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umber fifty-four, the house with the bamboo door, bamboo roof and bamboo walls, they've even got a bamboo floor! (...) It's-a made of sticks. Sticks and bricks, but you can get your kicks in the house of bamboo. Bill Crompton & Norman Murrels Š Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


Deborah Farnault - Beasts 1

Azuma Makoto - Green Dog House 2


Amandine Freyd - Mauvaises Herbes (series)


Sandrine Pelletier - Salon Alice Bailly Installation


Evor - Orchid Clown

Deborah Farnault - Wild Things Are 5


Sandrine Pelletier - Salon Alice Bailly Installation


Amandine Freyd - Mauvaises Herbes (series)


Yiran Huang - Plant (series)


Deborah Farnault - Wild Things Are 1



Evor - Karst


Mona Caron - Weeds (series)


Evor - Karst


Mona Caron - Weeds (series)

Trystan Matthey - Plantes (series)


Yana Mikho-Misho - Silkscreen Lily Of The Valley


’est la définition d’un entretien minimal. Je ne l’ai jamais taillée, la plante semble avoir évolué avec pour seule limite, les parois de la bouteille. David Latimer Arrosée seulement en 1972, sa plante a créé son propre éco-système


Sophie Le Meillour - Touch Me


Kathryn Zazenski - Microbiocosmichemic (series)


Alyssa Ellis - The Laboratory of Toxic Maturation


Wendy DesChene & Jeff Schmuki - Dueling Attackaratus


Eric Schimpf - Herbe (series)

Microcollection - Art sowings



contemporary art, Fluxus, y artPop Art, Minimal Art, fragment Conceptual Art, Arte Povera collection and many renowned Italian and started in international artists like Joseph 1990 when I was visiting the Beuys, Daniel Buren, Tony British Pavilion at the Venice Cragg, Richard Long, Alberto Biennale and, almost by chance, Burri, Lucio Fontana, Piero picked up a few art-fragments Gilardi, Giulio Paolini and many that had accidentally fallen onto others. the floor from a fantastic work by Anish Kapoor. The fragments are mounted on ordinary laboratory These microparticles, slides, and can be viewed overlooked by everyone else, under a microscope during were an illumination! From itinerant Cabinets de regard. then on, the search was for new Microcollection is characterized micro-acquisitions that would by biological and scientific otherwise be trodden underfoot aspects that hopefully change and chucked out with the the perspective on art. rubbish: since then I have saved from oblivion hundreds of art In 2008 I built up an idea fragments. that sedimented for years on the real essence of art, my Art Microcollection owns an sowings, areas, pots, flowerbeds important collection of planted and cultivated with art,


with valuable microparticles of artworks whose titles clearly show the selection criteria adopted: The 3-metre tree by Giuseppe Penone, Watermelons by Piero Gilardi, Garden by Paul McCarthy, Phosphorescent Yellow Roses, woody by Jeanne Silverthorne, and so on.

Microcollection Art sowings evoke all kinds of sensations and not merely those visible to the eye in addition to traditional sowings and lead the public to a deeper perception of reality and art. The public can imagine any kind of plants to grow with a poetical and futuristic look.

Benches or chairs are set in the art-planted areas so as the public can sit and wait for an art-garden to grow in a thought-provoking space, a meeting point where the work of art starts a process that changes the way we look at the “art system� and represents a beneficial wait that stimulates creativity and starts thought spaces in the contemplation of growing art gardens. I trust that a new brand of cultural-artistic humus contributes to enrich life.

In 2012 I gave life to Guided tours to a Microcollection Art Sowing in the Estensi Gardens in Varese in Italy conducted by 6 art students and the experience was engaging both for the guides and the public. It was a hymn to creativity and imagination. More Guided tours to Microcollection Art sowings followed in Brescia, Olgiate Olona, Valcamonica, etc and generated the same intriguing feelings.

Microcollection - Art sowings


Microcollection - Art sowings

Jay Gould - H.G. Wells Potato

Jonathan Johnson - Backyard Topographic III



Kathryn Zazenski - Microbiocosmichemic (series)


Rachel Yurkovich - Stunted Growth (series)



Rachel Yurkovich - Stunted Growth (series)


he leaves of one of America favorite garden shrubs, when dried and smoked, will get a person quite stoned. (...) Hydrangea leaves contain a chemical that belongs to the cyanide family. The high derived from this is an example of subtoxic inebriation, in which there is a fairly narrow margin between pleasurable and toxic doses. The greatest dangers are either from smoking too much or too often. Lucia Cristiani Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora


