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CAPACITY BUILDING @ LEADERSHIP BY DESIGN (LXD) Why LxD? One of our focus areas since the time of inception has been seeding social change in the minds of the youth of India. Our Leadership x Design (LxD) programme is India's largest Youth Leadership Programme, which brings together over 350 young leaders every year from across 23 of India's biggest cities. Today through our Leadership x Design Programme (LxD) we have been able to produce over 1300 high potential leaders who in the years ahead will be passionate and competent to bring change for the betterment of their community as they move to greater positions of leadership and influence in the future.

How LxD works The LxD programme consists of 4 Leadership Conferences (LC's) a year. Each fellow undergoes two half-yearly conferences held in the North and South region. Our 4 day intensive residential training is based on Stanford?s Design Thinking principle, which is an approach to learning that focuses on developing creative confidence which inculcates problem solving and leadership skills in participants. Instead of merely focusing just on ideation, the Design Thinking approach has a positive bias towards on-ground implementation. Once our Fellows learn, observe and understand the challenges they are dealing with, they become solution-drivers in their own ecosystems, thereby leveraging the benefits of Learning by Doing. LxD Impact 2013-14



Leadership Conferences conducted

399 Young leaders trained through the LxD Programme

Hours of sessions delivered

What Next? In the coming year we plan to drive improvements towards a more cost efficient leadership development model driven by a single national conference that will bring all MAD Fellows across the country under one roof. We have come to understand the more young leaders that we can bring together, the greater the amount of knowledge sharing learning and development that happens. We will supplement this with an internal user generated knowledge library called HQ, and a campaign called the ACT Tour. ACT is a reverse model of the LC, where instead of Fellows and the National Team coming together, Team Directors will travel to visit every MAD City Chapter, providing training and support to Fellows as well as observing operations, collecting feedback and motivating volunteers to take up Fellowship for the next year. 25

MAD Annual Report 13-14  
MAD Annual Report 13-14