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?Make A Difference is an amazing programme designed and run by young adults who recruit other young people, outstanding college students like themselves, to mentor and teach children who haven't had the same chances in life as many of the mentors have had. These young volunteers understand and believe in something very simple, that all children, regardless of their circumstances, deserve the same chance to get educated and to build productive and successful lives? And let me tell you, this work is amazing, and it is vitally important.?

MICHELLE OBAMA First Lady, United States of America SOURCE : Getty Images


2013 was a seminal year in the development and evolution of Make A Difference. After a number of years of working intensively with children in shelters we could really see the need for more holistic interventions and longer term support for children, ranging from emotional safe spaces to after-care that are typically not available in the current shelter system. The result of this is that children exiting shelters often struggle to adapt to and cope with life on the outside, resulting in ongoing cycles of poverty and abandonment. This led us to carry out a five year review, reassessing our vision, impact targets and strategies to really understand the interventions and time-frames needed to ensure that children do not leave shelters only to return back to a life at risk. We worked with an international expert, Rizwan Tayabali, to develop a meta solution outlining all the core factors and intervention points that impact outcomes for children in shelters. We then created a long term roadmap to tackle the problem on its real scale, and in 2013 embarked on the start of a journey that we believe will one day transform the lives of all children in shelters across India. Given that we already have significant reach with 85 shelters across 23 cities, our priorities shifted towards quality of impact rather than further growth in size. We decided to pause scaling our reach and remain focused on our existing cities and shelters until we have scaled up the range of programmes and support systems that are needed to ensure lasting long term outcomes. We moved away from a singular focus on English and upgraded our Ed Support programme to include Mathematics and Science. We also expanded our Discover programme, increased the number of Dream Camps we run, and rolled-out a transition support programme we piloted in 2012, called Propel, to seven cities. 2013 thus saw an increase in number of volunteers per child, interventions per child and hours per child, resulting in much improved impact across the programmes we delivered. Our priority for 2014 is to stabilise the foundations of the new MAD we are pioneering, which has both the ability and the capacity to holistically empower children in shelter homes. With your continued support I still believe that at some point in my lifetime we will be able to see an India where abandonment, child labour and child trafficking are things of the past.

Jithin C Nedumala Founder, Make a Difference


ABOUT US @ WHO WE ARE Make A Difference is a youth driven, non-profit organisation working to ensure equitable outcomes for children in orphanages and street shelters. Registered as a non-profit in 2006, MAD reaches out to over 5000 children in 85 shelters across 23 cities in India, through a highly efficient 3500 strong volunteer network. Volunteers commit a year and spend between 2 and 10 hours every week mentoring, teaching and interacting with these children in order to ensure they get the support and care they need during childhood.

Why we exist According to UNICEF, India is home to 400 million children, a number which includes an estimated 31 million orphans - the largest child population in the world. Out of these nearly 176 million children are considered to be in need of care and protection. Children at risk in India often end up in shelters, which are overloaded and focused more on basic needs than childcare or longer-term progression. The result is that both quality of life and adult outcomes for children in this demographic are very poor, leading to cycles of poverty and abandonment. With inadequate educational qualifications, life skills, financial or emotional support to cope outside the orphanage; children who have grown up in shelters often take up menial jobs, or get trapped into alcoholism, violence, drug abuse, marriage scams, prostitution or trafficking. Solutions often struggle with the scale of the problem, and are commonly single dimensional or isolated. This is compounded by the fact that little useful data exists because it has historically been difficult to track what happens to children after they leave shelters.


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Our vision is that even the most vulnerable children in shelters are able to realize equitable outcomes We understand the most vulnerable as children who either do not have a family to support them, or children whose families are unable to provide a safe space for them to grow up in. Many of these children end up in shelters, which struggle to address more than infrastructure and basic needs, so Make A Difference focuses on providing them with additional care and support systems to ensure that they flourish.


Our mission is to improve quality of life and outcomes for children in shelters and to ensure that every child is able to fulfil their potential irrespective of his or her circumstances.

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Our minimum target is to ensure that these children are able to live a life free from exploitation and are capable of managing emotional and financial life crises. However our real goal is for children we work with to end up on par with a stable middle class demographic that allows us to break the cycle of poverty and abandonment.

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ABOUT US @ STRATEGIES Make A Difference mobilizes young leaders to ensure equitable outcomes for children in shelters across India. We do this via two broad intervention strategies that ensure holistic development and support : i.

Empower children through better emotional health, life skills, exposure, educational support, transition readiness and after care.

ii. Enable and improve the ecosystem around them by driving better practices among the institutions that directly affect their lives; primarily Shelters, Schools, Family, State and Society.

Our programmes are designed around 3 key theories of change:

Better care practices among institutions and agents that impact the child result in better quality of life as well as better long term outcomes. The primary agents are shelters, schools, family, state and society/ community.

Children have better adult outcomes if empowered on a number of fronts, specifically emotional resilience, life skills, learning, qualifications and work readiness.



Ongoing systematic connection with and intervention through young volunteers provides longer term personal networks and support systems for children in shelters, while simultaneously developing agents of change within our broader society. This results in more sustainable outcomes and better opportunities for children exiting shelters.



ABOUT US @ SOLUTIONS 92% of all children in shelter homes drop out by the age of 18. With our support however, more than 90% of the children who have been through our programs have continued into higher education post 18.

Through our four core programmes, Ed Support, Discover, Propel and Dream Camps, Make a Difference creates a support system and an emotional safe space for children in shelters by ensuring every child has at least 3 adults who care for them, understand them and who they can reach out to when theyfeel overwhelmed.


Children have access to trained mentors for a minimum of 2 hours a week from the age of 10 to 18. Mentors spend time getting to know and developing a customized plan for each child. This plan includes not just academic support but also life skills, personal discovery, art, music and language lessons delivered by teams of volunteers on the ground.

Depending on the age and need of the child, MAD?s programmes include career awareness activities, helping them transition to better schools, helping them identify their career path and funding it when required.


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We also work closely with the shelter they are living in to ensure their basic needs are taken care of and interact with their teachers to understand their developmental needs.

The most powerful feature of our solution is that by the time the child comes out of the shelter home they already have strong relationships and bonds with at least 10 mentors who become their community when they need them the most.

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ABOUT US @ DELIVERY MAD is one of the first organizations in India to have developed a fully sustainable volunteer based delivery model. We have mobilized over 12,000 young leaders to volunteer with children since 2006. At Make A Difference, we ensure that our children get the best of the city?s young leaders and they have role models to look up to. MAD has established itself as an exciting and energetic organization that provides unique platforms to create positive change in the lives of children around the country. Volunteers identify with MAD?s brand of the passionate ?can do?spirit. They value the rewards of teaching and engaging with young children around the country and of witnessing the progressive change brought into their lives. Engaging youth and channeling their energy into social causes is something most organizations in the social spaces struggle with. We pride ourselves on having a robust and effective volunteer engagement model.

How we do it

Telephone Interview

14 day Social Media Campaign

+ 3 day College Campaign



X colleges in 23 cities

3 day Corporate Campaign

+ Each 1 Bring 1 Campaign


+ Group Discussion

+ Technical Interview

+ HR Interview


8 hour training and Induction session for all volunteers

+ 16 hours technical training per volunteer per year

+ 10 Shelter Meetings per year



Shelters in 23 Cities


MAD interviews over 30,000 applicants every year through a 4-round interview process to find the best candidates across the country. Selected volunteers commit to a year, and are then provided training and induction sessions based on their profile, before they are challenged and empowered to make a difference on the ground.

2 years



Average period for which a volunteer works with MAD

Recruitment drives conducted in 2013-14

Applications received for volunteering in 2013-14


ABOUT US @ INNOVATION We are one of the leading players in the NGO space for cutting edge use of technology. With just 23 full time employees and operations running across 23 cities, we leverage technology to drive transparency, effectiveness, quality and performance across all our operations.


HR App


MADApp is a one of a kind internally developed web and mobile platform designed to empower communities to self-mobilize. As a volunteer management tool, it provides real-time information on every programme activity that happens in MAD, teacher names and profiles, attendance, material taught and the progress made by each child. This information is used to nationally drive the quality standards within the organisation. MADapp is the only web application in the world designed for such a purpose and has been presented in forums like the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

The HR app, popularly known as RApp was created to provide our volunteers with easy access to the National team thus leading to quicker solutions to challenges faced on ground. They simply type out the query or concern to the mobile number provided, after which a ticket is generated, tracked and resolved within 48 hrs. The HR app has helped us improve the morale of volunteers by bringing a flat organizational structure into practicality.

MAD currently has India's largest offline individual fundraising network. Donut is a mobile app that revolutionized MIS at MAD by completely eliminating the need for paper receipts for donations made. A volunteer can now be registered as a fundraiser and can issue E-receipts directly to the donor as soon as a donation is made. MAD thus receives real time data on funds raised on ground. Donut is one of the biggest offline Crowd Funding Platforms in the country.




Unique users for HR App

Funds deposited through DONUT

Donations made through DONUT





A major highlight last year was Lalit, one of our Propel students, being accepted into the SAIL (Systematic Approach to Interactive Learning) Programme at the Marriott hotel. Lalit was a 12th grade student at a shelter in Bhopal. Through his MAD mentor, Lalit received coaching and preparation for his interview for the SAIL programmeand successfully cleared it. He was accepted into the 3 year course during which time he would also be interning at the Marriott. He is being provided with a stipend and will also be sponsored by Marriott to undertake his Bachelors degreee in Hotel Management and Tourism from the Indira Gandhi Open University (IGNOU). On completing the programme, Lalit will be offered a guaranteed job with the Marriott hotel. On Sundays, Lalit visits his friends at the shelter home. The children there look up to him, having seen his transformation from a shy boy to a confident young man.

Austin was a student in a shelter home in Mangalore when we began work with him in 2011. He often found it difficult to follow his textbooks and class work due to lack of proficiency in English. For the next 4 years our Ed Support volunteers worked with him on improving his English Communication, comprehension and writing skills. His progress under the programme was so outstanding that when the US State Department's Community College Initiative Programme (CCIP) was introduced for 2013-14, Austin was the obvious candidate. The programme provides selected children scholarships to attend college in the US for one year in any discipline of their choice. After a three-round process which included TOEIC tests, Statement of Purpose submissions and a personal interview, Austin was selected as one of only two candidates from India. Austin believes in the power of education and he feels that system of education in our country leaves a lot to be desired. Hence, he has chosen early childhood education as his field of specialization for the CCIP program.



A 12th grade student from a shelter in Vellore, Nandini came from a poor agricultural family. She was, however, a good student and always enthusiastic about her ambition to pursue higher education. Through MAD, Nandini was coached and mentored by her designated ?Wingman?for over a year. Following her 12th grade exams and given her interest, the team decided to try and advocate her cause to the Vice Chancellor of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) to admit her into a bachelors degree course. Nandini was granted an interview with the Vice Chancellor which she cleared successfully, was granted admission into the Integrated Masters in in information Technology (MS IT) and today is a happy student at VIT.






of students showing improved






of Recruitment Drives


Young leaders

of Camps




Number of Crowdfunding Donors

42 Number of Books distributed



Leadership Conferences

Number of Discover Activities

4 Staff

Dream Tees Sold

per City



1 Number of Improvement

Campaigns run

Percentage of Funds

in Scores


Number Hours of Volunteer


Number of newspaper articles on MAD


of Teacher


Trainings conducted



through crowd funding

80 Reach on Facebook

% of leavers placed in jobs or universities


Classes Taken


30,201 10



We design for and monitor impact on both macro and micro levels, and develop our programmes specifically to target the impact we want. We see macro indicators as those that are indicative of the long term quality of life we aspire for the children we work with, and micro indicators as those which we expect will add up to effect that change.

