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ABOUT US @ STRATEGIES Make A Difference mobilizes young leaders to ensure equitable outcomes for children in shelters across India. We do this via two broad intervention strategies that ensure holistic development and support : i.

Empower children through better emotional health, life skills, exposure, educational support, transition readiness and after care.

ii. Enable and improve the ecosystem around them by driving better practices among the institutions that directly affect their lives; primarily Shelters, Schools, Family, State and Society.

Our programmes are designed around 3 key theories of change:

Better care practices among institutions and agents that impact the child result in better quality of life as well as better long term outcomes. The primary agents are shelters, schools, family, state and society/ community.

Children have better adult outcomes if empowered on a number of fronts, specifically emotional resilience, life skills, learning, qualifications and work readiness.



Ongoing systematic connection with and intervention through young volunteers provides longer term personal networks and support systems for children in shelters, while simultaneously developing agents of change within our broader society. This results in more sustainable outcomes and better opportunities for children exiting shelters.



MAD Annual Report 13-14  
MAD Annual Report 13-14