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Thema-Codes Includes producers associated with stock as well as main leather goods, cotton, wool, rayon, polyester, silk, velvet, hemp, lace along together with other fabric mills, fur bearing animal production and also basic textile goods for example linens, cloths, rags along with bed sheets.UTILUtilities (TRBC) Producers and also distributors associated with electricity, natural gas, drinking water as well as steam, among some other utility services, whose distribution facilities as well as infrastructure are generally regulated by government. includes producers associated with accessories like handbags, attache cases, umbrellas, plastic bags, jewelry, watches, luggage.WLESWireless Telecommunications services (TRBC) Providers associated with wireless communication services, like paging, cell phone as well as other satellite telecommunication services.WLTHWealth Management Companies engaged within the business of prosperity management, such as list brokerage, private wealth advisory along with private banking.WOODForest & Wood Goods (TRBC) Producers involving lumber, plywood, sawdust, wood flooring, shingles, tiles, laminated veneer, fencing and other primary wood products. Consists Of companies regarding stoves, refrigerators, blenders, washer/dryers, vacuum cleaners, pottery, hairdryers, clocks, home use drills, lawnmowers, rakes, shovels, also as silverware, china, cutlery, cooking utensils along together with other related house wares.TRADDiversified Trading & Distributing (TRBC) Wholesalers as well as distributors regarding multiple lines regarding mainly industrial goods.TRANTransportation (TRBC) Transporters of freight along with passengers by air, terrain as well as sea, as well as operators involving supporting services.TREEPaper & Forest products (TRBC) Operators of forests, pulp and paper mills, producers and companies regarding wood along with paper products, and also providers involving related services.TXTLTextiles & Leather Items (TRBC) Operators involving cotton farms, along with woven as well as non-woven fabric mills, as well as companies of simple leather goods. includes operators associated with short-term truck and trailer rental, also as freight warehousing and crating.RRLPPassenger Transportation, Ground & Sea (TRBC) Providers regarding transportation solutions such as urban transit, bus, subway along with rail operators, taxi, university bus as well as short-term vehicle rental services, too as short-distance drinking water ferry operators.RSPCSpecialty Merchants (TRBC) Retailers operating shops and also dealerships focused on the single product. includes wholesalers of latest and utilized tires as well as providers of tire retreading as well as repairing materials, also as producers associated with molded as well as mechanical rubber goods.SBIZSports Business Business and economic aspects of sport, along with sports stories, having a cross-asset appeal to end up being able to monetary clients. including almost all covert action, almost all intelligence

gathering, and many types of steps come to prevent action by simply hostile organizations / countries. most in the world's sovereign states belong to the UN. includes auxiliary world wide web along with catalog shopping facilities.DFINDiversified Monetary services (TRBC) Diversified institutions engaged within banking, insurance as well as other monetary services. the issue of latest stock as well as derivatives like warrants as well as convertible bonds from the organization that has already created its initial public offering (IPO). Organisations associated together with manganese.MGSMMagnesium Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and create use of of magnesium. Most measures of manufacturing output which includes your Purchasing Managers' Indices.ISUNew Issues News concerning new government, supranational as well as corporate problems associated with credit card debt and many types of new equity issues.JOBLabour / Personnel Labour issues, employment, unemployment, work relations, labour disputes, strikes, legislation, unions, task related issues, working conditions, employment discrimination, government employment policy and labour industry reform.KMOVECapital Movements Capital movement in between countries. Organisations connected using iridium.IRNIron Ore Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and use regarding iron ore. ICO, IACO along with organisations connected using coffee.COFARAArabica Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use regarding arabica coffee. Such As civil liberties, equality and also discrimination, freedom regarding expression and also freedom to worship.HUMAAid Relief / Humanitarian Agencies Non-governmental organizations concerned in the provision involving aid and development assistance.INSURGInsurgencies Guerrilla along with rebel teams involved with armed rebellion, usually having usage of light arms and also bomb-making materials, although not full-scale military ordnance.INTAGInternational Agencies / Treaty Groups LAWLawmaking The formulation of legislation by supranational, national, sub-national or local parliaments as well as the legislative decisions regarding courts regarding law.LGBTLesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transsexual Issues relating to sexual orientation.NGONon-Governmental Organizations Not-for-profit organisations which in turn operate independently regarding governments and also are not constituted as a political party or have got just about any criminal purpose.NUCLNuclear Armaments / Nuclear Proliferation News regarding nuclear weapons which includes international arms manage affairs.POLGovernment / Politics Political parties, national along with sub-national parliaments, legislation and also constitutional

issues. Consists Of suppliers involving military equipment, vehicles, explosive ordnance, guidance systems, artillery, ammunition and other associated weaponry. Its principal branches tend to be Theravada (dominant in South and Southeast Asia) as well as Mahayana (in China, Japan, Tibet as well as northern Asia).CHRIChristianity All denominations that will believe Jesus Christ is the Son involving God who rose from the dead after his crucifixion, as associated in the Bible. Organisations associated together with lead.LITHLithium Production, consumption, transportation, pricing, regulation, processing and employ of Lithium (Li), a soft, silver-white metal, utilized for most industrial applications.LIVLivestock Livestock - meat; beef; pork bellies; hogs; cattle; poultry; fish as well as fish oil; just about all livestock commodity industry reports; organizations associated together with livestock.LNGLiquefied All-natural Gas Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and employ of liquefied natural gas.LPG1Liquefied Petroleum Gas Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and employ associated with liquefied petroleum gas, including propane and also butane.MEALMeals / Feeds / Pulses Feed grains; expeller; soya meal; soy meal; rape-meal; fishmeal; sun meal; sunflower meal; tapioca; manioc; citrus pulp; pulses; lentils; corn gluten; almost all meals and feeds commodity industry reports; organizations connected together with meals and feeds.MECRUMiddle East Crudes Middle Eastern crude oil streamsMETLMetals Markets Production as well as consumption involving physical metals, including precious metals, in supplement in order to their derivatives instruments; marketplace reports, pricing of those commodities.MGSManganese Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and help to make use of involving manganese. includes providers of metal ore exploration along with mining services, operators regarding iron as well as steel foundries pertaining to beneficiating, smelting, rolling, forging, spinning, recycling, stamping, polishing and plating of iron as well as steel items such as pipes, tubes, wire, spring, rolls along with bars, as well as providers associated with metal processing solutions and wholesalers involving iron along with steel products.SWITSoftware & IT services (TRBC) Developers along with marketers of generic system and application software, too as providers regarding consulting and IT services.TCOMTelecommunications services (TRBC) Owners as well as operators of fixed collection and wireless telecommunication networks and services. Furthermore includes regulation along with deregulation of a industry or possibly an industry, nevertheless excludes company-specific accounting-related issues, which are covered by Accounting issues [ACCI].REORGRestructuring / Reorganization A significant modification created into a company's current operations or perhaps organisational structure, like whenever a organization closes a spot and/or lays off a significant proportion involving its workforce. Short-term borrowing as well as lending between banks.MTGMortgage-

Backed Markets Mortgage-backed credit card debt and also securities, mortgage advances as well as changes in home loan rates along with conditions.MTNOTMedium-Term Notes Medium-term debt securities issued through government and non-government entities. Organisations connected with gold.GRAGrains Grains - wheat; barley; oats; corn; maize; sorghum; cereal; rice; IWC; HGCA; FAO; EEP; COGECA; COCERAL; just about all grains commodity industry reports; organisations associated together with grains.GRMNGermanium Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use associated with germanium. International disputes and also co-operation. Consists Of government policy about crime as well as crime figures.FAKE1Intellectual Property Crime Counterfeiting as well as other intellectual property crime. includes operators involving farms, aquaculture and also fisheries.GAMECasinos & Gaming (TRBC) Operators associated with casinos along with gambling operations. includes discount shops together with auxiliary as well as primarily world wide web as well as mail order facilities.DPUBDiversified Media (TRBC) Large corporations using operations inside broadcasting, entertainment production as well as publishing, where at least a couple of regarding the company lines comprise an amazing part of the company's total operation.DRILOil & Gasoline Drilling (TRBC) Providers associated with oil along with gasoline drilling services on the contract basis, for example directional drilling, well drilling along with reconditioning regarding oil as well as fuel area wells.ELCOElectrical Components & Equipment (TRBC) Manufacturers of tiny scale electrical equipment for example motors, electric heating and also cooling systems, tiny generators, storage batteries and also related equipment. Pool could be any of numerous video games played on the six-pocket billiard table usually along with 15 object balls plus a cue ball. Consists Of operators of electronic markets and providers associated with clearing, settlement and also safety custodial services.EXPLOil & gas Exploration and also Production (TRBC) Explorers, extractors as well as producers regarding crude petroleum along with organic gas. Organisations related with molybdenum.MLKMilk Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and help to make use of involving Milk. Such As forcing another individual to become able to submit for you to sexual intercourse with out consent.COLLGround Accidents / Collisions Major highway or perhaps rail accidents.CRSHAir Accidents Aircraft accidents.DFTSDroughts Droughts which includes your extent, severity as well as implications of.DISDisasters / Accidents Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and also volcanic eruptions; manmade

disasters and also accidents, such as highway accidents, plane crashes, train crashes, shipwrecks and industrial accidents; their own human and economic consequences.DRWNSea Accidents Major accidents cruising or perhaps in inland waters.FLDFloods Floods, tidal waves and tsunami including damage along with loss associated with life, cleanup and also rebuilding, long-term implications and insurance costs.INCENFires Accidental explosions or perhaps creating fires. Automobile as well as truck sales.CASE1Corporate Litigation Legal actions involving or even affecting corporations and/or corporate officers. Which Includes butter, cheese, eggs, milk along with yogurt.DBULKDry Bulk Freight Seaborne transport of dry bulk freight including grains, coal as well as cement, related onshore infrastructure. Consists Of printers involving company forms, directories, catalogs, books, magazines, greeting cards, art prints, newspapers along together with other printing solutions without proprietary publishing rights.PSVCPersonal Solutions (TRBC) Providers associated with accounting, counseling along with rehabilitation, childcare, legal, marriage, laundry, lawn maintenance as well as funeral services, as well as personal enrichment services, like test preparation, educational institutions as well as dance classes. includes operators regarding pipelines, storage facilities, gasoline liquefaction along with re-gasification plants, seaborne tankers, and associated services.OILGOil & gas (TRBC) Producers, refiners as well as transporters associated with uncooked and also refined oil and also gas products.OILIIntegrated Oil & Fuel (TRBC) Explorers, producers, refiners and distributors of oil as well as gas. includes operators regarding office supply, book, toy, vision care, video rental, sporting equipment as well as other targeted list outlets.RFODFood Distribution & Convenience Shops (TRBC) Retailers operating grocery, convenience, liquor along with specialty food stores. Furthermore acts of monetary deception or even improper accounting by simply executive officers of your detailed or even unlisted business throughout contravention associated with securities, disclosure and also accountancy law to end up being able to secure unfair or unlawful acquire as well as to end up being able for you to mislead stakeholders within the company as for the true state involving its financial affairs.HACKComputer Crime / Hacking / Cybercrime Computer hackers or perhaps crackers illegally attaining usage of another's computer system to obtain secret information or commit acts of sabotage. Organisations related together with Sunflower Oil.SOILSoybean Oil Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use associated with Soybean Oil. The Particular banker picks any sales date, pre-markets your bonds in order to potential investors and costs the deal.NT1Note Sales News concerning note revenue (short-term debt), including presale stories.ORDIMBOrder Imbalance Notification regarding an excessive associated with sell or buy orders for a certain security on a trading exchange.OSTROil Storage

Storage regarding crude oil along with refined oil products.PINVPersonal Investing All news concerning the technique of investing about the section of individuals. Organisations related along with selenium.SLVRSilver Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use of silver. Organisations associated using Canola-Rapeseed Oil.RAREERare Earths Extraction, production, consumption, transportation, pricing, regulation, processing and make use of involving rare earth elements or REEs, which usually may in addition be known as uncommon earth metals as well as consist of 17 chemical element inside the periodic table, such as the actual 15 lanthanides in addition scandium along with yttrium.RDFTRoad Freight Road transport associated with oil and also oil products, coal and also dry as well as liquid bulk commodities along using other goods, related infrastructure, bookings and expenses regarding equipment, accidents, government policy as well as regulation.RFOFuel Oil Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use involving heavy or even residual gas oil, which includes high-sulphur, reduced sulphur as well as bunker fuel oil as well as vacuum gasoil.RHDMRhodium Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and create use of regarding rhodium. Organisations connected together with Rye.SCRPScrap Metals Scrap / secondary metals including ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals.SEACRUSouth East Asia Crudes South East Asian crude oil streamsSFTSSofts Soft commodities like coffee, tea, sugar, rubber, tobacco and also cocoa.SHFVSpices / Herbs / Fruit / Vegetables Production, consumption, transportation, pricing, regulation, processing and use associated with just about any spices, herbs, fruits or perhaps vegetables.SLCNSilicon Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and use involving silicon. Consists Of operators regarding farms and fisheries, too as brewers, distillers and also distributors, and also packagers involving food & Beverages.FOOD1Food Processing (TRBC) Processers along with packagers of produce, meats, fish, animal feeds, fruit juices, coffee, tea as well as dairy products. also carries a company or party gaining greater than the 50% stake within another company or growing its control higher than that will level.MRTAPPMortgage Applications Mortgage software and also refinancing. Organisations associated using Olive Oil.ORJOrange Juice Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and help make use of regarding orange juice as juice or even frozen concentrate. Consists Of info together with guidance via experts with regards to how to make investments along with helping in the procedure of making selections in between different financial instruments.PLCYMonetary / Fiscal Policy / Policy Makers Events covering monetary along with fiscal policy along with policy makers.PMIPurchasing

