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S T Y E S P A S E N I your kit! h N t i w U c i F t s E a V I t T S FE -pom

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6 Ball Kit & Accessory Bundle START MAKING TODAY!

3 9 £9.99 | Issue 39 Nov/Dec 2018


772055 634011

How-to Guide

e Start h re.... ST



Follow our simple step-by-steps to make perfect pom-poms with your kit! ST


Open up the two halves of the maker, then hold them together



EP 2

Using sharp scissors, cut open the pom-pom along the outside gap

Wrap both sides of the maker with yarn, then close the two halves together


Mix it up!








Take a length of yarn, wrap it around the ball, and tie it in a knot

Corinne’s Top Tips Don’t wind the yarn too tightly around your pom-pom maker. Once it is cut, it will shrink back and make a smaller ball. ■ If you’re making multicoloured pom-poms, you can wrap two or three colours at once to save time. ■ Use small, sharp scissors to cut the yarn once you’ve wound the pom-pom maker. This will give a neater finish that is easier to trim into shape. ■ Wrap a length of yarn three times around the centre of the pom-pom before starting to knot. This method will pull the strands in at the centre more evenly and make the ball secure. ■




Congratulations! You’ve just made your very first pom-pom!

Trim any stray lengths until you’ve achieved the shape you want

See Corinne’s pom-pom making skills in full at



Japanese pom-pom artist Trikotri is renowned for her fabulously realistic designs – and now you can create your own! Her Bichon Frise kit contains everything you need to create a sweet teacup pup, including English instructions. £17.50,


Make yourself a wreath with a difference, with Wool Couture’s fantastic Christmas Pudding kit! Easy to craft, it provides yarn, cable ties and a wooden template to attach your pom-poms to, plus step-bystep instructions. £19.99,

On the Ball! We’ve got all things yarn for the festive season! KNITS FOR KITTENS


Pop down to The Makery, Bath for two fun pom-pom workshops! On 10th December, they’ll show you how to make a stylish garland, plus they’ll have a class to make cute sprout decorations on 22nd December. Priced £10 each, visit for details.


Cats Protection is appealing for handmade blankets and mouse toys for cats and kittens in its care this winter. This Christmas appeal launches at the Knitting and Stitching Show, Harrogate International Centre, from 22nd-25th November. Find out more at



MYK Berlin offers a wide range of pom-pom fashion accessories and home décor. We’re loving this vibrant limited edition Advent wreath, priced £1,400, which can be customised with vintage baubles and toys. Visit to see the full collection.


Top Etsy Picks

THE BIG KNIT IS BACK! innocent’s Big Knit campaign is back for its 15th year. Start knitting tiny hats before July 2019 to go on their smoothie bottles in October, with 25p from each sale going to Age UK. Send your completed hats to Big Knit, innocent drinks, Fruit Towers, 342 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5BU.


Scrummy pudding decs. £7.95, FlouncyFeatures


Rainbow displays. From £6 each, DevineCraftsGifts


Imagine the shimmering pom-poms you could make with Paintbox Yarns’ fabulous Metallic DK collection. Available in 12 shades, with cocktail-themed names like Appletini, Tequila Sunrise and Sangria, they’re a must for any yarn addict! £3.99 each,


The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is calling on the nation to take on its Makeover Challenge, giving their homes a fresh new look using items bought at BHF stores. Interior design expert Linda Barker said: “You can give a space a makeover without having to break the bank –and help raise funds for life-saving heart research.” Visit

FESTIVE GREENS Cute sprout garland. £25, ElistonButton



Need a last-minute Christmas gift? Rex London’s belly baskets would look great in any home with bright, neutral or pastel pom-poms to provide a splash of colour – plus you can store your craft supplies inside. £25,

Lush green and red wreath. £40, AmyFentonWreaths


Celebrate baby’s first Christmas. £21.97, BabaMoon



Perky Penguins Spend an afternoon crafting these cheery characters Essential Kit Pom-pom makers: 5.5cm, 7.5cm Yarn: white, red, yellow, green From your Make It Today pom-pom kit PLUS: Yarn, blue Felt: yellow, blue, red Safety eyes, 7mm Small pom-poms Felt Crochet hook, 4mm Adhesive


Corinne Bradd

How adorable are Corinne Bradd’s little balls of fluff? Rare is the person who cannot be won over by a cute penguin and that’s why you’re sure to see these adorable characters everywhere this Christmas. Give two-toned pom-poms a go and try your hand at crochet as you make tiny hats to keep the huddle warm through the winter.

