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ABOUT US @ INNOVATION We are one of the leading players in the NGO space for cutting edge use of technology. With just 23 full time employees and operations running across 23 cities, we leverage technology to drive transparency, effectiveness, quality and performance across all our operations.


HR App


MADApp is a one of a kind internally developed web and mobile platform designed to empower communities to self-mobilize. As a volunteer management tool, it provides real-time information on every programme activity that happens in MAD, teacher names and profiles, attendance, material taught and the progress made by each child. This information is used to nationally drive the quality standards within the organisation. MADapp is the only web application in the world designed for such a purpose and has been presented in forums like the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

The HR app, popularly known as RApp was created to provide our volunteers with easy access to the National team thus leading to quicker solutions to challenges faced on ground. They simply type out the query or concern to the mobile number provided, after which a ticket is generated, tracked and resolved within 48 hrs. The HR app has helped us improve the morale of volunteers by bringing a flat organizational structure into practicality.

MAD currently has India's largest offline individual fundraising network. Donut is a mobile app that revolutionized MIS at MAD by completely eliminating the need for paper receipts for donations made. A volunteer can now be registered as a fundraiser and can issue E-receipts directly to the donor as soon as a donation is made. MAD thus receives real time data on funds raised on ground. Donut is one of the biggest offline Crowd Funding Platforms in the country.




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MAD Annual Report 13-14  
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