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Term 2

6 May 2014

Next BOT meeting May 2014 Dates 12 May—Parent meeting 2:30pm 27 May—Bob Bickerton—Music workshop at school 30 May—May Anne Tamati Te reo all day ( Matariki activities) Parent Meeting Monday 12 May 2:30 pm Items to be discussed included  Bus rules  Ski-ing options for Term 3  Parent Information A-Z book for comment  Matariki activities for families  Using Mathletics and Sunshine on line at home ( how to )  Health consultation—what do you think are priorities for your children . Some back ground to the Skiing. Every second year the whole school has taken part in a skiing programme at Cardrona which the school has paid for. With the growing number of children attending the school I raised my concerns with the BOT of the cost. My view is that if we want skiing to be part of our health and fitness programme then the school should pay for the lessons at least. That would amount to about $5000 maybe a little more . The rental of skis is free , but for safety all children need a helmet which can be rented usually about $10 per day. This would be a cost to parents . We also cannot afford to transport children up the mountain as the van costs over $250 per day. My suggestion is that each parent make their own arrangement and if they are prepared to assist that any extra child travelling with them pays a daily rate eg $20. I think it is important to give the children the same experiences that other children in our region get—it is an equity issue , but it is also a huge commitment for parents as it stretches over 6 days. If children have their own season passes at other ski fields they would be able to use them as long as a commitment was made to ensure the children attend the school programme there. We would not have sufficient staff to have a teacher on both mountains.

Please come to the meeting to have your say as we want people to understand what is required, how much it will cost and if they want this to happen. Ski-ing is an important part of our EOTC programme, given we live in the mountains, and it gives an opportunity for children to learn how to use the environment safely. By giving the children ski-ing lessons puts them on an equal footing with other children at Mt Aspiring College ,should they attend there for high school.

What’s happening this week Continuing on with our War and Peace topic. We have been talking about cause and effects, chain reactions, consequences and decision making !! Maths is learning different ways for doing addition and subtraction.

Welcome to Aiva who has joined us from another local school. That brings our school roll to 17— a busy time this term. 2 of the children are away overseas for the main part of the term.

7 may 2014