Pom-pom Penguins


Use tweezers to manipulate the white section of the head to create a heart shape. Glue safety Wind the centre of one eyes into the top rounds of the half of the large pom-pom heart. Fold yellow felt, 1.5cm maker with 50 wraps of white. x 4cm, in half and glue inside Fill either side of that half with the fold. Trim the folded felt a coloured yarn. Fill the other into a beak and glue into the half of the pom-pom maker head, just below the dip of with the same colour. the heart.



Clip, tie and trim into a ball, leaving long ends where you have tied the pom-pom. Fill the smaller maker in the same way, trim and tie the two together so that the white panels match up.

Crochet Hat

Using a 4mm crochet hook 4ch, join into a ring with a ss, work 5dc into the ring and join with a ss. Five sts. Rnd 1: ch, (1dc, 2dc in next st) to end, join with a ss (7sts) Rnd 2: ch, (1dc, 2dc in next st) to end, join with a ss (10sts) Rnd 3: ch, (1dc, 2dc in next st) Trim the bottom of the penguin flat and glue two to end, join with a ss (15sts) Rnd 4: ch, (2dc, 2dc in next st) long yellow felt feet to the to end, join with a ss (20sts) base. Add a pair of felt wings to either side of the bird, gluing Rnd 5: ch, (2dc, 2dc in next st) them into the join of the head to end, join with a ss (26sts) and body so they extend out. Rnd 6: change colour, ch, (3dc, 2dc in next st) to end, join with a ss (32sts) Rnd 7: change colour, ch, (5dc, 1htr, 1tr, 2dtr, 1tr, 1htr, 5dc) to end, join with a ss (32sts) Fasten off and weave in loose ends.


Thread three 20cm lengths of yarn through the spaces between the two dtrs on each side of the hat. Fold in half and plait the resulting double thicknesses together to a length of 4cm. Knot the ends of the plait and trim. Stitch a small pom-pom to the tip of the hat.

Top Tip: If crochet isn’t your thing, try making a little hat from felt with added embroidery 12


Polar Bears Combine pom-poms and needle felting to make these cute teds

Sachiyo Ishii’s sweet polar bear family are a great way to decorate the mantelpiece or a shelf and are so easy to make. Simply create your pom-poms for the head and body, then needle felt a muzzle and ears – don’t worry, it’s such a simple technique to master and will add that something extra to your little bruins!

Essential Kit

templates F IN D YO U R ON P63


Sachiyo Ishii 14

Yarn, white Pom-pom maker, 5.5cm From your Make It Today pom-pom kit

PLUS: Felting fleece: natural white, dark brown Black beads, 5mm Needle: felting, size 38-40, star or triangular; allpurpose sewing Multiple felting needle tool (optional) Foam pads Digital scales

Finishing Touches Bring pom-poms into every corner of your home with our pick of the top 4 bits and pieces to get you started


5 6

1 3 7



Now that you’ve caught the bug for making pom-poms, what more could you do with these adorable balls of fluff? Well, practically anything you like! Start by adding pom-pom trims to items of clothing, cushions and tablecloths – it’s super simple to run any of these through the sewing machine. You could thread pom-pom beads, or quickly stitch a giant fur ball or tassels, onto any number of items. If you prefer to keep it simple, just speed up your craft with the multipom and some sharp scissors. Use pipe cleaners to create cute characters and, when you’re done, attach a keyring to keep them with you wherever you go!


1 Large purple pom-pom trim, £1.50 per metre, 2 Pink pom-pom fringe trimming, £1.59 per metre, 3 Blue carnival pom-pom trim, £1.80 per metre, 4 Bright pom-pom beads, £3.14 for 90, 5 Metal keyrings, £1.20 for 20, 6 Mini cotton tassels, 35p each, 7 Rico fake fur pom-pom, £4.99, 8 Spotty scissors, £3, 9 Assorted long pipe cleaners, £1 for 40, 10 Basic pom-pom maker, £13.99, 20



We quiz five top pom-pom enthusiasts about their plans to make Christmas merry, bright ... and fluffy!

