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The first wonderful day Welcome to the South-Caucasus Youth Parliament, probably the most important part of the project "Democracy Starts with You", where around 40 delegates from Georgian and Armenia gather together to discuss current problematic issues, come up with resolutions and participate in a real democratic process. Today minister of education and science of Georgia Dimitry Shashkin along with other

distinguished guests has come to the first day the opening ceremony in Sheraton Metekhi Palace. He has said that this project contributes to the improvement of teenagers' democratic mentality. He also has underlined the fact that democratic mentality is one of the most important things in the government's development. After 45 minutes of debates, participants started playing different games for learning teamwork. Also they choose 4 problematic topics for discussion such as Social protection, Environment, Economic migration and Education, culture and healthy lifestyle. Jasper Eitze said to us: "Participants are getting used to being quickly and more organized." Lana Qobuladze: "They (participants) must find solutions of very difficult situations." One of the participants says: "It was a very enjoyable day. It was my first day here. I can definitely say that this project is really great because I have possibility to make a lot of friends to communicate with foreigners and get to know my skills. One of the most important things I can say about today is that I liked the training about presentation skills very much. I can say without any hesitation, that I've learnt many interesting things, such as how to manage my time, how to communicate with audience and so on. I am happy that I am in a group, where I really wanted to be. I hope the next days will be more and more interesting." SCYP will last for 3 more days and in the end of the project according to the principles of democracy participants will elect 10 people, who will go to Brussels.

b y M aram Bok uc ha va Shios h vili DEMOCRACY STARTS WITH YOU 2, Peritsvaleba Str., 0103 Tbilisi, Georgia tel.: (+995 32) 2 24 38 50, (+995 32) 2 74 78 87

DSWY NEWSLETTER, 1st ISSUE, 2012 The Armenian and Georgian nations passed the Soviet times and got independence and now they’re trying to develop and make democratic region in which the friendly nations are living together. Some of the participants and experts participating in this project have shared their opinions concerning Armenian-Georgian friendship with us.

“We have had common enemies, and we have fought with those enemies together”. Karine Aleksanyan

I have a great friend “When the world seems large and complex, we need to remember that great world ideals all begin in some home neighborhood”. Konrad Adenauer

“Democracy does not lose“ Boris Yaroshevich

Based on the above mentioned we may say that the youth of two neighboring friendly countries, which have coped with the severe challenges in the history jointly, have come together to continue their struggle. Here are the new generations, whose parents and grandparents have lived in the same state without freedom and democracy, but they have kept their respect towards each other.

“These two nations are sharing historical, economical, and political values”. Asmati Naskidashvili

“The EU, in terms of its international relations sees us as a region, but not as separate countries. Thus we should move in the process of European integration together”. Shorena Gharibashvili

We share Armen Zakaryan`s opinion that what else would there be, if not friendship, to consider this program as successful.

by Narek Harutyunyan & Avnik Melikian

“There’s no need to go back to the Soviet times, where there was no democracy and freedom”. Dmitri Shashkin

DEMOCRACY STARTS WITH YOU 2, Peritsvaleba Str. 0103 Tbilisi, Georgia tel.: (+995 32) 2 24 38 50, (+995 32) 2 74 78 87


Entertainment is always essential Entertainment is really always essential, because, as it is known, it is the best way to gain new friends, have a good relationship with them and introduce closer to each other. Amusement this is really desirable for all age of people, because at that time they remember their young years and it make them happy and encourage them to go on with an active and healthy life and it is not surprising that eleventh grade students of Georgia and Armenia found some interesting things in teambuilding games. Let's see how the students spend their spare-time in this project, how they like simulation games and in what kind of benefits it gives to them.

without it, as for simulation games it really helped me to get closer to other participants, which is very important for me. My favorite spare-time activity is “are you okay? –yes!!! –let's dance.”(Shubidu) Then I was interested in opinion of last year winners, who are with us right now as well. Lana and Mariam are very active youngsters and when I asked one of them for interview both of them start speaking together. Despite of that it was easy to note that that they were full of experience and positive emotions which they gained in Brussels. Our delegates are very friendly with each other. Armenian and Georgian students have a great relationship and everybody is looking happy and excited which could not be reached without those teambuilding games and therefore I think that the title of article has been justified.

by Nika Zibzibadze

The first impressions, which I gained was at first day when they had intercultural dinner where they became more communicative and the first step of introducing to each other was made. After intercultural dinner they had teambuilding game which was really funny and entertaining and I was surprised when I saw that from the very first minutes Georgian and Armenian students were pretty close to each other. In this way they got to know each other very easy. Then I decided to get exact information from delegates, so interviewed some of them and their emotions was absolutely positive. Tamar Tsitelashvili, delegate from Imereti region, Zestafoni: “For me entertaining is everything, and I cannot imagine my life DEMOCRACY STARTS WITH YOU 2, Peritsvaleba Str. 0103 Tbilisi, Georgia tel.: (+995 32) 2 24 38 50, (+995 32) 2 74 78 87


Committee Works Twenty students from Georgia and the same number of students from Armenia got together in Tbilisi, Georgia, to improve their knowledge. Delegates have presented eighteen different topics, from which experts have chosen four topics for working in committees. Those are:    

Economic migrations, Environmental protection and sustainability, Education, culture and healthy life style, Social protection.

While these four topics were being chosen, delegates had interesting activities in groups, so they got to knew each-other better and to adapt working in groups. After choosing the topics delegates had to decide in which committee they wanted to be and after elections they met their supervisors who are really friendly. I got opportunity to talk to one of them, she said: “I am impressed with the enthusiasm and their energy”. In all committees delegates had an interesting and practical training about body language. Did you know that listeners can only remember 7% of what a person says? But if person that is making a presentation smiles 52% of information will be remembered.

In committee of Economic migrations, delegates from different countries did the presentations about the reasons of migrations. There are two most important reasons for it. First is that, in both countries there are not enough places for working. The other reason is that, there is an economic crisis all over the world and it has mostly influenced small countries like Georgia and Armenia. In committee of Social security, delegates talked about the problems and they think that the most problematic topics are homeless children and children with disabilities. They think that government should make more shelters for homeless children. About the children with disabilities delegates think that government and people should help them with integrating. In committee of education, culture and healthy life style, delegates realized the problems, from which the most important is that, youth have limited opportunities to participate in sports and different activities. To sum up, delegates have done a great job and they are doing their best and all I wish all of them is good luck.

by Irakli Bitskinashvili

In committee of environmental productions, delegates talked about the ecology of Georgia and Armenia. They realized that their problems are a lot like each-other and said that they are ready to do everything to solve those problems. DEMOCRACY STARTS WITH YOU 2, Peritsvaleba Str. 0103 Tbilisi, Georgia tel.: (+995 32) 2 24 38 50, (+995 32) 2 74 78 87

SCYP 2012 1st Issue  

South Caucasus Youth Parliament Newsletter project "Democracy Starts With You" Tbilisi Georgia. 2012 March

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