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Water i ng the Ai r ?

Topic • The topic of this article is that studies show that farming may be decreasing the temperature in the Midwest region and the rainfall increasing the rainfall.

Who? • David Changnon and his team studied the rainfall and climate temperatures in the Midwest region from 1930 to now and say that the temp. has gone done by 1 degree Fahrenheit and 0.33 inches more rain has fell between 1970-2009.

What? • The temperature has gone down and rainfall has gone up.


•From 1930 to Now!


•In the Midwest Region!

Why? • Since farming has become more popular and more of a demand, it has increased by a lot. The soybean and corn crops alone have increased by 97%. This means the air has more water in it and more humidity. There are more fields and more plants per acre now then in 1930. The plants release moisture into the air as they grow causing the air to be more humid. Humid air releases more water through

Affecting The local Community • This affects our community by we live in the Midwestern region, so we could see lower temperatures and more rainfall. This could eventually freeze plants and we could have less sunny summer days. This would not happen now but in the next 100 years. It will take more tests before irrigation can be blamed for the changes in temp. and rainfall.

Affecting the Global Community • This could affect more than just the Midwest. Other regions could see changes in climate too.

Impacting the Future • The whole world could eventually face climate changes in the future, if irrigation is the cause for these climate changes.

Watering the Air?  

This is a power point of an article on if agriculture is changing the tempurature and rainfall in the midwest region.