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In Motion Ministries Monthly Newsletter—January 2012 Volume 12 Issue 1

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Short Term Mission

It is About One Thing I am a bit of a movie buff and often find things in movies that relate to life. Once in awhile I find something that really sticks with me and continues to speak to me. Some of you may have seen the movie “City Slickers”. If you did, do you remember Curly; the rough, lifelong cowboy who led the city slickers on a cattle drive? He didn’t talk much, and he kept to himself most of the time. But he offered this bit of wisdom to one of the city slickers: life is about one thing – and he held his finger up as he said it. The city slickers were on this cattle drive because they were in search for meaning in their lives. Curly’s announcement that life is about one thing hit a chord with them, because they were looking for meaning and purpose. But what was the one thing? If Curly had an answer they wanted it! But in the end he made it clear to them that life is about one thing, and they had to find that one thing for their own life. ...continued on p.3

Custom Mission Trip Options for your Group - We are not limited to these locations! These are highlighted locations. Missionaries in these nations have requested IMM short-term mission teams as they are important to their ministry.

 Guatemala

 China

 Ireland

 Alaska

 Russia

 Peru

Rugged Alaska Construction Short-Term Mission Trip WHEN: JULY 5 TO JULY 14, 2012 COST: $1985 PER PERSON (LEAVING FROM Denver, CO) WHO: OPEN TO ALL In Motion Ministries has developed a relationship with missionaries that serve the island of Angoon in Alaska. Your team will spend 5 days on this island repairing and painting a missionary house. This house is used as a home for mission teams that come to serve the people of Angoon. Your help is the difference between this home lasting for years to come or it falling into disrepair for good. The winters are fierce on this island and the house will not withstand another one. You will be part of hosting a meal for the whole community and lead an outreach service for them. You will spend time with kids and students on the beach by a fire, just getting to know them and telling them about Jesus. Your mission adventure in Angoon will leave a lasting impact on you and the community you will serve. Team members will all meet in Juneau on July 5th. You will be introduced to the missionary and buy supplies for the week. You will train with IMM’s certified team leader for one day to prepare to serve the people of Angoon. The next day, you will ride the ferry up the inside passage to get to the island. Your team will be staying at a church, so you will need an air mattress, sleeping bag and pillow! This mission trip will resemble a camping trip in one of the most beautiful places on earth! What a blessing you will be to these people. Although it is beautiful, it is also desolate and lonely. These people need you; they need to experience the love of God that you will bring to them through your actions and your smiles. Free Day—we did not build the cost of your free day into your per person team budget. Alaska offers many great activities that are virtually free or you could take advantage of the amazing experience of a rafting trip up the river near Juneau. This trip takes you right next to the glaciers then through a river with mild rapids. Angoon has incredible fishing opportunities; you can choose to spend some free time fishing off the island, if that is your passion. Wildlife—the trip through the Inside Passage will most likely give everyone the opportunity to see whales and a variety of wildlife. The island of Angoon does have bears that live on it, so you will get to see them without a doubt.

Current Short Term Mission Trips Ireland

Iasis Christ Fellowship— Fort Collins, Co January 2-14, 201 $2899.00 Leaves from Denver, CO Anyone is welcome—Apply Today!

Dominican Republic Dayspring Christian Academy—Greeley, CO March 12-19, 2012 $1650.00 per person Leaves from Denver, CO This team is full!

Montana Woodlands Church— Houston TX July 20-26, 2012 $745.00 per person This team is full!

Alaska Grace Baptist Academy— Chicago, IL July 22—August 4, 1012 Leaves from Chicago, IL This team is full!

Current Short Term Mission Trips Brazil and Peru

It Is About One Thing Continued from p.1 As a Believer in Christ, what is the one thing for me? I tend to agree with Curly that the one thing can be different for one person than for another. But in general, I think we could say that as believers in Christ our one thing has everything to do with our identity in Christ. That really is the one thing for me: who Jesus has made me to be. We should focus on one thing, our identity, rather than on past failures or successes, what our minds tell us, what the world tells us, what people tell us, and often even what churches tell us. It really comes down to one thing, what does the Bible say about who you are because of what Jesus did for you? That really is the one thing.

First Lutheran Church— Litchfield, MN July 10-31, 2012 $4500.00 per person Leaves from Minneapolis, MN Anyone is welcome, Apply Today!

China Your Group Your Dates Your Location Leaves from your city Anyone is welcome—Apply Today

As we begin a new year, I encourage you to focus on one thing. Focus on who you are because of Jesus, and send everything else away! God loves you. He loves you so much that He gave you His son as your Savior, as your life, as your one thing. Seth Dunn

2012 Landmark Events In 2012 IMM will send its 1000th- short-term mission team member and its 100th team! We are very excited about meeting both of these landmark events in 2012.

Going Electronic We want to communicate with you in ways that are easy for you. If you are not already, please consider connecting with IMM via Facebook, Twitter, IMM’s Website, and e-mail. Facebook – Look up In Motion Ministries and “like” our page Twitter – In Motion Ministries Website – E-mail – It is our goal to phase out our printed newsletter, but do not fear! We will not do it immediately. Note that we are rolling out our newsletter in two new electronic formats. You can view our newsletter on or on your tablet in the Google currents app. Please take the time to connect with us electronically and to let us know if you REALLY want to continue to hear from IMM via printed correspondence.

Help Us Connect

Operation One Billion Report IMM is part of a project that is aggressively designed to reach one billion people with the Good News Gospel in the next 10 years. We are not alone in this project; rather we are connected with Impact Ministries and a number of other organizations in this endeavor. Together we are each playing a unique part as we work to reach our world with Gods goodness. In 2012 IMM will start a bible school in Costa Rica, using a full one year bible school curriculum that has been designed for Operation One Billion. We have the curriculum and hardware in hand and will let you know when the bible school is up and running. We expect to repeat this process and plant many bible schools in the next couple years. We will keep you informed as we progress. Would you like to participate in this project? You can do so with either financial donations or by traveling to a location with us to plant a bible school. You can currently plant a one year bible school for $600.00. Or you could join us on a short-term mission trip and play a major role in planting a Bible school.

Sometimes people think the only way they can support In Motion Ministries is to give money or to pray. But you can also help us connect with others! Please consider giving information about In Motion Ministries to pastors, staff at Christian schools, friends, family members and others who you think would like to participate in short-term missions. IMM can provide you with printed brochures, e-mail content or simply direct them to our Facebook page or website. We appreciate any effort you make to help IMM connect with people with whom you are in relationship.

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