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Home Audio Receivers And Your Home Theatre System ______________________________________________ By Terrance Dicks -

A home theater system will never be complete without home audio receivers. Read on and find out how to set up in your living room your very own home theater system together with an audio receiver. For sure, it can be done with minimal time and effort.

Learn More About Home & Audio Theatre What you need to do first is to assess the room you want to make as the entertainment room. The kind and size of television or video component you want to place in the room will rest on the space availability. Therefore, you have to make an accurate approximation of the designated area.

If you have ascertained the availability of space in the room that will soon be your entertainment area, a meager part of that space has to be allocated to other details like lighting. Is the room conducive for that movie watching experience? Will there be adequate space to place bean bags and couch to sit in. Also, you have to see that there is a safe and comfortable distance when watching TV. Inspect the walls. Is the room sound proof and has excellent acoustics? Furthermore, you have to ascertain where to place all the other components. Will you be housing them in cabinets? Make sure there is enough space for the speakers. Think about which video display you wish to have. This has to be in accordance with the budget and needs. If you desire the ultimate viewing experience, then a large screen TV is perfect for that. There are flat screen TVs, plasma TVs and projectors with which you can choose from.

You might want to consider an HDTV, which has a built-in tuner, and a video projection device. These are a step up from traditional TVs yet they can also work with your older components, like your VCR player. Then, you get to the core of your entertainment system, which is the sound system. You can achieve this by using home audio receivers. These devices centralize the whole home theater system and use the combined functions of a triad of components.

The first is a radio tuner which can pick up AM or FM, and high-definition, satellite, or Internet radio, for some models. The second is a preamplifier which can control and shift between your audio and video sources, processes whichever incoming sound signals it picks up, and transmits them to the right amplifier channels and output for the subwoofer. It can also pick up signals from components like the DVD player and send these video signals to the TV. A third function is the multi-channel amplifier, up to 7.1 channels currently, that distributes the sound signals to the speakers.

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