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Pharmacists Mitesh and Bhavini Patel have had their dream come true when they were granted a Pharmacy Contract to provide pharmaceutical services at 29 University Road. These services are desirable and will complement the existing medical and dental services in the area. The services will benefit all the students and staff of the University and save them a 2km round trip to the nearest pharmacy! Mitesh Patel grew up in Swaythling and went to Swaythling First School followed by Cantell School and Barton Peveril College. He qualified at De Montfort University in 2003 and has run his own pharmacy for the last 3 years at West Parley in Ferndown where he is also Sub Postmaster. "At West Parley we managed to save the Post Office and moved it into the pharmacy! This gave me great personal satisfaction, especially having huge local support and encouragement" said Mitesh. Bhavini Patel also runs an independent pharmacy at The Grove in Christchurch, however living in Southampton and having two boys going to a local school in Highfield she is itching to make this new venture a success. "Having grown up in the area I really wanted to

make a difference and provide a first class independent pharmacy service in Southampton" said Mitesh. Services will also be available to local residents of the surrounding area and patients of all Bassett, Swaythling, Portswood and University doctors surgeries. An efficient collection and delivery service will be offered to everyone along with a quick and accurate while you wait dispensing service! Healthy lifestyle advice will be available and advice on minor ailments with qualified recommendations on over the counter medicines. Medicine MOTs will be offered to regular patients where qualified pharmacists Mitesh and Bhavini will check for drug interactions and side effects as well as making sure patients are educated about what medication they are taking and why. An independent pharmacy will be able to provide services tailored to individual needs especially where specialist products are needed with attention and care! "We are really looking forward to serving the local residents and hope to gain your full support, please look out for our opening date, remember every prescription item counts!".

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Highfield Pharmacy is set to open in summer 2010 by husband and wife team Mitesh and Bhavini Patel.

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Highfield Pharmacy Opening soon 29 University Road





february 10

this issue Supporting Local Charities Our local charity – Southampton Sight Highfield Pharmacy Opening soon Alan Whitehead – Portswood Wildlife Garden Portswood Recreation Ground – Active community grant Neighbourhood Watch Update Membership Application Form

The newsletter is produced every two months and aimed at keeping everyone informed of what is happening in our local area. The constituted NSBP Community Group will be working to achieve maximum benefits for local residents from the community garden and will feed back regular updates to the local community. Also we shall be working alongside the City Council and Police with regard to any other projects to improve the area

for more local information visit our website:

NBSP Needs you Volunteers are needed to help with recreation ground and summer event – please sign up. Articles, ideas and photographs are welcomed for Newsletter & website.

Supporting Local Charities The community group are keen to support and work with local independent charities in our area. We are please to announce that we will be working together with Southampton Sight a local charity supporting blind and partially sighted people. An article about Southampton Sight is in this edition of our newsletter.

Our first joint event will be a charity funday “ONE BIG COMMUNITY” to be held later on this year. Please look out for further details. We will be looking for volunteers who could help advertise this event and volunteers to help on the day. If you are able to help please email

All memberships’ fee or donations will go towards helping with activities to improve our local area, newsletter and any bbq/social events to be held. The community group is a constituted non profit organisation funded by donations or grants. Our aims are to Is to enhance the quality of urban life and strengthen community bonds by creating and sustaining a community garden that will foster environmental stewardship, horticultural education, rejuvenation, recreation and use of open space. Also improving the area we live in and the wider area of Portswood. I/we would like to join membership of the NBSP Community Group and enclosed the subscription of £2.00 (one subscription covers all members of the household). Name (s) of Member............................................................................................................................ Address ................................................................................................................................................ Postcode(please include) ..............................................

Tel No ....................................................

Email Address ................................................................

Date ......................................................

I/we have enclosed membership fee of £2.00 or a voluntary donation of ...................................... This form together with the subscription, should be sent or if by hand to The Secretary, NBSP Community Group, 9 Northcote Road, Portswood, Southampton, SO17 3AH. Cheques should be made payable to NBSP Community Group. Please do not sent cash through the royal mail post as it may get lost.

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Portswood Recreation Ground – Active community grant Issue 2 of our newsletter Southampton City Council asked if the community group would like to get involved in stage three of the redevelopment of Portswood Recreation ground. Consequently a joint grant application form was submitted to the University of Southampton to help with the redevelopment of the picnic area next to the tennis courts. Good news, we have been awarded the full grant. We are looking for volunteers to help work on this project as soon as it commences. If you are able to help please email Raf Persaud at

Local Charity: Southampton Sight

Alan Whitehead – Portswood Wildlife Garden

Neighbourhood Watch Update

Southampton Sight is a local independent charity providing services to support blind and partially sighted people in Southampton. The charity was established in 1899 and was commonly known as Southampton Society for the Blind; it’s profile is still low and this is part of the challenge that faces charity manager, Kathryn Arnold. “Raising the profile is very important to our future, to attract more funding support and sponsorship and to also ensure we are providing a service to the widest group possible”.

