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Kimi makaiau


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makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014

Justin Watts, canoe builder


December 2013/january 2014





Island native Kara Kimi Apiki

PA‘a holiday burnoff Results

ILH Kayak championship Results

Quiksilver in memory of eddie aikau opening events

makai ocean lifestyle december/January 2014



makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014



BarefooT Publisher

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Aloha no Kakou! This year started off great with plentiful and large surf, as well as some great competition in the wa’a (canoe). The surf season is still going strong in January with the largest swell of the season hitting what was once called 30 foot plus to present day measurements of “52 to 63 foot surf.” The State High School Paddling championship at Sand Island has crowned its champions which we will be highlighting in the next issue! The OC-1 (one-man) season commenced with the PA‘A (Paddling Athletes Association) Holiday Burnoff and the Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association. These oneman canoe races help keep the paddlers competitive, create great habits for the year and through six man canoe season starting in June! This year marks almost 10 years of publishing Makai Ocean Lifestyle Magazine. We would like to personally “Thank YOU” our fabulous advertisers, our subscribers and readers for your loyal support throughout these years! We will continue to be your resource for Ocean Lifestyle activities and great happening in our beautiful “Makai”. Mahalo again for your support and encouragement throughout these years. A hui hou,


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Leeward Kai Na Opio Photo Courtesy Tini Kekaula makai ocean lifestyle december/January 2014


Kimi Makaiau

“A whole new world; a new fantastic point of view.” By Makaloa Yim Photos courtesy Apiki Ohana Family Album


s free as the water around her, Kimi Makaiau has been flowing with the motion of the ocean, diving in to what awaits her beneath the crystal blue waters of the Pacific. An avid fisherwoman, spearfisher, and hunter, Kimi only hopes that her efforts in everything she does from fisheries education to restoring Loko Ea, a Hawaiian fishpond nestled in Haleiwa’s shoreline, resonates in upcoming and future generations. Caring for and protecting the ocean has not only become Kimi’s job, but her life; and getting to learn different aspects of it has made her appreciate the life below that much more. Currently employed as the Administrator of ALU LIKE, Inc.’s Maritime Stewardship Program, Kimi is also very involved with other community/ educational organizations like Malama Loko Ea Foundation, Ko‘olaupoko Hawaiian Civic


makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014

Club, Ho‘ala ‘Aina Kupono – Kahana Valley, Kamehameha Schools First Nations’ Futures Program, and others. What drives her is the desire to educate our children about the importance of taking care of the ocean and all the life within it. From the values that were instilled in her from keiki days, it is what Kimi only hopes she projects with every project, fishing camp, or work day that she does with the community. The Start of a Fishy Tail Growing up in Hau‘ula and having life emphasize the concept of “ahupua‘a,” from the mountain to the sea, Kimi has learned, if not all, most of the aspects of the land and the ocean. Not only was she taught to dive, but also a hunter in her own nature, she also grew up in a very traditional home in a big family. “It was a way of life, we grew up in the country, and I say

country because when we used to say we were going Kane‘ohe, we would all be like ‘ho we going town!” Kimi describes how her life began from humble beginnings with the emphasis of taking care of the land and ocean, and they will take care of you. “We grew up couple houses up from the ocean, so we always had fish.” Kimi mentions how much fun she had growing up, with 20 of so cousins by her side, they all had their responsibilities. With her being on the younger side of her cousins, and being one of the few women in the family, she was told she couldn’t do certain things because she was a girl. With being told, “you can’t do that you’re a girl,” Kimi has pushed herself to be right there where her uncles were, fishing, catching he’e, or bringing home deer or pig for the family. “I grew up in a traditional home, and because I had plenty guy cousins, there were certain

things that we couldn’t do just

because we were girls,” Kimi says. She recalls some of things that they used to do growing up whether it was picking limu, getting ‘opihi, or pounding he’e; everyone in the family had their own kuleana to take care of. “I had a blast growing up, from when I was little to high school [Kahuku High School]. I learned how to surf at Sunset Point, jumped rock at Waimea Bay, and during my high school summers and college years worked at a kiosk in Waimea Valley renting kayaks.” Kimi explains that she never had a true desire for fishing as she does now, and it wasn’t until her first real dive years later when she was immersed in a completely different world, did she instantly fall in love with what the ocean held beneath its surface.

