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6 & 7 April 2011

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Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Preface mayor of Wageningen Wageningen is a city where knowledge and science meet. Also this time in the Career Week organised by Make a Move. During this Career Week you as a student in Wageningen get in touch with the labor market. Along with different large companies you are in a position to explore your career opportunities. In this program booklet you will read more about the activities that will happen these days. You are almost ready to enter the labor market. Make a Move Wageningen opens the doors to make your first step to a successful career with the Career Week. Career is defined in the Dutch dictionary as ‘loopbaan’; making steps in a series. Not standing still in social life, but making progress. Participating in the Career Week is the first and maybe the most important step in these series. Wageningen, The City of Life Sciences, offers students and companies an inspiring and sophisticated international environment. The Career Week creates a platform where interesting opportunities exist for both students and business. This suits the international character of Wageningen well. Therefore we are proud that in this week big companies such as Unilever, Mars and DSM have found the way to Wageningen. During the Career Week different possibilities to make contact with the present companies. Potential employers present themselves so that you have a good impression of what is going on at these companies. In the program there is also space for individual consults. Discover during the company lunches what business life has to offer for you and, not in the last place, what you have to offer for business life. In my own career I have experienced how important it is to get in touch with different institutions and companies. By making conversations and visiting companies you will explore the possibilities and be in the right positions to make decisions. It is the art to take out what is inside. The Career Week is a wonderful step to a beautiful career. I wish you the best of luck during this discovery! Geert van Rumund Mayor of Wageningen


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Table of contents Preface mayor of Wageningen 3 Introduction Make a Move coordinator


The Make a Move team 7 What is Make a Move 8 Word of Martin Kropff 10 Career Week activities 11 Company profiles


The Make a Move experience 18 Organise your own Career Week 19 How to subscribe for the Career Week


Location and costs 22 Route description 23 Colophon 25


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Mooi werk maak je niet alleen!

advertentie Grontmij

Ontdek wat onze medewerkers vertellen over werken bij Grontmij via Op deze site vind je ook ons vacatureaanbod. Grontmij is een toonaangevend internationaal ontwerp-, advies- en managementbureau. Wij leveren adviezen en ingenieursdiensten met betrekking tot de stedelijke en natuurlijke leefomgeving, multi-modale mobiliteit, schoon water en energie. Samen met onze klanten en erkende kennisinstituten plannen en realiseren wij duurzame, haalbare oplossingen. Grontmij; planning, connecting, respecting the future. Grontmij biedt jou een unieke kans. Samen werken aan een betere inrichting van landelijke en/ of stedelijke gebieden. Als professional op een bepaald vakgebied, heb je oog voor de markt en is werken aan multidisciplinaire projecten jouw passie. Jouw collega’s staan jou altijd graag met raad en daad terzijde. Je voelt je dan ook snel thuis bij Grontmij.


Talentontwikkeling en het uitbreiden van groeimogelijkheden voor onze medewerkers zijn strategische doelstellingen. Natuurlijk bieden wij uitstekende arbeidsvoorwaarden. Wil je direct van gedachten wisselen met onze recruiter, neem dan contact op met: Marieke ViĂŤtor, telefoon 030 - 220 7358.

Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Introduction Make a Move coordinator Just like most students in the start of their student life I did not really think about my future career. Making career, that is what I will do after my graduation. But after a while I got in contact with Make a Move. Make a Move organized a party, but with a serious message. Organize your future career, c ome to the Make a Move Career Week. Due to the Career Week, I experienced that my career has already started. I visited lots of different companies, even the companies that seemed not to fit my study background. A lot of interesting companies were interested in me, even if they were not working on my study area, and I became interested in them. By that time I realised the importance of these career events and I applied for Make a Move. Now I work together with a great team of 5 fantastic people working on organizing trainings, the Career Week and other activities throughout the year. This team has been very busy organizing the Career Week presented to you. They did not only organize it for themselves, they want you to enjoy it too! During these career days you can orientate, get in touch with companies, maybe there are possibilities for you to arrange an internship or you can be invited for an application at a company, everything is possible! I hope that the Make a Move Career Week can offer you what it offered me. We try to get all the students of Wageningen University in touch with different kind of companies, hopefully you see some companies that are very interesting to you. Broaden your perspective, not only by watching company presentations of companies you are already interested in. My advice is also to visit companies that you never heard or thought of. Subscribe for workshops, individual conversations and lunches, see if a company fits you and if you fit into a company. Enjoy! Harold Hoiting Coordinator Make a Move 2010 – 2011