Carlos Vergara - Fantasy Branch


Lucia Cristiani - Let Me Crazy


Alyssa Ellis - Death Is Certain

Michel Ducerveau - Nazi Nurses vs Carnivorous Plants


Adele Van Heerden - Horror Plants


Jon MacNair - Fierce Bouquet


Ling-lin Ku - Food For Thought


Michel Ducerveau - Ex-pornstar vs Carnivorous Plants


Sophie Le Meillour - Cosmic Experimentation


Sophie Le Meillour - Autiste


Evor - Anema

Jon MacNair - Awakenings


Evor - Armadoirie

Yiran Huang - Plant (series)


Fabien Merelle - Le Corps de l'Arbre (series)



Lita Poliakova - Untitled (series)


Zainab Hoseini - Sans titre


Jay Gould - Symmetry

Fabien Merelle - Le Corps de l'Arbre (series)


Jay Gould - Alien Cucumber


e monde entier est un cactus. Il est impossible de s'assoir. Dans la vie, il y a qu'des cactus. Moi je me pique de le savoir. Aïe aïe aïe, ouille, aïe aïe aïe. Dans leurs coeurs, il y a des cactus. Dans leurs porte-feuilles, il y a des cactus. Sous leurs pieds, il y a des cactus. Dans leurs gilets, il y a des cactus. Jacques Dutronc Les Cactus (1966)


Karin Bos - Lost 2


Azuma Makoto - Herman Miller Aeron Chair


Amandine Freyd - Mauvaises Herbes (series)


Yana Mikho-Misho - Somewhere in Arizona


Emille de Blanche - Here We Are Again



t's not that easy being green. Having to spend each day the color of the leaves. When I think it could be nicer being red, or yellow or gold or something much more colorful like that. It's not easy being green. It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things. And people tend to pass you over 'cause you're not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water - or stars in the sky. Kermit the Frog The Sesame Street Book & Record (1970)


Azuma Makoto - Leaf Man (series)


Eric Schimpf - Herbe (series)


Azuma Makoto - Leaf Man (series)

Eric Schimpf - Herbe (series)


Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen - Eyes as Big as Plates (series)

Jason DeMarte - Awesome Blossom


Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen - Eyes as Big as Plates (series)


Eric Schimpf - Herbe (series)

Cecile Ibarra - Still journey

Wendy DesChene & Jeff Schmuki - Dueling Attackaratus, PlantBots (series)

http://player.vimeo.com/video/146534779 (20’48’’)

Eric Schimpf - Les Racines du Pendu


Jason DeMarte - Purple Mountain Majesty


http://soundcloud.com/make8elieve/m8-8 (5’30’’)

Botanist - Flame of the Forest


Fabien Merelle - Le Corps de l'Arbre (series)

Jason DeMarte - Manifest Destiny


A#Z Karin Bos (NL) Lost 2

www.karinbos.info p96-97 Botanist (US AZ)

Flame of the Forest

www.botanist.nu p123, Sound

Alyssa Ellis (CA)

The Laboratory of Toxic Maturation, Death Is Certain

p38-39, p64-65 Evor (F)

Orchid Clown, Karst, Anema, Armadoirie

Mona Caron (US CA)

www.evor.fr p13, p25, p28-29, p78-79, p81

www.monacaron.com p26-27, p30-31, p132-133

Deborah Farnault (F/US NY)

Weeds (series)

Lucia Cristiani (I) Let Me Crazy

facebook.com/lucia.cristiani.16 p61-63 Emille de Blanche (SE) Here We Are Again

www.emilledeblanche.com p104-105 Jason DeMarte (US MI) Awesome Blossom, Purple Mountain Majesty, Manifest Destiny

www.jasondemarte.com p114-115, p120-121, p124-125 Michel Ducerveau (EU)

Nazi Nurses vs Carnivorous Plants, Ex-pornstar vs Carnivorous Plants

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Beasts 1, Wild Things Are 1 & 5

www.deborahfarnault.com p6, p14-15, p22-23 Amandine Freyd (F)

Mauvaises Herbes (series)

www.amandinefreyd.fr p10-11, p18-19, p100-101 Jay Gould (US MD) H.G. Wells Potato, Symmetry, Alien Cucumber

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Karoline Hjorth (NO) Riitta Ikonen (FIN)

