection On my fall wish list is Bobbi mysterious colors that China what colours would you Brown eyeshadow palette with Glaze, Zoya, OPI, and Orly are use? lots of grey eyeshadows for per- coming out with are just breathI think this fall dark blue is fect smoky eyes! What is not on taking. I'm going to have to pick very popular, but I prefer it my wish list anymore, is the some up for sure! FALL/2010 53

Fall Beauty Trends The statement making looks for Fall are going to make a big impact on beauty pages with purple and lilac for eyes. Purple, violet and lilac are stunning on any colour eyes whether the shades are smokey or precisely defined; and lilac lips? Showstopping! Find your perfect purple for lips, cheeks, eyes or even lashes. Just remember to be bold! Dior Addict Lipcolor in Spectacular Mauve; Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Tailored Mauve; Rouge d’Armani in 602 So Pink, 603 Deep Ruby, 604 Black Purple; Armani Eyes to kill palette in 10 Twilight Hues; Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux Quatour in #71 Purple Show; Estee Lauder Surreal Violet Pure Color Five Color Eye Shadow Palette; NARS Single Eyeshadow in Daphne; MAC Eyeshadow quad in Palace Pedigreed; Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Enigma; Dolce & Gabanna Ultra-Shine Lipgloss in #143 Vibrant; shu uemura Dreamy Petal Palette, shu uemura false lashes

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CELEBS LOOKS: MAD MEN MANIA Besides beautiful makeup collections, we also love Fall for the start of a new series of our favourite TV shows. If you love style and beauty from different periods, you’ll adore the fabulous 60’s based Mad Men. And, if you’re inspired by leading actresses January Jones and Christina Hendricks, find out how to create the looks they rocked for this year’s Emmy Awards.

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NARS Cosmetics make-up artist Lana shares what NARS products were used to create the looks for Betty Draper and Joan Holloway from Mad Men. Make-up Artist Rachel Good- lashes on just the very outer edges for added length. I win. then applied two coats of inimitable CHANEL Beauty Inspiration: For January's make up I was Inimitable Intense Mascara inspired by Irving Penn's in Noir on the top lashes iconic photos of his wife/su- and one coat of CHANEL permodel Lisa Fonssagrives, Inimitable Intense Mascara whose signature extended in Purple on the bottom eyeliner symbolizes the lashes. The rest of the face I epitome of elegance. I used kept understated using minultra feminine colours with imal foundation, pale pink super sculptural liner for a cream cheek colour and cool update on that classic CHANEL Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Confidence late 50's silhouette. on her lips. I finished the look by dusting her brow Beauty tip: bone and lids with a loose I used CHANEL Liquid iridescent pearl shadow Eyeliner in Noir along the with a hint of purple to play lash line for an exaggerated off the super reflective qualcat eye effect, adding extra ity of her dress. 56 FALL/2010

Eyes “January’s character, Betty, wears NARS Madrague Duo Eyeshadow in almost every scene when she is at home. “It’s a staple,” explains Lana, “but when she goes out, we spice it up with color.”To add emphasis to her eyes, Lana adds NARS Heart Of Glass Eyeshadow. Lips For her lips, she uses NARS Calliope Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and NARS Belle de Jour Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.“I also love Barbarella Lipstick on January because it’s perfect for her every day look.” Cheeks For blush, NARS Penny Lane Cream Blush, NARS Gueule de Nuit Cream Blush, and NARS Gilda Powder Blush, work perfectly!

CHRIStINA HENDRICKS VS Make-up Vanessa Scali

added depth, Vanessa used Artliner Precision Point Eyes: The eye shadow was liquid eyeliner in mix of YSL’s Ombre Noir at the very base Solo Eyeshadow in of Christina’s lashes. Cashmere Brown and Midnight Black. Mascara: generous “I applied these all Several over her lid, under coats of Définicils the bottom lashes Waterproof Mascara and blended it out in Black were used past her natural lash on the top and botline to softly elon- tom lashes. gate the eye,” reLips: ported Vanessa. Christina’s lips were a mix of Lancôme lip Eye Liner: To define and elon- colors for an effect gate the lash line, that Vanessa deVanessa lined the scribed as “red with eyes with Le Crayon a little dash of pink.” Khôl in Black. “I A sheer coat of Color used a touch of liner Design Matte Lipunder her bottom stick in Corset was lashes but smudged topped by La Laque it for a softer look,” Fever Lipshine in said Vanessa. For Cyber Coral.