Thirty- two years ago a courageous community group in Paddington asked the then Westminster council to agree to convert four acres of derelict canalside wasteland into a community and wildlife garden. Westminster gave temporary permission, because the site was earmarked for eventual development. It could be used for a temporary Community Garden meanwhile, they said. The name ‘meanwhile Gardens’ stuck, except that thirty two years later, the not-so-meanwhile Gardens are still thriving, and providing an oasis of green community space in a heavily urban area.

Recently your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team along with local residents held a Neighbourhood Panel meeting.

The charity, based on The Avenue, in Bassett is an excellent centre for support to all age groups of people with sight loss. It provides several key services such as Information, Advice and Guidance relating to sight loss, a wide range of Social Activities including outings and holidays, a well equipped Equipment Resource Centre where you can try and buy items to aid your sight loss such as talking watches, Talking Book Assessments, transport and a new Parent Support Network to support parents of children with sight loss. The charity is also able to provide Sight Loss Awareness training to local groups and businesses to help them and their staff understand the issues around working with customers who may be blind or partially sighted. As the only charity in Southampton offering these services, it proves an excellent support to people who have just lost their sight through to those that have lived with long term sight loss. So if you need support or

know somebody that does, please get in touch. The charity is small and totally dependent on fundraising for their income, receiving no financial support from Southampton City Council, and volunteers to help deliver their services to the 650 people they have registered. It has recently gone through a difficult time with the recession but is hopeful that the future will be more positive. If you are able to help in any way, perhaps you could organise a sponsored fundraising event through your local community and friends, or you are a business that would like to offer financial support or provide a free service, like web design/hosting, or maybe you have some spare hours and would like to volunteer, perhaps driving – either way please get in touch with Kathryn on 023 8076 9882.

“We do need as much help from our local community as possible – our strength is that we are local and providing support directly to people here in the very heart of Southampton and to many people who are living alone, or isolated and scared of not being able to see, we are a lifeline - but we need your help to continue. Please help”.


It probably all sounds quite familiar by now to the NSBP community Group: here we have a possible ‘meanwhile gardens’ right here in the middle of Portswood – the site might be used for development at an uncertain point in the future, but to date proposals have come and gone and the site remains derelict, unloved and undeveloped. It was the ability of the Meanwhile Gardens pioneers to visualise what such a site could look like and how it could work that made the difference in London, and that same vision is at work here in Portswood. The sterling work in putting that vision down on paper to show what can be done has

Hello to all residents.

been completed, but many hoops remain to jump through. The major hoop is the agreement by the City Council that there really can be such a ‘meanwhile’ use for the site: I don’t think it needs a full new survey of possible contamination to preface this agreement; there is already substantial information to go on, and the design of the garden can reflect this. That’s the next question: yes or no? I hope the very success of Londons ‘meanwhile Gardens isn’t weighing on the mind of the Council and causing them to pause: I hope that the Portswood community wildlife Garden will celebrate its thirty-second anniversary one day: but even if it doesn’t just think of the difference the garden will have made in its life, and what a transformation it will have achieved. We need a firm ‘yes’ to that now: and then it will fly. Alan Whitehead MP 5.01.10

The reason for this meeting was to discuss any issues that local residents may have and to set three priorities for the police or local council to action. As a result of this meeting the following priorities have been set; 1. ASB and environmental issues in the area of Hampton Park. 2. Reducing the amount of cycle thefts in the area of Highfield and Portswood. 3. Student related ASB across the area of Highfield and Portswood. As a result of these priorities being set, the police along with its partner agencies and help from the local residents will put in place actions to try and deal with the issues set by the panel meeting over the next three months. Please wait for the next Safer Neighbourhoods Team newsletter to so what has been done to tackle these issues. If there are any issues that you feel the police, council can help with or you would like to attend the next Panel meeting or just have something raised then please contact myself or Raf ( on the details below. PCSO 12919 Matthew Manning

call: 0845 045 45 45 at Portswood Police Station.

NBSP Comuunity Newsletter Issue 3  

This newsletter is produced every two months and is aimed at keeping you informed of what is happening in our local area. The constituted NS...

NBSP Comuunity Newsletter Issue 3  

This newsletter is produced every two months and is aimed at keeping you informed of what is happening in our local area. The constituted NS...