We are working on scalable models and holistic solutions that in the longer term will both aim to increase the support systems available to abandoned children, and also improve the way shelters are managed and run. To ensure that we get these right, we are investing significantly in field research to test and validate sector assumptions around long term outcomes, and to allow us to better prioritise the interventions we deliver. Through our in-house Problem Definition and Research Team, we aim to understand the effects of institutionalization on longer term life outcomes of children. By studying the lives of 35 year old adults who grew up in institutionalized environments across the country, the team aims to identify the real drivers behind negative outcomes and create sustainable and effective solutions to address them. We address and track indicators at different stages up to the age of 28, starting with early stage indicators we believe fundamentally affect trajectory. Some of the indicators we look to measure are:


Fundamentals of literacy and numeracy Confidence and self-esteem Core life and social skills 10th Std Grades 12th Std Grades Core transitional and independence skills Progression to further education or vocational training Stable housing post shelter Progression to career oriented work Financial stability Earning Threshold Freedom of Choice Social Inclusion 11

RECOGNITION @ ACHIEVEMENTS & AWARDS Our work in India has been recognized by eminent people around the world, including Michelle Obama who chose MAD as one of the few organisations to visit on her trip to India in 2010. We have also consistently won awards for excellence, including:


Winner in the best Medium Category NGO in the InDiya Shine initiative organized by


World Summit Youth Award Winner


Starbucks Youth ActionNet Award Winner


First Runner-up in the Mahindra Spark The Rise competition


iVolunteer Award: Winner, Volunteer Engagement

MAD?s Founder Jithin C Nedumala has also won numerous awards:

2008 - Winner of the Ashoka Staples Youth Social Entrepreneur Competition 2009 - Noble Laureate of the Karamveer Puraskar awarded by ICongo 2010 - Cordes Fellow 12


In 2013-14, MAD was featured 40 times in major National and Local Media. These included - The Hindu, Times of India, The New Indian Express, Dainik Bhaskar, Hindustan Times & Deccan Chronicle 13


"Volunteering as a teacher in Make A Difference was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life. It was especially good because the children were always excited to learn something new in every class. The curriculum facilitated practical use of the English language which would help them in their daily lives and exposed them to a life outside the shelter home. They learned English in the best way possible and I wish I had learnt it that way." - Vrishi Reddy, Centre Head, Hyderabad

PROGRAM M ES @ ED SUPPORT Why Ed Support? The Ed Support programme began as Project Connect, our flagship initiative aimed at improving English language skills among children in shelters. For children living in orphanages or street shelters who mostly attend vernacular medium schools, acquiring a working knowledge of the English language is a huge challenge. Project Connect operated on the rationale that a student?s confidence and employability increases considerably if he/ she can communicate effectively in English.

How Ed Support works Through Project Connect, we began offering the internationally acclaimed five-level Cambridge English for Schools (CES) curriculum to children in shelter homes. The curriculum is delivered by high potential volunteers who are recruited, provided with professional teacher training and empowered to be both teachers and positive role models. Tailored for children who are 9 years and older, this 5 year curriculum is implemented with periodic tracking of each child?s progress and regular impact measurement through standardized tests. Our teachers typically handle a class size of 10 students and are required to commit to taking classes for a period of one year. Ed Support operates on a teacher-child ratio of 2:5. Ed Support Impact 2013-14



Children in our Ed Support programme

Average score increase for children who show improvement


2,126 Volunteer Teachers in Ed Support

3,40,160 Percentage of children showing improvement in scores

Hours of teaching time

What's Next? The Ed Support programme continues to evolve based on our experiences on the field. Our most significant strategic decision for the next year is to gradually move away from the CES curriculum delivery and focus on improving the overall learning environment. While we will continue providing support for the CES Level 3 and Level 4 classes, in 2014-15, the Ed Support Programme will be re-conceptualized as a subject focused programme which will work towards helping our children attain the necessary certification and skills to pursue higher education in a field of their choice. We hope to achieve this by providing our children with a trained teaching volunteer who will provide them with guidance and necessary after-school support in subjects such as Math, Science and English, in line with their school curriculum. 15


"The Discover Fellowship was one of the most incredibly challenging roles I've played at MAD. Our goal was to expose children to the possibilities that the world outside of their shelter home holds for them. We hoped to help them broaden the choices they make at various points in life such as careers, extracurricular activities, behavioral and personality changes. The most exciting part was getting experts from various fields to talk to our children about the different possibilities that are out there. The skills learnt through my Fellowship were mostly centred around strategies and relationship building. My experience as a Discover fellow was amazing and it motivated me to join MAD full-time!" - Megha Bhaskar, Discover Fellow, Vellore

PROGRAM M ES @ DISCOVER Why Discover? At MAD, we believe that what a person becomes should not be a product of where they grew up or their financial background, but what their dreams are, and what their true passion is. Through our work with children in shelters we found that as they progressed through school, there was a marked lack of awareness and confidence about varied career and life choices. Faced with a lack of exposure and support, children were less likely to think in terms of long term goals, wishes and dreams when it came to such choices. This lack of inspiring and supportive social environments for children in shelters is what the Discover programme tries to address.

How Discover works The Discover programme, in its current form, works with children in classes 7-12 and empowers them to make informed decisions by providing career awareness and experience-based learning. By providing exposure to various career options, the programme strives to ensure that children are able to understand their true strengths and potentials. Through its dedicated team of fellows and volunteers, the programme organizes workshops, excursions and educational activities giving children an immersive experience of higher education and career opportunities. We have hundreds of children across the shelters we work with who now want to be teachers, artists, engineers, robot designers, fashion technologists etc. because that's what they are passionate about. Discover Impact 2013-14

2,811 Children in our Discover Programme



2,268 Hours of Discover Activity

Volunteers involved

1,21,600 Activities completed

Hours of volunteer time

What's Next? In the past year, Discover was primarily focused on providing exposure to various career opportunities. In 2014-15, we plan to expand our scope to create a holistic platform through which children in shelters gain access to new worldviews regarding education and careers as well as other life choices. In its new avatar, Discover will focus on helping children find their area of interest through initial profiling, explore it through experiential workshops and activities and make a decision at class 10 between the three high school academic streams of Arts, Science and Commerce. Children will also be supported in building practical life skills such as social skills, computer skills and financial skills. 17


"If I were to describe Dream Camp in an adjective it would be: Inspiring. The experience of planning the camp was magnificent, every second felt like we were part of something big. The one thing about camp that would last with me forever would be this - Sharon, a previously very shy little girl came forward, picked up the mic and spoke of her camp experience in front of an audience; which was a very big leap for her." - Hardik Pokhrel, Discover Fellow, Bhopal

PROGRAM M ES @ DREAM CAMP Why Dream Camps? For children in shelters, the daily routine switches between their shelter and school environments. While fulfilling basic physical and educational needs, these environments rarely, if ever, offer children opportunities to relax, wonder and simply enjoy themselves while learning more about the world they live in. There is a marked lack of encouragement, inspiration and awareness of the multitude of possibilities that await them in society. We believe that every child deserves a chance to experience a new, ?fun?environment filled with opportunities to enjoy themselves and learn new things while building self confidence. This belief is what inspired us to create Dream Camps.

How Dream Camps work Dream Camps usually span across 1-3 days with each day being broken down into sessions. The aim is to provide children with fun, practical and realistic learning experiences. Sessions are customised according to the age groups, gender and abilities, while balancing life skill development with exposure to various career opportunities. The sessions cover themes like inspiration, education, adventure, team building and skill development. Education sessions include working with simple circuits, creating computer apps, or making short films that open doors to various career paths. Adventure sessions may use rock climbing or trekking to raise spirits and overcome fears. Team building sessions strengthen bonding through group discussions, competitions and role-play sessions. These are just some of the examples of the fun and learning that happens at Dream Camps. Dream Camp Impact 2013-14

2,967 Children participated in Dream Camp



85,464 Hours of volunteer time

Volunteers involved

456 Dream Camps conducted

Camp sessions conducted

What's Next? Dream Camp, in its current form, is a platform for children to take a break from their regular routine at shelter homes with fun, learning activities focusing on career awareness. Going forward, Dream Camps will evolve into a 3-4 day experiential event that helps children 'build' and connect with their dreams through self growth and transformation. In 2014-15, we will partner with sector experts and draw on their theory of personal transformation to help children increase self esteem and confidence. Dream camps will continue to be a fun, educational experience but will grow to include aspects such as goal setting, defining aspirations, teaching children to dream big and take the first steps to realizing their dreams. 19


"Being a Propel volunteer was a life changing experience for me. I was made Wingman to Kavya - a 12th grader at a shelter in Bangalore. It was a challenging role as she was struggling to make a decision regarding what she wanted to do. The subject she was interested in - Accounts - was also the subject she had failed in her pre-board exams. Over the next month I worked with Kavya to improve her scores. I am an Accounts student myself, so I was equipped to help her. I helped Kavya draw up a timetable and gave her small tips on how to perfect a ledger and how to keep her paper looking neat and clean. She absorbed everything I told her, clarified doubts, and practised with great dedication every single day. In her final report card, her highest marks were in Accounts. I still feel thrilled when I think about the change we created together. From failure to success in one month! Now that?s an achievement! And now, Kavya is doing her B.Com in RBANMS College, Bangalore." - Karishma , Propel Fellow, Bangalore


Why Propel?

High school is an important decision point for all children. For children in shelters, the period is often made worse by the absence of a mentor such as an elder sibling or parent who can guide them. Faced with deficits in life-skills, academic support, career guidance and funding support, children in shelters often fall back on familiar career and life choices. This point at which a child leaves the shelter, usually around high-school, is thus a crucial intervention period. Propel evolved from our identification of the need to provide strong reinforcement to life skills, increased exposure to career choices and overall support to older children at this stage.

How Propel works Propel is a Mentor programme that equips a child to completely rehabilitate into society when required to leave the shelter. Propel works by getting children in classes 11 and 12 job ready through career counselling, guidance and by providing financial support to pursue viable careers. A "Wingman" is assigned to each child in the programme to provide career support and guidance. Skill building modules ensure that the children are better equipped to face the world outside the shelter home. Funding support is provided for those who have the passion and motivation but lack financial resources to turn their dream into a reality. Shelter leavers are also supported to access a network of colleges, vocational training and job opportunities through our tie-ups and networks. So far, several Propel students have been successfully placed into degree courses in law and engineering at prestigious institutions like Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies (BILS) and Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). Propel Impact 2013-14



Cities in the Propel programme

High school students in our Propel programme




Students being funded by MAD

What's Next?

Leavers placed in colleges / jobs

Hours of volunteer time

In 2014-15, Propel will increase its focus on delivering increased exposure, stronger transition readiness and a robust after care support system. This is derived from our programme learnings which show that even once children have gotten into a college or a workplace, there is a need for continued support and skill training to equip them to deal with the realities of these situations. Each child's Wingman will now help with practical skill building and understanding the facets of independent life outside the shelter home. In 2014-15, the enhanced Wingman module will be rolled out to 13 cities and 142 children. At an administrative level, team Propel will also be working on increasing programme efficiency by taking reporting and feedback processes online, thereby increasing accountability and transparency. 21


"We needed to paint our school building. The school rooms had never been painted since the school was started and we were always low on funds to take it up. The activity has had a really good impact on us and the children are really happy. Having the Fortify programme in the All Children Together Trust (ACTT) centre was really incredible because it supplemented and enhanced the educational and other support that MAD was already providing us." - Chandan Das, Centre Authority, ACTT Kolkata

PROGRAM M ES @ FORTIFY Why Fortify? Through our extensive work with children in orphanages and shelters, we have learnt first hand that the physical environment in which children grow up and the support that they receive plays a major role in developing their personalities. Research shows that a child's environment has a marked effect on intelligence and emotional development. It also shows that emotional and cognitive impairments caused by a poor social environment can be substantially improved if living conditions are improved early enough. The primary focus of our Fortify programme is to improve the physical environment in shelters to ensure that children have better childhood experiences.

How Fortify works Fortify aims to convert our partnering shelters into spaces that provide basic safety, hygienic living facilities and inspiring learning spaces required to foster a healthy childhood. It does this by raising awareness and mobilizing the community. As part of our community fund-raising drive, volunteers raise funds to improve facilities at the center where they teach. This may include anything from bunk beds to paint to water purifiers. The shelter authorities are also brought in to provide insights into the requirements and improvements needed. Once the improvements are identified, our team works on identifying partners to help implement the suggested improvements and coordinates the implementation. Fortify Impact 2013-14

33 Centers impacted




Non-MAD children impacted

MAD children impacted

* For every child in MAD's programmes, there are at least 3 other children in the same shelter who are not part of our programmes

What's Next? A key purpose of Fortify was to generate impact by improving conditions for children in Shelters, but we have found that there are interventions with a better cost to impact ratio especially when considering longer term outcomes. As our focus has shifted towards longer term outcomes we realise that we need to re-purpose resources towards improving the quality and range of our empowerment projects. The most effective way for us to do this is to pause infrastructure initiatives. Until we are better able to deliver infrastructure improvements, we plan for Fortify to evolve into a Shelter Support team whose primary focus is to work more closely with Shelter Authorities to understand the needs of individual shelters and children so that we can begin to customise the support and interventions we offer to maximise impact. 23


"The whole process taught me that being a leader is not about telling people what to do or having all the answers. It?s about bringing the whole team together to deliberate and making sure everyone is on board with the idea. My year with LxD taught me that a good leader needs to have his/her people on board at all times. And many times it is alright to not have the answer right away. Answers come, in their own due time! " - Paul Francis Valluvassery, City Team Lead, Kochi

CAPACITY BUILDING @ LEADERSHIP BY DESIGN (LXD) Why LxD? One of our focus areas since the time of inception has been seeding social change in the minds of the youth of India. Our Leadership x Design (LxD) programme is India's largest Youth Leadership Programme, which brings together over 350 young leaders every year from across 23 of India's biggest cities. Today through our Leadership x Design Programme (LxD) we have been able to produce over 1300 high potential leaders who in the years ahead will be passionate and competent to bring change for the betterment of their community as they move to greater positions of leadership and influence in the future.

