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In Motion Ministries October 2012

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God Did This—by Pastor Paul Sunday ~ July 15, 2012 ~ in Peru The morning started off rough as several team members became ill on the bus ride to Molle Molle. Hairpin turns turned many inside out. Yet, it was when we arrived at Molle Molle that God -not the bus driver- turned us inside out. Though we were the ones to perform, to play with the children, to engage the adults, it was God who met us in our new friends in Molle Molle to teach us something about what it means to receive and to give God’s love. I watched as God was at work in several ways. When we were painting hearts (and other things) on the faces of children and adults alike, I saw God expanding the boundaries of our own hearts. When we performed, I watched as God opened Continued on Page 2

We are not limited to these locations! These locations are highlighted because Missionaries in these nations have specifically requested IMM short-term mission teams. 



Costa Rica


Dominican Republic

New York City

God Did This—continued our eyes to the ways people opened their hearts and lives, and through them, how God opened our lives as well to the possibility that the ways we live our lives are maybe not as gratifying as we might think. As we wrapped blankets around the shoulders of the people of Molle Molle, I watched as God draped around us His grace. As people thanked us profusely for the blankets, I think I saw God making space for us to give thanks to God – not for what we have, but for the ways God shows up and surprises us in unexpected ways. When we played with the children, had our pictures taken with them, held and carried them, I watched as God began (or continued) to hold, carry, and play with our hearts and minds, breaking us open to make all things new. On the way back, we stopped at Pomati to deliver the few remaining blankets. The church was on the side of the road; the community on the side of a mountain. When people heard that we were coming, they ran to the church. [This was a common occurrence, right: people flocking to greet us?] I prayed for the community, and then Mike and I handed out blankets. At the end, there was one family left, but no more blankets. Well, there were two remaining, but we had hoped to bring them home to share with First Lutheran. I sent Mike to get one of the blankets. When I gave it to the young mother, and said, “God Bless You”, (Dios te Bendiga) tears streamed down her face. It has taken me awhile to write this reflection, because the only word I could come up with to describe it – and there is much that I have left out here – is “powerful’. And it was – and still is. Some may roll their eyes at so much focus on what God is doing – or on God in general – yet, how else does one make sense of it – and of life itself, as a whole? We have been dependent during this trip on no one else but God.

Current Short Term Mission Trips Panama Dayspring Christian Academy March 9 to 19, 2013 $1895.00 per person This team is full

Dominican Republic St Peters Lutheran March 16 to 30, 2013 $2390.00 per person Anyone is welcome Apply Today!

Kenya Oasis Network June 15 to July 1 , 2013 $4099.00 per person Apply Today!

Uganda Quarry Rock Church July 2 to 17 , 2013 $4056.00 per person Apply Today!

Mission News

Current Short -Term Mission Trips

2013 Short-term Mission Trips IMM currently has four short-term mission trips being planned during 2013 and several more are looking likely. Contact us today to discuss a mission trip for your group!

Jerry and Carol Chilcote Seth Dunn, IMM’s Director, visited Jerry and Carol in Costa Rica last month. He found them doing well as they settle in to their new life. Pray for them as they learn Spanish and settle into the culture over the next year.

2013—It is time to start planning your short-term mission trip for next year. Contact us today to start the discussion.

Mission Project See page four of this newsletter for exciting details and an opportunity to participate.

Bible School in a Box IMM has currently started schools in: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Ghana. We will report how the schools do over the next year.

Going Electronic We want to communicate with you in ways that are easy for you. If you are not already, please consider connecting with IMM via these methods: 

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Mission Project of the Month As we travel the world with short-term mission teams, we regularly come across projects that would significantly help the body of Christ as the work of the Kingdom of God goes forward. We have decided to highlight one project a month. If you would like to help with projects, you can give by sending a check in the provided envelope or via PayPal.

October Mission Project Highlight We will highlight this project for the remainder of 2012 or until we reach our $20,000.00 goal.

Calendar Event In Motion Leadership Training (IMLT) Open to Anyone who would like to lead trips for IMM. 

October 12-14, 2012 $85.00—includes training, books, two meals and housing. This training takes place at the IMM headquarters in Greeley, CO. You will need to provide your own transportation.

On July 4, 2012 Simple Wisdom Ministries (Clint and Renee Wisdom) purchased the property that they have been leasing as their personal housing and short-term mission team housing since 2004. The plan is to add onto the house, to better serve their family and short-term mission teams, including teams from IMM. In partnership with Simple Wisdom Ministries, IMM is reaching into Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama from this staging point in Costa Rica. We are raising $20,000.00 for the reIn Motion Ministries model/addition process. Please consider giving to this project.

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In Motion Ministries October 2012 Newsletter  
In Motion Ministries October 2012 Newsletter  

In Motion Ministries October 2012 Newsletter