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A Poetry reading to benefit The Heart’s Content and Hypoplastic Right Hearts (HRH).

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Every year in the USA, 35,000 babies are born with Congenital Heart Disease. Thousands of those babies will not survive to see their first birthdays. Several thousand will endure multiple openheart surgeries throughout their years to sustain their lives and hope for a future. February is national heart month, and while much of the focus is on adult onset heart disease, we wish to recognize the children whose hearts were broken before they were even born - who could not change their behavior to save their health. Today there are over one million adults who were born with congentital heart disease and nearly as many children fighting for their lives with the greatest of courage and strength. Thank you for joining us for The Heart’s Content. Every poet who contributed to the volume we read from today donated both published and original works to benefit Hypoplastic Right Hearts, a 501 c3 nonprofit, in our efforts to bring awareness to the lives affected by Congenital Heart Disease. We thank them for their generosity and the beauty of their works. Poetry has the amazing effect of articulating the music of the heart in harmony with the soul. Not everyone is blessed with the gift of words, but we all feel in our hearts what the poets will share with you today. Thank you for supporting The Heart’s Content and Hypoplastic Right Hearts (HRH). All proceeds from your ticket sale benefit HRH in our efforts to educate, support, and advocate for families whose children are afflicted by some of the most severe and complicated variations of CHD. Please consider purchasing your own copy of The Heart’s Content after the reading. We will have a signing in front of the stage at the end of the performance.

Debra Shirley’s children’s picture book, Best Friend on Wheels, was published by Albert Whitman & Company in 2008. Other work has been included in The Cortland Review, Margie Review: The American Journal of Poetry, The Adirondack Review and the Playwright’s Showcase of the Western Region. Debra is Director of after school and summer arts programming at two elementary schools, and she teaches writing at the Arvada Center for Arts and Humanities. She holds a BFA in professional acting from East Carolina University and is a member of, the Colorado Poets Association and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Debra’s homepage is Shirley Sullivan’s poems have appeared most recently in Pilgrimage, Tiger’s Eye, Sow’s Ear, Wyoming, and Sendero. She has been an editor of HeartLodge, and a frequent participant in Braided Lives, a collaboration between painters and poets in Taos, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Denver. A classical singer, she has degrees in music, education, and theology. She spends summers as a trail cook in the Rockies, and is studying French clowning at the Rudolph Steiner Institute. Biographies of additional poets whose words will be read today are in the book.

Other Heart Month CHD Awareness Activities: Monday, February 8th, 7:00 pm at Fort Collin’s own Lyric Cinema for a free

showing of “Hearts of Hope” a film by Mercedes Kane. This film honors Chicago Pediatric Cariothorasic surgeon Michele Ilbawi and the families whose children were saved by his hands. If you are a ‘heart family’ we welcome you to bring guests so they may understand what it is truly like to hand your child over for open heart surgery and the struggles and joys that life with a child who battles CHD is really like. Admission is free, but the theater holds 75 and is general admission. We will also be showing the film at The Denver Children’s Hospital on February 6th, for more details, please contact Amanda Adams at The Fort Collins sceening is sponsored by The Melting Pot.