Taking the Plunge; Best Years of My Life

With her college life at HPU and her new job at Hanapa‘a Fishing Store, Kimi was learning more and more about the ocean. “When I was working at the fishing store, I was the only girl, and the boys would ask me if I wanted to go fishing so I said ‘shoots!’ and we would go. I learned about trolling, shoreline fishing, spearfishing, all that; and met some really cool people along the way. I liked how everything was about camaraderie and just sharing good times, especially when we were all on the boat.” “At our store we had a diving department, and I had never really dove before, except for poking squid but not actually spearfishing.” Kimi took her first dive and was absolutely hooked; she couldn’t believe the world around her and what was waiting to be explored. “I couldn’t stop thinking about diving, I was absolutely addicted, I was able to understand that saying ‘only a diver knows the feeling’ and I felt that adrenaline and that serenity at the same time from diving and being underwater. It was literally a whole new world under there.” Kimi laughs as she recalls those mornings where she would be sitting in the parking lot of HPU, and then leaving to go dive. “If I have a kid and they do what I did and ditch class, I’ll strangle them, but I couldn’t stop thinking about diving, I would call my friends and ask them if they were going out and I would ask if I could come. I had to be in the water.” Kimi continued to work at Hanapa‘a, where she continued to meet new people every day that taught her makai ocean lifestyle december/January 2014



enough to mold her understanding of our role in the environment and how we affect it. “Those were some of the best years of my life because I was continuously meeting more and more amazing people, and learning so much about the ocean.”

Home in these Islands

A few years after graduating from college, and with a desire to see what else was out there, she shifted her journey towards the mainland where she was dawning a completely different outfit other than her wetsuit and fins. “I was working as a corporate head hunter in an L.A. high-rise, suit, panty hose, heels; commission-based, just wicked.” Finding that this wasn’t the life for her, proving you can take the girl from the island and not the island from the girl; the island stayed in Kimi’s heart. “I hated my job and disliked how people were so cut throat and lacked a sense of…humanity!” Kimi finally returned home to the islands in 2010 where she knew that she wanted to work for a Native Hawaiian non-profit and give back to the community. “My life in the mainland took me so far from who I was, I wasn’t diving, I wasn’t doing anything up there just work, work, work, so it was time for me to find myself again and truly immerse myself in something I love to do.” Kimi then found herself at ALU LIKE as a recruiter for non-degreed Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders to become Observer Biologists on longline fishing vessels collecting data for the National Marine Fisheries Service. “I remember taking the job 10 makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014

description to my brother, who was also employed in federal fisheries management, and I just said ‘WHO WOULD BE MORE PERFECT FOR THIS JOB?! I would be getting paid to recruit fishermen!’ Giving it All Back A few months after joining ALU LIKE, Kimi then began working with a fishpond group in Hale‘iwa, known as Malama Loko Ea Foundation, where she then began managing grants for the fishpond and once again found herself out on the North Shore. “I knew nothing about fishponds, but it was another aspect of sustainable fisheries that I was stoked to learn more about. I began learning about their work to restore this fishpond, to provide food for the surrounding community, but also to restore themselves.” Kimi begins to go in depth of what she was learning, not only about fishing, but how these aquaculture systems were a vital part to our survival and way of life in the olden times. “I appreciate how I’ve had the opportunity to cover different facets of fishing, especially my involvement in the retail side; I was able sell fishing supplies and hand out regulation books to educate people about the kapu seasons and that some fish couldn’t be caught and some places couldn’t be fished during certain times. With that experience, I was even more stoked to be a part of the loko i'a community because I was in a position to educate not only our Hawaiian people but people from the community, Hawaiian or not, the importance of restoring these fishponds and letting them know that this is part of the life line that we live off of.” Around that same time, Kimi’s cousins introduced her to hunting. At first with a rifle, then with a bow and arrow. Over the next few years, she honed her hunting skills targeting invasive game animals that are very detrimental to our lands and our coral reefs. “I began to look at things in a bigger scheme. Besides educating youth about responsible fishing, I realized that we need to also look other mauka resources, and the effects they have on our oceans.” Animals like pigs, deer, sheep, and goats provide excellent sources of protein, and managing their populations help manage the erosion and runoff that they create. Kimi recalls her journey from when she was working at the fish store to now, how she has had the opportunity to cover a wide spectrum of fishing and hunting and also learning certain values that the Hawaiians have in regards to resource management.

