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Japan Happy holidays from our family to yours! customs, and refined performing and visual Japanese culture is rich and diverse, dating back to 10,000BC when the Jomon people first settled in Japan. It is widely known for

arts also contribute to a culture which has become attractive, and sometimes

its traditional arts as well as its contemporary pop culture. Today in Japan

fashionable, to many foreigners.

it is still possible to see kimono-clad women shuffling down the street with umbrellas overhead, or oversized sumo wrestlers battling it out the ring. A sophisticated



costume stands kimono • Their entertainment includes an extensive collection of music, movies, video games, manga and anime • Highlights include martial arts, falconry, hunting, kite competition and the kemari.

Japan has a lot of places that you can visit.


A different World Japan is a mixture of energies and panoramic. The many nuances of this destination transform it into one of the most visited in the world getting about 8 million tourists each year average. The Japanese incorporate the features of many religions in their daily lives in a process known as syncretism. Japanese streets are decorated on Tanabata parties, Obon, Halloween and Christmas.

It is a rainy country with high humidity. It has 4 distinct seasons. In this magazine, we'll talk a little about Japanese culture, their form of entertainment, tourist places, history, traditional food, the sports they play, their music and more.

A traditional House from Japan

Culture of Japan – A view of Japan Magazine – 29/05/13

Tourism in Japan Tokyo is the main tourist destination in Japan. Its main attractions are a mix of culture, society and politics, qualities that give this city an own special character for any visitor. Without a doubt, Tokyo is an unforgettable destination. Kyoto is the second most popular tourist destination in Japan. Its fame is mainly due to its excellently preserved historic sites. It has many attractions and is a must see if you travel to Japan.

Peace Park and Memorial Museum. Do not forget to visit the nearby islands and the famous Miyajima Torii Gate bright. Nikko is a city steeped in culture and religion. Declared "World Heritage" by UNESCO, its history is closely associated with the Tokugawa Shoguns. It also has a national park bordering on spectacular.

Nara is a beautiful place with splendid temples that perfectly represent the best of Buddhist culture. It is very close to Kyoto and Osaka. Simply "a must do".

Ancient temple of Nara, Japan

Modern Hiroshima is known as a place of peace. It is destroyed by an atomic bomb during World War II, Hiroshima's main attractions its

Entertainment Their national sport is sumo wrestling style as it is one of the most popular sports among spectators. They are also martial arts such as judo, kendo and karate. The Japanese Professional Baseball League was established in 1936 and today is the most popular Sport in Japan. Since the establishment of the Professional Football League in 1992, association football has also gained many followers. Golf is also popular, 99 like the racing and Formula Nippon. They also highlight other sports like Box, Wrestling, Basketball, Ice Hockey, and others. The best Japan's participation in the Olympics was in 2012 when he won 38 medals. Japan's music is eclectic and practiced cultural activity is karaoke. Anime is the term that identifies cartoons of Japanese origin. It is a means of great expansion in Japan, being a product while shopping and cultural entertainment. Between the characteristics of anime characters find the size of the eyes, noses and mouth their thin, their particular hair and their bodies, and the expressiveness of the characters and having a definite attitude that makes almost real to another context.

This is an anime series. They have the characteristics of anime characters.

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Traditional dress: The Japanese daily attire is as typical Western dress, pants and shirts are nothing new. Men usually wear suits or pants uniform mandarin. Japan neck jacket is a very beautiful country and its clothing makes it more luxurious and original among many countries. Traditional dress is the yukata or kimono, which is like a long robe reaching to the ankles, which makes them feel comfortable, is held at the waist by a thick ribbon or belt, which by the back knot is made by a kind bow. The yukata is used, these days, only for festivals. Another important part of the Japanese clothing is similar to get a wooden sandal with two pieces of wood perpendicular and sole.

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Typical Food The typical Japanese food is sushi. The tofu is ideal for a good and balanced vegetarian diet. Chicken Teriyaki is a Japanese dish that is popular inside the letter of the main foreign restaurants worldwide. The taste and the exquisite flavor make it one of the most emblematic dishes in Japan. The Oyakod is made with rice accompanied by onion, eggs, chicken or other meats, combining them all in a special sauce, finally, serve this mixture into a bowl or large bowl of rice.

Curious fact: It is Japanese custom to remove your shoes before stepping on the floor of the houses, which are generally strong wood. This is Leyenda que describe una to imagen o un gráfico. because the Japanese have the idea that reach a house in shoes takes bad vibes from outside and, therefore, they take off the shoes they wear out. Inside the house are used special sandals.

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Culture of Japan – A view of Japan Magazine – 29/05/13

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