RAINBOW BRIGHT KARA WHITTEN OF KAILO CHIC IS GETTING INTO THE FESTIVE SPIRIT! “There isn’t a place in the home that couldn’t use a little festive pom-pom action” Yarn is the most important ingredient for pom-pom making, as Kara is quick to agree. “I love having a variety of chunky types in bright colours on hand, although I’ve also been especially drawn to roving lately, using it to make tassels and pom-poms. You get such a fluffy and unique look that’s perfect for the winter holidays.” Kara adds, “To create the perfect puff ball shape, you must trim your pom-poms properly! Also, I like to use different shades of yarn and wrap my maker in chunks of these colours. There is something so much more fun about a rainbow pom-pom than a solid one to me!” Take inspiration from Kara’s latest projects at

© Sophie Stansfield

Kara enjoys everything about Christmas, from the decorations to the festive atmosphere of the holiday season. “I love doing something special with my kids every day in December as our daily advent activity. It really helps spread the holiday cheer through the entire month!” she tells Make It Today. Kara loves a pom-pom, especially at Christmas. “I already have big plans to make a pom-pom tree skirt this year!” she reveals. “I’m pretty sure there isn’t a place in the home that couldn’t use a little festive pom-pom action. I can foresee everything from bunting to decorate a holiday bar cart, to a pom-pom covered Christmas stocking. I also love to mix colours to add a little pattern and variation. I can see a pink/red and a blue/green mixed pom-pom garland being a very festive project to make this holiday.”



Winter Buddies Work pom-poms into these adorable festive characters

templates F IN D YO U R ON P63

Essential Kit Yarn, white Pom-pom makers: 5.5cm, 7.5cm From your Make It Today pom-pom kit

At this time of the year, you can never have enough cute and quirky decorations to dot around the home: on a mantelpiece or window sill, or even as place settings for your Christmas table. For this cheery set, Sachiyo Ishii has used needle-felting to create the snowmen’s hats and features. The twig arms offer an authentic touch and are easily attached using a dot of fabric glue. Finally, add a splash of colour and tie a scarf made from a strip of felt around your snowman.


PLUS: Felting fleece (roving): orange, grey Beads, black, 5mm Thread, black Felt: sky blue, red, black Fine felting needle, size 38-40 Multiple felting needle tool (optional) Felting mat Digital scale Liquid fabric glue

ve FestiFUN Meet Alistair Macdonald, who has a keen appreciation of all things pom-pom! After studying fashion design and setting up his own womenswear label, House of Alistair in 2008, Alistair Macdonald was inspired to design and create his own range of craft products and kits – including a pom-pom starter set. He also has a number of craft books published by Search Press under his belt, with three devoted to our favourite fluff balls and his latest, Pompom Noël, is packed with inspirational makes for Christmas! Like many of us, Alistair’s earliest memory of these lovely bobbles goes back all the way to his childhood. “I grew up with crafting all around me and the making of little woolly balls was a firm favourite,” he reminisces. “My gran would surrender her cereal boxes in order for us to make up the circular discs we needed to do it ‘the old fashioned way’.” As the years passed, Alistair’s gran soon found her once-full box of yarn ends gradually reduced as he and his siblings raced each other to see who could make them up the fastest. “I remember creating them in all different sizes and colours, then cutting out eyes and a mouth to stick on. Even today, I love the versatility that yarn gives you. The different textures are a big draw, but so too are the array of colours that are so easily available.”

CREATION STATION Alistair’s creative background ensures he’s never short of ideas for new designs and kits. “As any fashion designer would say, it is an awareness of needing to be appreciative of changing trends and people’s evolving lifestyles that are so important when being creative,” he explains. “My inspiration genuinely comes from anywhere and everywhere – I can find it simply while shopping and mooching around different stalls and stores just as much as it can come from looking out of a train window as I hurtle through the countryside.” Once those ideas have taken root, Alistair takes them back to his workspace which is set up to inspire him even further. “It can best be described as an old fashioned curiosity shop filled to the brim with lots of different bits and bobs. Having it that way acts as form of inspiration for me – that’s what I tell everyone anyway!” As for Pompom Noël, the inspiration for that came from Alistair’s love of this season. “At home I am known as Mr Christmas as it’s my favourite time of the year, so it was inevitable that I’d create a festive pom-pom book,” he smiles. “I look forward to decorating the house from top to bottom, but get told off if I try to start too early. The family know not to stand still for too long or else they are likely to have baubles hanging from them – even the fish tank gets a festive makeover!”