Managers Surveys Forecasts and also studies relating to always be able to purchasing managers surveys like ISM as well as Markit PMI.PRES1Change associated with President Change of your company's president.PRIVPrivatization The sale of your state-owned business or even sale of a significant government stake in the company in order to an exclusive investor or perhaps team of investors.PROPersonalities / People News along with profiles concentrated on the existence as well as main moments within the lifestyle regarding individuals.PRXFProxy Fights A proxy fight is an effort through activist shareholders of a publicly-traded organization for you to gain partial or even full control of the business by seeking directly into making any formal proposal for you to elect new members, backed through the dissidents, towards the company's board regarding directors, to become voted on at a meeting with the company's shareholders, and then actively soliciting commitments from other shareholders in order to vote and only your proposal.PS1Presale Announcements News about presale announcements, such as orders to purchase portion of a new municipal bond issue that's accepted by an underwriting syndicate before an official public offering.QFNALQuarterFinals Indicates the actual amount of competition is actually a Quarter-finalsQRNDQualifying Rounds Indicates the actual degree of competition can always be a Qualifying roundsRCHBroker research / Recommendations The issuing associated with an investment opinion with a broker / analyst about regardless involving whether any provided stock is a 'buy', 'sell' or possibly a 'hold', or perhaps giving any goal share price.RECAP1Recapitalization Restructuring the company's financial debt and also equity mix, any transfer which in turn may bring about returning capital for you to shareholders within the form of your special dividend as well as share buyback.RECLLProduct Recalls Requests made or perhaps actions taken by way of a maker or seller for you to recall or even withdraw a product from your market due to end up being able to concerns concerning achievable or perhaps real safety issues or even item defects.REGSRegulation Regulatory issues, including inquiries, investigations, findings as well as rulings against companies by pan-national, national and nearby government bodies, for example competition as well as antitrust investigations. Such As property returns and also forecasts, housing data, property prices, mortgage-backed bond issues. includes operators supplying geothermal, steam heat and cooled air.WEARApparel & Accessories (TRBC) Manufacturers associated with clothes such as, men's, women's, children's and also pet clothing, uniforms, jackets, hats, socks, gloves, robes, hosiery as well as swim suits. Bookings and expenses regarding vessels, accidents, government policy as well as regulation.DIAMDiamond Markets

Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and employ of diamonds. includes companies that have global operations along with significant actions throughout both exploration as well as production, and also refining as well as advertising operations.OILQOil Associated services and also Equipment (TRBC) Providers involving oil-and-gas-related services on a contract basis, such as cleaning, testing, erecting, repairing as well as dismantling oil and gasoline area rigs along with derricks. Apart via Orthodox Judaism, you will find Conservative, Hasidic, Reform along along with other movements.RELReligion / Belief Religion / Belief.AWLQPollution Short and long-term pollution affecting air, water and also land.ENVEnvironment Conservation; green issues; recycling; power saving; alternative energy; natural world; environmental disasters; environmental politics; organic resources; waste; government policy.GMOGenetically Modified Organisms Genetically modified organisms their own development, deployment and then with regard to any items created from them. Trading in all cash marketplace instruments. Set Up in 1967, it aims to be able to accelerate the economic growth, social progress and cultural growth along with development of the actual region via joint endeavors, and to promote regional peace and stability.BBKDeutsche Bundesbank News regarding actions by, as well as involving, the particular central bank with the Federal Republic associated with Germany.BMXOBank associated with Mexico News of actions by, as well as involving, the actual central bank regarding Mexico.BOCBank regarding Canada News associated with actions by, or even involving, your central bank regarding Canada.BOEBank associated with England News involving activities by, or even involving, the central bank of the United Kingdom.BOJBank of Japan News associated with actions by, or perhaps involving, the actual central bank of Japan.CBBRCentral Bank involving Brazil News of actions by, or perhaps involving, your central bank involving Brazil.CBNGCentral Bank involving Nigeria News of activities by, or perhaps involving, your central bank regarding Nigeria.CBRTCentral Bank in the Republic associated with Turkey News involving activities by, or perhaps involving, your central bank involving Turkey.CBRUCentral Bank involving Russia News regarding activities by, or even involving, the particular central bank associated with Russia.ECBEuropean Central Bank

News associated with activities of the Frankfurt-based central bank with the Eurozone, tasked together with setting monetary policy inside the countries which have the Euro as his or even her currency, and whose sole objective is actually value stability.EUEuropean Union Stories concerning the European Union, its institutions and also the European Parliament.FEDUS Federal Reserve News associated with activities by, or involving, the central banking system of the United States.G20G20 A grouping of developed along with emerging economies that's emerging because the principal international entire body coordinating attempts to address economic crisis.G7G7 The Team involving Seven (G7) nations that was formed inside 1975 to facilitate economic cooperation on the list of seven significant non-communist economic powers.G8G8 The group regarding Eight (G8) nations. Beach volleyball is actually a variation about volleyball played on a court made involving sand along with teams associated with a pair of players.CANOCanoeing Events relating to the sport involving canoeing.CHESSChess Events relating for you to competitive chess.CLMBClimbing Events relating for the sport associated with climbing.CRICCricket Events relating towards the sport involving cricket.CURLCurling Events relating to the sport involving curling.CYCLCycling Events relating for the sport involving cycling.DIVEDiving Events relating for the sport involving diving.DNCGCompetitive Dancing Events relating in order to competitive dancing.DOPDoping / Drugs Tests The use, regulation as well as prohibition associated with performance-enhancing substances and assessments for you to uncover the utilization associated with drugs, mostly utilized in sports.DRTSDarts Events relating towards the sport associated with darts.EQUEEquestrian Events relating for you to equestrian sports.FENCFencing Events relating for the sport of fencing.FIGSFigure Skating Events relating to be able to figure skating.FO1Formula 1 FSKIFreestyle Skiing Events relating towards the sport involving freestyle skiing.GOLFGolf

Events relating towards the sport of golf.GYMNGymnastics Events relating towards the sport of gymnastics.HANDHandball Events relating to the sport regarding handball.HOCKField Hockey Events relating to the sport of area hockey.HORSHorse Racing Events relating to the sport regarding horse racing.ICEHIce Hockey Events relating for the sport of ice hockey.JAIAJai Alai / Pelota Events relating for the sport involving jai alai. the market in addition consists of residential and commercial property investment trusts.REDVReal Estate Development & Operations (TRBC) Developers and managers regarding property whom build, rent as well as lease residential and also commercial properties.REFIOil & gas Refining and Marketing As Well As Advertising (TRBC) Operators associated with oil as well as gasoline refineries for your output of heating and lubricating products, also as gasoline oils, and also gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, propane, kerosene and other liquefied petroleum gasoline (LPG) products. Consists Of retailers associated with family appliances, audio along with video equipment, consumer software, digital cameras, cell phones as well as components, along using other electronic goods.RETSMiscellaneous Specialty Merchants (TRBC) Retailers operating specialized shops and dealerships. includes centralized homebuilding operators exactly where tasks are channeled to specialized contractors.HPASHealthcare Providers & services (TRBC) Operators associated with healthcare facilities as well as providers regarding managed healthcare.HPRDHealthcare Equipment & supplies (TRBC) Manufacturers of advanced health-related equipment and simple medical supplies.HPROHousehold Items (TRBC) Manufacturers regarding non-durable items such as cleaning products, detergents, disinfectants, brooms, mops, towels as well as rags, disposable plates and also cutlery.HRSCEmployment services (TRBC) Providers of human resource, employment as well as staff management services. Consists Of producers regarding combs, toothbrushes, mouthwash, perfumes, cosmetics, deodorants, hand and body soaps, sunscreen lotion, strolling canes, burial caskets, hair pieces, prophylactics, spectacles, contacts as well as other personal products.PRECPrecious Metals & Minerals (TRBC) Miners, refiners along with producers of gold, silver, platinum, diamond, gem stone, semiprecious stones, uranium along together with other uncommon minerals and also ores, too as pearl cultivation. local government bodies and furthermore the civil service.RACRRace Relations / Ethnic Issues Relations among as well as issues with regards to racial as well as ethnic groups, such as discrimination, stereotyping, abuse of people depending on race or perhaps ethnic background, segregation, integration, public policy, as well as legal measures as well as treatments with regards

to racial or perhaps ethnic teams and also issues.RTMRetirement / old Age All information concerning retirement and associated issues, such as monetary regulation as well as economic industry styles that will affect retirement.SDSSubsidies Government assistance for an industry / exercise that will provides it having a competitive trading advantage.SECURInternational / National Security International as well as national security considerations relating in order to hostile organizations / countries. Consists Of rental solutions pertaining to tuxedos and also gowns, furniture, consumer electronics, movies as well as games.RCARAuto Vehicles, Parts & service Stores (TRBC) Retailers involving auto vehicles, parts as well as services.RDIYHome Improvement Goods & Solutions Merchants (TRBC) Retailers associated with house and garden improvement items as well as services, as well as constructing materials.RDRUDrug retailers (TRBC) Retailers operating pharmacies. This includes cars contending in monitor races, including Method One, Nascar, Cart as well as Indy.MTHNMarathon Events relating for you to marathons. Organisations related using copper.CRUCrude Oil Exploration, extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and employ of crude oil and also gas condensate. including the Globe Trade Organisation and also regional trading alliances.TRFTariffs Government imposed system regarding duties upon imports / exports.VOTEElections / Voting National; regional; nearby elections, manifestos, referendums and polling.VOTGGubernatorial Elections Elections regarding state as well as provincial governors.VOTHLower Residence Elections Elections for the lower residence of your legislative body.VOTPPresidential Elections Presidential elections.VOTSUpper Residence Elections Elections for the upper residence (such like a senate) of a legislative body.WASHUS Government News US Federal government politics, policies as well as economics.WOMWomen's Issues Women's Issues, which includes women's rights.WRMClimate Politics Issues regarding climate alter as well as evidence of global warming as well as public policies in order to affect climate changes.BUDBuddhism A religious system through ancient Nepal and also India, founded by Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha), that says moral behaviour can result in Nirvana, their state involving enlightenment and also finish regarding reincarnation. Will not necessarily consist of bombardment as part of the

military action.CWPConflicts / War / Peace Civil as well as international wars, such as violent political uprisings.DEFDefense The affairs involving the many branches of the armed services within an individual nation or perhaps alliance regarding countries, such as protection procurement and weapons policy. This will take several forms, such as proxy fights, negotiations together with management, publicity campaigns, litigation, shareholder resolutions. includes producers regarding hydraulic, steam and gas turbines, large generators and energy grid equipment, like transformers.HFACHealthcare Facilities & Solutions (TRBC) Operators associated with hospitals, physician and also dental clinics, psychiatric facilities, nursing homes, consultancy services (nutritionists, homeopathic therapies) and also house healthcare agencies. also known as pocket billiards.SQUASquash Events relating for the sport associated with squash.SRFNGSurfing Events relating for the sport regarding surfing / surfboarding.STSKShort track Skating Events relating towards the sport regarding short track (speed) skating.SUMOSumo Wrestling Events relating to the sport regarding sumo wrestling.SWIMSwimming Events relating to the sport involving swimming.SYNCSSynchronised Swimming TABTTable Tennis Events relating for the sport involving table tennis.TAEKTaekwondo Events relating to tae kwon do, a new Korean martial art resembling karate.TENNTennis Events relating for the sport associated with tennis.TENPTenpin Bowling Events relating bh cosmetics promo to tenpin bowling.TRIATriathlon Events relating in order to triathlon. Discover additionally Shareholder meetings [MEET1].SISUSecondary Reveal Offerings / Issues Secondary share issues. Such As both legal as well as illegal acts which includes demonstrations, protests, marches, riots; hooliganism and also looting.WARMilitary Conflicts Hostile actions or even attacks concerning the use of regular or perhaps irregular military in between countries, simply by one or even much more countries against one or even a lot more additional countries, or perhaps inside the country among opposing groups, usually pertaining to territorial or even political gain. Heat waves as well as frosts also as their influence on economic activities such since the production, transport along with rates regarding commodities and energy.TNKRTanker Freight Seaborne transport associated with oil, oil items and also liquefied fuel by tankers, closely associated onshore infrastructure, bookings and charges regarding tankers, accidents, government policy as well as regulation. effects involving seismic exercise such as damage, loss of life, rescue

efforts as well as long-term implications.TWAVETsunami News with regards to tsunamis as well as similar large destructive waves in the large body associated with water.WFIREWildfires / Forest Fires Forest as well as brush fires including extent of injury and efforts in order to contain.ODDHuman Fascination / Brights / Odd News Unusual human interest items. Construction paying and also housing achievement figures.CORGOVGovernance / Social Responsibility Rules, processes, or perhaps laws by simply which usually businesses tend to be operated, regulated, along with controlled; ways in which an organization achieves an equilibrium or integration associated with economic, environmental, and social imperatives although in the same moment addressing shareholder as well as stakeholder expectations.CPRODProducts / Services News regarding products and also services, which includes his or her development, launches, recalls, safety, litigation, regulatory approvals, revenue as well as marketing.CSENTConsumer Sentiment Consumer sentiment surveys as well as indices. Additionally use upon stories about the UN agencies.UNESCOUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and also Cultural Organization UNHCROffice with the UN Substantial Commissioner pertaining to Refugees UNICEFUnited Nations Children's Fund USDAUnited States Department associated with Agriculture Stories concerning the united States Department involving Agriculture (USDA) and also its perform with regards to food, agricultural and also environmental issues.WBNKWorld Bank Stories in regards in order to the world Bank, the development institution whose objective would become to reduce poverty simply by marketing sustainable economic development in its client countries. Suppliers regarding luxury services.MACHMachinery, Equipment & Components (TRBC) Manufacturers involving industrial, construction, agricultural along with electrical machinery, equipment as well as components.MDIAMedia & Publishing (TRBC) Providers involving advertising, marketing, broadcasting, entertainment production and also publishing services.MEDQMedical Equipment, supplies & Distribution (TRBC) Manufacturers and distributors associated with basic healthcare equipment along with supplies. Durable items orders.DISPLabour Disputes Disputes in between unions as well as industries which could lead to major disruptions within production or perhaps services.DIVDividends Dividend forecasts, declarations and payments. Furthermore includes suppliers associated with oil as well as gas well pumping and other related equipment.PACKContainers & Packaging (TRBC)