How LxD works The LxD programme consists of 4 Leadership Conferences (LC's) a year. Each fellow undergoes two half-yearly conferences held in the North and South region. Our 4 day intensive residential training is based on Stanford?s Design Thinking principle, which is an approach to learning that focuses on developing creative confidence which inculcates problem solving and leadership skills in participants. Instead of merely focusing just on ideation, the Design Thinking approach has a positive bias towards on-ground implementation. Once our Fellows learn, observe and understand the challenges they are dealing with, they become solution-drivers in their own ecosystems, thereby leveraging the benefits of Learning by Doing. LxD Impact 2013-14



Leadership Conferences conducted

399 Young leaders trained through the LxD Programme

Hours of sessions delivered

What Next? In the coming year we plan to drive improvements towards a more cost efficient leadership development model driven by a single national conference that will bring all MAD Fellows across the country under one roof. We have come to understand the more young leaders that we can bring together, the greater the amount of knowledge sharing learning and development that happens. We will supplement this with an internal user generated knowledge library called HQ, and a campaign called the ACT Tour. ACT is a reverse model of the LC, where instead of Fellows and the National Team coming together, Team Directors will travel to visit every MAD City Chapter, providing training and support to Fellows as well as observing operations, collecting feedback and motivating volunteers to take up Fellowship for the next year. 25


"It has been our constant endeavour at EdelGive Foundation to engage Edelweiss employees in social initiatives through our platform that provides them with a unique exposure while helping the NGO?s and the beneficiaries with their needs. Collaborating with Make A Difference (MAD) has been a great experience as we organised fundraising events such as a Comedy Show, a Salsa Work shop and a educational session for the children supported by MAD. The employees had fun time at each of the events while supporting a good cause. Its heartening to see the energy that MADsters brings into everything they set out to do and we would like to wish them all the best for the future." - Edelgive Foundation

CAPACITY BUILDING @ EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT (EXE) Why ExE? Along with mobilising young leaders in communities surrounding shelter homes through our Fellowship model, we also work towards engaging Companies and Corporations in the work we do. We firmly believe that Business Leaders also need to be part of the solution and supporting corporate employees to volunteer with us as part of sponsorship packages is an effective way to sensitise leaders of the future to the issue of children in shelters, while providing great value in return to sponsors who fund our impact. Over the years we have built some great relationships with local and multinational brands and companies whose employees have been instrumental in some of our campaigns and have made a difference to children by helping deliver Discover sessions and volunteering in our Dream Camps. It is thus a win-win approach for children, MAD and the organisations who sponsor us.

How it Works We first create ownership by catalysing a core team of volunteer leaders within the sponsor company. This team becomes the epicenter of all our engagement activities. Their primary responsibility is to collectivise and create a community within the company where everybody chooses a way of giving back based on their age, interests, educational background, and time availability. Their options include Child-centric Projects, Technology Projects, Fundraising Campaigns, Mass Awareness Campaigns, and Project Management. Post a child sensitivity training session, they then join our regular sessions as support mentors, after which they are enabled to deliver sessions by themselves, and finally to create their own sessions with support from our dedicated city teams. The whole experience becomes powerful and binding when young business leaders are able to see impact on the ground for the work they put in. ExE Impact 2013-14



No. of corporates engaged

2,188 No. of volunteering hours contributed

No. of employees engaged

2013-14 Engagement Partners



SOCIAL AW ARENESS @ CAMPAIGNS BACKATHON The Backathon is a one of a kind mass awareness campaign created by MAD to highlight the issue of illiteracy. Every year on the 8th of September our volunteers across the country celebrate World Literacy day by getting on to the streets of their city and walking backwards in masses, representing our effort towards pushing back illiteracy in India. Our last Backathon had more than 3000 volunteers participate across 18 cities.

MAD WEEK MAD week is a campaign we run annually from 1st - 6th November, the anniversary week of MAD's registration in 2006. Its signature campaign is called 'Happiness is contagious' where our volunteers across the country step out into their community and show their gratitude to people who are least appreciated such as the traffic police, labourers, security guards and street vendors through acts of kindness.



Events across India

2,00,000 Likes on the MAD Facebook page

Dream Tees sold in 2013-14

DREAM TEE The Dream Tee was a high quality T-shirt launched by MAD to raise awareness of the plight of children in shelters. The T-shirts were designed by eminent designers and sold at college campuses and in retail outlets. Introduced in all major cities in India, the Dream Tees helped us highlight the urgency of the issue we are trying to address and engaged the public in spreading the word. All proceeds from T-shirts sold were used to support children in shelters. 29



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The overall amount of funds we raised increased from Rs.2.49 Crores in 2012-13 to Rs.3.70 Crores in 2013-14. Crowd Funding and Corporate Grants continue to remain our largest source of funds with contributions of 39% and 38% respectively. Fundraising events in cities also continue to gain momentum contributing to 18% of total funds raised during the year.

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Fundraiser Ev ents : 18 %


Income Source of Origin

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MAD is registered under Section 12A, 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and the FCRA regulation of Ministry of Home Affairs. 69% of MAD donations come from Indian sources and 31% of donations come from foreign donors.




Funds raised through Crowdfunding

69% Funds raised from domestic sources

% of Total Expenses spent on Programs

Income from fundraising grew by 48% overall. This was fuelled by larger grants from our existing corporate partners driven by higher satisfaction with our programmes and employee engagement activities. Funds raised through crowd funding registered a 47% increase, fuelled by better technology and greater reach. Over the next year we will continue to focus on developing our crowd fundraising capability as part of our attempt to engage and enable the communities around our areas of operation. 30


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For Every Rs.100 raised by Make A Difference

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Our volunteer model ensures that our delivery costs are approximately 1/ 10th of an equivalent employee based model.



: 10

For every Rs.100/ - raised by MAD, Rs. 85 is spent on programme expenses. Our focus on a volunteer based delivery model for our projects allows us to be considerably more cost efficient than comparable organizations.

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85% of our total expenditure went towards execution of our five major programmes. We invested significantly in our programmes to increase quality of impact and the scale of our operations within our existing centers. We follow international industry standard GAAP guidelines with respect to admin costs and allocation of salaries and overheads to projects based on actual effort and time spent on execution of the projects. The complete audited financial statements are available on our website.


Accountability & Transparency INTERNAL AUDIT



Conducted by an independent external agency to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Budgets for every activity are submitted separately using Salesforce, and are monitored by at least two approvers.

We ensure monthly reviews of financial reports in order to identify errors and inconsistencies. 31


As an organisation that delivers impact largely through a volunteer network, key aspects of our ability to make a difference to children in shelters would not be possible without the help and support of the wonderful people and organisations who stay involved with us. First and foremost we must recognise all our amazing MADsters, from our dedicated Volunteers to our Fellows, Interns and Strats for the unwavering commitment that drives the change we want to see in the world. Your names are all in the small print. A big thank you must also go to all our givers, from our Corporate Sponsors and Foundations, to the Individual Donors who contributed so generously to help vulnerable children. Much gratitude also goes to our NGO partners who have shared their knowledge with us, and to our strategic advisors, Rizwan Tayabali and Akshay Cherian for the time and effort they have put in to ensure that our impact keeps growing. 32

