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MARCH 2018

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1 Architecture Portfolio

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2018 Paramithi Store Logo and Website Design Online Handmade Jewelry Store

2017 Product Design Summer Camp Design an A.I. home assistant International Hellenic University

2013-Ongoing [5-year program] Diploma of Architect Engineer School of Architecture Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

2015 ECOWEEK Thessaloniki Sustainability in public space AKTO Art & Design College

2010-2013 Eleftherios Venizelos High School

2017 Wooden cabin for kids Constraction project Alepokhori, Greece 2015 Designer in short films Posters Design “The Circle, the Scarecrow and the Silence”, “The Shadows Behind Me” & “My Own Son”

2015 Film Making Courses Film Direction and Aesthetics of Cinema 2010-2013 Technical & Freestyle Drawing Courses

Competitions 2015 Arch2o Students Week 7 Participated with ongoing architectural project 2014 EBEC Thessaloniki European BEST Engineering Competition Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center of Thessaloniki

Publications 2017 Paralaxi Magazine 9 Architektonika Vlemmata 2017 KTIRIO Publicationse 9 Architektonika Vlemmata



AutoCAD adv.

Photoshop adv.

Greek Native



English Fluent [B2]

SketchUp adv.

InDesign adv.

Chinese Basics [A2]


Word adv.

Premiere adv.

PowerPoint adv.

Exhibitions 2017 90+ Years of AUTh Short Documentary Screening about Architecture Archaeological Museum of Thessalonikii 2016 Largo Film Awards Official Selection Honorary Mention Award for the short film “Green Shoes” Writer, Director, Photographer and Editor.

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Manousos Kakouris 3 Curriculum Vitae

4 Agora rethink

In this particular site there was the “Old Grocery’s Market� of Thessaloniki. The goal of the project is to integrate uses such as the market but to the community of a modern city. Despite the fact that the existing building is not maintained, the design started by highlighting the traces of the existing buildingwith a metal frame system that connect all its uses, stating the historicity and a similar atmosphere of neighborhood inside the site.

5 Agora Rethink

Observations of existing building units

wooden tiles [loft] roll mechanism temporary addition metal sheet door frame

metal sheet [patch]

brick masonry stonemasonry wooden support beams

6 Agora Rethink

Shell pattern analysis

7 Agora Rethink

The ground floor was designed as an open public space and in this way we created an opening of space to the city. On the other hand, private uses were transferred to the upper floors, with access from two “knots� servingas public and private links. Uses in the old building were divided into repeated units of separate spaces. In the same way, the proposal decodes the use of the unit and creates units that move to all axes and create conditions for adding elements and expanding the structure, by multiplying the units.

8 Agora Rethink

9 Agora Rethink

10 Agora Rethink

11 Vacation House

Country house in Chania, for a typical four-member family. Considered necessary the existence of guest room for friends. The independent room located above the living room can operate as autonomous house during the winter because the residents do not need to expose themselves in the weather conditions. With the building’s boundaries blurred, interior space transforms to outdoors, the meaning “dwelling”, as we understand it, is abolished, and a new lifestyle is adopted, which directs its inhabitants towards living outdoors. Summer in Chania, with its typical Mediterranean climate, obviously promotes direct contact with nature. That is: direct contact with its elements, the sun, the sea and the mountain breeze. 12 Vacation House

13 Vacation House

First Floor Plan 1. Corridor infront of the upper level rooms 2. Communal, outdoor spaces, protected from sun, rain and wind 3. External space, private yard of upper appartments 4. Private

14 Vacation House

Ground Floor Plan 1. Kitchen and living room access by all residents 2. main courtyard 3. Showers 4. Exposed to weather conditions outdoor spaces


15 Vacation House





These covered links -the outdoor corridors- also create a play of light and shadow, as well as refraction and reflection, around the composition’s center, that is the courtyard. Both residents and guests are guided to this center through a two-level entrance in the form of a “monumental� staircase, which gives them the opportunity to grasp the idea of the whole building, as well as the surrounding views, at once, from above.

16 Vacation House

17 Arthrosis Project

The lack of social and cultural activities and the inability of local people to engage cultural events, made it almost necessary to create an area for the Community. The central square is bounded between two spaces with the most public character, the theater and the restaurant. Combines passage and staging areas, acting as a link “Arthrosis� of two basic forms, constituting an attraction for passersby and residents.

18 Arthrosis Project



Main volumes

Sun protection

19 Arthrosis Project

theater balcony theater main hall theater foyer labs residences restaurant

20 Arthrosis Project


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First Floor Plan 1. Theater foyer 2. Theater main hall 3. Dressing rooms 4. WC 5. Atrium 6. Residences

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Ground Floor Plan 1. Entrance foyer 2. Reception 3. Labs 4. WC 5. Restaurant 6. Daycare 6

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21 Arthrosis Project

Residences typology

22 Arthrosis Project

Labs typology

23 Arthrosis Project

24 Arthrosis Project

25 Arthrosis Project

26 Soundscapes Train Station

27 Soundscapes Train Station

Audio clips reveal details city’s neighborhoods. The us a way to the historical recorded today can serve

of the social dynamics of the soundscapes of the past give identity of a place, while what is as planning tools in the future.

28 Soundscapes Train Station

29 Soundscapes Train Station

30 Soundscapes Train Station

31 Soundscapes Train Station

32 Soundscapes Train Station




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Manousos kakouris  
Manousos kakouris  

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