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Journal 5/30/14 Today was (unfortunately) our last day in Wales and we topped it off quite well. Golley Slater was such a cool company and it seems like they truly dominate the advertising, marketing, PR, etc. industries in Wales. Their staff is incredibly creative and hardworking, not to mention hilarious. The ads they created warning against dangerous driving were the ones that stuck out to me the most. The best part is that the ads actually got numbers proving the decrease in the amount of accidents due to dangerous driving largely due to their campaign. I also learned that there are many more departments at an ad agency than I originally thought. Two that I had never heard of before were the Planning department and the Client Services department. I never thought that I could work at an ad agency because I’m not very creative with design and don’t know much about it in general, but I could see myself getting involved in one of those two departments. It was also incredibly nice of the people from Golley Slater to take us to the pub afterwards. Getting to mingle with some of the members one on one was a great learning experience. I event got some contact information and will look into Golley Slater if I ever end up deciding to intern abroad.

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