Future Generations

As Kimi’s career around maritime, fishponds, and other aspects of the land and sea began to flourish; she applied to be a fellow in the First Na-

tions’ Futures Program, an indigenous leadership and development program of the Kamehameha Schools. There were eight of us selected from across the islands, and we would spend the next year researching a topic and presenting our findings. For our cohort, we were given the research topic of “kai.” After much thought, we decided to look at community-based marine resource management initiatives taking place across Hawai‘i.” Kimi then tells of the different places that she visited around the state like Mo‘omomi in Molokai, Hana in Maui, and Miloli‘i on Hawai‘i Island where families have cared for these lands and waters for generations. “My understanding of the connections that Hawaiians had in the environment grew, and now seeing how these rural communities along the shorelines are affected by outside influences put a lot into perspective. We need to look deeper into our own sustainability and see how we as individuals add to this collective.” With her involvement at the fishpond, Kimi shares how the long-term goals of restoring these fishponds to full capacity include food production. “We don’t just want to make food that can provide for our community, but we want to make food within our fishponds that are important to our Hawaiian people.” With Loko Ea on her mind, Kimi shares how there are not only Native Hawaiian fish species within the fishpond, but also some invasive species, like tilapia. “We can’t just discount them, they’re here and I’m not sure if we’ll ever beat it so how can we best utilize that.” Kimi shares the importance of nurturing what we have and utilizing these resources to the best of our ability. “Some of the activities I love to do with the kids include teaching them how to throw net, so when they throw net and catch a fish, it gives us at Loko Ea, including me, the opportunity to teach them the importance of our role here on this land, along the water, and what we have to do to malama everything that is around it.” Kimi describes the joy that she sees in the faces of the keiki when they catch their own fish, learn how to clean it and how to cook it. “When the kids do those things, like cleaning and cooking it all on their own, they almost have grow this bond with their animal and they have this reverence to this animal. These kids are not only proud of what they had done, but they also grow this connection, a connection not many kids have nowadays given the technology that we have.” Kimi understands with the work that she does, “something big is going to take place,” where fishponds like Loko Ea will be at full capacity to where they’ll be able to produce food, and be in a position where they can educate the community surrounding them.

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makai ocean lifestyle december/January 2014


Then later on, we can educate tourists that come to these islands and learn about sustainability, the Hawaiian way. How to Get Involved There are so many community groups doing great work out there, and you too can help find a place to give back to. At Loko Ea Fishpond in Hale‘iwa, the Malama Loko Ea ‘Ohana hosts Community Workdays every third Saturday of the month. These workdays are open to the general public to assist with cleaning and restor-

12 makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014

ing the fishpond, while learning about natural resources, Hawaiian culture, and practices. This ‘ohana is open to all types of support and they love teaching about the importance of loko i‘a and sustainable resources in Hawai’i. “It’s so humbling to be apart of something so much greater than yourself, and exciting to know that one day loko i‘a all across Hawai‘i will be able to feed our people To learn more please visit the link https:// once again.”


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makai ocean lifestyle december/January 2014


2013-14 OAHU HIGH SCHOOL CANOE PADDLING Photos courtesy: Keith Shiroma-Moanalua; Iris Takahashi-Kalani; Kapuni Patcho-Radford; Pua Pai‘aina-St. Louis & Stan Dixon-Castle

14 makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014



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8/18/08 11:52:56 PM

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Good Luck gavin ad.indd 1 Moloka’i Hoe Paddlers!

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makai ocean lifestyle december/January 2014


16 makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014

Trevor Sven Carlson, Waimea Bay. Photo courtesy Gavin Shigesato makai ocean lifestyle december/January 2014


2014 HOLIDAY BURNOFF RESULTS LONG Time + 10 minutes Name Div Model 1:20:44 1:22:46 1:23:48 1:23:52 1:24:51 1:25:12 1:25:38 1:26:11 1:26:58 1:27:07 1:27:52 1:28:40 1:29:01 1:29:21 1:29:38 1:29:39 1:29:49 1:29:51 1:30:32 1:30:58 1:31:29 1:31:41 1:32:38 1:33:01 1:33:23 1:33:26 1:33:41 1:33:44 1:34:04 1:34:19 1:34:29 1:34:53 1:35:09 1:35:14 1:35:17 1:35:21 1:35:23 1:35:37 1:35:38 1:36:19 1:36:58 1:37:01 1:37:11 1:37:47 1:37:52 1:38:12 1:38:39

Manny Kulukulualan i OC1 M 18-39 Pueo 2

Kai Chong Hayden Ramler Kalei Kaho'okele Makana Denton Franco Arango Mario Mausio Bobby Pratt Kulani Ryan Justin Watts Alika Guillaum Levi Goeas Gavin Hanoa Chris Tanaka Kekoa Kau Laercio Cito Chauncey Cody Nicholas Ho Indar Lange Blaize Seto-Mook