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

The Make a Move team Make a Move is an organization that assists you from start to finish finding your way to the labour market. As a part of the international student organization AIESEC, Make a Move is situated in nine different cities in the Netherlands including Wageningen. Through the year, Make a Move organizes some activities that help you prepare your future career. For instance there are the application- and assessment- trainings, ‘The Future is Yours!’ and of course the Career Week on the 6th and 7th of April. It does not matter what study you follow, whether you are a first year student or about to graduate. We offer you trainings and workshops that are well combined with your own study program and to help you develop yourself. Do you want more information about the Make a Move activities? Take a look at our website,, or contact one of our members during the marketing weeks.

Roel Bouwknegt Company Contact Wout Huisman Company Contact Janneke Schwaner Marketing Wouter van den Hengel External Rlations Jasmijn Appels Logistics Harold Hoiting Coordinator 7

Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

What is Make a Move? One of the hardest things to find out during your studies, is what you want to do once you are finished. Do you want to work at a big company, like Unilever? Or would you rather start your own business? It takes selfknowledge to find out these things. And once you have figured out what you want to do, how are you going to make the first step? To help you in this process, Make a Move organizes a series of workshops and trainings in order to prepare you for your career. We do so by a process of three steps.

Step 1: Self Assessment The first step is called Self Assessment. It is about finding out who you are and what you want to do.

The Future is Yours!

To help you make this first step, Make a Move organizes The Future is Yours! During this one-day event, the focus is on how to get most out of student life and combining this with your study. The Future is Yours! is mainly focused on first and second year bachelor students.

What is this?? This is a Quick Response code. If you scan a QRcode with an application on your smartphone, the code will take you to a website. This QR-code for instance takes you to the Make a Move website.


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Step 2: Orientation In this phase you will start orientating on the possibilities that lie ahead for you. With the following two activities we offer you the opportunity to discover what your career might look like.

Career Week

This year the Career Week takes place on the 6th and 7th of April. During these two days there are numerous ways of getting in touch with specific companies in order to make the first contact. There are for instance company-presentations, workshops, individual conversations and company-lunches to attend.

Meet a mentor

The Meet a Mentor program is a great opportunity to experience what working in the company of your dreams is like. The Mentorship Program exists of a trail of four months, at which you get a mentor from a specific company with whom you are going to undertake different activities.


Step 3: Application This is the final stage of the Make a Move process. You now know what you want. Now, it is time to make a move!

Application- and Assessmenttraining

After orientating on the labour market it is time to send in your application. To prepare you for this final step towards your career, Make a Move organizes the Application- and Assessment-training. This training teaches you to get to work effective and structured during your application procedure. You will get tips and tricks for writing your application letter, making a clarifying CV and how you can present yourself for the best at your job application.

Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Jij weet dat een goede start meteen een voorsprong geeft.

Word jij de Rabobank? Rabobank. Een bank met ideeĂŤn.

Word of Martin Kropff Make a move. It is the perfect advise for young people to prepare for later careers. Your study will provide you with the necessary skills and expertise, but that is only the basis. Wageningen University is a leading university in the international life sciences domain. So after graduation you have the best possible certificate to work your way to the labor market. But it is not enough. You will have to be able to move, to be flexible, to be open minded‌ You need to understand that an issue hardly ever is a mere technological issue, but that other dimensions may play an important role. You will have to be able to work together with people in other fields of expertise and it is necessary to be a team player or a team leader. During your study at our university we tell you this all the time. We provide you with blended learning methods: groups, self study, classical teaching, projects etc. Again: this is only the basis. It is very important to take up other tasks next to your curricular study: organize a seminar, be active in study associations, take part in organizing open days or happenings at fraternities and be active in for instance the student council or political activities. It provides you with tools an insights to be able to understand the dynamics of the labor market and to be able to handle a career in an enterprise, your own business or in a governmental body. Of course it is nice to orient yourself on a future career: what do you want to be? A scientist, a businessman, a policy maker? And when you want to work for business enterprises make sure you know what kind of businesses you prefer. So look around and participate in career markets. But overall it is important to be flexible: when I was near my graduation I was quite sure I never wanted to be a scientist and I was orienting myself on a career in education. Then I went to Wageningen for my last thesis and I became fascinated by the Wageningen approach. So I became a scientist and a professor. I loved it and I never expected to go into management. But opportunity knocked on my door and I switched to run the plant sciences group and now I am your rector magnificus. I never planned this career to happen, but I was ready to make the right moves at the right times. And that is what is all about: make a move! Martin Kropff Rector Magnificus Wageningen University


