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In Motion Ministries Monthly Newsletter—December 2011 Volume 11 Issue 11

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Short Term Mission Custom Mission Trip Options for your Group - We

Merry Christmas! I love this time of year. The snow has already been falling in Colorado for a couple months, people are in a giving mood, time is set aside to spend with family, gifts are given, food is enjoyed, Christmas carols are heard everywhere you go, and lights sparkle in the cool winter nights air (at least in Colorado). Even in our public malls Jesus is proclaimed as the Savior of the world. Granted, for some this is a difficult time of year. Maybe they have lost a loved one, and they miss them deeply during this Holiday season. Maybe life over all is void of joy and peace for you. Please reach out to someone. Call us at IMM, and we will gladly do all that we can to lift you up in the hope that can be had by all in Jesus.

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are not limited to these locations! These are highlighted locations. Missionaries in these nations have requested IMM short-term mission teams as they are important to their ministry.







U.S. Domestic Disaster Relief

Merry Christmas

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God loves you ,and we want you to feel that love in the depths of your heart. Reach out to us, and we will gladly extend a hand of love back to you. Some say this is a bad time of the year because of the commercialism of Christmas. But I have to ask you, isn’t the excess worth it in order to have all the good that comes with it? I think it is! I think that going a little (even a lot) overboard in all that is marketed this time of year is worth the trade off of having all that we gain – no other time of year do people give as they do during this time. That is a godly trait being acted on. I love to see people giving and proclaim Christ as the Savior of the world. It is beautiful. In the midst of commercialism or even the pain in your life, I challenge you to reach out and give. Give your life to people, share God”s love with them. Share out of your own need and see what happens. Share from a joyful heart, and joy will come back to you many fold. At IMM we are hard at work preparing for 2012. We have 8 “Operation One Billion” Bible School units purchased, and we will place them on the mission field in 2012. We already have 5 missions trips on the schedule with several more in the works. January is normally when we schedule most of our missions trips for the coming year. If we can serve your group by planning a mission trip for you, give us a call and get in ahead of the January rush. We expect to do between 12 and 15 mission trips in 2012. From our family to yours – MERRY Christmas! Seth Dunn – Director of IMM

Missions Moment

Current Short Term Mission Trips Ireland     

Iasis Christ Fellowship— Fort Collins, Co January 2-14, 2012 $2899.00 Leaves from Denver, CO Anyone is welcome—Apply Today!

Dominican Republic     

Dayspring Christian Academy—Greeley, CO March 12-19, 2012 $1650.00 per person Leaves from Denver, CO This team is full!

Montana 

Woodlands Church — Houston TX July 20-26, 2012

Today 65,000 people will accept Christ as their savior in our world.

  

99.4% of those will make this decision because a friend or family member shared the good news gospel with them.


The same thing will happen tomorrow and the next day and on and on.

Who are you sharing the gospel with?

People want to hear. It is a myth that people do not want to hear. They do! They want to hear the Good News!

   

$745.00 per person This team is full!

Grace Baptist Academy— Chicago, IL July 22—August 4, 1012 Leaves from Chicago, IL This team is full!

Current Short Term Mission Trips Brazil and Peru     

Financial Goals 

Operation One Billion Funding

  

 

12 - $600 donors Our target goal is to fund 20 Bible Schools over the next year, we currently have 8 schools funded!

IMM Staff Partners: IMM currently employs the following paid staff members. All IMM staff members are supported by financial partners, time they choose to donate and other fundraising efforts. We choose to be transparent on this issue and therefore share the following information with you for your giving consideration:

First Lutheran Church — Litchfield, MN July 10-31, 2012 $4500.00 per person Leaves from Minneapolis, MN Anyone is welcome, Apply Today!

China     

Your Group Your Dates Your Location Leaves from your city Anyone is welcome—Apply Today

Seth and Saundra Dunn

  

Current Goal - $3000 per month

How you can participate: Become a financial donor, consider Seth for small construction jobs that you are aware of in the Greeley, CO area.

Currently 100% Funded Funding Sources: Financial Donors, Donated Time, General IMM Fund, Small Construction Jobs.

Cindy Kinoshita Current Goal - $2000 per month ...Continued on P.4

Prayer Requests 

Operation One Billion Launch:

 

Wisdom to start the first Bible Schools in places/with people where the schools will be fruitful.

Marketing and Automation through technology:

 

Creativity! - In our message and in our methods.

Wisdom – IMM is taking some very big steps as we market and use technology at a much greater level.

Integrity – we desire that all marketing be done with the utmost integrity by all who are involved.

Prayer Requests (Continued) IMM Staff:

Financial Goals

New Staff – we currently have several new staff members. Pray for them as they learn their jobs at IMM and take the big step of working in Christian missions.

Growth with the right people and where we need it – God knows better than we do.

Unity – we are enjoying unprecedented unity among the IMM staff, and we want this to continue.

Provision – all IMM staff members rely on God’s faithful provision through generous donors to meet their personal needs.

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 

Currently 25% Funded

How you can participate: Become a financial donor, hire and/or refer Cindy for Wedding Officiating.

Funding Sources: Financial Donors, Donated Time, Wedding Officiate

Norma Dunn

   

Current Goal - $1000 per month Currently 35% Funded Funding Sources: Financial Donors, Donated Time How you can participate: Become a financial donor

Harley Lowe

 

Current Goal - $3000 per month

 

Funding Sources: Financial Donors, Donated Time

Harley is taking bold steps in the new direction of working with IMM and the next couple months will be a crucial time. How you can participate: Become a financial donor

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