Binny V A Loy Maria George Jithin Rajesh Varghese Yogesh S Nitya Sunil Rajath Acharya Namrata Basu Chitpuneet Mann Dheerja Arora Sherin Philip Jobin Abraham Aarish Muraleedharan Karthik Pillai Kunal Golani Pari Thakkar Anantha Padmanabhan Ishwarya Sankar Aakansha Rajan Ramya Balu Priyanka Sundaram Samantha Saradhy Harikumar Venkatramni Anish Shenai Shruti Vishwanath Paul Francis Lavanya Jagannathan Rifaz Mohammed Cherian Jacob Gavesh Yerasani Jyoti Yadav Satish Karibandi Samarth A Purva Narain Vaibhav Rastogi Praneet Saxena Ayushi Chand Vrinda Gupta Tarun Kumar Tanya Sarin Mridula Kashyap Tanu Ahuja Rahul Abrol Taanya Grover Janhavi Sharma Swati Sharma Harshil Gupta Vaibhav Panpaliya Narita Kumari Nilanjana Biswas Vishnu Maya Aaron Charles Lobo AKSHAYA RAJ beverly Khushboo Kamal Taneja Mak Ching Hsia Preetha Amanna Priyank Rounak Nayak Santhosh Rao Yasmin Sneha Tanushri Gandhi Parita Kotak Afshan Virani Neha Bhageria Ain Contractor Rachna Parikh Dhaval Shah Ahmed Shaikh onkar puranik Mansi Kanakia alisha menon Falguni Bhushan Disha Gandhi Darshita Sheth Smita Nayak Sagar Chavan nysha Varun Saraogi Bandish Mehta Sneha Suresh Priya Kanakia Pratik Shah Aparajita Bhatt apoorva ramaswamy Nihar Pillai Prathna Shetty Aftab Khan Rachel Bali Karthik Reddy Arundhati R Vibhor bhatnagar Neha Puppala Janvi Joshi Nupur Desai Madhuri Sankaranarayanan Deepa Anagha Rumade janhvi chakraborty Chandni Shrivastav Shikha Pandit Fatima Ansari Chaitanya Rao Ritika Grover Rahul Mehra Zahra Gabuji Tanvi Parmar A. Sneha L Visakha Aankhi Ghosh Adhar Masand Aditya Harsana Ajitagauri Athavale Akshara Baru Amit Phadke Ankita Pandey Anshika Rao Arul Priya M Asha Jayan Chitranshi Arora Dakshayani Athalye Densil Joseph Alexander Devahuti Pathak Devikrishna Divya Rao Esha Sandhu Eshita Talwar Faraz Maqbool Harshita Sinha Kabir Shaw Kalpita Kaustubhan Kanaka Bhosale Khagesh Deshpande Krithika Sundaraman Kunal Dingankar Lavanya Garg Marishaa Shah Meghna Malhotra Mithila Hari Niharika Kolte Niranjana Menon Pallavi Nahata Pooja Batra Pratik Rajopadhye Priya Khanna Radhika Gupta Rashmi Gole Rasika Zankar Raveena Narang Richa Narain Rudraneel Chattopadhyay Rutuja Deshpande Sagar Shinde Saloni Sanghi Samyuktha Shamin Marwah Shantanu Anand Shilpa Shenoy Aditi Ashok Ankita Bhalla Anurag Kapur Apoorva Agrawal Harsha Gupta Priya Chandorkar Ravija Singh Raya Hazarika Ridhima Khera Rohit Rathi Shailaja Balasaria Shibani Dhavalikar Shreya Damle Siddhartha Nahar Smiti Srivastava Sneha Bhosle Sonali Mahajan Soomin Kim Sravya Paturi Srikant Nishtala Sudha Sridharan Sukhna Chhabra Sumedha Sarkar Sumedha Wagholikar Surabhi Kaplay Tanvi Kishore Thulasi K Raj Vijayanand Viren Vijaykumar Prachi Mehta Vinod Sundaram Divya Suhas Sequira Pravin Kumar Arjun Vijaya Kumar Vaishnavi Ravichandran Ashwin R Niveditta Monisha Leah Ramya Aakanksha Neha Nagpal Aarthi Suresh Kumar Bharath Sivaraman Archit Gupta Pradeep Rajdas Jayashree K Divya Murali Akshay Rajendra Sebin B Nidhiry Nithya Ramamurthi Vaishnavi Lavanya Umapathy Kavya Ram Mohan Priyanka R M Bhooma Madhavan Aparajida Subramanien Chandini Puneeth Aruna Ravekumar Samwarthika Nalam Samar Syal Ashwin L Subramanian Ankita Agarwal Preethi Shankaran Shruthi Vishwanath Hari Kumar Venkatramani Mahesh S Abhinaya Ramesh Varsha Bharat Sandeep Jayakumar Sastha Krishnan Rajashri Sai Natasha Shubhagini Kataruka Tandrani Raj Adithi Raju Maitri Michelle Peris Reshma Raja Vidisha Aditya anitha kumar Chitra Joseph Preeti Punjabi Ram Pradeep Sreejith nair subhiksha naveenam muralidhar Tilak Pattnaik Varun C.P Archana Venur bharath prasanna Nishant Bhat radhika menon Rahul Bhosekar ramya r Akshaya Viswesh Rony Jyothi Mohammed Shoaib Ahmed Naveen Richard Neoma Devassy Suyash Abraham Mathew P Anjana Shekhar J V Krishna Rao Kaustubhi Shukla Prajwal Manjunath Shrirurkar Prateek KR Priyanka MB Andrea Pearle Sangeetha Issac Vineetha Saniya Madhav Rajat Divya Kota Ann tresa stephen Samiksha RENJITH R THAMPI RINI VARGHESE MINTO JACOB ANCIL THARA MARY VARGHESE ARUN MENON Shinu Mathew Varghese SUMITRA P AJITH LAKSHMI S NAIR NEETHI SUSAN MATHEW PRASANTH ABRAHAM RAHUL NAMBIAR DIVYA NAVIN PREETAM GANESHAN PARVATHY G TARUN MATHEW SANKAR S KUMAR Arya Mohan Saishyam G Amala Basha Kanika Cicily Mathew Ajai Ravi Kesavan Uma Olappamanna Safal Kamaruddin Tenaz Paul Chandy Aarya K Hareendranath Sanjana Kuruvila Lakshmi Unnikrishnan Rose Mary Alexander Archana Susan Paul Mathew Nidhi Sharma Athira R Menon Ritesh Akash Kurekar Prarthana Kurhekar Priyanka Chaudhari Bhavika Shah Pooja Patelia Poonam Waghmare Mansi Radke Prachi Pophali Girija Waghmare Gideon Moses Harsh Jain Aditi Gupta Parag Vaswani Rutuja Kadoo Raunak Gandhi Soneet Sindhu Rasika Durge Zohra Master Ashish Khetani Prathamesh Barai Shiv Shankar Shukla Anagha Deshmukh Chaitanya Pathak Ridhima Rao Shalaka Khare Gitika Patni Tejal Vaidya Deepika Vaswani Swarnali Das Aditi Bhande Ameya Sonkusle Yogesh Bahal Shivani Goverdhan Mansi Sanghani Khushboo Budhane Aniruddha Mundhada Manish Kungwani Yogesh Jotwani Jaya Nanwani Swapnil Tanksale rini Ajith Krishnan Aanchal Bhatnagar Gautam Krishnan Gaurav Pandey Manas Arjun Nikhil Chacko Srinidhi Aditya S.K. Ragavi Ashok Shankar Tharun Kumar S Lagan Mongia s.swathi Shivangi Jain Reshma Grace Mohan ankita singh vasundhara rastogi Pulkit Arora Prajna Priyadarshini SAMDARSH SHARMA Vidhu Arora Amit Kumar Ashwini Sriram Karishma arora Riswan Aditya L Prabhu Anandeep Choudhary Revanth Reddy Aayush Agrawal Tushar Garg Sukriti Ankit Mahajan Praveen Koramkottil lekshmi danendran Farsana Majeed K Ritu Bhandari Kirti Bhardwaj shreya sharma sanchita yadava Arshee Khosla MREEGASHA MONDAL Meghna Gupta gayathri balan kunal khandelwal Avantika Bagai rufus roshan Anshul Mittal Bondili Rohan Singh ANUPAMA CHINGACHAM ARCHINI PARUTHI SINDUJA SURESH NIKITA SAJEEV AKSHAY KUMAR GAUR AKSHIV BALUJA ANUJ SHAH SOORAM SAKETH ARVINDH RAVI KOREK KUMAR JATIN CHAUHAN SARTAJ SINGH MRIGANK MITTAL SUNNY KR VERMA AKHILA PUSHPALA ADHITHI KANTHAN RUSHITAA GUPTA PRATHIMA RAMANATHAN SWATHI RAMESH ANAND RAJ sachi agarwal yatin marwaha Sukriti Ghai Ankita Tandon Amandeep Singh Shubhda Goel Ravjot Sachdeva Shaminder Saini Shuchita Sharma Abhishek Chamoli Mukta Sharma Sakshi Singh Vijay Chaudhary Hitakshi Sharma Sachin Bhardwaj Yogesh Kandoria Ameena Singh Arshdeep Muhaar Pooja Singh Vandana Sharma Vikas Sharma Surya Karan jain Manisha Sharma Ashima Sharma Shikha chahal Gaurav Godara Abhishek Grover Sukriti Rai Deeksha Kokas Niyati Duggal Amitkumar Si Hano John surabhi jain pankhuri agarwal Bharath Vagicherla Megh Niwas Roma Bhatia Saloni Gupta Aarati Rao Akanksha Dada Anish Sekhar Ankit Abhinav Anupam Bansal Siddanti B Chris G Kollian Fernandez Tanya Lydia Gitanjali Nikitha J Ghanashyam Pai Menuka Thapa Minal Chouhan Preeti Porwal Rupesh Jhabak Soumya Samal V V Sruthi Noorjehan Krishna K Varma Neelanjana Shakya Ruth Manisha Shambhavi Sinha Vaibhav Joshi P S Suzaina Isha Gupta Nausheen Fatima Sashidhar L Dhawal Vasundara Vajjah Manasa Komaravolu Nishad Alekhya Kotha Sam Mammen John Sunil Royyuru Srivatsav Palak Desai Maruthy Jakkam Varshini Varanasi Pooja Melwani Arpita Chakrabarty Padmaja Chinta Mayank Mohta Sai Kiran P Datta Sai Sudhir Aniruddha Gloria Benny Kavya Manohar Burra Priyanka Jain Sreedevi Suneet Mukherjee Tasneem Vasudha T Vijaya Poojitha Kareem Snigdha Abou Anisha Karthik Chinta Swetha Vepuri Venkatesh MMVR Varun S Gowthami S A Ratan Chakravarthy Sahithya S GP Manisha Sri Lakshmi Cherukuri Sravanthi V Paranji Sahil Arora Abhinav Dinesh Ankur Gupta Spatika Surapaneni Tonmoy Roy Mounika G Harika Bantupalli Sravanthi Jarajapu Anikitha Naishadham Padmaja Konisetti Bhargav.B Sowmya Manasa G Priyanka Muralidhar shashank uppala Payal J Mankani I.V.Murali Krishna Kanth Ramana R V Afrah Saleem Sandeep Athreyas V Sai Krishna Ram Chaitanya Vijay Kumar K Y Kruti Aakriti Agarwal U S Shravani Naveen Kumar Srishti Sharma Nikita Srivastava Sushmita Sinha Sargam Neha Rao Nyapathi tara francis Arpita Goyal Nisha George Arpit Ganeriwal anveen sandhu Piya Seth Charu Mittal anmol mahajan Diksha Langthasa komal arya Manan Dhaundiyal pratiksha aggarwal kishore agarwal Aneetta Antony parul nadar Manish Maskara Apoorva Mishra Sachin Kumar Vidhi agarwal Ashis Bengani Uma Kannan Devanshi Jain S TARIQ AHMED MONOSMITH BANERJEE DEVVRAT NAYYAR SNEHIL MODANI SAYANE SHOME GARIMA BHARDWAJ SONAL SUDHIR AGRAWAL TANIMA MAKKAD ANAND ALIAS Kshitij Karandikar vatulashwini Renuka R Akarsh Singhal Lakshay Kataria Meghna Jain Deepak Saroj Niloufer Balakumar Rajaram Ujjwala Singh surabhi singhal Ishani Mittal Aastha Sharma Aayush Katyal Abhishek Awasthi Adita Bhatia Anisha Verma Anukriti Kunwar Anushri Pant Aparajita Pandey Arun D Paul Ashish Fogla Attika Arora Bhanupriya Thukral Charvi Jain Deepansha Trivedi Diksha Pokhriyal Divya Chakraborty Divya Deshwal Feba M Daniel Garima Agarwal Harshita Ramakrishnan Himaghna Banerjee Himanshi Sharma Isha Varshney Juhi Goel Julia Spain Kamayani Jain Kanika Gulati Kavitha Tresa Joseph Ishitaa Saxena M Vishakh Manisha Dutta Manoj Kumar Mansi Anand Mansi Malhotra Mouli Nagpal Namisha Bahl Niharika Verma Paromita De Parul Malhotra Prakhar Priyanka Beri Puja Diwan Rahul Augustine Riti Jain Ritika Taneja Rohan Bansal Rohini Sanyal Rohit Gupta Sakshi Bawa Sakshi Gupta Sakshi jain Sanjay Pratyush Sanjay kumar Satarupa Barma Shivangi Gupta Smriti Srivastava Snehit Prakash Sonam Jain Sonia Chowdhury Srishti Yadav Sumedha Khandelwal Sunaina Jairath Surabhi Gupta Tanvi Lall Tanya Sharma Tarana Ahmed Uchit Solanki Vasundhara Nagrath Kavya Chowdhry Vikramjeet Singh Virdee Vishwas Raj Sethi Yash Singh Swapanlata Nikhil Manchanda L.Vignesh Babu Nandini Tanay Sreyoshi Vedanshi nevatia vishal Sriram Jayakumar Swathi S Pritham Aaditya Venkatesh Manesh Sathyanthan Kaushik R Nandhini aprajita lal Sangeetha Varuna Srinivasan Srividya V Rose Ann Antony Sandhya S Aanchal Chandhoke Venkat Ramna Sai S Mehathab Deeptha Sreedhar Nafeesa Ruthika Vasudevan Akshita Arora Meenu Chowdary Priyanka batra Jopaul Johnson Ameena Nilofer Kurchieth Farhan Naushad Rakesh Ramesan Shilpa Soju Abhay Sankar S R Deepthisree S Febha Sarah John Nithya jeejo Swetha Jacob Vivek Shiva Sharma Hashim Mehmood Ahmed Asha S Anusha Achenkunu Bishwajit Gogoi Sajidh Ibrahim Janmesh Mohan Arvind Vairavan Fidha Rahman Gautham Padmanabhan Hanna Joseph Jojin K B Lakshmi Gopan Narayan swamy K Maria Saju Thomas Venkatesh S Aanchal khosla Divyapratap Singh Saurabh Khurana Sagar Suri Manav Gecil Thomas Devika Dhumal Aishwarya Sharma Shweta Balambal Baljinder Kaur Vidur Varma Astha Bhatia Tamanna Ishrat Pannu Ayush Sharma Radha Wadhera Mehak Batta Ragul Ram Mareena John Kanimozhi Singaravel Prashuk Jain Selvi M Lakshmi Hari Kavya Thachankary Meenakshi Henna Sabharwal Anshu jain Sharika Varma Esha Gupta naina pandey Gauri Datta Namrata Aishwarya Panwar Pournami lavanya saumya Bansi Pravin Pabani Surabhi Puradbhat. vidya Ajay Narayan S Shazia Bint Ashraf Rashad Muhamadali Sambuddha Datta Varsha Venugopal Shyaamlal N N Avinash Matta Manaz Hussain Pranoti Kale kinza kabir neha jain Subodh Kharel Poonam Shukla Khushbu Prasad saloni chaudhary Palak Deshmukh Amala Edward Aakriti Talwar Makkar Ayushi Sharma Divya Mehrotra Himanshi Gupta Hisham Ahmed Rizvi Jigyasa Verma Kavya Arora Kopal Seth Lakshita Mehrotra Malikaa Singhee Manu Gupta Oshin Aggarwal Rupali Roy Seema Garg Shabi Singh Sunakshi Agarwal Surabhi Malhotra Vamika Grover Vipul Goel Ronak Bapna Vikram hemachandran geetanjali tyagi Rishabh jain Surbhi sood Megha Bansal Yogesh Wadhwa Parvathi S Tina Suzanne George Ramakrishnan M N Meghana Nandiraju Prabhjeet Kaur Ketan Ritesh Radhakrishnan Shristi Gupta Amruta Deshpande Nadheem Mohammed Aditya Surneni Roja Rose Mathew Aashita Agarwal Anubhav johri Tumpa Chakraborty Madhura R Rajashree Udupi Nitish Garg Malavika ankita Meena Pious Krishnaraj Mahadevan R.Krishnanand Karthick Aviinesh Sai Akshay Arun Vijay Priya Seralathan Shalini Suresh Seetha Abirami Aksheeya Bharahwaj Jayashree Sharmilee D K.Madhuri Subashini G Sushanth Patil Subashree Subramanian Mohit Negi Tanya Bhandari Allen Daniel ROBIN PHILROY HR South Richa Lalwani Rajasi Datar Mukta Desai Wouatsa Arlette Angel Salot Raksha Lulla L.Radha Rupinder Kaur Divya Manoharan Fathima M.A. Swetha.S.Menon AN.Muthu Mithun Pragash Anu Sebin Pavitter Kaur Sahni Abhinav Apte Rency Skariah Kush Kalsi Aarushi Upadhyay Smita Tripathi Sreelakshmi k Ashmi Krishnan Amar Zeno Mansi Arora Rijvi Selvaraj Vijeta Aparna S Sohaib Salaam Molshri Dhvani Parekh Shyam Varghese George namisha dasoar K.Gautami Rao Anoop C.Y Mikhil mehta Khushali Shah Teacher Priyanka Makhija Agrima agarwal Avani Mulye Richa Jain shubham srivastava Srishti Gupta Parvati supraja Monalisa Dutta Mohit Gupta Aditya Agarwal Rovina Pinto Amruta Waghulkar Arushi Sahai Lakshmi Sinduja Grandhi Anju Mariam Jacob Akash Jacob Kartikeya Asthana Anoop George Adel Rasheed Sundeep Bhuvanagiri Dixon Aditya Nair Alia Omer Uma T S Parul Ghildiyal Komal Tunk Angela Sharon Sangram Pattnaik Sreemoyee Dasgupta Sayantani Ghosh ahana dey nitin Subham Agarwal shikha jon woods rituparna mullick Vikraant Neera Majumdar Somdatta Roychowdhuri shraddha khastgir Amit Karkun Nachiket Deshpande Prayank Jain Naman Shrivastava Komal Sharma Ajay Chaurasia Manoj Kumar Dubey Ankit Tiwari Naman Tuteja Srijan Nirgun Vaibhav Singh Prachi Jain Samiksha Kukreja Tushita Das Yashvi Ladhani Pinchu sabu Smruthi Bharathi Karishma Hans Suganya B Krithika Nisha Menon Lavanya Jagannathan Abinaya Balakrishnan Rashida Keerthana Devabalan Krishna Satya Cheekoti Meghana Kanisetti Anmisha Puvvada Siddharth Das "Zeba A Rahman " Deepak Pinninty "Chitrameena " "Rudra " Aanya Jagdish "Punitha Kailasam " "Bhavana " "Nikita Tayal " Neha Sethi Tanmay Hridayesh K. Karamkar Prateek Mishra Sachin Upadhyaya Priyanka Maria Khan YOGESH GAWANDE Ananya bhattacharya Shobhita Rawlani. Tayyab Zafar DHANANJAY BAIRAGI RUBY SARAH VARGHESE AAROHI JAIN TARRANUM PRAVEEN SHREYASI SRIVASTAVA Kopal Agarwal Vartika Agrawal Pallavi Vyas Aarushi Parul Agarwal Ishita Sharma Swati Singh Baghel Kavya Devineni Vamsi Kuchibhotla Onkar Dewan Roopali Aneja Kriti Madan Sangeetha Ganesh Fazil Sarfaraz SAKSHI AGRAWAL Pooja Doshi Snigdha Abhishek Kurapati Anoosha Movva Ch.Sri Lakshmi Durga Divya Sree A Pooja H. Makhija Priyanka Ganesula Sasanth Anusha Sathuluri Sushma Vallamkonda Tejaswi Sai Yugandhar Veeramachaneni 0 Uma Balakrishnan NITHYA D Naga Jayadeep Akula Nikita Naidu K Abhishek Sahu rishanka prabhu chandni shah Swathi Maganty Swathi Sriram nishanth Vineet Bhalla Arjun Suresh neha khambete Poornima Sethumadhavan Baljeet Singh Goraya Abhijeet Vikramaditya Tiwari Akanksha Singh Bhawana Upadhyay Manisha Tripathi Sakshi Kotiyal $hiv K.S.Gowthami Anand Vardhan Aishwarya Rajesh R Revathi Vishal kalwani Gousia Shaik Daphne Rose Raghav Khajuria Anmol Waraich Aishvarya Raghavan Mayank Lodha Aishwarya jain Sreejith R Sayli Rao George J M Divya Anil Gangwani Gurnoor Nayanika Barman Varun Gadia Sudeep Garg D Pavan Nikhil Jacob Mathew