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In Motion Ministries September 2012

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Short Term Mission Trips Custom Mission Trip Options for your Group

Are You Sure? A Word from Our Director—Seth Dunn To have a faulty foundation is a critical mistake. As a builder I have seen this to be true when building a physical structure. If the foundation is not solid, it does not matter what you build on top of it, the building will crumble. Our lives are no different. We must have a firm foundation in order to stand, particularly in the difficult times in life. It is a beautiful thing when trouble in life comes, to be able to stand strong and firm. You may be damaged, bruised and hurting, but if your foundation is sure you will not crumble. Continued on Page 2

We are not limited to these locations! These locations are highlighted because Missionaries in these nations have specifically requested IMM short-term mission teams. 



Costa Rica


Dominican Republic

New York City

Are You Sure? Continued The following is a series of questions and statements that will help you determine if you are really trusting Jesus as your foundation. 

You are not trusting Jesus if you are not trusting the truth about Him. You will not know the truth about Him if you are not reading your Bible.  If you believe something then you will do it. If you are doing something different then that is what you really believe.  If you believe, you will act – You act on what you believe.  Trusting truth is faith.  I Corinthians 3:11  Luke 8:46-49  It really is rather simple, hear the truth and act on the truth. You are then going to enjoy the Lordship of Jesus and see the reality of life with Him.  The foundation gives us the footing on which we stand. It is the basis for all of our future support. It is the basis for all of our future provision.  Jesus is the foundation. Build all truth on Him.  Psalm 11:3  Make Jesus and His finished work your foundation and your truth/belief system will stand firm at difficult times. What do you think? Is your foundation sure? Is your life set on the correct foundation? If yes, awesome! Keep it up. If not, no problem. Apply some of the points above and your foundation will soon become strong.

Current Short Term Mission Trips Costa Rica Help us build a missionary house! This team is not the normal IMM team, rather it is a group of us wanting to help our missionary friends, Clint and Renee Wisdom build onto their house. Join us on this unique mission adventure. September 14 to 23, 2012 $1500.00 plus airfare

Panama Dayspring Christian Academy March 9 to 19, 2013 $1895.00 per person This team is full

Dominican Republic St Peters Lutheran March 16 to 30, 2013 $2390.00 per person Anyone is welcome—Apply Today!

Mission News

Current Short -Term Mission Trips

Jerry and Carol Chilcote IMM team leaders and now residents of Costa Rica, have just finished a 10 week immersion language course and are in process of settling into life in Costa Rica

Seth Dunn IMM’s Director will spend three weeks of September in Costa Rica; visiting and planning for future ministry in Central America.

Mission Project See page four of this newsletter for exciting details and an opportunity to participate.

Bible School in a Box IMM has currently started schools in: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Ghana. We will report how the schools do over the next year.

Kenya Oasis Network June 15 to July 1 , 2013 $4099.00 per person Apply Today!

Uganda Quarry Rock Church July 2 to 7 , 2013 $4056.00 per person Apply Today!

2013—It is time to start planning your short-term mission trip for next year. Contact us today to start the discussion.

Going Electronic We want to communicate with you in ways that are easy for you. If you are not already, please consider connecting with IMM via these methods: 

Facebook – In Motion Ministries

Twitter – In Motion Ministries

Website –

E-mail –

On your tablet with the Google Currents App

Mission Project of the Month As we travel the world with short-term mission teams, we regularly come across projects that would significantly help the body of Christ as the work of the Kingdom of God goes forward. We have decided to highlight one project a month. If you would like to help with projects, you can give by sending a check in the provided envelope or via PayPal.

September Project Highlight On July 4, 2012 Simple Wisdom Ministries (Clint and Renee Wisdom) purchased the property that they have been leasing as their personal housing and short-term mission team housing since 2004. The plan is to add onto the house, to better serve their family and short-term mission teams, including teams from IMM. In partnership with Simple Wisdom Ministries, IMM is reaching into Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama from this staging point in Costa Rica. We are raising $20,000.00 for the remodel/addition process. Please consider giving to this project.

Calendar Event In Motion Leadership Training (IMLT) Open to Anyone who would like to lead trips for IMM. 

October 12-14, 2012 $85.00—includes training, books, two meals and housing. This training takes place at the IMM headquarters in Greeley, CO. You will need to provide your own transportation.

In Motion Ministries PO Box 337507 Greeley, CO 80633 Phone: 970 352-5640

email: Website:

In Motion Ministries September 2012 Newsletter  

In Motion Ministries September 2012 Newsletter

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