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Career Week activities This year the Career Week takes place on the 6th and 7th of April. During the Career Week there is a list of activities organized for you to orientate on the labor market. Some are more general so that you can orientate which companies are interesting for you. Others are more specific and help you to get in touch with the company of your dreams. In this chapter you will find a list of activities to attend.

TIP! Do not be afraid to ask questions. The Career Week is meant for companies to get in touch with students, but also for you to gather information about the companies!

Company Presentations (CP)

Company presentations are an accessible way to gain general as well as more specific knowledge about companies. Different interesting companies will be present at the Make a Move Career Week and some of them will inform you through an interactive presentation which will take about 40 minutes. They will inform you about possibilities for an internship, about aspects of their organization, the working atmosphere and business culture, further (international) education possibilities and career opportunities. After the presentation, 20 minutes are left for you to ask questions. The company presentations are a great way to compare the companies of your interest and to find out which company appeals to you.

For whom? The presentations are interesting for both orientating students as well as students who are in the final stage of their study and are looking for an internship or job.

TIP! Before going to different activities with the company of your interest, it is recommended to have some information in advance. Therefore check the website or take a look at the ‘Profielboek’.


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Individual Consult (IC)

This is your chance to get into direct contact with recruiters from the top business community. During a 40 minutes consult you can make the first contact with the company of your interest. You can use these consults to arrange participation in a business course, internship or maybe even a job. Furthermore you will gain experience in carrying out an application interview. You can also choose for a more informal consult, through which you can learn more about a company by asking specific questions.

For whom? The individual consults aim at students who are looking for an internship or a starters function. Companies select students based on their CV and motivation. It is strongly recommended to upload your CV on the Make a Move website,, so that companies can invite you for an individual consult.


The individual consult is about as close as it gets to the company of your dreams on the Career Week. Be well prepared so that you can benefit from this opportunity to the fullest!

Company Dinners and Lunches (CD)

Besides the individual consults there are more opportunities to get in touch with recruiters of participating companies. One of these is a company dinner or lunch. In this informal and relaxing setting recruiters are able to answer all your questions. Besides that the informal setting of a dinner or lunch enables you to get a ‘taste’ of the atmosphere of the company.

For whom? This part aims at students who want to get in contact with companies in an informal but also very intensive way. Therefore this part is particularly interesting for students that are in the last phase of their study and are seriously orientating on the business market.


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Career Week activities Company Specific Activity (CSA)

For this part companies are challenged to organise an activity that represents the company. In this way companies get to know students on their own, original way. During this part you get to know a company in a short time. Besides that there are plenty of opportunities to make sure the company gets to know you. An example of a company specific activity is to solve a case, a more relaxing activity like a high tea or a physically active program like sporting or cooking with the company you have chosen. These activities will take about three hours. Visit to discover what kind of type of student the company of your interest is looking for.

For whom? This part of the Make a Move Career Week is particularly

aiming at students who will finish their master soon, who are seriously browsing the labor market and already TIP! know which companies they are interes- The Career Week is the opted in. portunity to orientate on the labor market, make sure you benefit from this opportunity to the fullest. Do not hesitate to approach companies, they are here for you!


Besides the company lunches there will be a lunch for all participants of the Career Week, facilitated by Hotel Restaurant ‘Nol in ‘t Bosch’. This is a great opportunity to take your time to prepare for an individual consult, to relax or to ask recruiters some questions.


At the end of the day all students and recruiters are invited to have a drink together. You can have a last nice talk with the recruiters and fill in the evaluation form of a company presentation, individual consult or company specific activity. All students are invited so there is no need to sign up for this drink.