Harsha Ishita Gupta Tanya Saxena Praachi Mathur Shruti Nawani Parth Yadav Akash Sehgal Harish V Nair Pooja wahane Akshat Agrawal Biswajit Mondal bhavna Kush Pratap Singh Bhadauria Geethanjali Ankit Eshwar Sai Phani Raja Sekhar Raichel Cicil Joseph Syed Rucksar Bano Kamal R Nair Vaisakh nair Jayati Arya Monisha Dhall Mansi Sheth Srinivas Charu Jain Arundhati Gopal Anuja Bhate Karri Pranusha Reddy Saria Nazneen Ramita Singh Mahua Roy Nishant Ishmeet singh Prateek Keshari Adarsh Bajpai G.N.Vijay Amarnath Rakesh Saha pankhuri gera Ankur Agarwal Jasmeet Singh Rituraj Singh Archita Murthy Ankit Nayal Ajay Mathew Thomas Nishtha Kaushik Yashodhan Jain Tarun Vats Shreyas Bhat Priyanka paryani Megha Jose Swati Gupta Nivi S Barun Halder KONSHI ARORA Asmita Gupta Pooja Giri Gaurav Bajargyan Sayalee Mothghare Aiswarya Menon aparna aidith Pawan Agnihotri Varsha Kakwani Sandeep Vanam Ashima Jain Sarena Beriwala Shruti Chellani Gargi Yadav Ankit Singh Harsh Gupta Ishita Manoj GUTHA SRI NAGA SRUTHI Umang A. Shah avinash Nishant sharma Tulika Bhattacharjee Syed aamir ahmed Aarushi Agrawal Alvin Anthony Saloni Katyal Pradeep Nair Gurtej Nagpal Apoorva Bhatia Mukund Rajasekhar Ravneet Kaur Sandhu Ananya Mishra Raja Manepalli Mohan C Deeksha shetty Jithin Krishnan Mallik C Gadipudi v.pooja reddy Manikanta Sai Tadapaneni VINDHYA H PILLAI Geetika Bhutani Naini Chauhan Ashish Nauriyal Mitul Chittoory Nikita Gupta Korangrapadi Shruthi Ballal Sriraman Jha Rishabh Chaturvedi Apratim Jaiswal Dijo Joy Pooja Raina Bhumika Bhandari Syed Aakif Akaash Patnaik Saumya Pandey Ritika singh Vejay Dharmalingam M.SARADA DEVI Arjun Panwar Mukesh Kavuluri Vinita alamanda Disha Nangia Priyanka Jodhani Shivi Gupta Ishan Agarwal medikonda tarun kumar Ravi Teja Reenu Raj Viju Sudhi Deepthi J Fred Jonathan Rohit Vinakota LEKSHMI REVI SUNITHA Kalyani Nandakumar Chaitanya Das Mohith Ishita Mordani Sakshi Rana Tanvi Shah Kanika Vashisht Isha Arora Chenna Madhav Niketh Tanmay monga M.HARIKA Tanisha Agarwal Priyanka Taya Pranav Kapoor Gopika Harikumar Vidit Goyal Krishna Prasad Raveendran Arpita Nayyar Sharon Satheesan Alaka Gokul Varma Kavitha Preetha Prerna Pandey Aishwarya Parasuram Anju Junu aneesa banerjee Devkanya Chakravarty Swati Khandelwal Hitanshi Sachdev Spurthi Kolipaka Kopal Srivastava Shubhra Dixit Athira S Kumar Neha prasad Sudarshan Sharma Sanchita Dasgupta Chaitrika Sanjay Patki SAHIL DOGRA Murali Krishna Skanda Lokeshwaran Palak Gupta Mohit Dandekar Sanjana Vasudevan Prableen Kaur Namrata Nair ANEESH BATRA Vishnu R Nair SOUNAK CHAKRABORTY NC Sanjeev Kumar SONALI AGARWAL Sandhya Rachel Alexander Sakshi Minhas Vatsal singh Reshmy Prasad suruchi khurana Amal Joshy Mannat Anand Neeraja Suresh Gokul Nishi S Karthik N Bhat Kartik Lunkad Ridhima Garg Sinchita ARJUN Sathvika Reddy Vennam Pratyush Pandey Apoorva Dorai Ritesh Gupta Sharath S A Arif P U Vrinda Tandon MONICA SONEGARA Smriti Chawla Ayesha Naseem Rashmi R Shetty Ujwal Garg Ankita Rana Aditya Gupta Radhika Sarda Dhanya prasad Neha Kumar Saurabh Singh Roomani Shah Pravalani tiwari Harsh Upadhyay Koundinya Dhulipalla Tanvi Tarun Jacob Mathew Varsha Sharma Sneheel Biswal Uday Ispita Saha Aditi Shetty Aradhana George SOUMYA RAJAGOPALAN Vibha gunda Mrinalini Arora Divyashree Vucha Rusthem Rehman Lt. Col. Biswas Joky (Retd) Indranil Mukherjee Syed Rucksar Ketki Hardas Nupur Pharaskhanewala Shubhra Joshi Isha Kapoor Gade Alekhya Pranav Kashyap Tejas Gawhale Shreepriya Narain Subrata Roy Sakshi Bahety Adwaith GR P.Renuka Sai Lakshmi Priya Deepa khiyani Himanshu Aggrawal Aayushi Anand Rohith Chandra V V Shivani Misra Dhruv Gupta Mayuresh Ambadas Huchche Ambily Adithyan Rashmi Paseband Ramyaa Parthasarathy Tanvi Vij manya malik Rudrani Gangopadhyay Kruti Sheth amrita bhattacharya Dhruvi Mehta Arisha Chetan Manish Tripathi Yuva Kumar Saksham Kathuria ASBAH Abhinav Venkatraman Sidhant R. Seth akshita mehta Manisha Koppala Monika Peswani Venkata Jai Pavan Dasari ManjeeraLakshmi Nimisha Gude NIKHIL SOMANI Chetan Modani Ridhi Aggarwal Rama Choudhary Vyshali Sagar Shruti Goel Ajith J S Neenu Sara John Revathi.M.Sarma Jinal Dalal Surbhi Bahety Taneesha Chawla Ketaki Deshpande Smriti Sharma Prerna Soni Rishi Raj Prudhvi Babita Sangras Nitin Sharma Kshitij narang Trisharti Ghosh SRAVANTHI G Jayati kalra Srinivas Yadlapati Vanshika Premani Lalitha Sravani Singaluri Pallavi Goenka Gaurav Verma Nithya Senthil Raj. R Chitritha Kamal Kumar Brinda Sushree Mohanty Deepak Verma Vignesh Balagopalakrishnan Mohit Chhibber Prashanna Guru Vikas Vivek Piddempally Anvesh Hemanth Kumar Atmakuri rose denny VRINDA MITTAL Poorvi Ahuja Vivek Wadhwani Sudeepthi K Humaira Shaikh Nida Arshi Anupama Ghosh DISHA AGARWAL Nithya Ramgopal Vrishi Reddy Naga Mithra P Olivia Michael Nadeesh Garg Aishwarya Nedungadi Anwesha Ganguly Shreya Sarkar Tushita Yadav Rumana Ahmed Gayatri Loomba Komal Kaviliga vansh kohli hitesh bhutani Priyansha Jain Shreya Deora Gayathri Muralidharan Balaji Ramachandran Mahesh Nair Rhea Puri Priyanka sehgal Revanth Reddy Pam Krishma Shah City FOM Jeswanth Kumar Samayamantula Manvi Kolan Vibhuti Dhawan tushar mishra Aarathi Maria Roy Ashwin Elvis D'Cruz Jaya Nair Yukti Nimisha Arora Prathamesh Nimkar Sushmita C Asra Yousuf Smriti Rao SRIKRISHNA PULAKITH sayli Geetika garg M.VINVITH KUMAR Atharv Mishra Nikhil Iyer SHANTANU KWATRA Aiyush Bahl Tanvi Nagpal Hena Chandan Kanika Bhatia Aditya Khandelwal Ayan Roy Swaraj Dharia Dananjay Srinivas kadari harshini Tina bhardwaj Kavya Trehan Sumalika addagarla VISHAL SHAJAN Harshika Ramasubramanian Ravi Raj Gupta Samiksha Mehra Praneet Singh Arshi Rachita Saxena Samidha Singh Arnaz Ghumman PIYUSH BAJORIA Praful Sarda Ishita Ghai Samay soni Monisha Priya Bandhvi Sharma Vaidehi Shivashree Parul Satija Anjaly Mohan Helly Shah Vipul Jain Ravi Narayanan Raman Divyansh Singh Saraschandra Prasad Kakumanu Divya Reddy Namrata Tripathi Sindhuja Bhanuchandar Anupriya Mohta Mohammed Basith Akshay Jain Kanchana Shivkumar Gaurav Singh anubha atal Vibhanshu Singhal Diptanshu Chakravarty Nupur Milind Pandit Nikita Kapoor Arumita Mitra Sonika Bajpayee Sushruti Tripathi tejas karwa Anwesha Dhar Balakrishnan Raghavan Shatarupa Gopakumar Karan Singh Shekhawat Saniya Wanhar Manpreet Kaur Juneja Simran Ahluwalia Khushboo Agarwal Piyush Kant ***Nisha Sukumar City EPH RAGHU VAMSHI Jagdeep Sawhney Prateek Gambhir Madhavilata Kane Liben Varghese Babu Shubham Sharma Latifa Dhun Parboni Bose Ankur Rana Pooja Miglani Harsha K Thawani Durga S Sherin Jobin Sanjana Kuruvilla Akhil Edadan Ashna Jain Aishwarya Sonthalia Avantika Kartik Bhardwaj Priya Choudhary Gayatri B Nair sheena makker Geela George Sakshi Tiwari Vanshika singh Chanakya Arora Pratiti ahluwalia Keerthan Acharya Sukanya Satish Benzita Ferrao Sam Augustine namarata gupta Avani Aishwarya Keerty Kevin Abraham George Koogela Anandamani Gowtham Krishna Potluri Deepika Kochal Kankipati Priyanka Shanmukha Priya Parvathy Aathira Krishnan Deepti Bajpai Vijai Kanth Mourya Kota Maria Vara Prasad Yalla Komal Deotale Divya Pandey Apurva Bajaj Arushi Arora Vivek Kovvuru City HR Nagarajan Ketika Nirula Prashanth balasubramanian MADHUR GUPTA Sunil Pratyusha medikonduri Pavan Pulkit Aggrwal Priyanka Wadhwa Sukriti Sachdeva Shyaam Sundar Etios Minaz Ranjita Singh Shivangi Singh Abhiyan Upadhyay Anushree Tidke PALLAVI CHAUHAN Madhumita Srinivaasa Prakriti Rathi Kritii Tikku Roshan Jayakumar Nikita Gandhi Sunny Gurbani Kunal Datta Reshmaraj Revati Raman Aloni Bidisha Das Heeral Mahlawat Pragati Rana Komala Subhadra Madineedi Divya A.N. MAYANK SAXENA Esha Ashesha Mehrotra harneet kaur bhatia Chetna Naidu Sravya Sudha E Ranbir Chhabra Monica Goyal Rita Sharma SURBHI SAINI Shreya Prakash Purvasha City Placements Uday Krishna Chukka Tanisha Prasad NAIDU REETHIKA REDDY Malini Subramaniam Rishav Dhar Smita Bose Somesh Sai Dipti Ramani Iyer Rini Sharon Evanjilina Laxman Reddy Abishek Kashyab RONIT ROY Krishna Kiran Annamaneni Carmine Shubhanka Pereira Rajan Kumar Sandilya Pemmaraju Manik Jain Bhanu Pratap Sharma Itrat vijay Singh Srishti Gulati Ashrita Shetty Vazrala Lahari Bharath Puvvada Anil Inukollu SASHANK BHARADWAJ kannav vaishnavi Badhe Bhavya Pande Vassim Suraj Smriti Jaiswal Joanne Fernandes Brijesh Vakharia Sai Surya Kiran Garima Awasthy Inshita Bianca Hans Sarathchandra Goli Venkata Sai Ram Shaik Zeba Bhaktiyar Anubhav bajpai RAKSHA RUSIA Apoorva Bose Ninoshka Saldanha Garima Chatterjee Prateek Bhardwaj Preet Rajdeo Adit Ganguly SHUBHA KHANNA Abhishek Gupta Annette FP Dhwanit Saraf Raghav toshniwal Siddharth Dhanda Ranodeep Sen karishma malpani Vibhuti Wadhwa Ishita verma Vishal Chandran Sarath Archana Sampath Vikas Arupula Nidhi Pipal Ankita Mishra NIKHIL SHARMA Divyanshu Gupta Challa swayam prakash reddy Riya dhingra Aastha Singh Anubhav Khanduja Sona Pai Tarun Hinduja Nupur Agarwala Rasmi Ramachandran Divya K Argya Sadan Rishabh Lala Somya Atre Ankur Shrivastava mohini bose Lizum Chimi Wangdi Ankeeta Mishra Hansa Nigam Jaya Gautam Rahil Gupta Abhimanyu Kumar Tarun raj goyal Avni agarwal Sonal shrestha Sumedha Awasthy Rohit Verma vidya gurumurthy Mahika Sethi Malvika Mansi Bhalla Vida Bawlte Swati Sood Lakshita thakur akanksha malik Vibhuti Batra Rini Jose Byreddy Mahitha Sahana Devarajan Neha Gujar Aditya Mantha J. Yogesh Tony Hadrine Mythereyi Aslesha Shreeleka Rachana Varsha Kotta Srikruti Deepti Sethu Dharanidhar Suchitra Chandar Mahalakshmi Rajan Tuhin Tiwari Bindiya Jain Sahana S Rizwan Shubha Jain Yashaswini Papanna Shivika Singh Kumaresh Rajarajan Yadhu Prakash Priyanshi Jain Abhijith Unnikrishnan Bennett Nathan debanjan sarmah Aparajita Pandit Kaul Sayan Mukherjee Anjali Rao Mahith Menon Shahana .T.A Akshay Nayak Pratheek Shetty Afzal Jaleel Ronak Parmar Renjini Krishnan Riddhi Khurana Saritha Lakshmi Amritha Devaraj Midhun H M jeevant sarma Praveen R Ritheesh Shetty deepanshu sachdeva Gurveen kaur nagpal Harkanwal Khurana Ravneet Sandhu Priyamwada Chaudhary Sheena Guliani Tamanna Sharma Thakur Sharma Sarabdeep Vedvyas Sharma Manik Singh Sudeep Tandon shalini j nair Sujin Abdul Salam Dhivyaa Naraayani.D.N Kanika bhargava Shrivatsan R Divya raveendran Raghav Bhatnagar Shobhit Devrani Nishank Sheth Ronak Khandelwal Aniket Jain Debashish Hemant Sanyal Prabhat Tyagi Gaurav Keswani Rakshit Jukanti Amit Negi Mihir Chhangani Prateek Agarwal Saurabh Agarwal Vishal Singh Bharvi Dhall Megha Chauhan Purvika Sharma Aarthy Chandrasekhar Sanjnaa Ramanan nidhi choudhary Ginni Malik Ankita Prasad Vedant Killa A K Yogesh Chandra Anusha Sudheer Varkey Farida Shikha Kumar Charu Dikshit Yash Goyal Chakshu Anand Srajan Sinha Sonali Ekka Rohit Powar Ravinder Singh Yuhamathi Vignesh R.R. Sai rohan Shubham bansal Shruti Tyagi Akanksha agrawal Adrian Mendonca Niharika Hubli Akhil Murali Nair Divya K A Abhishek Kedia Garima Sharika Amin Priyanka Chhabria Suruchi Mundhra Sharon Tess Joy Lakshmi Gottumukkala ANKIT JAIN Sangeetha Rao navitha susan jiji sasitharan Shefali Mathur Shreya Seth Priyanka rai Anushree saxena Caroll Michelle mendonca Harikrishnan S K Ayiala Imti Ananya Saranya Ashok Divya Venugopal Somya Bajaj Sukriti Pant Shruti Ladhani Naishi Jain Anoosha Saklani Kirtika Chaudhry Aarthi Balasubramaniam Mohit Yadav Suman Talukdar Divya Singh Abhishek Taneja Pearl Singh Elizabeth Pranav Arwari Nikhil Gupta Amruta Shirpurkar K S N RAVI TEJA Shalvi Singh Nainy Nathani Prakash Jacob Matthew Saira maria eapen Vishnu priya jaccani Sanjana Joshi Mujtabha Magrey Sandeep Arora Saurav Roy Arcangela Pereira Saloni Vij Shraddha Poddar Divya Balasubramanian Devika Vivek Sahay Deeksha S Pooja Bhadauria Dipanwita Ghosh Aaditya pratap singh abhimanyu singh thakur Prachi Kering Sowmya Ravichander shivani Pragnya Ramesh Doyal Shaji Kartik Singh Ananya Sharma Nishita Shah Janvi Mavani Varun Pradhan Osheen Negi Prathiksha Ravi Anmary Varghese Prachi Adesara Meet Trivedi Ambika Bhardwaj Manasi Bharati Tanushree Nayudu Girish Krishnani Rucha Satoor Shruti Sivakumar Bhairevi G. Aiyer G.mohan Deepthi Rajan Abhishek Saurabh Rupsa Banerjee Saket Jain Syed Nahid Pasha Mohammad Hannan Meghna Bharat Chetana Mankar Siva Krishna Kota Nirosha Guntupalli DEEPTHI Tejasree Yelamanchi Palanki Venkata Phanindra Sindu Chemmal Abhishek Jee Deepashree Narendra Pooja Dave Akshata Mohan Affan Vivek Ravindra Attika Loui Jojan Malayil Vaishnavi N Tanu Madaan Siddharth Thyagarajan P.Vishali Akshay Chawla Devanshi Muthahammil mohammed sardar Rutvik Dudhia Kirthana P Apuroop Pemmanaboyina lakshmi.r Meenaakshi Nair Kripa KB Shefali Arora Aditi Rajvanshi gaurav mishra RICHIE CHAKRE Sai Hymavathi Majety Antara Mukherjee Chris Glen Kollian Sneha chatterjee Rashmita Vinay Kumar Kiran.K Sravya Guda Uday Krishna Hassanthi Durgam TRISHALA DAYAL Shubhra Gopal Aswathi Neena Satheesh Sabrina Tauro Soumya Kavya Aramalla Damaraju Krishna Kamala Jisha Das Sugandha Tyagi Vrinda Dube Prathyusha Chittala Mounika Chintakayala amrutha Aditi Rao sucheta Ankita Bansal Sameer gurujala Vaishnavi sriram Rohit Malhotra arishna saxena DENNY SAM K Mehak Kumar Aayish Shetty Himanshu Sharma Mamunuru sai madhurika Prashant mahajan Rashmi Ramesh Aishwaryya Roy Mishty Jani Mohena ahluwalia Mohan C Rao Rohan Kapoor Priyanka Shorewala Jas kiran Kaur Suraj Sundara Raman Rituraj Tiwari YATENDRA MUDGAL Prashanth G Chadalavada Krishna Prasannaanjani Mantha Aparna Sai Kiran Narra Sri Sai Surya Prasad Malempati Rhea Krishna Anirudh Kishen Anantha Krishna Pillai Richa Sinha Siddhi Sathe Vivek N PAVAN PRAMOD CHINNAMANTHUR Preethi RS Vaishnavi Potluri Satya Karthik Mantha pavan Bhavana Ramesh Nandita Jha Priyamvada Raman Pavani Narayanaswamy Shreedha Singh Fathima.s.hussain Neena Parekh Nishita Fernandes Priya Sahni Vinith Nair shivi sharma Riji Raju M.Apoorva Reddy Sruthy Raja Abhishek Ghosh ISMEET GULATI Yash Mahaseth Nidhi Vohra Anitha Devi Muthukrishnan A. Sushanth Chandra Meghana Yedunuthala Kunal Nagani Poojaa Sharma Feroze Mohammed Apurva Tushar Goyal Parth Batra Skund Gupta Dawn John Anil Bharti T.L.Shailaja Surya Harish Varsha Gunti Mehak Sharma Ajay Varma Anindya Kundu seema s jain Sravani Illuri Anant Saxena Ashwin Kurian Wilson ranjana shalu Srivatsan Rajagopalan Kushal Ashok Akansha Gupta Akhil S.K. Shainika Murthy Srujana Pinjala Radhika Sharma Shruti Jindal Natasha Shanker JUHI KUMARI SALAMPURIA Soumiya Balasubramanian Shalini Miharia Mallik.pvssns Anitha Vallikunnel Rachit Jain Rahul Gupta Abhinaav Singh Anvesha Reyaz Ameena Syraj Sanjana Bajaj Prakriti Khemka Shivani Bansal Somasundaram Dilip Mourya Vikram Rastogi Kanishk Dutt Sarang Akhade KUNAL KUMAR Maitree Roy Rowena Dsouza Raja Mukesh Krishna Prerona Dey ***Jeni Vajresh Balaji Athira Alate C S K Pranav Praveen Chander Shiva Guru Nagarajan Niloy Mukherjee Namrata Pujara Avanti Balachander Vishaka thamilalagan Abdul Mathin Shinjini Chakraborty Mansa Kaur Kochhar Shashank Saboo Radhika Shenoy Naveen George Eapen Jugal J Gala Meghna Srikanth Srijan Banerjee Yogesh Lodwal Ravi Varma Amlan Roy Sarath.S Aneeqa Tasneem Nitesh Lall Anshuman Kukreti Athar Ankalgi Maitreyi