Manufacturers of containers, also as providers involving packaging services.PAPRPaper Items (TRBC) Operators of pulp along with paper mills. Additionally includes veterinary services.HLTHHealthcare services (TRBC) Manufacturers involving health-related equipment along with supplies, too as operators involving healthcare facilities as well as providers involving managed healthcare.HMACHeavy Machinery & Vehicles (TRBC) Manufacturers of hefty trucks, highway paving as well as earth movers, tractors, cranes, planting as well as harvesting machinery, for example balers, graders, cotton ginning machinery, locomotives and rolling stock, too as commercial shovels, lawnmowers and also landscaping equipment.HMOSManaged Healthcare (TRBC) Providers associated with managed healthcare, mainly operating inside the United States.HOBYRecreational Items (TRBC) Manufacturers involving sporting goods, camping equipment, motorhomes, caravans, bicycles and musical instruments.HOMEHomebuilding (TRBC) Builders involving residential homes, mobile homes along with prefabricated homes. aluminium). Organisations connected using silk.SLNMSelenium Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and employ associated with selenium. also substantial fructose corn syrup, HFCS, GEPLACEA, COGECA. Policy and laws governing renewable energy.RTNMRuthenium Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and employ involving ruthenium. Organisations related using Coconut Oil.COFCoffee Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and use involving coffee. Formed within 1944, it is the world's largest way in order to obtain development assistance.WTOWorld Trade Organization Stories concerning the world Trade Organization, its totally free trade negotiations and disputes.ADVTAdvertising & marketing (TRBC) Print as well as broadcast media advertising agencies, advertising research, public opinion research, advertising and other marketing and also consulting services.AEROAerospace & defense (TRBC) Producers regarding commercial, military and private aircraft and also spacecraft. Ranges associated with enterprise confidence along with company outlooks.BUYBShare Buybacks / Repurchases The buy by a company regarding its really own shares within the open industry or even by tender offer, usually based around the belief the shares are generally undervalued and which acquiring all of them will offer a a lot better investment return than putting cash to the underlying business in the company.CAPUTCapacity Utilisation The ratio in between industrial output and also industrial capacity.CARREGCar Registrations

New auto registration figures. Any marathon is actually a footrace operate on an empty program usually associated with 26 miles 385 yards (42.2 kilometers).NBANBA Basketball Events relating for the sport associated with National Basketball Association basketball.NETBNetball Events relating for the sport involving netball.NFLNFL American Football Events relating to the sport involving National Football League american football.NHLNHL Ice Hockey Events relating to the sport of National Hockey League ice hockey.NORSNordic Skiing Events relating towards the sport regarding nordic skiing.ORENTOrienteering Events relating towards the sport of orienteering. Consists Of developers of operating systems, word processors, spreadsheet applications, CAD and also database engines.SPECSpecialty Chemicals (TRBC) Producers involving specialized chemicals such as pigments, inks, dyes, cellular fiber, filaments and polymers, synthetic chemicals, adhesives, glues as well as epoxies.STAYHotels, Motels & Cruiselines (TRBC) Operators involving accommodation solutions such as hotels, bed as well as breakfast inns, motels, cabins, cottages, youth hostels, cruise companies and other tourist and boarding lodges.STEEIron & Steel (TRBC) Miners as well as processers regarding iron ore and coke coal for your processing associated with iron and steel. Consists Of deep-sea freight and cargo, barge, inland water, vessel chartering and other freight transportation operations.SEMISemiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment (TRBC) Designers and also companies regarding semiconductors, too as producers regarding screening along with manufacturing equipment for semiconductor manufacturers.SFINSpecialty Financials (TRBC) Providers regarding commercial loans for long-term equipment leases, import-export banks as well as international trade financing.SHIPMarine Solutions (TRBC) Providers of sea freight transportation as well as marine port assistance services.SHOEFootwear (TRBC) Manufacturers involving footwear like dress shoes, sneakers, slippers, boots, galoshes, sandals as well as athletic along with trade associated footwear. Snooker is actually pocket billiards played with 15 red balls as well as six balls involving some other colors.SOCCSoccer Events relating for the sport involving soccer.SOFTSoftball Events relating for the sport involving softball.SPEESpeedway Events relating for the sport regarding speedway. Organisations connected together with power generation.RAPOILRapeseed / Canola Oil

Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and make use of involving CanolaRapeseed Oil. Consists Of producers of MRI, PET as well as CAT scanning diagnostic equipment, radiation therapy, x-ray, ultrasonic, electro medical, laser and other costly health-related machines along with equipment.APPATextiles & Apparel (TRBC) Manufacturers of fabrics, leather as well as other textiles, apparel, accessories and footwear.APREApplied resources (TRBC) Producers of wood-based goods along with providers involving related services, too as suppliers of paper and also non-paper products, containers and also packaging.AUTOAutomobiles & Auto Parts (TRBC) Manufacturers regarding automobiles, mild trucks, motorcycles, as well as associated vehicle parts, tires and primary rubber products.BANKBanks (TRBC) Deposit-taking institutions for example commercial banks, savings and loans banks, credit rating institutions as well as universal banking institutions, also as bank holding companies.BCSTBroadcasting (TRBC)

Providers involving television, radio, cable internet, along with satellite broadcasting services.BEERBrewers (TRBC) Manufacturers regarding beer along with malt liquor.BEVSBeverages (TRBC) Brewers, distillers, producers and distributors associated with beer and also malt liquor, wine and distilled liquors, too as non-alcoholic beverages which includes water, fruit drinks, sodas along together with other flavored beverages.BGDSBusiness Assistance Materials (TRBC) Manufacturers of office furniture along with materials for example desks, cabinets, display shelves, creating utensils, staplers as well as other commercial supplies.BISVBanking & Investment services (TRBC) Providers associated with list along with commercial banking, consumer monetary services, investment services, commercial loans and also diversified monetary services.BMATBasic Supplies (TRBC) Manufacturers, extractors as well as refiners associated with chemicals, minerals, precious metals, steel, aluminum, forest products, and also construction and other uncooked materials.BOXSPaper Packaging (TRBC) Manufacturers associated with paper packaging such as cardboard, laminated paper containers, along with wood-fiber boxes, bags along with wrapping paper.BSUPBusiness Assistance services (TRBC)

Providers regarding commercial support services for example legal, cleaning, educational, security, office equipment rental, management consulting, architectural/interior design, payroll, accounting, simple data processing, credit agencies as well as other related services. Bankruptcy as well as liquidation figures.BKRTBankruptcy / Insolvency News about companies becoming declared insolvent or place straight into administration, their particular administration and also liquidations. This is henotheistic, i.e. Organisations associated along with Potash.PRCPPrecipitation Rain, snow, hail or even drought and their effects. ETPs are usually structured to become able to allow investors to be able to acquire coverage to always be able to underlying assets with out trading futures or getting physical delivery and therefore are particularly well-liked within the commodities market. Bank-qualified bonds are typically issued for a public purpose inside tiny amounts.CDMCredit and Corporate Debt The issuance, pricing along with trading of corporate financial debt securities, including derivatives for example CDS, equity-linked bonds and also covered bonds, as well because the issuance as well as syndication involving loans for you to corporates.CDOCollateralized Financial Debt Obligations Debt securities backed by method of a pool of bonds, loans and/or various other assets.CDVCredit Default Swaps The issuance, pricing along with trading of credit Default Swaps, or virtually any monetary swap arrangement to which the seller in the CDS will compensate your buyer in the event of a loan default or virtually any other defined credit event.CMBSCommercial Mortgage-Backed Securities Types involving mortgage-backed safety backed by mortgages about commercial instead of residential real estate.COAPWRCoal-fired power Stations Power generation from coal such as regulation, price, interruptions in supply, opening along with closing involving energy stations, technology associated to coal fired energy generation.COMCommodities Markets Production, consumption and trading in main commodities markets, which includes agricultural, energy, metals and also diamonds. Organisations related together with rhodium.RHENRhenium Production, consumption, transportation, pricing, regulation, processing and employ involving Rhenium (Re), a metal used in combustion engines, turbine blades and exhaust nozzles of jet engines.RICE1Rice Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and employ regarding Rice. Organisations connected using tin.TMBRTimber / Lumber Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use regarding timber / lumber. includes actions via one sector to a new sector and also changes associated with listing category, e.g. Property deals like building transactions as well as corporate sales along with leasebacks. In Addition includes acts dedicated by hostile organizations / countries.SMEDSocial Media News concerning social media.SOCISociety / Social Issues Society along with social issues.TAXTaxation

The levying of direct along with indirect taxes simply by national, sub-national or neighborhood governments or even parliaments.TRDInternational Trade Commercial agreements, tariffs along with quotas between countries or even groupings associated with countries. Consists Of producers of electrical components like wires, cables transistors, electron tubes along with insulators.ELEUElectric Utilities (TRBC) Generators and also distributors regarding electric power. Businesses within the sector typically conduct company on the global scale.CONSConstruction Provides & Fixtures (TRBC) Manufacturers associated with value-added constructing items along with residence improvement components. Organisations associated together with bismuth.BUNBunker Fuel Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and employ regarding bunker fuel, your heavy gasoline oil employed by ships, and also marine diesel.CANCRUCanada Crudes Canadian crude oil streamsCBLTCobalt Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and employ associated with cobalt. Municipal bonds.NDFWNon-Deliverable Forwards Non-Deliverable Forwards, Non-Deliverable Forward Outrights and also NDF Spreads.NUCPWRNuclear power Stations Nuclear power generation including regulation, expense of power, interruptions within supply, opening along with closing of power stations, technologies associated to end up being able to nuclear power generation.OILPWROil-fired power Stations Power generation through oil, principally utilizing gasoline oil but additionally gasoline oil along with crude oil, including regulation, expense of power, interruptions throughout supply, opening along with closing regarding power stations, technology related to become able to oil fired power generation.OPTOptions All industry reviews that routinely mention options; just about all new problems associated with options; news items relating to forecasts and also analyses involving the options market; regulation involving options markets.PPLPipelines Oil, refined oil along with propane pipelines.PVEPrivate Equity Funds Private equity funds, which includes fund raisings and mergers & acquisition activity. includes operators associated with timber tracks as well as nurseries and providers associated with cutting, logging, transporting, as well as various other forest management services.BOMBBombing (NonMilitary) Placing or perhaps detonation associated with an explosive as well as incendiary device with just about all the intention of causing damage to property and also / or even loss associated with life. also consists of hostages held in order to secure the particular taker's demands.MURDMurder / Suspected Murder An unlawful killing of the human being exactly where there was an intention for you to kill or perhaps trigger serious harm.NARCDrug Trafficking / Narcotics

Illegal actions involving the use and trafficking associated with drugs.SCAM1Financial Fraud / Securities Fraud Acts involving deception intended for private gain or to cause a loss of profits to become able to others involving financial transactions.SCRIMSex Crimes Forcing an individual in order to take portion in acts of the sexual or indecent nature by using or threatening physical force. Consists Of funds primarily investing in precious metal mining operations.PRINCommercial Printing Solutions (TRBC) Printers along with providers associated with supporting solutions to publishers, advertisers along along with other commercial businesses. Which Includes CTC, pekoe, fannings. Changes inside the persona of your corporation that are built to accord along with and facilitate your attainment involving company objectives, and therefore are generally visibly manifested by method of branding and the use associated with trademarks.NG1Negotiated Sales News with regards to negotiated revenue -- any transaction conducted by an issuer through the hired syndicate. Organisations related together with Corn-Maize Oil.COTCotton Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and use involving cotton. Additionally consists of huge changes in reveal ownership involving publicly owned sports teams and the issuing associated with bonds.SEASFreight Transportation, Marine (TRBC) Operators involving marine along with inland h2o transportation services pertaining to freight. Strange but true stories.ADVOAdvocacy groups / Stress groups / Lobbies Non-governmental organizations whose aim is to influence government or perhaps quasigovernment policies in the particular area.AIDOverseas Development Aid Overseas development policy and development aid. These types of can be exchanges trading throughout securities, options, futures or even commodities. includes homebuilders.CYCSCyclical Consumer goods & services (TRBC) Manufacturers regarding automobiles, home goods, textiles along together with other products, as well as homebuilders along with retailers, and also providers of consumer services, like hotel, entertainment as well as media services.DEPTDepartment Shops (TRBC) Retailers operating mall chains providing a new diversified item line. including the deliberate creation as well as spreading associated with pc viruses.HJKHijacking / Piracy Commandeer any vehicle by coercion, sometimes for political as well as percuniary motives.KDNPKidnapping The forcible abduction of 1 or even much more individuals with regard to ideological, political or perhaps pecuniary motives. includes non-metallic minerals.MINMining Stories with regards to miners and processors of metals as well as minerals, coal as well as construction-related materials.MINEMineral Sources (TRBC) Miners and processors regarding steel, aluminum, precious as well as specialty metals and also minerals, and construction associated materials.MINSMultiline Insurance (TRBC)