OC1 M 18-39 Scorpius XS OC1 M 18-39 pueo OC1 M 18-39 Pueo 2 OC1 M 18-39 Pueo 2 OC1 M 18-39 OC1 M 18-39 Pueo OC1 M 18-39 Scorpious XM OC1 M 18-39 Pueo OC1 M 18-39 Pueo 2.0 OC1 M 18-39 PUEO 2.0 OC1 M 18-39 Pueo OC1 M 18-39 Pueo OC1 M 18-39 Pueo OC1 M 18-39 XS OC1 M 18-39 pueo OC1 M 18-39 OC1 M 18-39 Pueo OC1 M 18-39 Pueo-1 OC1 M 18-39 D. Darval-Cahng Kehau LauOC2 F OC2 Tempest Jason Akamine OC1 M 18-39 Sean Kaawa V1 M 40-49 J. Donovan OC1 M 50-59 Pueo Bill Oliver V1 M 50-59 Fai 3 Max Young OC1 M 18-39 Keo Skudlarick OC1 M 18-39 Pueo Philip Yee OC1 M 40-49 Cory Nakamura OC1 M 18-39 Mark Shark OC1 M 18-39 Andy Cummings OC1 M 40-49 N.Gumapac-McGuire OC1 M 18-39 Scorpius XM Alex Look OC1 M Jr Fred Delos Santos OC1 M 50-59 Joeseph O'Malley OC1 M 40-49 Mike Szewczyk OC1 M 40-49 Brad Wong V1 M 18-39 Charles Meyer OC1 M 50-59 pueo Conrad Martin OC1 M 18-39 Lindsey Shank OC1 F 18-39 Pueo Darin Kohara OC1 M 40-49 Vance Hashimoto V1 M 18-39 Jason LaBranch OC1 M 40-49 Michael Keliipuleole OC1 M 18-39 Pueo Cliff Tillotson OC1 M 50-59 Dean Spagnoli OC1 M 40-49 OC1 Nikki Radford OC1 F 40-49 Pueo

18 makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014

1:38:54 Mary Smolenski OC1 F 40-49 Ehukai 1:39:16 Daniel Kauai OC1 M 40-49 1:39:39 Joe Kanana OC1 M 40-49 scorpius xm 1:41:04 Carter Matson OC1 M Jr Scorpius XS 1:41:19 Anella Borges OC1 F 18-39 Epic V10L 1:41:54 Pat Aweau OC1 M 50-59 1:41:58 Blane Chong OC1 M 50-59 scorpious xs 1:42:16 Tom Zelko OC1 M 50-59 1:42:31 Alexandro Arasawa OC1 M 18-39 1:42:56 Dan Newhill OC1 M 40-49 1:42:58 Ramon Vrielink OC1 M 40-49 1:43:21 Mike Sullivan OC1 M 60+ Pueo 1:43:28 Kalaeloa Robins OC1 M 18-39 Pueo 1:44:03 Wendell Balai OC1 M 50-59 pueo3 1:44:23 Louis Mahoe OC1 M 40-49 1:44:25 Leilani Loredo OC1 F 18-39 1:46:37 Eulogio Mangasar OC1 M 40-49 1:46:42 Christopher McGurn OC1 M 18-39 1:46:48 Brian Beguolo OC1 M 18-39 1:47:41 Melissa Nguyen OC1 F 18-39 1:47:55 Paul Lee OC1 M 40-49 1:54:11 Lauren McDowell OC1 F 18-39 Pueo 1:55:39 Carolyn Fisher OC1 F 18-39 Hurricane 2:00:54 Ho'oulu Holt OC1 M 18-39 2:01:23 Leighton Kapana OC1 M 50-59 2:03:16 Gregg Longanecker OC1 M 50-59 2:25:16 Bingham Tuisamatatele OC1 M 18-39 Pueo 2:25:16 Salanoa Nicholas OC1 M 18-39 2:25:16 Omar Gonzalez OC1 M 40-49 SURFSKI 1:17:24 Zsolt Szadovszki SS1 M 18-39 EPIC 1:19:39 Justin Banfield SS1 M 18-39 EPIC 1:43:34 `Ale Hedlund SS1 F Jr Fenn Elite Spark SHORT Time Name VesselDiv Model 0:38:41 Craig Wilson OC1 M 60+ 0:38:56 Twain Newhart OC1 M 50-59 Hurricane 0:39:03 Jake Moore OC1 M 50-59 OC1 - Pegasus 0:39:12 Maurie Feldberg OC1 M 40-49 Pueo 0:40:27 Sarah Stoker SS1 F 18-39 0:40:46 Damon Sweazy OC1 M 50-59 Pueo 0:42:18 Lono Goo OC1 M 50-59 Pueo 0:42:50 Rob McOwen OC1 M 50-59 0:44:38 Eric Lentz OC1 M 40-49 Fuze 0:45:54 Joeseph Ah Yuen OC1 M 70+ 0:50:38 Bobby Cunningham OC1 M 50-59 0:56:13 Mike Nishimoto V1 Adapt M 50-59 Aukhai

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Photo mahalo to Dr. Blane K Chong and Mia Coffman.

