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Braxton, 6 I wish to go on a Disney Cruise

occlusion of the cerebral artery

Maybe it’s not all about ribbons and bows... Hope, after all, is what the holidays are truly about. It’s that time of year again! The holidays are upon us. Sometimes the genuine meaning of the season is lost in shopping malls and last minute gift purchases. This holiday season, set aside a little time to read through stories of some true holiday heroes: Mississippi Wish Kids. Throughout the next few weeks during our Season of Wishes, Make-A-Wish Mississippi will share stories of hope, strength and joy for you and your friends to enjoy. You do not want to miss out on the heart warming and inspiring stories about each one of these Wish Kids. We’ve already shared Jamesia’s story, and you can find Trae’s wish reveal story on the next page. We will feature a new wish story on our website every Monday during the month of December. Be sure and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out about our special holiday suprise that will be revealed at the beginning of December.

Braxton was just like any normal six year old boy, until one morning he woke up unable to speak, swallow, or move the left side of his body. After a month in the hospital and several months in therapy, Braxton went on the trip of his dreams.

Logan, 11

I wish to go to a Dude Ranch Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma

This dude had an incredible time at the Majestic Dude Ranch in Colorado. His favorite parts of the trip? White water rafting, horse back riding and gold panning.

Jamesia, 10

I wish for an iPad

Ewing’s sarcoma

Her wish was simple. All Jamesia wanted was an iPad. The smile on her face as she opened her new iPad was priceless. Wishes can be big or small, but always full of joy.

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For a sneak peek, here are small bits of the stories that you will find during our Season of Wishes.



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Make-A-Wish Mississippi Winter Newsletter  

Inspiring stories of hope, strength and joy!

Make-A-Wish Mississippi Winter Newsletter  

Inspiring stories of hope, strength and joy!