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Buffalo and his

In loving memory of Micheal Pillar and Karen Keats.

Buffalo and his

Illustrated and Written by Makaely Wingate

Geordie was a water buffalo and a mighty one at that! He had big horns and a shaggy coat, that he dressed up with a bright blue hat.

Lately Geordie had been feeling down and he couldn't seem to smile, the world just seemed so tipsy turvy, and he had felt like this for quite a while. Geordies courage seemed to of slipped away, and poor little geordie didn’t feel like galloping around, or going to run and play. The reason Geordie had been quite poorly, and why he wasn't feeling great, was becuase he lost his horn in an accident and believed this changed his fate.

But then it struck him, the courage that he sought maybe hidden inside the missing horn, this is what Geordie thought. There was only one solution, his mighty missing horn needed to be found! So off geordie went scavenging all around.

He bumped into Jerry the giraffe who could see up past the breeze. He pleaded for his help to search up in the tall and swaying trees. Jerry felt so disappointed when the horn was not in sight. He was sure he was going to find it by using his handy height.

Elly and Edward two friendly elephants overheard Geordie’s troubles. They offered to help as it would be much faster in doubles. The reed and thicket was the next place they thought it could be. They all rummaged around for hours but sadly came up empty.

There seemed to be no luck way up high or way down low. These animals were running out of places to look and to go. Together they searched all through the hot and swelling day. They turned over every rock and peaked in every home along the way

There was only one place they knew they had not gone, but with Geordie’s courage lost he didn't want to go on Without any options and desperately wanting the courage to be found The buffalo jumped in the waterhole and made a great big sound

He suddenly realized he forgot how to swim and needed some urgent help. His horn did not come a float so Geordie started to yelp. Elly and Edward called out for his mother They knew she would be the one to help poor Geordie like no other.


P ! l e

She pulled geordie out and wrapped Geordie up and cuddled him as tight as she could. She kissed him and comforted him just like any mother would. Geordie was still looking rather glum and mamma buffalo had to ask why, but in that moment poor Geordie started to cry

It’s gone he weeped my courage I’ve lost it forever, but instead of looking sad Mamma Buffalo smiled for she was very clever. Your courage dear is neither here nor there. It won't be high or low or quite frankly anywhere you go.

Your courage is not in your missing horn You have had it since the day you were born Your courage is right here, she pointed to the middle of his chest To his heart! Of course his mother would know best! Geordie started to smile and for him it had felt like it had been quite a while He realized now that courage comes from within. And he did what all buffalo’s love to do and went for a great big swim.

Geordie the Buffalo  
Geordie the Buffalo