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Bender created a neutral palette punctuated with accent colors she took from a rug in the living room. “The hue or saturation of color remains consistent throughout the entire house,” Bender explains. “Carrying the same hue throughout a home creates continuity without actually repeating the same color throughout.” Respect the home

To complement the original Tudor architecture, Bender selected “weighty, grounded” furniture pieces. “The furnishings required a certain depth, so none of the pieces in this house are light, airy or flimsy,” Bender says.

"Include pieces from your past so that your home doesn’t look like a showroom. Your house should reflect you." Mix it up

To keep things interesting, Bender has incorporated the same mix of vintage and contemporary pieces from around the globe that she stocks in her Glencoe boutique Vignette Home. “I love collecting things, and I love reinventing things—taking objects and making them into lamps, planters, bookends— all sorts of things,” Bender says. Personalize

“Include pieces from your past so that your home doesn’t look like a showroom,” Bender says, pointing to her collection of vintage Anri cork bottle stoppers from Italy, which she groups together in a glass-front kitchen cabinet. “Your house should reflect you.”

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