Insurance underwriters carrying life and non-life policies.MRCHBiotechnology & Healthcare research (TRBC) Researchers as well as developers of latest drugs, health-related devices along with procedures. includes retail store drug operators using auxiliary food as well as household excellent product lines.READPublishing (TRBC) Publishers associated with books, magazines, newspapers, directories, maps as well as catalogs, also as imprinted as well as electronic databases.REALReal Estate (TRBC) Developers along with managers regarding real-estate operations and also associated services. The Actual sector serves private and industrial consumers.UTIMMultiline Utilities (TRBC) Producers as well as distributors both electric power as well as organic gas. Mortgage delinquency ratios.NAMECCorporate Identify Changes Corporate changes regarding identity, such as rebranding, new logos, advertising slogans. Remarks in foreign-exchange developments.FUNDFunds The views, forecasts, strategies and marketplace actions of fund operators as well as other significant teams along with classes of investors and also traders together with regard in order to richesse flows across as well as within asset markets. Organisations associated together with antimony.AUSCRUAustralasia Crudes Australasian crude oil streamsBASMTLBase Metals Common non-precious metals such as copper, tin, or even zinc.BIOCELCellulosic Biofuels Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and help to make use of regarding next generation biofuels, chiefly ethanol, derived coming from cellulosic supplies for example woody waste, leaves, stalks as well as non-food crops like switchgrass.BIODSLBiodiesel Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and use regarding biodiesel fuel, that resembles mineral diesel and it is derived from animal as well as vegetable oils and also fats.BIOETHBioethanol Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use of bioethanol fuel, made from grains, sugar and other starches and which can be substituted regarding gasoline.BIOFBiofuels Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and create use of of biofuels, which includes ethanol (derived coming from sugar cane), biodiesel (from animal as well as vegetable oils) and other fuels derived via living organisms.BIOMSBiomass Production, consumption, transportation, pricing, regulation and create use of of your own energy generated through biological material coming from living or perhaps recently living organisms.BRGEBarge Inland waterway transport associated with oil as well as its products, grains, coal along along with other dry bulk commodities, related infrastructure, bookings and expenses involving vessels, accidents, government policy and also regulation.BRLYBarley

Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use of Barley along with Malting Barley. Development involving islamic banking regulations as well as other guidelines similarly.ITSEIT Solutions & Consulting (TRBC) Producers regarding customized computer software development, ISP providers, on the particular internet assistance services, on the actual internet database management, interactive data access and auctioning services.JARSNon-Paper Containers & Packaging (TRBC) Manufacturers of metal, glass and plastic containers, along with providers associated with diversified, paper and also non-paper container and packaging services.LEISLeisure Items (TRBC) Manufacturers of toys, games, video games and also consoles, also as recreational products, such as sporting goods, camping equipment, musical instruments as well as bicycles.LINSLife & Medical health Insurance (TRBC) Insurance underwriters and also carriers of accidental death as well as dismemberment, disability, dental, health, health-related and lifestyle policies, as well because the management associated with annuity plans.LIQSDistillers & Wineries (TRBC) Manufacturers regarding wine, champagne as well as sparkling wine, as well as distilled alcoholic beverages such as vodka, brandy, whisky, gin, sake and other malt as well as blended alcoholic beverages.LUXLuxury Merchandise / Services Manufacturers and stores associated with luxury goods. includes bank holding companies.CAFERestaurants (TRBC) Operators associated with restaurants, diners, taverns, pubs, nightclubs, banquet halls, fixed area snack bars, meals cart vendors, meals service contractors and wholesalers associated with commercial food support equipment.CARMAuto & Truck Companies (TRBC) Manufacturers regarding automobiles, consumer-oriented light trucks, minivans, sports utility vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles and also all-terrain vehicles.CCOSCyclical Consumer Solutions (TRBC) Providers associated with accommodation, entertainment and also leisure services, marketing and advertising as well as advertising services and also media & publishing services.CDIVDiversified Chemicals (TRBC) Producers regarding a pair of as well as a lot more kinds of chemical from your commodity, agricultural or perhaps specialty chemical industries.CELEConsumer Electronics (TRBC) Manufacturers involving house audio along with video equipment such as television sets, VCR as well as DVD players, residence projection equipment, stereo systems, consumer-oriented photographic equipment along together with other related electronics.CHEMChemicals (TRBC) Producers along with refiners of agricultural, commodity and specialty chemicals.CHIPSemiconductors (TRBC) Designers and also fabricators associated with high-value microcircuits, microprocessor chips, integrated circuits and also memory chips. also consists of corporate litigation as well as accounting issues, shareholder activism as well as shareholder protection plans.MONOPMonopolies / Antitrust

Issues Issues with regards to competition law, such as investigations straight into companies suspected regarding anti-competitive behaviour, as well as proposed takeovers as well as mergers, price-fixing and other restrictive business practices.MONSMoney Supply Money supply figures and forecasts. Consists Of manufacturers associated with stationery, pc as well as construction paper, e-book as well as newsprint.PARTAuto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts (TRBC) Manufacturers involving original as well as replacement parts with regard to cars, mild trucks and also motorcycles.PEPSPersonal & Home Goods & Solutions (TRBC) Manufacturers of non-durable family goods, individual goods along with providers of personal services.PHADDiversified Pharmaceuticals (TRBC) Large pharmaceutical companies engaged in the research, development, manufacturing along with advertising of drugs.PHAGGeneric & Specialty Pharmaceuticals (TRBC) Manufacturers and also marketers regarding over-the-counter, prescription and veterinary drugs.PHARPharmaceuticals (TRBC) Manufacturers and also marketers involving generic along with specialty drugs, also as researchers as well as developers of recent drugs, medical products along with procedures.PHMRPharmaceuticals & medical Analysis (TRBC) Manufacturers and marketers associated with generic along with specialty drugs, also as researchers along with developers of latest drugs, healthcare goods as well as procedures.PHONIntegrated Telecommunications services (TRBC) Providers associated with telecommunication solutions apart from wireless only. includes ATM operators in which aren't banks, as well as information processing companies.BSVCBanking Solutions (TRBC) Providers involving list as well as commercial banking, consumer economic solutions along with commercial loans pertaining to long-term equipment leases. Furthermore such as actions associated with diplomats and embassies.EDUEducation Issues relating to always be able to education; legislation, performance, curricula, teachers and fees. Cost as well as profitability, interruptions throughout supply, construction as well as maintenance involving dams as well as energy stations, water amounts in reservoirs, technologies and also policy related for you to hydro energy generation.IGDInvestment Grade Securities The issuance, pricing as well as trading regarding credit card debt securities that will have the relatively lower risk of default and thus spend any relatively low yield.ILBIndex-Linked Bonds Bonds linked for an underlying index, usually inflation.ILSInsurance-Linked Securities The issuance, pricing as well as trading of financial instruments whose values tend to be driven by insurance loss events.LOALoans Issuance, syndication, trading regarding loans by banks (or institutional investors) in order to

corporate or perhaps institutional borrowers; developments within loan markets and issuance.MMTMoney Markets All funds marketplace news; studies with regards to money markets. includes grain milling, crop cleaning, grading as well as packaging, animal slaughtering along with packaging operations, seafood processing, freezing, canning operations and just about all sorts of additional food manufacturers, which includes pet foods.FOTBFood & Tobacco (TRBC) Producers along with processors regarding Meals & Tobacco. Luge is definitely an alpine sport where a racing sled for a couple of folks can be ridden using the rider as well as riders lying supine down a new specially ready ice monitor against the clock.MARTSMartial Arts MMAMixed Martial Arts MOCRMotocross Events relating to the sport involving motocross. Organisations connected using chromium.CHSCheese Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and create use of involving Cheese. Organisations connected together with arabica coffee.COFROBRobusta Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use involving robusta coffee. includes producers associated with power saws, polishing along with metal operating machines, drills, nuts, bolts, screws, springs, valves, pneumatic hoses along together with other simple industrial equipment.INDSIndustrials (TRBC) Manufacturers regarding industrial equipment and commercial supplies, also as providers regarding associated services, like diversified trading, distribution operations as well as transportation services.INSBInsurance Brokers (TRBC) Insurance along with reinsurance brokers along with agencies.INSRInsurance (TRBC) Underwriters as well as carriers regarding property, casualty, lifestyle as well as medical wellness insurance policies, as well as reinsurance carriers.INVBInvestment Banking & Brokerage Solutions (TRBC) Providers regarding investment banking along with safety / commodity brokerage services.INVDDiversified Investment Solutions (TRBC) Operators of investment banking, securities brokerage as well as asset management firms.INVISpecialty Investment services (TRBC) Providers regarding specialized investment services for example monetary associated info and investment assistance tools.INVMInvestment Management & Fund Operators (TRBC) Operators regarding investment funds, such as mutual funds, unit trusts, investment trusts, hedge funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), too as operators regarding pension funds, private equity firms as well as life insurance funds.INVSInvestment Banking & Investment services (TRBC) Providers involving safety brokerage services, as well as investment banking and investment

management solutions without having significant commercial banking operations. includes operators regarding foundries and producers of chip components designed for specific industries.CHPTSemiconductor Equipment & testing (TRBC) Producers associated with semiconductor testing equipment and also semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Processing new or perhaps recycled plastics resins in to intermediate or final items including packaging.PLATPlatinum Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and make use of associated with platinum. Organisations related with vanadium.WEAWeather Markets / Weather Weather associated concerns as well as reports; forecasts; statistics; warnings; meteorological phenomena.WHTWheat Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and use associated with Wheat. Consists Of producers of commercial climate control and regulator systems, and also plastic, paper, metal and glass recycling equipment and services.EXCAFinancial & Commodity Industry Operators (TRBC) Operators associated with exchanges and markets for the trading involving financial, commodities along with derivative instruments. Consists Of producers associated with storage devices, circuit boards, keyboards, printers, monitors, pointing devices, Webcams and PC cameras, also as ATM machines.HBLDHomebuilding & Construction Provides (TRBC) Builders associated with residential homes, mobile homes along with prefabricated homes, and suppliers associated with value-added building goods and residence improvement components.HECAHealthcare (TRBC) Manufacturers, developers and also marketers regarding pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies, too as advanced therapeutic treatments and devices, as well as providers involving healthcare facilities as well as health-related study and also development.HELEHeavy Electrical Equipment (TRBC) Manufacturers involving significant scale electrical equipment, like elevators, escalators, industrial conveyor belt techniques along with electrical machinery. Organisations connected using stainless steel.STESteel Creation, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and use regarding steel including stainless steel.SUGSugar Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and employ associated with sugar via cane or beet. INRO, INRA, organisations associated together with rubber.RUSCRURussia / other CIS Crudes Russian / other CIS crude oil streamsRYE1Rye Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and use regarding Rye. also the actual sale of individual artworks.BKSBooks Literature such as books, authors, plotlines, reviews along with sales.CLEBCelebrities

Personal information with regards to people widely recognised, identified and also / or perhaps admired as becoming a results of private or skilled achievement.ENTArts / Culture / Entertainment Performing and also non-performing arts; music; theatre; tv; radio; festivals; exhibitions; dance; literature; libraries; museums; painting; sculpture; government policy.FASHFashion Fashion, which includes designers, models, style shows, couture, styles and also manner trends.FLMFilm Motion images / films, including directors, actors, premieres, reviews along with box office.LIFLiving / Lifestyle Lifestyle problems which includes culture, hobbies / pastimes along with general interestMSICMusic Music along with musical artists. Consumer, retail, producer and also wholesale costs and cost indices.INTInterest Prices / Policy Events relating in order to base lending rates along with official interest rates set through central banking authorities.INVTRInventories Manufacturers' as well as distributors' inventories. believes in a new single god without denying other deities. also including government policy and also opposition to.HEAHealth / Medicine Health; disease; health-related research; preventative medicine; hospitals; government policy.ITECInformation Technologies / Pc Sciences News in regards to the science of knowledge technologies as well as computing.LSCILife Sciences News relating to the life sciences using the exception associated with medicine, which is included in health / Medicine [HEA].NATUNature / Wildlife Environmental problems regarding flora or even fauna.SCIScience All facets of science; study along with new technology; applied sciences; human sciences; organic sciences; philosophical sciences; scientific exploration; government policy.SPACSpace Exploration Astronomy / space exploration including new analysis in to celestial objects, space, and the physical universe. includes on-line job portals.HSGDHousehold Merchandise (TRBC) Manufacturers of consumer electronics, household appliances, tools, house wares along with home furnishing goods.INDGIndustrial Items (TRBC) Manufacturers associated with aerospace and also protection equipment, too as industrial vehicles, machinery, equipment and also components.INDMIndustrial Machinery & Equipment (TRBC) Manufacturers associated with simple power along with hand tools, hardware, small scale machinery as well as other industrial components. Organisations associated using titanium.URANUranium The mining, production, processing, export and way to obtain uranium. Organisations related along with Soybean.SSTEStainless Steel

Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and help to make use of involving stainless steel. also consists of operators of recycling as well as die-casting plants, along with foundries, too as producers involving foil, molds, plate, tube, sheet, rods, pipe, wire as well as other aluminum products.AMEDAdvanced Healthcare Equipment (TRBC) Manufacturers involving high-tech health-related equipment. Invisible trade and overseas investment.LAYOFSJob Cuts Workforce reductions which includes temporary layoffs and also plans to cut work opportunities gradually by means of natural wastage.LIST1Security Listings / Delistings When instruments are detailed upon or even outlined instruments are generally delisted coming from individual commercial exchanges. also includes producers involving heavy machinery for permanent installation.COFSConsumer financial Solutions (TRBC) Providers of personal loan services, like bank card services, mortgage lenders as well as brokers, as well as consumer leasing providers, like for automobiles, also as private along with student loan services.COMAConstruction Supplies (TRBC) Miners along with producers involving uncooked supplies pertaining to roads along with construction. Consists Of financial restructurings undertaken under administration as well as bankruptcy protection proceedings.DDEALDirectors Dealings The obtain as well as sale associated with shares by directors or any other crucial employees or even through their particular agents within the publicly quoted companies pertaining to that that they work.DEAL1Deals News about just about any actual or feasible purchase of your company, mixture as well as unification regarding 2 or perhaps much more companies, units, subsidiaries, main assets, as well as total item lines. Hedge funds get way more overall flexibility throughout investment strategies as compared to standard funds, as well as the portfolios tend to be typically very leveraged.HOTVolatile Shares / Hot Stocks News concerning sharp changes within the value of the discuss as well as prices of various shares within the identical marketplace sector.HYDHigh-Yield Securities The issuance, pricing and trading associated with debt securities that will bring a relatively higher chance of default and so pay any relatively substantial yield, also sometimes referred to be able to as junk bonds.HYDPWRHydroelectric power Stations Hydro-electric power. Your impact of strong winds in economic activities such since the production, transport and also prices regarding commodities as well as energy.WOOWool Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and use of wool, merino as well as mohair. does not really include routine industry performance news.INFLInflation Inflation figures and forecasts. Announcements or projections regarding payment of the dividend and then pertaining to any major raises or decreases in order to its dividend.DVSTDivestitures / Spin-Offs News of the business disposing of a significant part of its business. Additionally, it consists of

companies regarding satellites.AGRCAgricultural Chemicals (TRBC) Producers of potash, soda ash as well as peat humus, along with nitrogenous, phosphoric, as well as ammonia-based fertilizers as well as minerals, as well as insecticides, fungicides, weed as well as rodent poisons, agricultural salts along together with other agricultural related products.AIRFAir Freight & Courier Solutions (TRBC) Air cargo as well as mail carriers, packaging and also logistic air freight services, postal delivery services on the contract basis, too as land-based logistics and courier services.AIRLAirlines (TRBC) Providers of airline transportation services primarily for consumer as well as company passengers.AIRPAirport Solutions (TRBC) Operators involving fueling, repair, inspection, runway maintenance, hangar rental, passenger parking fields, landing services, catering, duty-free shops along together with other airport services.AIRSAirline services (TRBC) Providers of commercial airline and support services.ALUMAluminum (TRBC) Miners and also processers associated with bauxite, which includes smelting, refining and also processing involving alumina and aluminum alloys. Any game played by a couple of teams on a rectangular court divided with a higher net, in which each teams use as a lot as 3 hits to become able to ground your ball on the opposing team's side with the net.WATPWater Polo Events relating to the sport regarding water polo. This particular consists of bikes contending within MotoGP street racing, 125cc , 250cc, superbike along with motocross categories.MODEModern Pentathlon Events relating to the sport of modern pentathlon.MORAMotor Racing Events relating towards the sport of motor racing. Organisations connected using orange juice.PALLPalladium Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use of palladium. news upon refineries and furthermore on policy affecting petroleum products, for example new specifications with regard to sulphur content.PWRPower Markets Electrical power generation, price, alterations in supply such because the opening and also closing involving power stations, related technology and also regulation. Organisations associated together with aluminum.AMCRUAmericas Crudes Americas crude oil streamsASCRUAsia Crudes Asian crude oil streamsATMYAntimony Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and employ associated with antimony. does not consist of bonus issues.SL1Bond Sales News with regards to most bond sales, including presale stories.SPLITBShare Splits / Bonus Issues Moves to increase a company's shares inside issue without having increasing shareholder funds, like

stock splits as well as bonus issues.STATProduction Status Changes A disruption and/or resumption associated with production or services.STKEquity Stakes The buy as well as sale of your potentially significant stake inside a company's equity through another company, individual or perhaps team associated with investors. includes a company announcing its promises to apply for bankruptcy protection, filing an initial as well as revised program of reorganisation, your granting involving bankruptcy court approval for the company's plan of reorganisation, plus a company's emergence from bankruptcy protection.BL1Bond inventory Balances News about bond inventory balances and also unsold balances and account-closed along with freeto-trade announcements.BNKCAPBanking Richesse along with Liquidity Requirements Banking business regulatory information regarding capital adequacy, anxiety screening and also liquidity specifications such as actions taken through individual banks to meet such requirements.BONSBonus Talk About Issues When the company makes a free of charge issue of shares to shareholders, based upon your number of shares that a shareholder owns. Organisations related using Sorghum.SOY1Soybean Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and use of Soybean. These kind of actions contain 'poison pills', 'flip-in' and 'flip-over' options, 'people pills', 'suicide pills' and adopting the 'scorched-earth policy'. Set Up inside 1993, the actual ICTY had been the really first war crimes court produced by the UN and furthermore the very first international war crimes tribunal since the particular Nuremberg as well as Tokyo tribunals.IMFInternational Monetary Fund Stories concerning the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as well as its work, such as helping member countries inside monetary difficulty.NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization Stories concerning the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that has been formed throughout 1949 to promote mutual defense and cooperation amongst its member states within America along with Europe.NBPLNational Bank involving Poland News of activities by, as well as involving, the particular central bank regarding Poland.NORBKNorges Bank News involving activities by, or involving, the actual central bank of Norway.OECDOrganisation with regard to Economic Co-operation along with Development The Organisation pertaining to Economic Co-operation along with Development, but not the person member states.OMSWorld Well Being Organization OPECOrganization with the Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC policy, statements, meetings, output along with exports; compliance by member countries with the crude oil producer group's decisions.OSCEOrganization pertaining to security and also Cooperation throughout Europe Stories in regards in order to the Organization regarding Safety and Co-operation within Europe (OSCE) as well as its perform like a forum along with agency for that 55 participating states coming

from Europe, Central Asia and North America.PBOCPeople's Bank associated with China News regarding activities by, or even involving, your central bank in the Republic involving China.RBAReserve Bank regarding Australia News of activities by, or perhaps involving, the actual central bank of Australia.RBINReserve Bank of India News of activities by, or perhaps involving, the particular central bank involving India.RBNZReserve Bank of New Zealand News of actions by, or even involving, the actual central bank associated with New Zealand.RIKBKSveriges Riksbank News involving activities by, or involving, the actual central bank involving Sweden.SARBSouth African Reserve Bank News associated with actions by, or even involving, the actual central bank of South Africa.SENUS Senate Elections for you to and actions from the upper house in the U.S. Organisations related along with organic gas.NIOBNiobium Production, consumption, transportation, pricing, regulation, processing and use of Niobium (Nb), a soft grey, ductile transition metal, used in superconducting materials.NKLNickel Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and make use of involving nickel. Not Necessarily included upon stories concerning uranium enrichment regarding nuclear weapons.USCRUUS Crudes US crude oil streamsVNDMVanadium Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and employ of vanadium. Organisations related using germanium.H2OWater Extraction, consumption, transportation, pricing, regulation, processing and employ of water as becoming a basic commodity.HOILHeating Oil / Gasoil Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for heating oil, the particular fuel oil or middle distillate chiefly used as a heating fuel or maybe in industry.INDIIndium Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and employ of indium. Consists Of state, local authority, neighborhood agency as well as general obligation bonds. Refers to just about any or even all Christians, his or her churches or relations amongst different Christian denominations.HINDHinduism The dominant faith inside India, Nepal and also on the list of Tamils within Sri Lanka. includes operators of food markets by having an auxiliary drug department as well as vending machines.RGENDiversified Retail Store (TRBC) Retailers offering diversified item lines via department, discount an internet-based or teleshopping

stores.RHOMHome Furnishings Merchants (TRBC) Retailers associated with home furnishings along with furniture.RINSReinsurance (TRBC) Property along with casualty, along with existence as well as wellness reinsurance carriers.ROADHighways & Rail Tracks (TRBC) Operators and also owners of transport infrastructure for example rail tracks, tunnels, bridges and roads. Organisations related using phosphates.PIGHOGPigs / Hogs Production, transportation, pricing, animal welfare problems as well as regulations relating to reside pigs / hogs.PLASPlastics / Polymers Production, transport, trading / broking, demand for and use regarding polymer materials, typically thermoplastic or thermosetting resins. Could involve converting the business to be discarded right directly into a new, separate business along with shareholders in the parent or guardian becoming provided shares within the offshoot.ECIEconomic Indicators Stories about economic indicator / information releases, which includes polls, forecasts along using other stories wholly regarding economic indicators.FIND1Corporate debt Financing News with regards to companies raising finance simply by selling bonds, bills, or even notes. ARTArt Art such as artists, exhibitions, movements and furthermore the inventive processes involved. includes producers regarding forceps, surgical knives and also gloves, bandages along with dressings, syringes, stethoscopes, medical laboratory equipment, x-ray films, dental drills, veterinarian instruments along along with other related supplies.MEMISpecialty Mining & Metals (TRBC) Miners along with processors involving non-ferrous metals for example copper, zinc, lead, tin, nickel, cobalt, graphite, titanium along together with other non-ferrous metals. The Particular group in addition consists of proprietors along with operators of transport infrastructure, such as toll roads, bridges and tunnels.RRLFFreight Transportation, Ground (TRBC) Providers involving railroad and also trucking freight transportation services. includes producers of cellular and also voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) phones.CONGIndustrial Conglomerates (TRBC) Large organizations engaged inside multiple enterprise lines inside the industrial sector, where at least a couple of business lines comprise an amazing portion of the company's total operation. Organisations connected using zinc.AFRUAfrican Union Stories concerning the African Union, which superseded your Organisation of African Unity (OAU) throughout 2002 with the declared aim involving marketing the member countries' development and also integration.APECAsia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Stories about the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, which in turn has the declared aim of marketing "sustainable economic growth and also prosperity inside the Asia-Pacific region".ASEAN1Association regarding Southeast Asian Nations Stories in regards in order to the Association regarding Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Organisations related using magnesium.MINMTLMinor Metals / Minerals

Uncommon as well as scarce metals such as arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, uranium.MLDMMolybdenum Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and help to make use of regarding molybdenum. Organisations associated using tungsten.TIN1Tin Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and use regarding tin. Congress, such as any kind of committees as well as individual senators as they pertain towards the legislative process.SNBSwiss National Bank News regarding actions by, as well as involving, your central bank involving Switzerland.UN1United Nations Stories about the Un which in turn ended up being set up within 1945 in order to maintain international peace and also security and furthermore to develop helpful relations amongst nations. Even though the particular legal composition regarding ETFs is typically open-ended, his or her distinct characteristics compel investors to treat as becoming a discrete fund type.ETPSExchangeTraded Products An Exchange-Traded product (ETP) is actually a fantastic investment instrument which tracks the performance of an underlying asset or an asset index. can consist of divestments however, not acquisitions.RESPerformance / results / Earnings All corporate financial results; tabular and textual reports; dividends; accounts, annual reports; forecasts and estimates associated with future earnings; corporate insolvencies along with bankruptcies.RESASSOfficial Reserves Official reserve assets involving foreign currency, gold and also particular drawing rights.RESFResults Forecasts / Warnings Forecasts or even "guidance" provided by a company with regards to its long term results, including gain warnings.REVALCurrency Revaluation Upward adjustments of your currency's official par worth as well as central exchange rate.RWSRetail / Wholesale Revenue Economic Indicators Retail and wholesale revenue figures along with forecasts as economic indicators.SFNALSemi-Finals Indicates the actual amount of competition can always be a Semi-finalsSHPPShareholder Protection Plans The actions taken simply by corporations for you to discourage any hostile takeovers through yet another company. Organisations related with crude oil.CTTLCattle Production, transportation, pricing, animal welfare problems as well as regulations relating to live cattle.CTTLBBeef Production, consumption, pricing meals safety problems along with regulations relating for you to beef and beef products.DAIRDairy Dairy items and also eggs. Speedway a particular monitor a kind of dirt-track racing where strippeddown motorcycles with out brakes race round an oval track.SPOSport

