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Want To Know The Therapist This story was published in the Leeuwarden Courant They love the fact that there is such a group. "Seem enema has heard from other supervisors and himself comes from that sometimes progress in a group. "Small successes, someone also can make themselves. Clear in what way That makes a world of difference. " Games to improve speech "Which club is promoted?" Wants to know the therapist Hayed knows it, but cannot say. His mouth is open, but there is just nothing. Mets sees his neighbor search for words and hands him a tool: the map of the Netherlands. Hayed gives Mets relieved smile. Yeah, that's the solution! His index finger is looking over the map and stops at The Hague. Mistake watching and nods: The Hague. "Right," says the therapist. "ADO Den Haag has been promoted." Using specially developed for aphasia computer programs, games like scrabble, word search and tools such as maps and letter cards, the men are more than two hours of concentrated working language. Tiring, also notes the home front. Often the men are too tired to tell what they have done at home. "Two weeks ago we held midday for partners. That was a great success, so we're going to do it every six months now.

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