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PROGRAM M ES @ DREAM CAMP Why Dream Camps? For children in shelters, the daily routine switches between their shelter and school environments. While fulfilling basic physical and educational needs, these environments rarely, if ever, offer children opportunities to relax, wonder and simply enjoy themselves while learning more about the world they live in. There is a marked lack of encouragement, inspiration and awareness of the multitude of possibilities that await them in society. We believe that every child deserves a chance to experience a new, ?fun?environment filled with opportunities to enjoy themselves and learn new things while building self confidence. This belief is what inspired us to create Dream Camps.

How Dream Camps work Dream Camps usually span across 1-3 days with each day being broken down into sessions. The aim is to provide children with fun, practical and realistic learning experiences. Sessions are customised according to the age groups, gender and abilities, while balancing life skill development with exposure to various career opportunities. The sessions cover themes like inspiration, education, adventure, team building and skill development. Education sessions include working with simple circuits, creating computer apps, or making short films that open doors to various career paths. Adventure sessions may use rock climbing or trekking to raise spirits and overcome fears. Team building sessions strengthen bonding through group discussions, competitions and role-play sessions. These are just some of the examples of the fun and learning that happens at Dream Camps. Dream Camp Impact 2013-14

2,967 Children participated in Dream Camp



85,464 Hours of volunteer time

Volunteers involved

456 Dream Camps conducted

Camp sessions conducted

What's Next? Dream Camp, in its current form, is a platform for children to take a break from their regular routine at shelter homes with fun, learning activities focusing on career awareness. Going forward, Dream Camps will evolve into a 3-4 day experiential event that helps children 'build' and connect with their dreams through self growth and transformation. In 2014-15, we will partner with sector experts and draw on their theory of personal transformation to help children increase self esteem and confidence. Dream camps will continue to be a fun, educational experience but will grow to include aspects such as goal setting, defining aspirations, teaching children to dream big and take the first steps to realizing their dreams. 19

MAD Annual Report 13-14  
MAD Annual Report 13-14