Sports, with a focus on each sporting events involving consequence, and also the world-wide business of sports. Included on corporate news concerning uranium miners as well as regulatory information about government policy relating towards the way for you to obtain uranium. one of the particular most famous events will end up being the Iditarod race to become able to Nome, created to assist market Alaska's mushing history.SHOOShooting Events relating towards the sport associated with shooting.SKATSpeed Skating Events relating for the sport regarding speed skating.SKELSkeleton Events relating for the sport involving skeleton. Policy, allowances, regulations, monitoring along with enforcement governing greenhouse fuel emissions too as associated technology in power intensive industries, such as carbon capture as well as storage.COACoal Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and help make use of of coal. Organisations connected together with Barley.BSMHBismuth Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and use involving bismuth. Organisations connected together with Soybean Oil.SORGSorghum / Milo Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and use of Sorghum. Organisations related together with gallium.GOLGold Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and employ involving gold. An athletic contest where individuals compete without stopping within 3 successive events, usually longdistance swimming, bicycling, and running.VOLLVolleyball Events relating towards the sport regarding volleyball. Consists Of all monetary areas of sport, the selling or even sponsorship of sport, stadium construction and organisation associated with major events such since the Olympic Video Games and Soccer world Cup. via little cap for you to significant cap.MCEEconomic Events News and analysis relating for the state involving an economy, which includes government along with central bank-related matters, economic forecasts as well as economic indicator announcements.MEDREGMedical Regulatory Issues Regulatory news regarding drugs as well as other healthcare products coupon code bh cosmetics along with treatments, which includes approvals and trial results.MEET1Shareholder Meetings News in regards to always be able to a company's annual general meetings (AGMs), such as enterprise concerns addressed, ballots for organization initiatives as well as company board elections; in addition includes information regarding extraordinary general meetings (EGMs) along together with other shareholder meetings and the issues behind them.MEVNMarket Events News about the operation of financial markets as well as exchanges such as information concerning alterations in marketplace indexes, trading hours, laws and also news concerning modifications in ownership along with structure.MNGISSManagement issues / Policies Management concerns such as internal controls, executive pay, bonuses and also corporate governance. Handles both your bizarre as well as the humorous. Excludes acquisitions of various other companies, which are covered by Mergers / Acquisitions / Takeovers [MRG].ABSAsset-Backed

Securities Bonds as well as notes that are according to pools of assets, or even collateralized from the money flows from a specified pool regarding underlying assets.AGNMortgage Agency Debt The issuance, pricing and trading regarding debt securities, typically in the type of bonds, issued simply by mortgage agencies.AUCTSovereign debt Auctions Debt instruments made accessible from national governments throughout primary markets, usually simply by method of an auction, including announcements of planned sales, terms of the actual debt instruments offered, as well as market results.BINSCredit Enhancement News with regards to credit rating enhancement, such as bond insurance along with letters of credit and the companies offering these products.BIOPWRBiomass Energy Stations Electrical energy generated from your burning regarding biomass including woody material and waste, either on your own own as well as through co-firing together with other fuels, also as gas produced through biomass, manure along with landfill.BQ1Bank Qualified News regarding bank-qualified bonds, that allow banks to always be able to deduct curiosity paid out to carry these bonds. Furthermore spaceflights associated with manned and also unmanned vehicles.WWWInternet / world Wide Web New developments in, as well as problems affecting, the web / world wide web, such as viruses, domain names, freedom regarding access as well as censorship.ALPSAlpine Skiing Events relating to the sport involving alpine skiingAMERAmerican Football Events relating for the sport of american football.ANGLAngling Events relating to the sport regarding angling as well as competitive fishing.AQSPOAquatic Sports ARCHArchery Events relating for the sport regarding archery.ATHLAthletics Events relating for the sport regarding athletics.AUSRAustralian Guidelines Football Events relating for the sport regarding australian rules football.BADMBadminton Events relating to the sport associated with badminton.BASEBaseball Events relating for the sport regarding baseball.BASKBasketball Events relating for the sport of basketball.BIATBiathlon Events relating to the sport involving biathlon.BILLBilliards Events relating towards the sport regarding billiards.BOARBoardsailing / Windsurfing Events relating towards the sport involving boardsailing.BOBSBobsleigh

Events relating for the sport regarding bobsleigh.BOWLBowls Events relating towards the sport of bowls.BOXIBoxing Events relating to the sport regarding boxing.BVOLLBeach Volleyball Events relating for the sport of beach volleyball. The Particular company's adherence to become able to usually accepted accounting principles, in all material respects. Organisations related with platinum.PLTRYPoultry Production, transportation, pricing, animal welfare issues and laws relating to live poultry.PNTOILPeanut Oil Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and help to make use of of PeanutGroundnut Oil. Orienteering is a cross-country race where competitors work together with a map and also compass to locate their particular approach via unfamiliar territory.PBOATPower Boating Events relating to the sport regarding energy boating.RALLRallying Events relating towards the sport associated with rallying.ROWIRowing Events relating to the sport of rowing.RUGLRugby League Events relating towards the sport associated with rugby league.RUGURugby Union Events relating to the sport regarding rugby union.SBOATBoating / Sailing SDOGSled Dog Racing Events relating towards the sport of sled dog racing. Organisations related together with timber / lumber.TMPTemperature Temperatures, notably unusual heat and cold and their effects. The Particular primary Hindu gods are Brahma the particular Creator, Vishnu (Krishna) your Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer.ISLMIslam Islamic religion as well as culture.JUDJudaism The monotheistic religion in the Jews, tracing its origins to always be able to Abraham together with spiritual and also ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Hebrew Scriptures and the Talmud. Property related government initiatives, regulatory issues, and additionally the launch and also performance of property investment products or perhaps sector indexes. Credit Score and also corporate debt; government, agency, municipal and also supranational debt; eurobonds and assetbacked debt.DRVDerivatives Derivatives including futures, options, warrants, spreads, swaps, contracts pertaining to variations and other monetary instruments in which derive their own fundamental worth from other instruments and also assets traded for cash. Consists Of providers of exploration services, like geological surveys as well as mapping. Certainly Not bombs or perhaps bomb damage as component of a military campaign.QUAKEarthquakes

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions as well as landslides. includes announcements that the organization plans to create equity offering/placing, the pricing regarding offerings/placing and their completion.FNALFinals Indicates the actual amount of competition is a FinalsGBRGovernment Borrowing Requirement The amount government requirements in order to borrow to be able to fund the gap in between expenditure along with revenue.GDPEconomic Output Official GDP along with GNP data releases, forecasts and other stories wholly regarding GDP or even GNP.GENGeneral News All information that is certainly not primarily financial, enterprise or perhaps sports.HOSALHome Sales New and also existing home sales. Housing affordability indices.ILEILeading Indicators Indices regarding leading indicators.INDXIndices Changes News regarding industry indexes, including changes in constituents, his or her weightings, the actual creation and also abolition regarding indexes. Includes, door and also window frames, moldings along with trims, tile, roofing, gutters, floorboards, insulating material, plumbing fixtures, cabinets as well as other constructing supplies.CYCPCyclical Consumer Goods (TRBC) Manufacturers as well as producers involving durable items like household goods, too as textiles, apparel along with accessories. Hedge funds use advanced investment strategies like leverage, long, short, and derivative positions so as in order to capture market inefficiencies throughout each domestic along with international markets using the goal associated with generating high returns. Consists Of investment services for example stock exchanges, transfer agents and information retrieval solutions focused on serving the investment community.INVTInvestment Trusts (TRBC) Operators involving detailed closed-end investment funds, too as detailed open-end investment funds, exchange-traded funds, unit investment trusts and blank examine companies.ISERIndustrial Solutions (TRBC) Providers involving construction, engineering and also commercial supply services, also as diversified trading and also distribution operations.ISLFIslamic Finance Islamic finance along with banking. Your racing sleds are pulled by dogs more than snow-covered courses. Consists Of information with regards to market performance of any kind of and just about all sorts of types of funds such as influential single-party traders as well as significant asset allocation decisions along with views.GASPWRGas-fired power Stations Power generation from natural gas such as regulation, price, interruptions in supply, opening and closing regarding energy stations, technologies related to always be able to fuel fired energy generation.GEOPWRGeothermal Energy Stations Electrical energy through geothermal sources. gilts, Bunds, Samurais & Yankees.FRXCurrencies / Foreign Exchange Markets Exchange rates along with analyses of currency markets. The h2o sport along with a pair of teams

regarding swimmers everyone of which in turn tries to pass through a ball into the other's goal.WATSWater Skiing Events relating to the sport associated with water skiing.WEIGWeightlifting Events relating to end up being able to competitive weighlifting.WRESWrestling Events relating in order to wrestling. Polo is a game played by teams regarding players in horseback utilizing mallets together with long versatile handles they tend to be driving the wooden ball by means of goalposts.SPOOLPool Events relating to the sport involving pool. Value and profitability, interruptions within supply, opening along with closing associated with wind farms, technologies along with policy associated to wind energy generation.AFRCRUAfrica Crudes African crude oil streamsAGRIAgricultural Markets Production and also consumption involving physical agricultural products; marketplace reports around the wholesale markets regarding these physical products plus their particular paper derivative products.ALUAluminum Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and help make use of regarding aluminum (var. the jurisdiction of the ICC will be complementary to national courts, which in turn means that the particular Court will only act when countries themselves are unable or perhaps unwilling to research or even prosecute.ICJInternational Court associated with Justice ICTYInternational Criminal Tribunal for your former Yugoslavia The International Criminal Tribunal for your former Yugoslavia (ICTY) is a Us court regarding law working with war crimes in which happened through the conflicts inside the Balkans within the 1990s. includes utility companies using significant operations inside multiple utility operations consisting associated with electric, all-natural gas, h2o along using other regulated utility operations.WATRWater & Additional Utilities (TRBC) Operators involving water delivery infrastructure, drinking water treatment, filtration along with sewage disposal plants. Consists Of emergency relief aidBRUEU Institutions News about the European Commission, Parliament, Courts along with Councils.CENSFreedom associated with Speech / Censorship Freedom involving speech / censorship and press freedom.CHLDChildren / Youth Issues News about social issues affecting youngsters and also small adults.CIVFundamental rights / Civil Liberties Policies concerning claimed fundamental human legal rights and civil liberties.DATPrivacy / data Protection Policies with regards to privacy laws, such since the protection of personal data.DEFBUYMilitary Procurement

Issues related for the procurement involving military equipmnent.DIPDiplomacy / Foreign Policy Foreign affairs such as summits, treaties and official visits. The Actual uranium industry and uranium trade. Such As public, private, nursery, main along with secondary schooling, further education, university and university.GFINGovernment Finances Government finance, budgets along with tax policyGUNCTRGun Control Policies in order to regulate the individual ownership associated with fire arms.HRGTHuman rights / Civil Rights Legal concerns concerning human rights and also abuses. Organisations associated with tantalite.TRNSPTTransportation Markets / Transportation Freight transport through road, rail, sea as well as river too as movement of energy simply by oil or fuel pipelines and also electrical transmission lines.TTNMTitanium Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use regarding titanium. Organisations associated using tankers.TNTETantalite Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and use associated with tantalite. Consists Of providers associated with semiconductor screening services.CIGSTobacco (TRBC) Farmers, processers and also suppliers involving tobacco as well as tobacco products.CMSSCommercial Solutions & supplies (TRBC) Providers of environmental, employment, enterprise support as well as commercial printing services along with supplies.COAMCoal (TRBC) Explorers, miners and also processors associated with coal. Any sport where two competitors attempt to toss or even immobilize one another through grappling.XCTYCross-Country Skiing Events relating to the sport regarding cross-country skiing.YACHYachting / Sailing Events relating in order to competitive yachting as well as sailing.. also consists of renewable energy system installation and also consulting services.REOPReal Estate Operations (TRBC) Developers as well as managers associated with real estate who build, rent and also lease residential as well as commercial properties. Organisations connected using Palm Oil.PORBELPork Bellies Production, consumption, pricing meals safety issues and also regulations relating in order to pork bellies.PORPROPork Production, consumption, pricing food safety concerns and also laws relating to pork products (excluding pork bellies).POTHPotash Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and make use of involving Potash regarding fertilizer. Furthermore known as any Shareholder Legal Rights Plan.SHRACTShareholder Activism An initiative by method of a shareholder to set pressure about the management of your public

organization using one or even a number of concerns such as board control, board representation, forcing or opposing an M&A transaction or even reorganization or change in strategic direction. Organisations related along with silicon.SLKSilk Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and use associated with silk. New issues involving derivatives, forecasts as well as analyses of the derivatives market, industry structure.EQBEquity-Linked Bonds All information regarding equity-linked bonds, including convertible and also exchangeable bonds and warrant-bearing bonds.ETFExchange-Traded Funds A fund which may be continuously traded on an exchange, that is usually comprised of the basket of financial instruments mirroring the particular composition of your securities industry index. Organisations related with indium.IRDMIridium Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and create use of regarding iridium. Really Does not contain violence among individuals or perhaps regarding criminal intent.ACBAnticompetitive Behaviour / Cost Fixing News with regards to alleged as well as real anti-competitive commercial behaviour by companies or their particular officers that if proven will be punishable within law.BRIBCorruption / Bribery / Embezzlement Abusing one's situation of have confidence in for personal dishonest gain, getting available to bribes along with / as well as acting without the particular virtues, integrity or perhaps honesty regarding an individual beholden with almost all the same position associated with responsibility.CLJCrime / Law / Justice Crime, law as well as justice.CRIMCrime The commission / omission involving an act within violation associated with international / domestic law and for which, if convicted, punishment is actually imposed. includes producers and also marketers involving drugs like a result of immediate analysis along with development.MTALMetals & Mining (TRBC) Miners as well as processors associated with precious metals and minerals, steel, aluminum as well as specialty metals as well as minerals.NCYCNon-Cyclical Consumer Items & Solutions (TRBC) Producers, processors along with stores regarding food, tobacco as well as beverages, and also suppliers regarding family and individual products, as well as providers of private services.OFCEOffice Equipment (TRBC) Manufacturers regarding workplace technologies equipment such as photocopiers, facsimile, calculators, cash registers, bar code readers, electronic tags, coin as well as currency counting devices, also as scientific along with analytical equipment and also precision instruments.OGTROil & Gasoline Transportation services (TRBC) Distributors associated with oil, gas along with refined products. The Particular issuer hires the banker to structure and value a new deal. Consists Of providers associated with test, tunnel, blast, train, and other contract-based, coal-related services.COENConstruction & Engineering (TRBC)

