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S P O R T S Rugby By: Sherif Rexhepi Rugby was first played in New Zealand in the 19th century. It is a game similar to football, but there are some important differences. First of all, a rugby ball is large and ovalshaped, and you can carry it as well as kick it. Secondly, you can’t throw the ball forward, only backwards or to the side. The New Zealand rugby team wore all black, and that is how they got their name, “All Blacks.” In 1905 they toured Britain and Europe, and the world saw how powerful and skillful they were. This was also the first time anyone had seen the “Haka,” a New Zealand warrior dance performed before a battle. The warriors stood in lines opposite their enemy, shouting and moving in a very threatening way. Today, the All Blacks and a number of other New Zealand teams perform the Haka before a game. It frightens their opponents and provides a great show for the fans.

Most people like sports. Some people like to do sports because it is good for your health, others play for fun. In our country sports are practiced a lot, such as soccer, volleyball, baseball, and basketball. Sports are held at school, and when tourists come in the summer they are held in the village stadium. Playing sports is my favorite, I love it. But sometimes it is not good, for example, when Albania plays against Macedonia and the people fight and burn flags. We should not do this. But sports will always be the favorite of the people.

Iker Casillas By: Lirim Xhemaili Iker Casillas was born on May 20, 1981, in Madrid, Spain. He is tall, 1.82 m, and plays as goalkeeper and captain for the team Real Madrid. Since he began playing soccer as a teenager, he has won many awards, including the World Cup twice and the title of Best European Goalkeeper. I love Iker Casillas, he is the best goalkeeper in the world.

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