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Philip Sorenson: The Aphids

The Aphids

By Philip Sorenson

We live behind the fence. We squat in the dust, and we shit out coded messages. When we shit out coded messages, many things come to light. There are many ways of having a sense of humor. We are planning on climbing over the fence. On our face there are three things. Our backs are covered in a beautiful dark.

Our backs are hunched and ringed. When we hear the thing on the other side of the fence, we begin to crouch. There is a song then. The sun can be too bright for us, but we still love her. We can close our eyes. There are long stretches of land when we mistook the bird for a rat. Sometimes it is difficult to know the difference between things.

At first, we didn’t have very good eyes. Now we can smell things and see things. The first thing has a beautiful dress and a beak. When there is a winter, we can move closer to the garage. But now isn’t winter. We see pinkish flowers on the apple tree. There are many small things moving up and down the tree.

There are many much smaller things crawling on the backs of the small things. There is a book about this. The book is in the tree someplace. We feel sick now and will have to locate more encryptions. There is an encryption near the edge of the fence. It begins to sing. It has pinkness.

We can also sing. The second thing is red. The second thing is always releasing smaller things into our eyes. The smaller things on our eyes are like moveable electric lights. The smaller things are also encryptions. We can decode them and recode them in the dirt. When we are, we are.

This is what the message is: we are. The message is only specific to our node. Our node has one laced edge. On the edge there are smaller nodes. There is another encryption on the other side of the fence. This one is holding a smaller encryption. The smaller encryption is very different from the larger encryption.

The smaller encryption is going to become big and also paranoid. The smaller one will be like the bigger one. When we are simulating the second thing, we are making a different kind of thing. When the second thing is open, we can see how to make a worm-pain. A worm-pain is also soon in the dirt.

Then we will have to decide what to do. Now there are hollyhocks. There could be a new encryption about the hollyhocks. It could be of garbage or bees. We forgot about the coyote that we saw. Maybe the coyote was a wolf. Sometimes it is very difficult to tell things apart. We are not always awake. Sometimes we are in the middle of the night.

This is like a dream like a laboratory. Maybe the dream is in a hospital but it is also about a hospital. A hospital is always a hospital. Sometimes a thing is not itself. Sometimes a thing is a thing about itself. We are not a thing about itself. We are a thing.

Because we are a thing, we also have an edge. We have never seen the edge. Now everything is yellow. There are many encryptions on the other side of the fence. There is a group. This reminds us of the computers in space. There are so many computers in space that they cannot be counted.

There are not enough computers in space because there is no edge to imaginary things. When we climb to the top of the fence, we will see the crowd of encryptions. We can sting the encryptions with our eyes. Over our eyes there are three things. She uses her teeth on the longest lines. When she does, she makes the edge of each encryption very clear. This can be an ironical process.

We are smelling all of the encryptions at once. Our face has many holes and many different parts. Now it is getting colder. We will have to move closer to the garage. The garage has white siding and is surrounded by plants. When it is warm, the plants are covered in small things. The small things are covered in even smaller things.

There are very many small things that can climb and ingest, and she helps them. There are lilies and there is a vine and there is mint. There is no such thing as waiting. Our body has many different holes in it. Our body has many different parts. The parts aren’t always together at the same time. Some of the parts are very far away and aren’t machinelike.

There are many small things under the ground. There are many smaller things inside of the small things. When it gets colder we can better simulate the third thing. When we come this close to the garage, we stop listening at the fence. In the cold we cannot make any more wormpain. It will be very bright for a short time. We will move as close as we can to the white siding.

When we have moved as close as we can, we will use our parts. We cannot look for any more encryptions. There are many different kinds of encryptions. Even in just one code there are many different kinds of encryptions. We will have to stop shitting out code for a short time. But this isn’t really true. Because we have the three things, we don’t have to worry.

We can always be synthetic with you. Even when we go for a long time, we are always just pretending to go. There are many different kinds of things. There are the three things and the cold that is everything. Here is the garage and the water. Sometimes it is very difficult to tell things apart. One is the fence, and one is the middle of the night. We live behind the fence, and we wait for the encryptions.