Builders as well as engineers in which undertake commercial building, civil engineering, utility along using other industrial plant construction projects. Organisations associated together with robusta coffee.CONTContainer Container transport of freight by simply water, road, rail and also air, associated infrastructure, bookings and costs, accidents, government policy and also regulation.CORCorn Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and use involving Corn-Maize. Congress, including any kind of committees along with individual representatives while they pertain for the legislative process.IAEAInternational Atomic energy Agency Stories about the International Atomic Power Agency (IAEA) along with its work.ICCInternational Criminal Court The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the first at any kind of time permanent, treaty-based, international institution, using jurisdiction for you to prosecute individuals responsible for that most significant crimes associated with international concern: genocide, crimes against humanity and also war crimes. Organisations associated using cotton.CPPRCopper Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use involving copper. Consists Of operators associated with recording studios, theaters and also providers involving production services for example editing, particular effects contracting, video conversion, as well as distribution services.SODANon-Alcoholic Beverages (TRBC) Manufacturers associated with non-alcoholic beverages for example water, fruit drinks, soft drinks, coffee and tea, too as other flavored beverages.SOFAHome Furnishings (TRBC) Manufacturers associated with furniture, non-upholstered kitchenware, floorboards coverings, wall coverings and related furnishings. Premieres, listings and also reviews.TOURTourism / Travel Travel information such as resort recommendations, air-travel routes, tour along with vacation ideas, airline / travel guides, hotel packages as well as promotions. full range of maturities as well as amounts are available although typically maturing throughout 5-10 years, with increased or perhaps much less conventional features incorporated like fixed or even floating coupon basis.MUNIMunicipal Debt News regarding just about all local, state as well as sub-national bond along with debt issuance markets. Cost as well as profitability, interruptions within supply, opening along with closing of energy plants, technology along with policy associated to end up being able to ocean energy generation.USCUS Corporate Bonds All information with regards to U.S. Jai Alai or pelota is a court game where players make use associated with a long hand-shaped basket strapped for the wrist in order to propel the ball against the wall.JUDOJudo Events relating for the sport of judo.KARAKarate Events relating for the sport associated with karate.LACRLacrosse Events relating towards the sport of lacrosse.LUGELuge

Events relating to the sport regarding luge. Consists Of health-related laboratories which support healthcare facilities, for example blood analysis, pathology, urinalysis, healthcare x-ray along along with other diagnostic laboratories. Stockpiles regarding items upon shelves along with backlogs.IPOInitial Public Offerings News regarding initial public share provides - consists of initial purports to expert investors like by approach of placings.IPRIndustrial Output Industrial production figures as well as forecasts. Organisations connected together with PeanutGroundnut Oil.POILPalm Oil Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and make use of of Palm Oil. Consists Of integrated providers associated with each fixed-line along with wireless solutions offering voice, information as well as high-density information transmission services, too as Voice more than Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.PINSProperty & Casualty Insurance (TRBC) Insurance underwriters as well as carriers of property, fire, marine, auto, title, expert liability, funeral, bonding, fidelity along together with other surety policies.PLAYToys & games (TRBC) Manufacturers regarding toys, games, computer games and also consoles.PORTMarine Port services (TRBC) Providers regarding marine freight support solutions like port loading and unloading, canal, harbor and also docking services, longshoreman support, tugboat, navigational control as well as other related services.PPROPersonal products (TRBC) Manufacturers associated with toiletries, personal hygienic and birth manage products. Your judgment in the suit is for all the members of the group (class).CM1Competitive Bond Sales News with regards to competitive bond sales, including presale stories.CMPNYCompany News Company information (added routinely whenever a story contains any kind of company RIC).CNHChinese Yuan Offshore Market comments along with stories about the Chinese yuan when traded offshore.CNSLShare Consolidations Consolidations involving shares inside issue, sometimes called reverse stock splits.COMARBCommodity Arbitrage News regarding commodity arbitrage, ie the practice involving taking benefit of the cost distinction between two as well as much more markets: striking the mixture of matching deals in which capitalize upon the actual imbalance, the actual profit getting the major difference involving the industry costs minus just about any transportation or transfer costs.CONFIGConstruction Figures Housing Starts, creating permits and also housing approvals. Organisations related along with iron, steel and also ferrous alloys.FERTFertilisers Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and employ of all fertilizers.GALLGallium

Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and employ involving gallium. Organisations associated using wine.WNDWind / Hurricanes / Typhoons / Tornadoes Wind, storms, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes and also typhoons as well as their effects. Consists Of products about or even coming from conventions and visitors bureau.VGAMEVideo Games News about the development, production, sales, and use involving video games.AAACredit / Credit Card Debt Ratings The issuing regarding an assessment associated with the loan worthiness of borrowers along with possible borrowers. Organisations related using Rice.RLFTRail Freight Rail transport of oil and oil products, coal, dry or even liquid bulk commodities as well as other goods, related infrastructure, bookings and costs involving equipment, accidents, government policy as well as regulation.RNWRenewable Energy Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use of renewable energy, including wind, wave, solar, tidal, geothermal and hydro power, biomass and also biofuels used for transport. Organisations connected using Milk.MOGGasoline Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and employ associated with gasoline / petrol.NAPNaphtha Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and create use of regarding naphtha.NASCRUNorth Asia Crudes North Asian crude oil streamsNGLNatural Fuel Liquids Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and create use of associated with ethane, propane, normal butane, isobutane, pentane as well as combinations associated with the products which includes condensate, lease condensate, y-grade as well as organic gasoline.NGSNatural Gas Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use involving organic gas. all measures involving narrow and broad money, which includes M0, M1, M2, M3 and also M4.MPLTEmployment / Unemployment Employment along with unemployment figures. also referred in order to as Exchange-Traded Vehicles (ETVs).EUBEurobonds New eurobond concerns within Europe; including issues through foreign borrowers within domestic markets where there is actually certainly absolutely no eurobond marketplace e.g. or the formation of your partnership exactly where a couple of as well as a lot more companies are usually pooling resources in order to create a separate entity, or even updating of a current joint venture.BACTCorporate Events All company events relating to end up being able to companies as well as other issuers involving securities.BKRFIGBankruptcy Figures The quantity of business failures nationally. includes marketers along with merchants of refined products, such as operators involving bulk gasoline and crude oil terminals, and operators regarding

truck along with automobile support stations along with or perhaps with out convenience stores.REICCommercial REITs (TRBC) Operators involving investment trusts in which secure interests related to always be able to commercial real estate, like office, retail store along with industrial properties.REIDDiversified REITs (TRBC) Operators involving investment trusts which secure passions related in order to residential along with commercial real estate.REIRResidential REITs (TRBC) Operators of investment trusts in which secure passions related to always be able to residential real estate, such as single- along with multi-family homes, apartment complexes along with condominiums.REITResidential & Commercial REITs (TRBC) Investment trusts that will secure hobbies related in order to legal rights on residential and commercial real estate.RELXLeisure & Recreation (TRBC) Tour operators, travel agencies, amusement parks, golf courses, gaming along with fishing preserves, sport stadiums, sports teams, movie theaters, dance and also theatrical companies, recreational merchandise rentals along using other leisure services.RENERenewable Power (TRBC) Manufacturers of renewable energy equipment, as well as service providers, as well as producers and distributors of renewable fuels.RENFRenewable Fuels (TRBC) Producers and distributors regarding biofuels, hydrogen gas along with blended fuels like biodiesel.RENQRenewable Power Equipment & Solutions (TRBC) Manufacturers of solar energy panels, hydrogen gasoline cell systems, wind turbines, solar waterheating systems, wave energy equipment along with geothermal heating systems. Policy, technology, value as well as profitability, interruptions in supply, opening and closing regarding energy plants.SHLShale Oil / Shale Gas Oil as well as gas extracted coming from shale deposits.SOLPWRSolar Energy Stations Electrical energy in the heat as well as mild regarding the sun using photovoltaic panels or perhaps solar thermal methods. Organisations related along with wool.ZNCZinc Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and use regarding zinc. Organisations connected with silver.SNFOILSunflower Oil Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and help to make use of associated with Sunflower Oil. Excludes civil disputes regarding intellectual property laws, that are protected by Intellectual Property [IPROP].FRAUD1White Collar Crime / Fraud / Corporate Crime Acts associated with deception deliberately practised so as for you to secure unfair or perhaps unlawful monetary gain, which includes fraudulent behaviour in sports. corporate bonds, such as issues, forecasts and also analysis.WINPWRWind Farms Electrical energy generated coming from wind. Motocross is a closed-course motorcycle race over natural or even simulated rough terrain.MOCYMotorcycle Racing

Events relating to the sport associated with motorcycling. Floods, rain related landslides also because the impact involving excessive or even inadequate precipitation on economic activities such since the production, transport and prices of commodities along with energy.PREMTLPrecious Metals Valuable metals like gold, silver, or platinum.PRODRefined Products Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and make use of associated with refined oil products which includes gasoline oil, naphtha, gasoline, petroleum, fuel oil, jet kerosene and petrochemicals. Organisations related together with Corn-Maize.COROILCorn Oil Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and help make use of regarding Corn-Maize Oil. Organisations connected using cobalt.CDMMCadmium Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and employ associated with cadmium. Opinion polls and referendums. Consists Of extractors regarding sand, gravel, rock, clay, granite, limestone, marble, slate, gypsum, lime, along with producers regarding cement, concrete, along with bricks, as well as operators regarding filtering, bleaching, crushing, cutting, sizing as well as processing services.COMCCommodity Chemicals (TRBC) Producers as well as refiners associated with industrial chemicals as well as gases, petrochemicals, liquid hydrocarbons, vinyl, casein along using other plastic resin materials, stains, paints, sun tanning and also softening agents, explosives along along with other commodity chemicals.COMPComputers & Workplace Equipment (TRBC) Manufacturers involving computer hardware and peripherals, also as electronic workplace equipment for example copiers, facsimile machines, scientific instruments and also analytical devices.COMSCommunications Equipment (TRBC) Manufacturers involving telecommunications equipment such as modems, cable decoders, carrier switches, fiber cable, wireless as well as satellite communication equipment. Skeleton is an alpine sport in which usually a racing sled will be ridden with the rider lying about their stomach, head first, down any specially ready ice track contrary for you to the clock.SKIJSki Jumping Events relating towards the sport associated with ski jumping.SNOSnowboarding Events relating to the sport involving snowboarding. includes treasury gilts, bonds as well as notes (not T-bills, that are money industry instruments).HEDGEHedge Funds In general, any hedge fund is actually a managed portfolio of investments aiming at returning an absolute performance, no matter your underlying tendencies within the monetary markets. news with regards to investment tools, techniques and also laws for the individual investor and industry developments which are associated in order to individual investors; news about how precisely investors interact along with markets, detailing patterns of behaviour of the investors in add-on to their aggregate impact around the macro-economy. Organisations related along with diamonds.DISTLLMiddle Distillates Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use regarding middle distillates, which includes diesel, heating oil along with jet kerosene.EMACRUEurope / middle East / Africa Crudes

