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Today where entry ways examinations are generally chiefly enclosed to treatments, engineering, management plus the civil providers; has prepared a gateway not only to qualify these entrance exams in India but also in the entire world. It has started numerous loan andscholarship programs so that the students who are not capable to pay the heavy fee amount of the colleges and universities and drop their dream of high education in India or abroad would come forward to show their talent to the world. Prior to your decision on the lowest income element features began the grant method throughout The Indian subcontinent. However online degree in Indiaare not as popular in India as they are in other advanced countries of the world. But it can be expected that things will soon change in favor of online education with further development of the Indian economy and large-scale computer penetration. In India, online education is yet in the primary stage. However, it is constantly progressing, with special reference to big cities.

Most of the reputed institutes in India are offering online courses. Some of the online education portals provide mock tests for different competitive exams and tutorials for school students. The spread of online degree courses is progressing continuously in India. The main advantage of online degree courses is that it can bridge the distance and thus enable a student to pursue a course from an institute that is outside his or her town, state or even country without really being present there all the time. As quite a good number of reputed institutes admit international students to their online courses, it has become very easy for Indian students to pursue online degree courses. The good news for Indian students is that some of the best institutes in India like the IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Delhi and Indian Institute of Foreign Trade has taken the lead to offer online MBA education India. Therefore it can be expected that other institutes would soon follow suit. Entrance examinations have become the popular mode of admitting students to most of the law courses in India. However different law Universities and colleges conduct different law entrance exams to admit students to their courses. On this page, therefore, we have tried to provide details about the various Law Entrance Tests that take place in India. We have tried to cover offline Law Entrance Exams as well as online Law Entrance Tests. Competitive exams in India for job are held for recruiting the suitable candidates in most of the public sector organizations. However merit is not the sole criteria employed in the selection process. The policy of affirmative action or the reservation policy of India seeks to bring in people from every section of the society.Thus, in most of the competitive examination for jobs in India 7.5% seats are reserved for ST (Scheduled Tribes) candidates, 15% for SC (Scheduled Caste) Candidates and 27 % seats are reserved for OBC (Other Backward classes) candidates. The Supreme Court of India has ruled that the number of reserved seats for all India competitive examinations should not exceed 50% of

the total seats. These competitive examinations for jobs in India are actually functioning not only as a process of recruitment but also as effective measures of uplifting social justice. Our portal gives complete details about Competitive, Entrance,and Higher education in India and abroad, GMAT preparations, study abroad, distance education in India, mba study abroad and more.

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Online entrance exams in india and abroad pdf of the reputed institutes in India are offering online courses. Some of the online education portals provide mock tests...