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Characters Tito, Cholo wannabe Taylor, A Regular “Girl� Waiter, Person who serves Tito and Taylor Manager, Person who manages the store Cop, Man that does his job.

Scene 1 At the high school in Fresno. (Martin is sweating while thinking the girl. He is wearing some cholo outfit with sagging his pants. The girl is really tall and looks like a boy. She has short dark hair.) Tito: Hi my name is Tito. What you're name? Taylor: My name is Taylor. Nice to meet you. Tito: Would you like to hang out later? Taylor : Sure I would like to hang out with you ( Smile on her face) (The next day Tito and Taylor hang at the arcade,park,Library, etc.) Tito: I should be heading home now. Taylor: Yeah me too.bye. Tito: bye (as Tito walk away. he tripped on a rock and fell. Taylor Run to Tito Taylor: Are you ok? Tito: Yeah i'm fine

Taylor: Bye (Smile on taylor's face) Tito: Bye (Ugly face on Tito’s face)

Scene 2 That the Mall (The next day taylor and tito hang out. Tito asked out Taylor) Taylor: yeah I would love to. Let go to the movies. Tito: Ok let go. (They watch the movie and after the movie they went to a restaurant) Taylor: The food is great. Tito: yeah it pretty good. (A waiter was walking by and she spilled the food on Tito head) Waiter: i'm so sorry i didn't meant it. Tito: it ok i'm sure you didn't. (The Manager Bursted in Angrily) Manager: WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING Tito: It ok it was accented. Manager: let me make this up to you the food is on the house. Tito: Thank you very much (Tito Smiles)

Taylor: Are you ok. Tito: Yeah i'm fine. (Taylor and Tito had a wonderful day at the movies and the restaurant

Scene 3 (Three months later Tito and Taylor is still dating) Tito: Hi Taylor how you doing? Taylor: i'm doing good (Tito and Taylor went to parties after the parties they went to the park) At the park (Tito kissed Taylor and Taylor kissed back) Taylor: I need to tell you something. Tito: What is it. (Taylor whispers to Tito ears and says) Taylor: I'm a……MAN!! (Taylor takes off the wig and shows him his bald head) Tito: WHAT THE. Taylor: I’m Sorry I just….

Tito: NO GO AWAY. Taylor: I love you (Tito Tries to run away but Taylor was running after him. Tito stops and fight Taylor. The Cop saw Tito fighting Taylor)

Cop: Freeze ( The Cop Handcuffed Tito. 1 month later Tito Ended up at jail for beating a women).

Nerdlandia act II  
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