Europe / middle East / Africa crude oil streamsFERRIron / Steel Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and employ regarding iron, steel and ferrous alloys. Exclude corporate as well as domestic government bonds, e.g. Furthermore which includes financial debt covering leveraged buyouts.PWRLTransmission Lines Power transmission grids.REAMReal Estate Markets Real estate investments such as REITs, private property funds, Islamic finance and the public sector. includes producers involving footwear parts such as shoe laces, buckles, clasps, inner soles, heels and also padding.SHOPRetailers excl food and Drug Specialists (TRBC) Retailers in which function department, discount, catalog and also internet, apparel & accessories, computers and electronics along together with other specialty stores.SHOPALAll Retail Stories about retail businesses, which includes online retailers.SHOWEntertainment Production (TRBC) Producers of motion pictures, syndicated television, teleproduction, music and also songs videos. Consists Of news associated with moves to consider legal action, judgments along with dismissals of lawsuits.CCREConsumer Credit Levels involving consumer borrowing, paying and also saving.CENCentral Banks / Central Bank Events Policies involving and changes with any central bank, reserve bank, or perhaps monetary authority.CEO1Change involving CEO Change of a company's chief executive officer.CFO1Change associated with CFO Change of your company's chief economic officer / finance director.CHAIR1Change associated with Chairperson Change of a company's chairperson.CLASSClass Actions A legal action against any business as well as companies where an individual represents an organization in a court claim. includes news in the issuance of latest debt, pricing, redemptions and also bankruptcies.FINE1Equity Money Changes News regarding equity richesse changes including IPOs and secondary share offers, buybacks, discuss redemptions and consolidations, reveal splits, bonus as well as scrip issues. price and profitability, interruptions within supply, opening and closing associated with power stations, technology along with policy related in order to geothermal energy generation.GOSGeneral Obligation Debt News about general obligation financial debt issued through state and neighborhood government entities; GO notes and also taxable GO debt; general obligation certificates regarding participation; state appropriation debt; and also news concerning new GO financings along with new richesse programs.GVDNational Government Debt News concerning most national government bond along with financial debt instrument markets. also

known as a Bonus Issue, free Issue, any Capitalization Issue or perhaps a Pro Rata Issue.BOSS1Key Personnel Changes Changes associated with senior personnel inside a corporation / organisation, such as the particular chairperson, president, CEO and CFO.BSENTBusiness Sentiment Business sentiment surveys along with indices. includes toll collection, parking area operations, emergency road solutions and towing, street cleaning, along with independent bus terminal operators.RORATransportation, Ground (TRBC) Providers associated with locomotive, trucking as well as road transportation services for freight and passengers. They are deals in which result in stakes of 50% or even less in the target company.STSALESame-Store Sales A retailer's same-store revenue reports.TRACCTrade / Existing Account Current account / trade figures, including the check associated with imports and also exports.WPAYWorkers Pay Stories in regards to the ranges associated with workers salaries, wages as well as benefits. Consists Of real estate brokerage as well as agency services, property appraisal solutions along with consulting services.RESVReal Estate services (TRBC) Real estate brokers, agency services, real-estate appraisal services, consulting solutions as well as management services.RETAApparel & Accessories retailers (TRBC) Retailers involving men, females and children's apparel and accessories stores, which includes retailers associated with handbags, footwear, leather goods, luggage, jewelry and watches.RETEComputer & Electronics retailers (TRBC) Retailers regarding computers and peripherals, consumer electronics and other technologies products. Value and profitability, interruptions within supply, opening and closing associated with power plants, technology along with policy associated to be able to solar energy generation.SOVSovereign Prosperity Funds Investment policies and also changes in investments by simply state-owned investment funds, which usually consist of financial assets, including stocks, bonds, property and other investment vehicles.STXEquities Markets Share industry trading news, such as the actual performance involving talk about market indexes along with individual shares.SUKSukuk Sukuk debt, typically understood in order to be Islamic bonds or financial debt instruments that will adhere for you to sharia (Islamic law).SUPDSupranational Agency Debt Debt securities issued by simply international organizations, which usually transcend proven national boundaries as well as spheres regarding interest, such because the European Investment Bank, Globe Bank, IMF and also development banks.TA1Taxables News about taxable bonds, that are issued regarding purposes the particular government deems will not provide a significant advantage towards the public.TNCTerms / Conditions

News concerning bond terms as well as conditions, including issuer name, coupon kind and also rate, maturity date and other features.TWPWRTidal / Wave Energy Stations Electrical energy generated through waves, tides, sea currents, thermal as well as salinity differences. Organisations related together with palladium.PETCPetrochemicals Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and use involving petrochemicals including ethylene, propylene, butylene, benzene, toluene, styrene, xylene, ethyl benzene along with cumene.PGMPlatinum group Metals Production, consumption, transportation, pricing, regulation, processing and employ associated with Platinum Team Metals, which can end up being a term utilized to make reference to six metallic elements, particularly ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium along with platinum.PHOSPhosphates Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and employ regarding phosphates with regard to fertilizer. includes other forms regarding compensation for example discuss schemes, profit sharing, bonus schemes and loyalty payments.XPANDExpansions / New Markets / New Units A organization relocating into a manufacturer new region regarding business or perhaps expanding its existing business. a any snowboard is actually a board resembling a little surfboard and equipped with bindings, used for descending snow-covered slopes upon one's feet however without having ski poles.SNOOSnooker Events relating towards the sport involving snooker. Organisations connected with Cheese.CO2Carbon / Emissions Markets Trading inside permits in order to emit fractional co2 as well as other greenhouse gases. ICCO along with organisations associated along with cocoa.COCOILCoconut Oil Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and employ involving Coconut Oil. levels regarding consumer confidence and also consumption expectations.CURINTCurrency Intervention Trading by means of a central bank in the open marketplace in order to become able to influence exchange prices or even stabilize market conditions.DBTRCorporate Financial Debt Restructurings The restructurings associated with corporate financial debt by altering your terms along with provisions with the existing credit card debt issue or perhaps issuance of recent debt to change existing debt. Organisations related together with cadmium.CHRChromium Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and use of chromium. including arabica, robusta, roastings, milds, conillon. includes stand-alone casinos, casino hotels, riverboat casinos, bingo halls, gambling machine manufacturers, lottery services, web gambling services, bookmaking and other gambling services.GASUNatural gas Utilities (TRBC) Producers and distributors propane below governmental regulation.HARWComputer Hardware (TRBC) Assemblers as well as manufacturers regarding computers, personal computer hardware as well as pc peripherals. Excluding real combat.IMMAsylum / Immigration / Refugees

Asylum, immigration, refugees, visa, passport and extradition issues.VIOCivil Unrest Disturbances in order to internal peace or perhaps public order caused by the collective actions of the group associated with citizens. Your specialty industry consists of vehicle and truck dealerships, auto parts, house improvement, house furnishing, office supplies, books, kitchenwares, housewares, garden centers, toys, sporting equipment as well as other centered retail store operations.RUBBTires & Rubber Items (TRBC) Manufacturers involving tires, simple rubber products as well as rubber plantation operations. includes operators that will recover butane, ethane and natural liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) through oil and also gasoline fields.FARMFishing & Farming (TRBC) Operators of commercial farms and fisheries, as well as providers of genetic analysis and also modification regarding agricultural purposes. includes builders regarding transport infrastructure, dam and h2o functions also as hotel, office buildings along along with other significant scale construction projects like shipbuilding. Swiss francs. Organisations connected with tea.TGSNTungsten Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and employ of tungsten. Organisations associated along with Wheat.WINE1Wine Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and use involving wine and also wine products. also includes harvesters involving fish and also operators regarding aquaculture, too as raisers of livestock like cattle, pigs as well as poultry.FDRTFood & Drug Retailing (TRBC) Retailers operating pharmacies, grocery, convenience, liquor along with specialty food stores.FINSFinancials (TRBC) Operators of commercial along with investment banks, investment trusts and also monetary markets, also as providers regarding investment, insurance along with real-estate services.FOBEFood & Beverages (TRBC) Producers along with processors of food, beverages along with tobacco. These printed ratings pertaining to securities for example preferred stock along with financial debt concerns are generally based on the likelihood involving consistent along with timely payments.ACCIAccounting Issues Issues concerning an organisation's monetary accounting as well as the auditing of the organization's economic statements and accounting records. includes producers regarding couches, mattresses, bed frames and also headboards, couches, desks, tables, chairs, tables, draws, entertainment centers along with stands, wall units, outdoor furniture, carpets, rugs, wall paper, blinds, shades and also curtains.SOFWSoftware (TRBC) Developers as well bh cosmetics promo code as marketers involving system as well as application software. Organisations associated with ruthenium.RUBRubber Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and employ of natural as well as synthetic rubber. Furthermore consists of weather and transport news affecting commodities markets.CORPDCorporate Debt All stories regarding the issuance, pricing, filing and also redemption regarding credit card debt instruments issued by method of a company. ETFs provide reduced expense ratios relative to other

funds as well as trade inside any narrow spread together with respect for you to NAV. Consists Of hydroelectric, fossil fuel, nuclear, solar, tidal, wind along with independent electric power generators.ENEQOil & gas related Equipment and Solutions (TRBC) Providers of oil and gasoline drilling and related services, too as manufacturers of oil related equipment.ENEREnergy (TRBC) Explorers, refiners, marketers along with distributors involving non-renewable fuels and also renewable energy, as well as manufacturers regarding energy-related equipment as well as providers associated with supporting services.ENTSHotels & Entertainment Solutions (TRBC) Operators involving hotels, motels, cruise lines, restaurants, casinos, gaming operations, sports stadiums, golf courses, theme parks as well as other recreational services.ENVSEnvironmental services (TRBC) Providers of air, h2o and also soil purification equipment, strong waste disposal, filtration systems along with other pollution-reducing control equipment along with environmental consulting services. Consists Of details as well as critiques regarding reside performances as well as recorded songs releases.TELETelevision Television as a medium.THTRTheater Dramatic stage performances as well as their performances. Consists Of convertible and other equity-linked bonds.COVBCovered Bonds Mortgage-backed bonds exactly where underlying collateral remains about the stability sheet, which includes issuance, pricing, secondary trading as well as general trends.DBTDebt / Fixed Earnings Markets Bond along together with other financial debt and credit score marketplace news, which includes new issues, yields along together with other rates, analyses, and market performance. Furthermore consists of news about change involving ownership in a significant stake in a company, spin-offs associated with company units and purchasers and acquisitions of significant as well as potentially significant stakes in the company, also as news regarding alliances and joint venture agreements among companies.DEVALCurrency Devaluation Downward adjustments of the currency's official par worth or central exchange rate.DGOODDurable goods Orders Orders to end up being able to factories regarding manufactured goods. Consists Of placings and also legal rights issues. Formed within 1998, the particular G8 adds Russia to the G7 team regarding significant industrialized nations.HNBKHungarian National Bank News regarding actions by, or involving, the central bank associated with Hungary.HREPUS house of Representatives Elections to and activities through the lower house with the U.S. Banks operate totally based on koranic precepts as well as the development of islamic bond markets too as the individual issuance involving islamic bonds. includes growers regarding fruits, vegetables, grains, animal feeds and other produce. Organisations associated with iron ore.JETJet fuel / Kerosene

Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and use of jet kerosene like a jet fuel and for heating.LATCRULatin America Crudes Latin American crude oil streamsLEAD1Lead Extraction, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and help to make use of associated with lead. Payrolls, jobless prices as well as the volume associated with help-wanted occupation advertising.MRGMergers / Acquisitions / Takeovers Includes news associated with any kind of real or perhaps achievable buy of your company, combination as well as unification involving a couple of or a lot more companies, units or perhaps subsidiaries, and the acquisition regarding significant assets for example infrastructure operating concessions as well as complete product lines. The Actual sector serves shoppers regarding voice, video along with data transmission.TECHTechnology (TRBC) Manufacturers regarding semiconductors, communications equipment, computer hardware and technologies associated workplace equipment, too as providers of consulting as well as IT services.TEEQTechnology Equipment (TRBC) Manufacturers of semiconductors, communications equipment, personal computer hardware along with technology-related workplace equipment.TMTTechnology / Media / Telecoms Companies active inside the technology, media or perhaps telecommunications industries.TOOLAppliances, tools & Housewares (TRBC) Manufacturers involving kitchen appliances, hand and light energy tools, gardening tools, cookware, silverware as well as other family goods. In Addition consists of the threat (false or otherwise) involving exploding this kind of device. Consists Of theater, ballet as well as opera. Includes: championship events, main signings, probably the most essential business, legal and regulatory matters, stories in crucial new teams leagues or even events,SPOLOPolo Events relating for the sport involving polo. Organisations related using coal.COCCocoa Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, need for and create use of regarding cocoa / cacao and chocolate. Organisations connected together with nickel.NRGEnergy Markets Production along with consumption regarding physical energy products, which includes coal, gas, oil, power, renewable power and also emissions; marketplace reviews about as well as pricing of those commodities as well as their derivative instruments.NSCRUNorth Sea Crudes North Sea crude oil streamsOILSOilseeds Oils and oilseeds - oilseed; soya bean; soybean; soy oil; rape seed; rape oil; colza; canola; palm oil; palm kernel; coconut; coconut oil; sunflower; sunoil; groundnut; peanut; linseed; linoil; olein; stearin; castor; tung; castor oil; tungoil.OLVOILOlive Oil Production, transport, processing, trading / broking, interest in and help to make use of involving Olive Oil. Organisations associated together with sugar.TEATea Growth, transport, processing, trading / broking, demand for and employ of all teas. also accountingrelated investigations by regulatory agencies, accounting-related internal investigations and audits,

along with auditor changes.ALLCEStrategic Combinations Any announcements involving strategic alliance arrangement among 2 companies who have decided to collaborate as well as share sources inside a particular project. In Addition significant infrastructure projects.REFOil Refineries Plants which in turn refine crude oil or other feedstocks derived via non-renewable fuels directly into items like gasoline, liquefied petroleum gases (LPGs), naphtha, kerosene, heating oils along with marine gas oils.REVSRevenue Bonds News concerning income bonds, issued by simply state, neighborhood authority and agency entities, that will finance income-producing projects and thus are secured by method of a specified revenue source.RMBSEResidential Mortgage-Backed Securities Types regarding mortgage-backed safety backed through mortgages upon residential instead of commercial real estate.RNWPWRRenewable Power power Stations Power generation through renewable resources like hydro, geothermal, solar, wind, biomass, wave and also tidal. Consists Of holding companies using interests within industrial operations, too as economic services.DISCDiscount Retailers (TRBC) Retailers operating stores using a diversified item lines at a discount. includes any company expanding geographically by simply market or product or even service offering, creating a fresh unit or perhaps beginning a fresh line associated with business


Includes producers associated with stock as well as main leather goods, cotton, wool, rayon, polyester, silk, velvet, hemp, lace along toget...

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