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Different PCB Board Base Materials To ensure your products perform well, design and selecting the surface finish is not enough. You also have to ensure that material specified is available within the factory and with good functions. How should material be specified? Our recommendation is not to specify one specific brand or type of material wherever possible, as this can ultimately limit the supply chain options in terms of who can support the project. The reason for this is that whilst there are many well known brands of material widely in use within our factory base, there are occasions where some factories have several material brands or preferences which achieve the required material specification. Availability and indeed price can then become factor as to which brand will be used. Key factors in specifying material characteristics When considering the performance characteristics of the base material, consideration should be given to both the mechanical properties (specifically in relation to how the material shall perform during heat cycling / soldering operations) and also the electrical properties associated with the material. These are typically regarded as the most common factors for selection of standard products. This comment is based upon all material being considered able to meet UL. Mainly you need to consider following characteristics: 1. Tg (Glass transition temperature): The temperature at which the material stops acting like a rigid material and begins to behave like a plastic / softer. 2. CTI (Comparative tracking Index): A measure of the electrical breakdown properties of an insulating material. It is used for electrical safety assessment of electrical apparatus. 3. Dk (Dielectric constant): The ratio of the capacitance using that material as a dielectric, compared to a similar capacitor which has a vacuum as its dielectric. Here are the well know rigid PCB base material supplier in PCB industry: NanYa, Shengyi, King Board, International, Rogers, Isola etc. At Wonderful PCB Limited, all our base materials are from qualified supplier as mentioned above. We would like to follow your preference of base material. Otherwise we will choose the right material for you. As for the Isola and Rogers material, normally we need to import the material, so it will takes more time get it back, normally 1-2 weeks longer. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact Mr. Stephen Zeng at email: or Skype: wonderfulpcb15. Thanks a lot! Our website: Welcome to our trading shows: 1.Booth: 9J35, HK Global sources Oct.12-15th,2013 Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong 2.Booth: 70206, CES 2014 Jan,8th-11th in Las Vegas, USA

Different pcb board base materials