“At home I am known as Mr Christmas, so it was inevitable that I’d create a festive pom-pom book”



Santa Claus

Create Alistair Macdonald’s traditionallooking Father Christmas The image we have of Santa Claus has had many historic influences over the years, forming the jolly bearded character that we know and love today, wearing his red and white suit. Alistair Macdonald has used these motifs to create this delightful hanging decoration, using chunky yarn to create a full beard and hair.

brim, Essential Kit 2 Tocovermaketwothepipehatcleaners with white yarn. Fold 7.5cm of

Yarn: red, white, chunky red, chunky beige Pom-pom makers: 2.5cm, 8.5cm Pipe cleaners, 30cm Wooden ball, 5cm diameter Gold craft wire, 20cm Toilet roll tube Needle, long, large-eyed Glue gun Black marker pen Pink blending pencil

Santa Claus Make a frame for the hat


by laying three pipe cleaners across each other to form a star shape. Twist them together and mould into a cone. Cut a 1cm section from a toilet roll tube (keeping it as a ring) and attach the pipe cleaner ends, spacing them evenly round the circumference by folding them under and round the card. Once secure, bend the cone shape over to make the base for the hat. Cover the entire shape with chunky red yarn, concealing the card and sticks, and secure with glue.

each end of the pipe cleaners into the centre so that they meet in the middle and flatten using your fingers. Hold both pipe cleaners together lengthwise and wind more white yarn around to encase them. Continue until you reach the desired thickness. Bend this piece round the base of the red hat and secure by stitching at the rear with spare white yarn.

Top Tip: Create your own pom-pom makers by cutting cardboard discs to the correct diameters, then removing central inner circles half the size


Using the 8.5cm maker, create one red pom-pom, plus a smaller white one with the 2.5cm. Trim into neat balls using fabric scissors. Glue a wooden ball onto the top of the red pom-pom, then draw on the eyes and add some rosy cheeks. Glue the white pom-pom to the end of the hat.


Cut ten 20cm lengths of beige chunky yarn and tie together in the centre to form a bundle. Repeat to make a second yarn bunch. Glue one bunch onto the face to create a beard, with the knot facing towards the wood to conceal it. Spread the yarn across the face, sticking it into position with glue.


Trim the beard into shape, as desired. Glue the second bunch to the head to create the hair, spreading and gluing it in place as before. Stick the hat onto the head and trim the hair as desired. Sew a loop of red yarn on to the hat to allow it to hang.


To make the spectacles, wrap a length of craft wire around a pen twice, about 5cm away from one of the ends. This will create one of the lenses. Leave a small gap and repeat to form the second lens. Trim the wire 2.5cm away from each lens and bend inwards. Place the spectacles onto Santa’s head and glue into position.

Get the book Create more festive woolly projects in Pompom Noël by Alistair Macdonald (Search Press, £8.99),



Nutcracker Decs We update this iconic motif in true pom-pom style PROJECT DESIGNER

Corinne Bradd

Essential Kit Felt, red Pom-pom maker, 5.5cm From your Make It Today pom-pom kit

PLUS: Extra yarn: light blue, dark blue, maroon Wooden dolly pegs Dolly peg stands Posca paint pens Ribbon or braid


When the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve, these unique pom-pom creations will come to life and cover your whole house in fluffy balls of yarn! That’s the classic Nutcracker story, right? Corinne Bradd has reimagined this festive favourite into fabulous woolly versions. Create a whole army of them and dot around your home for a truly magical experience.

Nutcracker peg dolls

the body and around the and use a co-ordinating neck. Glue the end of the shade to colour the body ribbon securely. section and the peg stand. Once the face is dry, use a little Create a small pom-pom paint on the tip of a soft pencil Glue a small length of using a dark shade of braid under the chin to to add the mouth and eyes. yarn and clip into a neat ball. make a strap. Cut two 8mm Select a similar shade paint x 4cm pieces of felt, round off Wrap narrow ribbon or pen and colour the legs of a the ends and glue to each side braid around the body, dolly peg with two coats. of the body to create arms. starting from the back of the Glue the pom-pom firmly on neck, passing diagonally Paint the face and neck of down the body, twice around top of the peg to make a the peg with a flesh colour the waist, diagonally back up bearskin hat.





Make It Today 39 Pom-Pom Mag 'n' Makes  

Have yourself a fluffy little Christmas in this special pom-pom issue, packed with 50+ festive decorations, gifts and cute characters, plus...

Make It Today 39 Pom-Pom Mag 'n' Makes  

Have yourself a fluffy little Christmas in this special pom-pom issue, packed with 50+ festive decorations, gifts and cute characters, plus...