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Getting Started How to access British Orienteering eLearning

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Getting Started - 1


British Orienteering will have sent you a username and password. Enter them to login. You must type the words exactly, matching the capitals and lower case letters, numbers and any other symbols.

Getting Started - 2

Your home page

On your home page you'll find links to the course or courses you are enrolled on.

Getting Started - 3

Your course contents page

Getting Started - 4

Course topics

Getting Started - 5

First: say Hello!

For example, before you begin tackling the course content, you need to introduce yourself to your fellow learners in the 'Welcome' discussion forum. A greyed out title means you need to complete a previous activity before you can access other items in the course.

Getting Started - 6

Ticked done

The system will automatically tick activities that you've attempted, completed or viewed.

First topic opens

Now the first topic opens, it's no longer greyed out, and you can get on with the course. In the example above, you will need to view 1.1 before the 1.2 Discussion opens. Getting Started - 7

Navigate with the 'Breadcrumb trail'

When you view a resource such as a webpage, download a pdf, or when you complete an activity - use the breadcrumb trail to navigate back to the course area.

Getting to know you

On any course, it's always good to get to know each other. Your learner profile helps people get to know you, including your trainer. Wherever you see your name you can click on it to go to your personal profile page. To edit your profile, click on your name then 'Edit Profile.'

Getting Started - 8

Starting a Quiz

Any grade or score that you achieve in a quiz is for information or self-assessment only, it does not count towards you passing the course.

Quiz questions example

You'll come across a variety of different types of questions - e.g. true/false, multiple choice, short written answers...

Getting Started - 9

Quiz navigation shows questions done

When you've attempted a question, the question number is filled in grey.

Submitting your answers

Getting Started - 10

Confirm you want to finish quiz

This confirms you want to finish this attempt, but you can try the quiz again as many times as you like.

Quiz review

Now the quiz navigation shows which answers you got right (green) and which wrong (red).

Getting Started - 11

Quiz feedback

You will also see some feedback for each question, helping you learn. There may also be links to external websites where you can gather further information.

Getting Started - 12

Communicating with others

You can see who else is on the course, including your trainer, and communicate with them through comments.

Getting Started - 13


Deleting your own comments

Getting Started - 14

Logging out

When you've finished for the day, log out.

Getting Started - 15

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Getting Started  

Getting started with British Orienteering eLearning.