TIP! There is no second chance for a first impression! To make sure your first impression is good, wear the right outfit. Don’t show up in your casual friday outfit. 14

Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Company profiles DSM

Royal DSM N.V. creates solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance. Its end markets include human and animal nutrition and health, personal care, pharmaceuticals, automotive, coatings and paint, electrical and electronics, life protection and housing. DSM manages its business with a focus on the triple bottom line of economic performance, environmental quality and social responsibility, which it pursues simultaneously and in parallel. DSM has annual net sales of about â‚Ź8 billion and employs some 22,700 people worldwide. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands, with locations on five continents. DSM is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.


Grontmij is een internationaal advies- en ingenieursbureau. Met bijna 8.000 professionals actief op het gebied van milieu, water, energie, bouw, indu trie en infrastructuur. Wij ontwerpen en realiseren plannen voor de toekomst door mensen en partijen in regio’s bij elkaar te brengen en met elkaar te verbinden. Wij doen dat met respect voor de omgeving, voor onze klanten en voor elkaar. Onze organisatie is op zoek naar mensen die de ambitie hebben om landelijke en/of stedelijke gebieden beter in te richten, waarbij de nadruk ligt op duurzaam en vernieuwend. In Nederland, maar ook daar buiten. In onze kennisintensieve dienstverlening maken medewerkers het verschil. Ga jij met jouw ambitie, kennis en kunde ons succes in de markt meebepalen? Of je nu een starter bent of ervaren professional. Als je meer wilt weten over jouw mogelijkheden bij Grontmij, breng dan een bezoek aan


Heineken, de werkgever in Nederland waar je baan verder gaat dan je vak. Je werkt nauw samen met andere disciplines en bent continue bezig met het optimaliseren van bedrijfsprocessen. Wij zijn het premium biermerk van Nederlandse origine, dat in meer dan 170 landen in de wereld verkrijgbaar is. En in meer dan 70 landen brouwen we Heineken bier. Vanuit onze passie voor kwaliteit. Voor meer informatie kijk op 15

Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Company profiles Heinz

H.J. Heinz Company is een van de grootste producenten van consumentenvoeding ter wereld. Het bedrijf telt bijna 33.000 medewerkers en is actief in circa 200 landen. In meer dan 50 landen neemt Heinz een nummer 1 of 2 positie in op de markt. Heinz wil, onder het motto ‘Adding flavour to your life,’ het snelst groeiende ‘food’ bedrijf in de Benelux zijn met de meest tevreden werknemers. Daarom biedt Heinz je een werkomgeving waarin je kunt ondernemen en leren en – niet onbelangrijk – ook op een plezierige manier aan het werk kunt zijn. Eenmaal bij ons aan de slag, zul je zien dat er bij ons gemotiveerde mensen werken, die betrokken zijn bij het bedrijf. De merken en producten van Heinz staan centraal. Authentieke merken en smaakvolle producten met een constant hoge kwaliteit. De combinatie van gemotiveerde mensen, kwaliteitsbewustzijn en ruimte voor ondernemen moet leiden tot een snelle, winstgevende en duurzame groei van het bedrijf.


The family owned business Mars, Incorporated, was found in 1911 and is one of the biggest private companies in the world with approximately 70.000 associates worldwide. Mars is active in the segments Chocolate (Snackfood), Pet Care, Food, Drinks and Gum. The town of Veghel in Noord-Brabant is home of one of the biggest chocolate-producing factories in the world. Here, Mars produces chocolate bars for the brands MARS®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®, BOUNTY®, MILKY WAY®, MALTESERS®, CELEBRATIONS® and MARS PLANETS®. The headquarter for the marketing and sales of Mars Snackfood and Petcare in the Netherlands is also located at Veghel. Our petcare brands are PEDIGREE®, FROLIC® AND CESAR® for dogs. WHISKAS®, SHEBA®, KITEKAT®, CATSAN® and PERFECT FIT® for cats. Oud-Beijerland is the location for the biggest food factory of Mars Europe. Here we produce Oriental and Mediterranean sauces for the brands UNCLE BEN’S®, SUZI WAN®, DOLMIO® and SEEDS OF CHANGE® (100% organic). Working with Mars is a challenge. Working in small teams in an open office where everybody sits together. A world in which persistence is the directory and freedom is the rule, not the exception. We are always looking for talent. With Mars we believe in people and potential. That’s why we’re always looking for the best people and give them an opportunity to grow. Are you theat talent who likes to work in a challenging environment? Come see us during the Make A Move Career week! 16

Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011


Nunhems® is a global specialist in vegetable seeds and sharing products, concepts and expertise adding value to the professional horticultural production industry and supply chain. Nunhems is a leading supplier of varieties based on a specialized and personal approach and a proximity to the main markets with breeding, screening, sales and expert advice around the globe. With more than 1,500 employees, Nunhems is present in all major vegetable production areas. The company is active in research, plant breeding, production, processing and marketing and sales of vegetable varieties for the professional vegetable production and supply business.


Pepsico is de tweede Food- & Beverages concern ter wereld en is te vinden in 200 landen. Met 285.00 medewerkers is PepsiCo actief in drie vershillende segmenten (dranken, ontbijtgranen en hartige tussendoortjes), een aantal merken die hieronder vallen zijn Lays, Duyvis en Quaker. In Nederland is het hoofdkantoor van PepsiCo gevestigd in Utrecht. PepsiCo heeft daarnaast nog drie fabrieken in Nederland. De Chipsfabriek zit in Broek op Langedijk, Duyvis in Zaandam en de Quakerfabriek staat in Rotterdam. Bij PepsiCo in Nederland werken ongeveer 850 mensen. Bij Make a Move zal PepsiCo een workshop en een presentatie over de organisatie geven. Zo kom je er achter hoe een dag in het leven van een PepsiCo’er eruit ziet. Als je bij PepsiCo werkt zit je in een jonge en dynamische omgeving. Bij PepsiCo is er volop de mogelijkheid je verder te ontwikkelen samen met je andere PepsiCo collega’s.

TIP! Make sure you have the right attitude at the Career Week. Be yourself and show interest in the companies you will attend. 17

Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Company profiles Rabobank

De Rabobank Groep bestaat uit ruim 140 lokale Rabobanken, Rabobank Nederland, Rabobank International en een groot aantal gespecialiseerde dochterondernemingen. Met bijna 60.000 medewerkers over de hele wereld werken we betrokken en gedreven aan onze ambities: marktleider in Nederland en mondiaal nummer één in food & agribusiness. In veel opzichten onderscheidt de Rabobank zich van andere banken: we zijn de grootste financiële dienstverlener van Nederland, we zijn Europees marktleider op het gebied van internetbankieren, we behoren mondiaal gezien tot de 20 grootste financiële instellingen en we zijn wereldwijd actief in 48 landen met 637 buitenlandse vestigin splaatsen. Tot zover de zakelijke kant. De Rabobank heeft ideeën. Sterker nog, de Rabobank is meer dan honderd jaar geleden opgericht op basis van een idee. Het idee om samen een bank te beginnen, zonder aandeelhouders. Het idee van de coöperatie. Een ouderwets woord misschien, maar in feite actueler dan ooit. Want juist dit idee zorgt ervoor dat het belang van de klant telt. En die kan zich, juist door samen te werken, ontplooien zoals hij of zij dat wil. Dit idee werkt voor onze klanten. Als dit idee ook voor jou werkt, dan zijn wij benieuwd of jij de Rabobank wordt. Kijk voor meer informatie op www.rabobank. nl/werken.


Rijk Zwaan is an independent, international organization, engaged in the development of new vegetable varieties. In the top 10, globally-operating vegetable breeding companies, Rijk Zwaan takes up a mid-position. Its 1,800 employees work all over the world with great involvement, loyalty and dedication. The company culture is, therefore, characterized by motivating management and a good working atmosphere. We are engaged in the development of healthy food. Our company specializes in breeding, producing and selling vegetable seed. So if you were to join Rijk Zwaan you would be contributing to the creation of an essential product: the basis of our vegetables.In our company there is a great variety of jobs waiting for you, from laboratory work to logistics and from breeding to ICT. 18

Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Rijk Zwaan is growing. We are constantly looking for new and motivated personnel. When you come to work for us, you are assured of a position with a firm contract, within a continually developing organization. Has all this aroused your curiosity about working at Rijk Zwaan? Visit our presentation at Make a Move Wageningen or visit our website www.workatrijkzwaan. com.

