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CIS 319 Week 3 Learning Team Supporting Activity (TWO PAPERS) (New) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial

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Perform the following hands-on activities where possible. Provide a brief description of your findings/exploration. If you are unable to perform an activity describe why and what you would have expected to experience if you were able to complete the activity.                 

Share a Printer on a Network Connect to a Network Printer Adjust a Monitor Configure Speaker Options in Windows Configure Microphone Options in Windows Explore Your Computer's Network Adapters Explore Your Router or Switch Configuration Compare Ethernet and Phone Cables Explore Wireless Security Explore IP Addresses DNS and IP Addresses Secure vs. Unsecure Web Transactions Viewing the Installed Add-ons in Firefox Customizing Appearance Settings in Firefox Adjusting Security and Privacy Settings in Firefox Comparing Portable Computers Investigating Case Form Factors

Provide screen shots where you feel it is applicable.

Cis 319 week 3 learning team supporting activity (two papers) (new)  
Cis 319 week 3 learning team supporting activity (two papers) (new)