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Teen Succeed By: Makenzie Michalowski Visual Communications May 22, 2014

Papa Ginos My teen succeed project is about how working a part time job is very important, and is a good thing to have. Also you are making money. I decieded to take pictures where I work my part-time job.

This is Alexis making boxes. This is helpful because the food goes in them.

Courtney is washing the trays. Keeping the trays cleaned and sanitized is very important.

This is Alexia answering the phones. Answering the phone is a major part of working at Papa Ginos.

Courtney is getting boxes to put the pizza in, after taking it out of the oven, this helps out the busy managers.

This is Victoria and she is taking a customers order. This is also a very important task.

This is Alexis working on the grill. She is making food that a customer has ordered.

Courtney is filling up the sinks with soap, water, and sanitizer. Cleaning the dishes the right way is important because you have to have clean dishes to use for the customers food and stuff for the product.

This is Victoria giving the customer the food he had ordered.

Courtney is talking to the customer making sure everything with his food was fine. Also she is taking his food to wrap it up To-go.

Alexis is making pizza with my manager, helping them out with a busy night on oven.

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