Royal Cosun

Royal Cosun is een agro-industrieel concern en stevig geworteld in de primaire sector. Wij maken ingrediënten en producten voor voeding en in toenemende mate ook voor non-foodtoepassingen. Onze klanten zijn te vinden in de levensmiddelenindustrie, foodservice en retail. Onze bedrijven ontwikkelen, produceren en verkopen: Cosun werd ruim honderd jaar geleden opgericht door Nederlandse suikerbietentelers die zich verenigden in een coöperatie. Op dit moment telt de coöperatie circa 10.500 leden/ aandeelhouders en is uitgegroeid tot een onderneming met ruim 4.000 medewerkers en een concernomzet van circa € 1,7 miljard.


Werken aan een betere toekomst, iedere dag. Dat is Unilever’s visie. Wij helpen mensen zich goed te voelen, er goed uit te zien en meer uit het leven te halen met merken en diensten die goed zijn voor hen én voor anderen. Ons voortdurende succes steunt op nieuwe ideeën. Wij zoeken daarom ondernemende academici die intitiatieven nemen en kansen benutten en die geen uitdaging uit de weg gaan. Wil je meer weten over de mogelijkheden bij Unilever en onze Management Traineeships? Kom dan naar onze bedrijfspresentatie of schrijf je in voor één van de andere activiteiten


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

The Make a Move experience Dear Student, About five years ago I was in the third year of my study program and I was not familiar with the job market at all. Therefore I joined the Make a Move career week in 2005. The career event impressed me by the amount of presentations and information, while the recruiters weren’t very interested in me yet. What I had remembered, was that an active student life will contribute to developing your own skills and it will be helpful for your job application as well. The next year I joined AIESEC as a company contact for the Make a Move career week 2006. As a company contact you have to sell your student city to the relevant companies. Together with your team you facilitate the match between the company and the student by organizing application courses, pre assessments and the final event; the Make a Move Career Week! The year as a company contact within the Make a Move team and within the AIESEC committee has been a great experience. I have met many people from all over the world and I have learned to work together with people with a different background and a different view. Next to that you have the opportunity to join National Congresses, where we have discussed different management models and trained our skills. This was a very good preparation for my own career. When I was looking for a job at the end of my study in 2008, I was informed and well prepared for the job market due to the Make a Move career week and the AIESEC experience. That’s why I would like to recommend everybody to start with the orientation on the job market as soon as you get the chance. If you know what the market has to offer, you are able to prepare yourself and eventually work on your skills. This will definitely increase your job opportunities. As a final remark I would like to wish you a successful Make a Move career event and hopefully a good orientation or even a match! Marcel Hoekstra (Business consultant) Make a Move – Company contact 2005 / 2006


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Organize your own Career Week A large event like the Career Week takes lots of preparations. Throughout the year, Make a Move Wageningen works with a motivated team of 6 people to organize this annual event. Finding a location, asking companies to come to the Career Week, arranging posters and flyers, taking care of local sponsorships and designing the Career Week magazine are just some of the activities we do to organize the Career Week. Are you interested in organizing a large activity with a motivated team? Are you looking for a challenge beside your study? Do you want to gain board experience, but preferably combine this with your study? Than Make a Move is something for you! Enjoy the Make a Move experience yourself! Send an e-mail to and we will keep you informed on the application possibilities.

Can’t wait to apply for Make a Move?


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

: r a e y s i h t To do’s for

ings n i a r t e z i n Orga nies a p m o c t c Conta g n i t e k r a m Arrange azine g a m k e e rW e e r a C n g i Des eek W r e e r a C n Fix locatio BLE A T T E G R O NF U N A E V A H YEAR!!!

And you??

Are you looking for a challenge beside your study? Do you want to gain board experience, but do you still want to score studypoints? Than Make a Move is something for you! Send an email to and we will keep you informed on application possibilities.

How to subscribe for the Career Week Subscribing for the Career Week is possible at our information stands on various locations on the Wageningen University from 31 January until 25 February. You can also subscribe for the Careeer Week online. Follow the following steps for your online subscription.


Step 1.

