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Welcome MEDIABRIDGE CO.,LTD. to visit WONDERFUL PCB (HK) Ltd. Every customer to visit our company, hope we can focus on its immediate needs, can get warm reception, we as a salesman, want to in the process of reception customer, showing a good service skills, must be to do a good job of preparation in advance. 1. We should discuss details information from your customer. You should tell you company address and your phone number. Because some customers not only to visit a company, convenient customer travel arrangements, the nearest airport to our company, our side of the weather.。 2. Time, This is for the customer to the company's specific time. 3. The itinerary. Some customers from abroad by plane to Shenzhen, directly to visit our company, some customers to China later, first to visit other company, to visit our company, after some customers to visit our company, the next destination is where, these we all want to know to the customer, because the shuttle customers close contact with us. 4. The number. Tell visit your phone number and your company address. 5. Understand customers. Customers to the company visit must be interested in our products, we also have a certain understanding to the client, such as the customer is interested in which of our products, as well as the customer's company name, country, contact, specific visit time, number, scheduling, write a report to sales manager. 6. You should arrange hotel. 7. And cooperate with other departments. Generally when we handed the report to sales manager, sales manager will tell the production manager have client visit the date, the production manager will inform the workshop director, pay attention to all aspects of the work do a good job in workshop. 8. Understand customer preferences. Know about the customs of the country, customer’s taboo, and diet. 9. The flight number, the plane arrived time and customers in China mobile phone. Understand customers arrive to the customer's flight number, or the customer requires us to pick up location。

It is our great honor that you could visit and discuss details9/9(Monday) For our meeting we will discuss below: A, Pick you up from your hotel to our office, have a comfortable meeting and we will introduce

our company, know more about us. (9:00am start, assume 30mins) B, Visit our factory, we introduce PCB board processes, capability, equipments and so on. (2 hours) C, Have a meeting to discuss details of your projects, prices, shipping details and so on. (1 hour) D, Have lunch together if you are available (1hour) E, Drive you back to hotel

Ms. Jodie Zhou Wonderful PCB T +86-755-86229518-807 | F +86 755 2607 3529| Email: Website: Skype: jodiezhou0710 MSN:

Welcome to our trading shows: 1.Booth: 9J35, HK Global sources Oct.12-15th,2013 Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong 2.Booth: 70206, CES 2014 Jan,8th-11th in Las Vegas, USA

Something about customer to visit our company arrangment  
Something about customer to visit our company arrangment