Eyes as Big as Plates (series)

www.eyesasbigasplates.com p113, p116-117 Zainab Hoseini (ZA) Sans titre


A#Z Yiran Huang (CN) Plant (series)

www.instagram.com/luckyleopardran p20-21, p82-83 Cecile Ibarra (F) Still journey

vimeo.com/user13492608 p118, Video Jonathan Johnson (US OH) Backyard Topographic III

www.jonathanjohnson.net p51 Ling-lin Ku (CN/US VA)

Azuma Makoto (JP)

Green Dog House 2, Herman Miller Aeron Chair (series), Leaf Man (series)

www.azumamakoto.com p8-9, p98-99, p106, p110-111 Trystan Matthey (CH) Plantes (series)


Fabien Merelle (F)

Le Corps de l'Arbre (series)

www.fabienmerelle.com p84-87, p90, p92-93

Food For Thought

Microcollection (I)

Sophie Le Meillour (CH)

www.microcollection.it p44-49


Touch Me, Cosmic Experimentation, Autiste (with G. de La Montagne)

www.sophielemeillour.ch p34-35, p74-77 Jon MacNair (US OR) Savage Leaves, Rotten, Fierce Bouquet, Awakenings

www.jonmacnair.com p5, p24, p56-57, p69, p80, Cover title Mademoiselle Maurice (F) Natural Paper Spectrum

www.mademoisellemaurice.com p130-131

Art sowings

Yana Mikho-Misho (US OH) Silkscreen Lily Of The Valley, Somewhere in Arizona

www.mikhomisho.com p33, p102-103

Veronika Neukirch (MY) Sterile Jungle

www.veronikaneukirch.com p2-5, p134-137 Sandrine Pelletier (CH)

Salon Alice Bailly Installation

www.sandrinepelletier.com p12, p16-17, Cover Lita Poliakova (RU) Untitled (series)

www.litapoliakova.com p88

A#Z Eric Schimpf (CH)

Herbe (series), Les Racines du Pendu

www.eric-schimpf.ch p108-109, p112, p118-119, Videos Wendy DesChene (CA) Jeff Schmuki (US AZ) Dueling Attackaratus, PlantBots (series)

www.monsantra.com www.wendydeschene.com www.jeffschmuki.com p40-41, p118, Video Adele Van Heerden (ZA) Horror Plants, Artichoke illustration

adelevanheerden.tumblr.com p68, p129 Carlos Vergara (CO) Fantasy Branch

www.carlosvergara.co p60-61 Rachel Yurkovich (US OH) Stunted Growth (series)

www.rachelyurkovich.com p54-55, p58-59 Kathryn Zazenski (CH)

Microbiocosmichemic (series)

cargocollective.com/kathrynzazenski p36-37, p52-53

MAKE8ELIEVE is usually an online magazine, born of a collaboration between two artists, Michelle Marie Murphy (Chicago, Illinois) and Baptiste Lefebvre (Cetusss) (Geneva, Switzerland). With MAKE8ELIEVE, we’d like to build international connections by publishing creative interpretations of one topic per issue. We believe we can organize an intelligent, challenging, and well designed magazine with contemporary and unusual topics. For this eighth issue, we invite Sober and Lonely Institute for Contemporary Art's team from Johannesburg (South Africa) to join the team of Make8elieve to select the works and build this web edition. MAKE8ELIEVE est un magazine principalement en ligne, résultat d’une collaboration entre deux artistes, Michelle Marie Murphy vivant à Chicago dans l’Illinois et Baptiste Lefebvre (Cetusss) vivant à Genève en Suisse. Avec MAKE8ELIEVE, nous désirons construire et étendre des connexions internationales à partir d’interprétations d’un sujet différent et atypique à chaque numéro. Nous désirons créer de beaux objets virtuels, un magazine intelligent et stimulant aux sujets contemporains et inhabituels. Pour ce huitième numéro, nous invitons l'équipe du Sober & Lonely Institute for Contemporary Art de Johannesburg (Afrique du Sud) à rejoindre l'équipe de Make8elieve pour sélectionner les oeuvres et construire cette édition. SWITZERLAND # ILLINOIS # SOUTH AFRICA www.soberandlonely.org www.make8elieve.com # 11.2015


Adele Van Heerden - Artichoke illustration

Mademoiselle Maurice - Natural Paper Spectrum



Mona Caron - Weeds (series)

Veronika Neukirch - Sterile Jungle



Profile for Michelle & Baptiste


MAKE8ELIEVE is usually an online magazine, born of a collaboration between two artists, Michelle Marie Murphy (Chicago, Illinois) and Baptis...


MAKE8ELIEVE is usually an online magazine, born of a collaboration between two artists, Michelle Marie Murphy (Chicago, Illinois) and Baptis...

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