Welcome: Amanda Adams Michael Adams is the author of five books of poetry and essays, including Broken Hand Peak (Turkey Buzzard Press, 2008) Underground (Longhand Press, 2007) and Between Heaven and Earth (Elik Press, 2004). Whistleblowers (Turkey Buzzard Press 2009) is his most recent work, like Underground a collaboration with the poets James Taylor III and Phil Woods. These three poets perform together as the Free Radical Railroad. Michael performs extensively and is also an accomplished banjo player, an enthusiastic cook, and a so-so gardener. He is the winner of the 2007 Mark Fischer Poetry Prize, awarded by the Telluride Writers Guild. He now lives in Lafayette, CO with his wife, Claire. Bill Roberts is s a nuclear weapons consultant who believes all wars and WMD can be negotiated into extinction. He offers free seminars on how to write a poem a day in 15 minutes, then get them published. Nearly a thousand of his poems have appeared in about 200 online and small-press magazines. His latest excursion is reciting poetry in coffee houses with live musical accompaniment. CDs and an e-book are forthcoming. He, wife and two incorrigible dogs live in Broomfield, Colorado where he can be reached at Joy Roulier Sawyer’s poetry has appeared in such diverse publications as Books & Culture, Bohemian Chronicle, New York Quarterly, LIGHT Quarterly, Lilliput Review, Christianity & Literature, Theology Today, Ruminate, The Other Journal, and others. The recipient of New York University’s Herbert Rubin Award for Outstanding Creative Writing, Joy’s poetry was also awarded a 20072008 Rocky Mountain Women’s Institute fellowship. She is a registered journal/poetry therapist and approved mentor/supervisor through the National Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy (NFBPT), and teaches writing and healing/creative writing coursework at the University of Denver.

Readings Bill Roberts ∙ The All-Day Cinnamon Smear, by Bill Roberts ∙ Learning History in Nursery School, by Patrick Carrington ∙ The Thicket, by Patricia Wellingham-Jones ∙ The Bare-assed Bareback Dog-Riding Cowboy, by Chris Ransick ∙ Visit to Grandmother’s House, by Patricia Wellingham-Jones Debra Shirley ∙ Exhale, by Debra Shirley ∙ Bliss, by Sharon Auberle ∙ Gardens, by Chris Ransick ∙ Light, by Michael Henry ∙ Found Wanting by Debra Shirley Joy Roulier Sawyer ∙ Injury, by Joy Roulier Sawyer ∙ When Love Comes, by Stephani Schafer ∙ To George Wither on Love, by Fred Bassett ∙ Searching for Things to Worship, by Patrick Carrington ∙ St. Pauline of Stoeckleins, by Joy Roulier Sawyer Michael Adams ∙ Headwaters, by Michael Adams ∙ Laramie Wyoming, by Michael Adams

∙ Substitute, by C.E. Chaffin ∙ Who is Bleeding Now by J. Glenn Evans ∙ My Father’s Skis, by Michael Adams Shirley Sullivan ∙ Trust, by Shirley Sulivan ∙ The Green Room, by Patricia Wellingham-Jones ∙ Leaning into Your Heart, by Shirely Sullivan ∙ Albany Winter, by Mickael Henry ∙ On Rachel’s Death, by C.E. Chaffin Bill Roberts ∙ Day the Fiddler Came, by J. Glenn Evans ∙ Sizing Down in the Driveway, by Ellaraine Lockie ∙ An Original Work by Bill Roberts Debra Shirley ∙ Smokey Mountain Symphony, by Patrick Carrington ∙ Solar Graffiti, by Irene Zimmerman ∙ An Original Work by Debra Shirley Michael Adams ∙ Monongahela, by Michael Adams ∙ Untracked by Michael Adams ∙ The Thoughtful Speech of Stones, by Michael Adams Shirley Sullivan ∙ I’ll Meet You There, by Barbara Larsen ∙ With the Help of Things, by Stephani Schaefer ∙ The Beginning of November, by Shirley Sullivan Joy Roullier Sawyer ∙ Weeds by Stephani Schaefer ∙ Coming to Grips with Sadness, by Sam Piper ∙ When You Leave Us

Epilogue for the Broken Hearted Bill Roberts ∙ Cresent Moon with Earthshine by Christine Klocek-Lim Poems by and read by Amanda Adams ∙ Over the Rainbow ∙ Vacation ∙ Four Days ∙ A Tragedy in Two Parts ∙ Quiet Night at Home

Multi-media presentation Book Signing

hearts content program  

Just like you. Subscribe at A Poetry reading to benefit The Heart’s Content and Hypoplastic Right Hearts (HRH). January 3...

hearts content program  

Just like you. Subscribe at A Poetry reading to benefit The Heart’s Content and Hypoplastic Right Hearts (HRH). January 3...