ILH BOYS VARSITY CHAMPIONSHIP Team Distance (Top 3) + Team Sprint (Top 3) = TOTAL SCORE 1st KSK 6 10 16 CHAMPION 2nd PUN 31 20 51 Runner Up 3rd MPI n/a 40 n/a IOL n/a n/a n/a LJA n/a n/a n/a P5 n/a n/a n/a ILH BOYS VARSITY SPRINTS - 250 METERS Place Name School Time 1 McGivern Micah P5 0:54.40 2 Nichols Justin KSK 0:55.42 3 Kaleoaloha Kanoa KSK 0:56.33 4 Mench Dax PUN 0:56.74 5 Souki Solomon KSK 0:57.51 6 Hull Brandon PUN 0:58.57 7 Miscovich Camron LJA 0:58.93 8 Keolanui Kapena KSK 0:59.60 9 Steiner Charlie MPI 1:03.04 ILH BOYS VARSITY DISTANCE - 2,000 METERS PLACE 1 Bradley R. Kaau KSK 9:40.63 2 Kaleleiki Kawika KSK 10:00.22 3 Obayashi Kainalu KSK 10:08.58 4 Lee Alexander IOL 10:15.31 5 Cutler John PUN 10:20.00 6 Dunham Nick P5 10:22.95 7 Zeuner Logan MPI 10:26.48 8 Kim Chasen KSK 10:33.19 9 Awong Mason KSK 10:36.15 10Browning Ben P5 10:38.29 ILH KAYAKING KEEHI LAGOON ILH GIRLS VARSITY CHAMPIONSHIP Team Distance (Top 3) + Team Sprint (Top 3) = TOTAL SCORE 1st PUN 20 6 26 CHAMPION 2nd KSK 14 28 42 Runner up 3rd MPI 21 27 48 P5 30 n/a n/a IOL n/a n/a n/a LJA n/a n/a n/a ILH GIRLS VARSITY SPRINTS - 250 METERS NAME SCHOOL TIME 1 Fong Nicole PUN 1:06.13 2 Nystul Kara PUN 1:08.13 3 Cottrell Kelsi PUN 1:08.87 4 Rodrigues Keaka MPI 1:13.97 5 Gonzales Jordan LJA 1:14.82 6 Aiwohi Traci KSK 1:15.12 7 DeWeese Shannon PUN 1:19.30 8 Ma Emily MPI 1:19.56 9 Chaney Kailee P5 1:20.68 ILH GIRLS VARSITY DISTANCE - 2,000 METERS 1 Yoza Ka'imi MPI 11:13.11 2 Keala H. "Hina" KSK 11:21.26 3 Hedlund Ale PUN 11:21.89 4 Schwin Kiele MPI 11:37.07 5 DeFries Kaiolu KSK 11:39.52 6 Staman Natasha P5 11:42.17 7 Kahanu Brandi KSK 11:45.77 8 Mizuno Malia PUN 11:52.75 9 Ashford Ellen PUN 11:53.46 10Dunham Anna LJA 11:56.87