Mallela Geeta Madiraju Samarth Vasdev Soumya DM Malvika Mahadik Abilash K P Aneri Shah Mani Sankar Porkodiyal CT Pratima Aggarwal Amruta Hastekar Pooja Pandit Muthulakshmi S Priyanka CVSS Anubhav Kamra Priyanka Kolluru Kala Neelakantan Smita Bagde Karan Batra Siddhant Dube NISHU SAINI ARUN G Mohammed Afeef Wamika Agarwal PRATIK KUMAR Nandini Ramanan Akashita Pravin Vineeta Rajput Humera Nishat Noor Basha Varsha Rammohan Rini Bhatt Sayali sheode Adyasha Mohanty Jasleen Kaur Sachdev Saud Bhoira P R Kranthi Rahul Kuhad Jain Akshat Kharial Viswanath A V Suraj Nair Aarohi Joshi Swarna Susan Anil Hemali Chothani Vishesh Tanksale Aditya Saxena priyam sinha Tanmayee Chaturvedula Preethy Swamy Shiv Raj Anindita Ghosh Shabeena Khoja Jatin Chanchlani Amala Mudiraj.P DASARI JESSICA SUGUN Prajwal Negapattam Soumitra Ray Chaudhuri Jonathan D'Cruz Madhuri Saritha Parul Kharub Mani Deep K Sirisha nookala Sourabh Shenoy Sanya pritanjali Naveen kumar Shriya Gupta Ashok Nithya Sankaran Divya jain Sveka S Kamala Meghna Shriniwas Burli Vrushank Kenkre Swetha Reddy Sharon Vinod Bharathi Vatsavai Amy Sohan Madhav B Bhavishyavani Ravi Antara Ganguly Chelamala Jyotsna Abijitha Tharun M Jagateri Puneet kaur chhabra Vikram Ahuja Aishwarya Natarajan Arpit Gupta Aishwarya.K Paraj Kumar Singh Mehr Bhalla Nikhil Pawar Harsh Punwani Girish Kumar Aishwarya Natraj Supriya mandapati Shatakshy bhatt Sugra Z Khanwala Jasneet kaur punam mondal Anoorag S Swathi Raj Rohit Koppu Shraddha Jadhav Samiksha Agarwal Mihir Tandon Bharath Kummar Saravpreet Arora Premanku Chakraborty Meghana Garlapati Smruti Parashar Chandra sekhar Rohit Khanna Chhavi Jain Riddhi Andiappan Nanditaa Bhatia Mukul Saxena Anshuman Chatterjee Shivangi Malik Abhimanyu kapoor G.V.M.S.Sandeep Ananya Barua Pooshan Agnihotri Devdatta Pramod Siraskar Infanta Vincy Sneha Cherukat Rahul Ponnappan Kasturi Mishra Sanjini Jain PRAVEEN KUMAR CHEGUDI Sukanya Grover Kavyayani Bhatt Hansika Singh Veekshith C Rai Haleemunnisa Fatima Yogashri Santosh Kumar K Gayathri Panangipalli Sahana Pranesh Arun Denduluri Pooja H. Jain Ritwika Deb Biswajeet Karmakar naman mirchandani Sriragh Karat Nishan K A Reddy Akshay Poorvi anchalia Mandar Ajay Yadnik Balivada S S S Harish Kumar Sheetal Mhaske Rishabh Agarwal Anjali Jagadish Garima Bharti Prajakta SH Pratik Bajoria Ravikumar YATIKA SINGHAL Divya Aiyer AKSHITA TIWARI Dinesh yalla R.Badrinarayanan SHUBHANKAR DEY Arun B N Jasleen Kaur NEHA HOSSAIN Mrunmayee Sathye Sonali Pansare Arushi Sharma Rahul Kelaskar SAHIL GERA SHASHANK SHARMA Madhura Dixit Sandeep Mallick Shivayu satija Dnyanesh Sawant Sneha Singh Srinadh meruva Tulsi Deshik Char Manju Mahipalan Deepti Singh Roshni rajavadivel Shobana Ramanujam Sudheer Kumar Bhimireddy Mary Jeny Akhil Jose Saakshi Parolia Komal Shivdasani Poorna Prasad Akhil Gupta Sandeep Kavety Jetha A Lakshmi Syama Motupalli Neelima Priyanka Alakananda Narravula THEJAKIRAN V JALLIPALLI Rohit Rajendra Ahuja Neha Singh ZEBA REHMAN Amar das Harshita KuKreja Nikita Sharma Vishal Patel Nalin Chaturvedi Sidharth Yadav Parth Sheth Vishnupriya Kolla Siddharth S. Bhadauria Sneha Tulsyan Bina Bhatia Rohit D. Neralwar Rachit Agarwal DIVYA SURANA Sneha APARNA VENKITACHALAM Shagun Suryam Dnyanada Sahasrabudhe Sarabjot Singh Yashodhara Trivedi Henna Loungani Dharmaja Mona Pereira Jeet Shah Shawn Sarath sai raju Dinesh balaji s. Aparna Anil kiran Jyoti Banka Simranjeet Kaur Dhir Priya Patel Sriparna Dutta Shruti Bhimsaria Srijita Bose Priya Venkatraman MAANVI YADAV Prarthana Lohia Tiana Bhattacharya Swetha Sumit kapoor avni bhansali Ritu balani Rozelle Diwan Ritika Agarwal Anant Gupta Divya Sainathan Kanika Verma Veena Balakrishnan Bidisha Ghosal Pawan Simha K. Navya Srijith Gopalakrishnan POOJA SARAF Vagisha Agarwal Tripti Rathi C V S S Vivek Ashish Kallurwar Divya Gianani Chanchal Bhattad Lakshita Seksaria Shreshtha Jain Nitika Desai Isha Agarwal Ankit Hatalkar Saranya M Rujuta Deshpande GEO MATHEW THOMAS Chiranjeevi D.B. SHIVAM KUMAR Hardik Gaurav Rajat Anand Shivranjani gandhi Karanveer Daliya Dev Sneha Mittal Rushil Batra Anaka H Ganesh GADDE.SRIVYSHNAVI Shikha jain Neha suri Mihir Rambhia Ketki Bhat Khushboo Kundra Priyanka Mandal Rashmi Kewalramani Megha wasnik Anannya Deepanjali Kodandera Parth Dilip Sheth Shashank Nagaraja Gargeshwari Sindhusha Radhika Vinay Ksheersagar Sarath Ramachandran Neelima Raheja Ankitha Veerepalli Ankit anand Rishika Kajaria Vaishnavi Mohan Laksh Sahni ARUN SHARMA Shweta Gupta Divya Mody Drona Khanduri Manasvi Mittal VIDHI NANGIA diksha jain Asmita Kundu Shradha Inish Merchant Neha Verma Megha Bhaskar Zeal Doshi Arshdeep Singh Jaya Gandhi Priyanka Kaneri Sonali Rajpurohit Utkarsha Trivedi Payal Hora Aditi Shirpurkar Rishika Chodavarapu Rohini Rairao Vrinda Kanani Utkarsh . S . Pable Anupam Toppo Aseem Maggoo vinsha sahajwani Puvvula anvesh Kriti srivastava Venkatesh Sanchi grover POOJA PRAKASH J Kirti Mishra Gitanjali Sharma Praveen Soundararajan Nisha Mariam Johnson Kuruvilla Chacko Medikonda kranthi Ekansh Saxena Divya Sai Teja Sindiri C V Bhargava Rashi Arya Sharanya Murali Rahul D Pathak Megha Soni Abhishek kumar Ananya Deb Anushmita roy choudhury Parinita Chatterji D.Sandeep Babu Manasa R Tia John Ramapuram Arun Sharma Nalanda Dhruv Acharya Harini pasupuleti Nishit Rao A Varun Kini Jason D'Souza Amritha Kailesh Haleema liya Nikunj Bhartia Teenu Thomas Thaliath Gundimeda Krishna Aditya Srividya Sarvani Pisupati Arpit Mittal Bhuvan Malik Sindhu Prathyusha C Krishna Mohan kotturi Prasanna B.Sudheer Babu Navyasree Vyshnavi Thondepu Sri Harsha M Anjali Jayachandran Parvathy Anil Kumar Noel John K Gopika Sreekumar Vruti Parekh Rhea Sydney KRITHIKA RAMAKRISHNAN Rochelle richard Anu Joy Samitla Subba Gokul Rajan Anupa Elizba Alex Brijesh Das Shantanu Gontia Avinash Gariki Kushal Goyal Shravanthi Aditya J Ramdass Namrata Velugoti Garima kalra Sai Apurva Tharsha Dr. Sunder Valliappan Surekha Nadar NIKITA TUTEJA Sanjay Varma Rudraraju Vasudha Singhania Subramanyam k ABHAY SHENOY N SURYANARAYAN Shivaranjeni Varsha Dahiya NEERAJ ADHITHYA LIJO MONS Shashank Vadrevu Prajwal Lawrence Mendonsa Bhavisha Jain Kinnari Satra Shyam Kundrathala Suravi Agarwal Harish Raghuraman Rohan M Ganapathy Ann Johnson Parvathi Jayakumar Soumyadeep Banerjee Prathush Narayan Nitin Sagar Kuppili Mansi Kurdikar Pranith Alagwadi Bharath Kumar Sowmya Baskaran Samantha Marianne Gonsalves Avin Shanbhag Siddharth Manoharan Sanchita Sood Shahithra Srinivasan Vishnusri Tannamala Gokul Ram Apoorva Raghunandan Swithin Kakani sreeram.gade Shraddha Acharya Sehej Singh Bindra SAHIL AGGARWAL Vivek Nayar Nishchala Bhandari MUDANG YUBBEY Adeesh A. Greeshma Balachandran Toolika Suresh Shubhankar Uchil Manisha ballal Srikanth nouduri Irene Ann Patric Aditya Huria Shubhra Jha Shradha Arukia Roshni Mitra Sweta Sukhani Srija Biswas Manoj Suriya.S.R Priyanka V Khushboo Rajkumar Chellani Sagar Rao Behara shanmukh Anvitha Madala Anurag Pramod Nithul Mundakkottil Vasudha Pradeep Garima Gulati Joshi Ram Velpula Karuna sree Reshmanth Vemuri V.P. Soundara Rajan Mithra Venuganam Challa veda sravya priyanka Thanveera.S AKULA TRIPURA Harsh Vardhan MUKESH Shilpa Sushil Prachi Chhajer Ankuj Gupta Shwetha J Parvathy Nandha Krishna Ashish Cyrus Mathew Shwetang Nigam Shilpa Baweja Tanvi.P.S Manoj R Komal Bansal Darshini Urs Balakumar M Purva Raghunath Aparna Pius Daniel Joseph Riccardo Shisin Saheer Kadhambari Devadas Chandni Wadhwani Madhuri Pramod Bhartiya amir madraswala Naresh Perumal Neelesha Dutta Sreya Chatterjee Prerana Jana Janaki RaghuRam Srungavarapu Monica Karunanidhi Anisha Bhattacharya Gowthami shaik Ashima Prasad Aditya Negi Saloni Haralalka Nidheesh N Priyanka Prabhakaran.M Anusha G Rajan Anurag k Vibha Nag M S Sammyuktha Pandian Nikita HOMY PUSHYA Ved Sumedha Prabhu mani deepika tummalapalli harsh daga Prachi Rajgarhia PINKASHA THAPER Dipanshi Sood Rounak Mehta KANIKA HIRANI Aarathi Ganga Meenakshy Sivaguru Megha Prakash Ankit Srivastava KARTHIK S Yogeshwar potluri Sanath P Adiga JYOTSHNA ROY Megha Patel MB Kajol Sharma Vishv Bhatt Y. Asha Jeny P.S.P.L.Devika Rani Vineet K Taneja Payal Shah PRAJAKTA MILIND CHITTAWAR Sandeep Kumar Vignesh Radhakrishnan Shivaprakash M Surabhi Mohan Alok Motikane Deeksha Dangwal Meghna Natraj Rayan Gilbert Cornelio Rakshith Shetty Raymond Marshal J Adhish Rai Vikas Choudhary Kranthi Raghuram Mutya Alekya Neelishetty Prathik Kotian NARAYANA SWAMY Chandan tripathi P Aman Khan Sushan Gagneja Grishma P. Vithalani Manish M Arjun Narayanan Kanz muhammed Smriti Gupta Nivetha Thiruverahan Namrata Raul Atulya Gopaljee Manas Agarwal Roshini Marepalli Vanessa Jouelle Rodrigues Akshay dugar Muskan Sethia Juthika das Karan Sharma Anvi Vora Suswetha Mohit Arora Aanchal Wadhwani Ameya Warange Anupama Sharma Shrinivas Acharya PRIYA DARISIGUNTLA Arjun Singh Chouhan Ankita Ajitsaria Jatin Agrawal Miss Kshamta Mantri Remya Ravindranatha Pai Veedhi Pranav Parikh Nivedita Biswas Rajshree Faria SAGAR KAMBHAMPATI Amit Chaudhary Susmitha gutha Ameya A Chanakya Nikhil Venkatavelu Abhinav Kakkar Rishab Sanghvi MUKUL GUPTA Munira Nulwalla PANKTI Arvind Prakash Apoorva Bhatnagar D Divya Shamika chitre Gagana NV Aahuti Sejpal AHONA CHAKRABORTY Sahil Shah Shaily Rangrez Akurathi Sri Harsha Snehil Singh Nikhil pandey Aravind Pabbisetti Aishwarya Vanessa Amalraj V.Neha Srilakshmi Davis Prabhu Ebenezer Sloka Akula Pragya shroti Sakshi Samtani Chirag Madan Swayntika Rupsha roy Stephanie Rachel D'souza Pavithra Paulraj Aishwarya Lanjewar Venkat sai chalasani Vijayshree Bagaria Pallavi Agrawal Anjum Khakhu Darshan Shrikanth Savant Adarsh Nair Rhea Nair Sai kranth P Ravi Raja Ganesh Anirudh Koundinya Rayasam M Rahul Babu Pooja Menon Priyanka Golchha Nitish huria Siddhesh Tanaji Kasture Rima Patni G.PRABHU TEJA Uttama Swaroop Apoorv Joshi Pranshu Saxena Shreya Murali Shivana Bajaj Amit Agarwal Shahidha Chisang Deori Isha Chhatwal Sri Sai Chaithanya Aditi Shah Varsha H. P. Sri Rekha Sanka Yusuf Hashim Vash Gosalia Sulakshana karkala G. Shyam Prasad Sheik Akram Sahana Shenoy Sri Deepak V N S V .Chintapalli Surabhi damani Anubhuti Gandhi Isha mehrotra Nidhi mehrotra Karan Bajaj Dhruv Bhatia Aparna Menon Aditi Phadnis VARALAKSHMI Prerana Tripathy PRATHIBHA.SRIRANGAM Shraddha sepuri Ridhdhi Patel Jini Drolia Mayanka Vij Rahil Shah Anush Ramdass nethra madhan C Lakshmi Mounika NavaSai Krishna Alaparthi Kaushik Lakshmi Tunuguntla Mohit Sai Kumar.Suryadevara Potluri Sreedevi Parimi Ranjith Kumar SHASHANK MISHRA Riddhima Saha Zaki Abhinav Shrivastava Jeeldaswani Sanchari Ghosh Rohit Toranala Srividya Sivalenka Sumeet Sharma Rahul chandra Sanjeev T George Shubham Saha Goutham atluri Sukanya Mittal Kanakamedala Sai Surya Antra Karmakar VAISHAK K P Himani Baru Nainika Krishnan Manoj B B.SUNDEEP Aparna Shankar Nanditha Sumedh Ambokar Neha Barolia Aishwarya Poojary ANYA LUTHRA Adityadev Singh Sindhu Kommidi Nikhil George Ankita Ankur Sambhare Digvijay Kaushik Vikasnath Yandamuri Saripella Mukesh Varma Neeth Mangalat Dayan Sunny Sashankha Tallapudi Anand U Neeharika bhogi Mounika Kancheti Satvik Mahajan Arvind Rao CHETAN MALHOTRA Utkarsh Singh Sucheta Chakraborty Mathesh Meghna Pradeep Kumar.p G.SHRAVAN KUMAR Siddharth Mehta Neha maheshwari Aditi Vasu Kartik Vyas Saket Srivastava Chitvan Varshneya Ritu Panchal Sharayu Karkare ARUN U. HIRAN Sai Priyanka Yogender D Prabhu B.Mounika Koka Sri Silpa Shyam Padmanabhan Shilpa GNS Punitha shree.T Rohit Thakur Vinith Srinivas Paridhi Poddar Nupoor Agrawal Pallavi Dhok Vignesh K Aiyer UMANG GHILDYAL Vishal Sharma Raveena Gupta Pallavi Bhamare Akshay Verma Namita Sethi Meghana Sarvepalli Rishita Raghuram Kodati Sushmitha Tadakamadla Chris Richard Vamshi Sreya Roy Chowdhury Nidhi Chaudhary Vipassana Vijayarangan Rittika sethi Kunal Milind Jog Meghana Reddy Manya Krishna Aishwarya Rao Bharani Muppavarapu Katabathula.srikanth sailaja Vishnu AD Mandli Neha Reddy Ashwini Samar Khandelwal V.BATHRI Affreen shahanaz Mohammad Athena Karumbaya Atitya Venkatesh Ragul SHEPHALI GUPTA Prashant Dasamantarao Chirag Sarawagi Vishnu Bharath Sanjeevi Mohammad Shakeb Khan Shiva Sruthi Sanghamitra Sengupta Siddharth Kapoor Neha Mathen Dhriti divakar Rasmiya Sheikh Asha Paul Priya Varkey Priyanka Gupta Annavarapu vishal PRASOON PRAKASH Natasha De Souza Faria Deeksha Kinjavdekar Shruti Gupta Deepak Yadav Akash Sharma Sudhanshu Singh Astha Banthia Esha Rahul Roopal Suhag ABHISHEK GOYANKA Krishna Prakash Sankaramanchi Gaurav Sheth Yash hurkat Raj Mahesh Meghwani Shriya Prakash Rughwani Rajat Sharma Dikshika Kapoor Mehul Goenka Sindhoora Kommineni Goli Sravani Darshna Sharma Parul Raghuwanshi Harshit Purohit Tarek Firoze Akhtar Ashwin Mohandas Shijoy Mathew Harsha N Vivek Arora Arman Sethi Gaurav Nanda Sreekumar Nandakumar Ramya Venkat ROHIT SUNKARI Pooja Agarwal Rohit Ram Manohar Malavika Gode SRIRAM SUPRAJA Priya Singh Aanchal Elias Anita Zeitzschel SANKALP VERMA Ganesh R Riya Ishan John Ninan Nakul Raj Ritika Bali Abhijith.s Sohail Rao Madala Ramya K Jennifer David Ayushi Ayush Sengupta Anushka kumari Dipshika Damani Sujana Kommanapalli Siva Sankalp Ruchira nandeshwar Vedhavyas Singareddi Vinamra Yadav SHRISTI BANERJEE Neha Bhomia Sudev R V Sunny Paul Poornima Shetty Cardts Nanthoor CH Poornima Shetty Raichand Vikas Paryani Anna Siddharth Sharma Kidambi.R.S.Prasanth Kiran Ranjita Pai Kasturi Sonia Susan Sanjana Rao Ashitha Mohandas Nair Elizabeth Mary Mathew Swetha R Naik Akshita Madan Naurain Bai H Laksh Agarwal Mohasina N M Anjaly K Rao Sheryl N Sani Kavitha Nair Shereen Sarah George Annette Augustus Megha G Rao Nishitha S N Minnu Shaji Akriti Kumar Aromal Saju Kunnath Rohan Kumar Anju Jayan Anuja Joseph Meenakshy Sasikumar Natasha Thomas Ambika Bhat K S tejaswi varsha lohia Namratha N K Charanyaa Sampath Veda Joel Royston Fernandes Sonali Rajapu Vijetha Alva Naren Raghavendra Suri Saee Kanekar "Gouri Ram " Niha Fathima Naura Fathima Nikhil Mascarenhas Archana Pai M Neha Kamath Salome Elita D'souza Chaya Daphne D'cunha Devika Preethi Sakshi Shetty Nallapaneni.sowmya Bhushan Kiran Chavan Abhilash Arora Advait Kelkar Aswhin P Jibin M Joy Akhila P Vipul Seth Sherene Maria Kurien Aelpula Santosh Kumar Revathi P Lincy A SAI TEJASWI CHIMALAKONDA Marissa Komal Pinto Praseeda Shamith kumar Amith Prakash Umang Goswami Neil Renault Coelho Anubha jain Bhavya shukla Ashwin Chide Sifin Cherupilly AbdulKarim Parul Godshalwar Rakesh Boyina Dheeraj Sena K.Andrew Aashish Abheek Maiti Aswin Menon Arjun Sharma Nehal Singla Shibin George Varghese Saphal Anand Sherin Josephin B R Rohit Amulya Robbi Anuja Saxena Lulu Rasheed Vinita Surendra Singh Fagun Jain Deepika DSouza PRIYANKA ARORA Harsha Sri.Vundavalli Vaishali Jain Arun John Namrata Kalsi suchita vyas Anamica Singh PALLAVI SHARMA Gaurav Agrawal Chaitanya Anjana Ravi Alin Choubey Dhara Maru Chandini Dugar RUCHIKA RAUT Jagadeesh Shreenidhi Harini Sutaria HARSHIKA KHANNA Ankita Goswami Paresh patil Suhail Hassan Adwiteey Raj Shishodia Abdul Ahad Alisha Jane Mendonca Prajna D'Silva Karan Bhaskarwar Jithin George