Do not forget to upload your CV and motivational letter at least 6 weeks before the Career Week. Companies will Step 2. select students based on CV’s Log on to the website. If you do not have and motivational letters. a Make a Move account yet, you need to create an account first. Please check if your data are correct. Go to the website wageningen.

Step 3.

Go to the tab ‘Events’ (evenementen in Dutch). Here you will find all activities the Make a Move Career Week has to offer you.

Step 4.

Select the activities on the Career Week you would like to attend and subscribe.

Step 5.

Upload an up to date CV on our website. Companies select students for the individual consults, companies lunches, companies dinners and company specific activities based on CV’s. It is therefore important to upload your CV on time on the website If you encounter any problems with your online subscription, feel free to come by at our information stand or at our office at Lawickse Allee 13. After you have succesfully subscribed for the Career Week you will receive an e-mail with the different activities you have selected. One week before the Career Week you will also receive an e-mail containing your personal schedule for the Career Week.

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Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Location and costs This year the Career Week will take place on 6th and 7th of April at Hotel Restaurant ‘Nol in ‘t Bosch’ in Wageningen. This beautiful Hotel Restaurant is located just outside Wageningen in the forest between Renkum and Wageningen- Hoog. Address Hartenseweg 60 6704 PA Wageningen Tel. 0317-319101 Charges Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011 Both days 15 euro The prices include a lunch during the day and a drink at the end of the day. Lunchtime: Also this year there will be a luxurious lunch, facilitated by Hotel Restaurant ‘Nol in ‘t Bosch’. This is a great opportunity to take your time and prepare for an individual consult, to relax or to ask questions to recruiters. Drink: At the end of each day all students and recruiters will have a drink together. Have a nice talk with the recruiters and fill in the evaluation form of your company presentation, individual consult or company specific activity. All participating students are invited to the drink and there is no need to sign up for this activity.


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Route descriptions By car: From direction Utrecht/ Ede • • • • •

Take exit 24- Wageningen direction Bennekom/ Ede Turn left at the second traffic light Take the second exit at the roundabout After 1.4 km take a right turn onto the Hartenseweg After 1.9 km you will arrive at hotel restaurant ‘Nol in ‘t Bosch’

From direction Arnhem/ Nijmegen • • • • •

Take exit 19- Renkum and take the N225 direction Wageningen Turn right at the second traffic light after approximately 3 km Take the second left after 300m After 500m keep to the right onto the Beukenlaan After 950m you will arrive at hotel restaurant ‘Nol in ‘t Bosch’

From the Droevendaalsesteeg (Forum building)

• Take the roundabout direction south towards the centre of Wagen ingen • At the traffic lights go straight ahead • At the third roundabout take the third exit • After 2.7 km turn left • You have arrived at hotel restaurant ‘Nol in ‘t Bosch’

By public transport from the busstation • • • • • •

Take bus 86 or 51 direction Arnhem Central Station Step of the bus at stop ‘Europalaan’ after about 7 minutes Walk in North- western direction onto the Europalaan After 400m take a left onto the Waterweg After 130m take a right onto the Hartenseweg After 950m you will arrive at hotel restaurant ‘Nol in ‘t Bosch’

Where is Nol in ‘t Bosch?


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011

Board functions Summer projects International exchange It’s up to you! 26

GO ABROAD, GO AIESEC! Carriéreweek 6 & 7 April 2011

Colophon The Make a Move Career Week Magazine is compiled on the occasion of the Make a Move Career Week Wageningen, held on the 6th and 7th of April 2011.

Redaction address

Make a Move Wageningen Lawickse Allee 13 Room 007 6701 AN Wageningen Tel. 0317-422264 E-mail:


Wouter van den Hengel

Organizing committee Career Week Wageningen 2011 Harold Hoiting Coordinator Janneke Schwaner Marketing Jasmijn Appels Logistics Roel Bouwknegt Company Contact Wout Huisman Company Contact Wouter van den Hengel External Relations Circulation 1000

Thanks to

Make a Move the Netherlands All Make a Move cities AIESEC Wageningen Wageningen University G.J.M. van Rumund Martin Kropff Marcel Hoekstra All participating companies


Career Week 6 & 7 April 2011


[kuh-reer] noun: a field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life

Program Magazine Careerweek 2011  

This is the program magazine of the Make a Move Careerweek 2011

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