20 makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014

BOYS JUNIOR VARSITY A and B (2,000 meters) Team Score Punahou School 15 Kamehameha (Kap) 26 Pac-5 58 LeJardin Academy 100 Iolani School n/a Mid Pacific Institute n/a 1 Namba Liam PUN 10:12.13 2 DiMarchi Dylan PUN 10:13.10 3 Voeller Taylor KSK 10:13.72 4 Kaluhiwa Preston KSK 10:34.37 5 Freitas James PUN 10:53.38 6 Yamada Chase P5 10:55.85 7 Heckman Robert PUN 10:57.18 8 Wise C.“Chris” KSK 11:00.85 9 Yamura Jared PUN 11:07.71 10Kessler Chase IOL 11:10.00 11Mayo A. “Kaulana” KSK 11:13.82 12McFarlane Jacob IOL 11:14.72 13McGivern Matt P5 11:23.05 14HenseDorrohOcean MPI 11:23.19 15Heineman Tom LJA 11:30.60 16Burton Eric P5 11:35.81 17GasparTakahashiNainoa KSK 11:38.23 18TibbettsThomas “Nathan” PUN 11:42.08 19Lim Roy PUN 11:43.78 20Ogihara Jo PUN 11:46.10 21Chireev Konstantin MPI 11:46.95 22Silva-Novite Kealeloa “Ale”KSK 11:49.81 23McComas Brent P5 11:52.18 24Cameron Carter KSK 11:54.08 25Markowski Jeremy LJA 11:55.44 26Kaalakea Daniel P5 11:58.33 27Caliwag Brandon P5 11:58.91 28Pang Jonathan PUN 12:07.77 29Bowman Phillip LJA 12:10.54 30Wunderlich August PUN 12:12.72 31Webb Nainoa LJA 12:20.72 32Goo Paul PUN 12:23.90 33Ng Pack Ethan PUN 12:27.12 34Yen John MPI 12:27.35 35Fletcher Chase PUN 12:50.76 36Hastings Grayson LJA 12:58.95 37Moss Logan PUN 13:19.60 38Kanaiaupuni-Naff Nainoa LJA 13:28.77 39Harbour Ramsey LJA 14:04.81 40Jiamsripong Park IOL 14:12.48

continued on next page.

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makai ocean lifestyle december/January 2014


GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY A and B (2,000 meters) Team Score Kamehameha (Kap) 17 Punahou School 46 Pac-5 49 LeJardin Acaemy 70 Iolani School 83 Mid-Pacific Institute 107 1 Coffman Haley LJA 11:48.27 2 Keliihoomalu Tate KSK 12:04.70 3Wolfgramm Teisa KSK 12:12.06 4 Falahee-Walker Maria PUN 12:28.59 5 Keolanui Sierra KSK 12:29.22 6 Crabtree Haley PUN 12:39.99 7 McLeanTiana “Tehani” KSK 12:45.52 8 Pregil Cassidy KSK 12:47.04 9 Hoopii Kaui KSK 12:51.70 10Cho Amber “Vika” P5 12:53.99 22 makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014

11Peabody Cate P5 12:57.80 12St. Onge Kiana KSK 13:00.06 13DeFries Waileia P5 13:03.30 14Higgins Alana IOL 13:08.31 15Kwon Marissa P5 13:11.02 16Ingram Kaitlyn MPI 13:17.57 17Thibault Bailey PUN 13:18.01 18Desmarais Malia IOL 13:19.74 19Meichtry Alexis PUN 13:20.31 20Pierce Lauren LJA 13:31.34 21Matsuzaki Wisdom PUN 13:34.48 22Marx Marika LJA 13:37.68 23HayakawaNatalia IOL 13:41.87 24Kapule Lauren PUN 13:42.07 25Cordell Savannah PUN 13:43.35 26Walker Emily P5 13:46.14 27Nozawa Serena LJA 13:50.25 28Harpstrite Kehaulani IOL 13:53.71 29Wong Stephanie MPI 13:55.25 30Perry-Ah Hoy Kaweh iMPI 14:00.28

31Moss Raven 32Clark Nova 33Popp Jennifer 34Yokogawa Ai 35Valle Jordan 36 Odo Amber 37Cavalieri Mahinalani 38Parker Ariyana “Nanea” 39Bryan Teana 40Inouye Marissa 41Mertyris Kamalei 42Vierra Tyanna 43Zamora Tatiana 44Ikeler Amber 45Pentland Isabel 46Watjen-Brown Cielle 47Iwasaki Sophie 48Rossi de Leon Claire 49Hart Dominique

P5 14:07.88 MPI 14:14.01 PUN 14:18.66 P5 14:20.95 P5 14:22.05 IOL 14:28.67 P5 14:29.77 KSK 14:29.92 PUN 14:35.49 IOL 14:50.63 P5 14:53.08 KSK 14:59.16 LJA 15:01.61 P5 15:03.84 PUN 15:05.17 LJA 15:13.24 IOL 15:25.28 IOL 16:22.21 P5 14:13.74

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11x World Champion Kelly Slater Wins 7th Pipeline Master