With an estimated 31 million orphans in India, our best hope of impacting the true scale of the problem is to work towards changing and improving the way the existing system of shelters operates. 34

W HAT'S NEX T @ NEXT STEPS Maintain our focus on scaling quality of impact rather than reach. Expand educational programmes from English into support for Science, Math and English. Expand our Propel and Discover programmes. Expand number of volunteers per child to improve quality of impact. Partner with other expert organizations where we either deploy their methodologies using our own scalable delivery network, or support them to deliver their pieces of the puzzle in tandem with ours. In 2014 we will pilot this to increase our impact from Dream Camps.

We range our planning in a way that ensures that our annual plan remains firmly in line with our long term aspirations. Over the next 3 years we will lay foundations for longer term systemic change with a focus on the following elements: Benchmark and baseline adult outcomes to help us prioritise interventions better and set meaningful targets for outcomes. Scale and standardize quality of impact in existing programmes, focused on personal development, education and progression. Expand our range of empowerment programmes to cover all critical intervention points, with a focus on Life Skills, Emotional Health, Transition Readiness and After-Care. Formalise and expand the work we do to drive change in the ecosystem around the children we work with, focusing on shelter support, public awareness and understanding policy. Ensure seamless integration between all our programs, and more agile and responsive delivery. Develop thought leadership in improving outcomes for children in shelters, and in mobilising and developing young leaders.