Artist bones.

Inspiration: Mia Farrow’s Daisy Buchanan from “The Great Gatsby” Face: To perfect Christina’s already luminous skin, Vanessa used the new Teint Miracle L i t - F r o m - Wi t h i n foundation. Cheeks: For a fresh pop of color I used Blush Subtil Shimmer in Shimmer Pink Pool on the apples of her cheeks. Dabs of Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Fluid Sheer #2 highlighted Christina’s cheek-

JOAN HOLLOWAY Lips “For Christina’s sexy Joan, I love the bold colors of NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in Dolce Vita, Red Square, Sex Machine, and Forbidden Red.” Lana also uses NARS Heat Wave Lipstick and NARS Jungle Red Lipstick! Eyes For her eyes, she uses NARS Madrague Duo Eyeshadow, NARS Fez and Bali Single Eyeshadows. Cheeks “With Christina’s peaches and cream complexion” Lana explains, “she looks great in NARS Gueule de Nuit Cream Blush, as well as NARS Dolce Vita, Gilda, and Gina Powder Blush.” FALL/2010 57

Editor’s Wish List Just like everyone else, I have my own never ending beauty wish list! Here are my favourite picks of the season. 1. Illamasqua Raindrops Nail Varnish 2. China Glaze Ingrid and Classic Camel nail polish 3. butter LONDON All Hail McQueen 4. butter LONDON Victoriana 5. butter LONDON Marrow 6. Blue Dahlia Surreal Violet Nail Lacquer 7. Clarins Rouge Prodige Instant Blush 8. Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss, a lot of shades 9. Chanel Coco Rouge lipsticks in Chintz and Rose Dentelle 10. BECCA Eye Tint in Pewter 11. Le Prisme Yeux Quatour, all of them. Purple Show (71), Midnight (72), Pastel Model (73), Khaki Egerie (74), Blue Collection (75), Siena Silhouette (76) 12. Illamasqua Precision Inks in Abyss and Alchemy 13. Paul & Joe lipstick C in Clair de Lune, Over the Moon, Moonshadow 14. Rouge Bunny Rouge Sketches on Water Tinted Moisturiser 15. Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow, Sparkling Nude, Truffle, Rock Violet, Starlit Pink 16. Laura Mercier Lip Glace Pink Tulle 17. Urban Decay Lip Junkies Lip gloss 18. Dior Serum de Rouge in Pearly Pink Serum #470 Radiant Pink Serum 19. Lancome Ombre Magnetique Black Macadam, Uban Silver, Cherry Cherie 20. Bobbi Brown Long wear gel eye liner in Denim Ink 58 FALL/2010

Beauty Most Wanted Urban Decay’s Naked palette is the most coveted item of the Fall 2010! Naked palette is a palette which includes 12 eye shadows: from matte beige to shimmery gunmetal. This palette covers a big range of neutral shades with different textures: matte, shimmery and glittery. The shades are: Virgin (satin chamois) ,Sin (champagne), Naked (matte buff nude), Sidecar (cocoa with golden sparkle sheen), Buck (matte nutmeg ), Half Baked (subtle, lustrous bronze), Smog (deep coppery bronze),

Darkhorse (bronze patina),Toasted (rich copper), Hustle (plum brown satin), Creep (onyx with gold sparkle), Gunmetal (gunmetal grey with silver glitter) You also get a doubleended 24/7 Liner in Zero ( black) and Whiskey, (creamy rich brown) and a mini Primer Potion. With this palette you can achieve perfect day and evening looks. The model is wearing: Eye shadows in Smog, Creep, Gunmetal and Sin, 24/7 Liner in Zero, Toasted Baked Bronzer and Heavy Lip Junkie Lipgloss.

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Sometimes a beauty brand goes above and beyond, with products and packaging that are simply stunning. î ˘is issue, we’re loving Rouge Bunny Rouge, for its whimsical back-stories, creative colour charts and immaculate presentation. Enter the Enchanted Garden