Photos Courtesy Gavin Shigesato Kelly Slater (Florida), 41, has won his 7th Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons after a day of incredible 15-foot (four metre) waves at Pipeline today. Slater defeated John John Florence (Hawaii), 21, in a hard-fought, 35-minute Final that ended with less than half a point separating the two. The runner-up finish for Florence saw him crowned 2013 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing champion. The final day of the Billabong Pipe Masters capped off the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) season in fine style, with epic conditions providing the ideal backdrop for the crowning of Mick Fanning (AUS), 32, as the ASP World Champion. It also finalized the ASP Top 34 roster for 2014. Fanning finished third overall, defeated by Florence in their semi-final. "It was a strange Final," Slater said, who pocketed $75,000 for the win. "John John (Florence) and I both waited for a while and neither of us really got a score until late in the match. I knew it was going to be a sprint and it was probably a little advantageous not to have priority in the Final as I was able to go for a lot of waves instead of wait for those that took a while to eventuate." With tens of thousands packing the beach at Pipeline, and the gravitas of Slater's 56th elite tour victory apparent, 24 makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014

the greatest athlete the sport has ever produced was emotional on the final day of 2013. "The crowd today is the biggest I have ever seen at Pipe," Slater said. "It's unbelievable. I woke up in the dark and my friend Ross Williams was at my house saying he couldn't even get his bike on the road to ride over here. We're so excited to be here at Pipe, especially when the waves are good. All the people on the beach and online and watching on television make it that much more exciting." Speculation surrounding Slater's eventual departure from the 'Sport of Kings' has been present at the seasonending event for the past several years, often supported by questions regarding motivation, legacy and physicality. The iconic American addressed these rumors unprompted today while on stage collecting his seventh Billabong Pipe Masters trophy. "Last year, someone asked me what excited me in the end years of my career and I said I would like to surf a Final at Pipe against John John (Florence) so that's pretty special today," Slater said. "To win is even better. I want to surf against the best surfers at the best waves - that's why I'm on tour. I was obviously emotional today, especially after Mick (Fanning) clinched the title in the Quar-

ters. I don't know what happens for me in 2014 but I think that has pissed me off just enough to come back." "Today was one of the most special days in my life," Slater continued. "It's a day I have dreamed about since I was a little kid - big, perfect, West-angled Pipeline and a showdown at the Pipe Masters. If I had stepped away from the sport five years ago, I wouldn't have had today. I want more days like this so I'm definitely back next year." Fanning's road to the 2013 ASP World Title was nothing short of spectacular on the final day of competition. Finding himself behind during both his Round 5 and Quarterfinals bouts, the iron-nerved Australian nailed huge Pipeline scores in both occasions to take the heat wins and his third world surfing crown. "I've never put myself in the same circles as Tom Curren and Andy Irons," Fanning said. "Tom (Curren) is such an enigma and was so instrumental to injecting style into our sport. Andy (Irons)...what hasn't been said about Andy? He was such a legend and he was such a good friend. I'm honored to be a part of this group. I was happy with one title and I was overwhelmed with two. With three? I don't have words for that." This marked John John Florence's second Vans Triple Crown Title, but


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forces him to hang on to his life-long dream of one day hoisting the Pipe Masters trophy. The youngster, who lives right here at Pipe, battled Slater with a series of exciting exchanges during the final 10 minutes, coming painfully close. He won $30,000 for his 2nd place, and $10,000 bonus for this Vans Triple Crown series title. "This is my second Triple Crown but it feels pretty special," Florence said. "The first year, I wasn't really thinking about it. I was young and just having fun. This year, I came into the Triple Crown wanting to win it, but I honestly didn't think I had a chance until we got to the final day at Pipe. This result has me motivated for next year. It's eating my inside how close I was, but I'm still stoked." Brazil's Gabriel Medina was awarded the Hawaiian Airlines AirShow Award - 250,000 Miles - for an incredible tube ride that he punctuated with a highflying alley-oop.

3/20/13 11:49 PM

Join us in beautiful Kailua for a walk/run around Lanikai loop and a swim along Kailua beach. We also have a keiki 2 mile beach run and 800m swim. All proceeds go to Kailua Canoe Club, a 501(c)3 organization. Kailua Canoe Club provides paddling programs for children and adults of all athletic abilities.

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For additional ASP information log on to BILLABONG PIPE MASTERS FINAL RESULTS: 1 - Kelly Slater (USA) 16.37 - $75,000 2 - John John Florence (HAW) 15.90 $30,000 + $10,000 VTC bonus.

makai ocean lifestyle december/January 2014 Untitled-2 1


1/18/14 5:43 PM

Braddah Mel’s Canoe & Stand-Up Surfing Championship at Makaha Beach

Photo Courtesy Kalanakilaokalahui Xie

Waterman Dean Marzol 26 makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014

World Champion Paddler Alfred

a It’s all bout


Photo Courtesy Kalanakilaokalahui Xie

Legendary World Champion Rusty Keaulana

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Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau

Photo courtesy Gavin Shigesato

Photo courtesy Gavin Shigesato


makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014

Photo courtesy Gavin Shigesato

Photo courtesy Gavin Shigesato

Photo courtesy Gavin Shigesato

The 29th annual Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau, the original one-day big wave invitational surfing event, officially opened its holding period with the traditional Hawaiian Opening Ceremony at Waimea Bay. Event Invitees and Alternates joined with the Aikau Family and Hawaiian Kahu Billy Mitchell to honor Aikau and welcomed the winter big wave period. “When someone passes from this form of life or the physical to the spirit realm, the act of drawing on that soul becomes sacred,” said Kahu Billy Mitchell. “In any language or race when you draw from the soul of such a beloved human being as Eddie, this is sacred. It must be done with deep respect and it must be shared with anyone who would receive this good energy in a respectful way.” The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau has only been held a total of eight (8) times, most recently on December 8, 2009. California’s Greg Long took the honor that year. To view the full list of Invitees & Alternates, please visit : About Eddie Aikau: Just 31 years of age when he was lost at sea during an ill-fated voyage of Hawaii’s Hokule’a double-hull sailing canoe in 1978, Aikau was a young man at the height of a career equally dedicated to big-wave riding and lifeguarding at historic Waimea Bay. Filled with a pure passion to ride giant surf, take care of his fellow man, and uphold his Hawaiian culture and family values, Aikau became the benchmark by which all big wave riders are measured.

makai ocean lifestyle december/January 2014


Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association 2014 ocean racing schedue

Every race includes all paddle crafts: Surfski; SS-2; SUP – 12’, 14’, unlimited; Prone Paddleboard; OC-1; OC-2; OC-3; OC-6; V-1. unli Maui Jim Waterman’s Series has designated disciplines on selected race dates You do not need to race that discipline unless you want to vie for the series. Scott Hawaii Gold Challenge is for OC-1 only Date



January 11, 2014

Bob’s Pizzeria & Island Snow Race


January 19, 2014

MAC 24/7 at Hilton Waikiki Beach on Kuhio Race


February 1, 2014


February 9, 2014


February 23, 2014


Long 8 Miles Short 5 Miles

Course Description


Race #

Makai Pier to Kailua Beach Park\ via Rabbit, Mokulua and Flat island Waimanalo Beach Park to Kailua BeacPark

Long 8 Miles Hawaii Kai to Kaimana Beach Short 8 Miles Hawaii Kai to Kaimana Beach Prone Paddleboard Hot Spot-first only Blinker Buoy:

Maui Jim Waterman Series Race #1


Kai Wa’a & Haleiwa Joe’s Kualoa Challenge

Long 12.5 Miles Short 6 Miles

Kailua Beach to Kualoa Beach Park Heeia Pier to Kualoa

Epic Kayaks Race

Maui Jim Waterman Series Race #2

Long 11 Miles Hawaii Kai to Magic Island Short 11 Miles Hawaii Kai to Magic Island Surfski Hot Spot: Blinker Buoy:


Pinky’s & Planet Sun Skin Cancer Awareness Race

Scott Hawaii Gold Challenge #1

March, 8, 2014

NS Air Conditioning & B’s Bar and Grinds in Haleiwa Race

Maui Jim Waterman Series race#3


March 16, 2014

Kanaka Ikaika Oahu Championships

Scott Hawaii Gold Challenge #2


March 29, 2014

Scott Hawaii State Championship

Maui Jim Waterman Series race #4

Long 12 Miles Short 6 Miles

Long 12 Miles Short 6 Miles

Long 17 Miles Short 10 Miles

Long 20 Miles Short 12 Miles

Pinky’s - Bird isle, around Mokulua Is. back to Pinky’s Pinky’s - Mokolea Rock (Bird isle) or Flat & Back (weather pending)

Turtle Bay/Sunset Beach to Haleiwa (Surf Pending - Alt. Hawaii Kai - Magic Island

Makai to Kaimana Hawaii Kai - Portlock pt. - Kaimana

Makai around Rabbit Island to Magic Island Hawaii Kai - Magic Island around DH Buoy


April 13, 2014

Stagger Start Regatta


May 4, 2014

Hinano Kialoa Coastal Relay


May 18, 2014

Molokai Surfski World Championship

6 Miles Stagger Start Regatta Nanakuli Beach Long 29 Miles Short 18 Miles

Pinky’s - Magic Island Makai Pier - Magic Island

32 Miles Kaluakoi, Molokai to Hawaii Kai, Oahu

Courses subject to change

30 makai ocean lifestyle December/January 2014



Scott Hawaii Gold Challenge #3

makai ocean lifestyle december/January 2014






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