The Next 3 Years

Stabilise delivery and increase operational efficiency. Formalise and embed Agile planning and decision making. Redesign the organisational structure at the national level and transition to ?One Big MAD?. Focus on strengthening cultural identity across teams and across cities. Start improving transferability of methodologies, knowledge sharing and regional practices. Expand dedicated team for researching outcomes to include regional Fellows and develop scalable tools for managing and analysing data.

2014-15 35


Help us do more Over the next five years, we hope to invest more per child in three key areas: - Understand their individual and collective needs better - Provide more time with volunteers that have received more training - Improve and increase our touch-points and interventions to ensure a more holistic range of support for better long term outcomes

Help us help more children UNICEF estimates there are 31 million orphans in India. Our work has only touched the tip of the iceberg. As we evolve, we hope to reach more children, either directly or by working with the state to roll-out better practices in all shelters across India. Your time, skills, donations in kind and financial support all go a long way towards helping us achieve both of these goals.

Help us lower our costs For Children: While we are able to massively reduce our costs of delivering services through a sophisticated volunteering model, our work supporting children does also incur a range of non-service costs such as Classroom Resources, Learning Books and Materials, Buses/ Local Transport for Extra-curricular Activities and Venues for Camps.

For Make A Difference: As a distributed non-profit organisation we strive to be as efficient as possible, and one of the ways we do is by eliminating drag as much as possible. We are always looking for Sponsors to help us eliminate the costs of Computing Technology (Hardware and Software), Office Equipment, Connectivity, Travel and Venues for Fellow and Volunteer Meetings..

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MAD Annual Report 13-14  
MAD Annual Report 13-14