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E V E R Y D AY Essentials

"Cut Down" on Prep Time!

1300 1240


3 3⁄4" Dia. x 1 9⁄16" H.

4 5⁄16" Dia. X 2" H.

1240 Herb Chopping Scissors Tijeras para Cortar Hierbas

1210 5 1⁄8" Dia. X 2 1⁄4" H.

1210 Marble Pattern Glass Cutting Board

Chopping herbs couldn’t be easier with this ingenious scissor. Includes brush that cleans between blades. 7 1⁄2" L.

1300 Hanging Herb Garden Jardin Colgante

4 pots hang together to grow fresh herbs and small plants with ease. Seeds not included. Each: 2 3⁄4" Dia. x 2 3⁄8" H.

Tabla para Cortar de Vidrio con Dizeño Marmol

Sophisticated marble-look cutting board works great in any kitchen. Knife not included. 15 3⁄4" L. x 11 3⁄4" W.

5 11⁄16" Dia. X 2 1⁄2" H.


A Bright Idea!

6 7⁄8" Dia. X 3 1⁄8" H.

1257 Great Grilling Cookbook 1244 Lidded Glass Bowls - Set of 5* Tazones de Vidrio-Juego de 5

Colorful lids snap in freshness with these essential glass bowls. Boxed.

Become a master grill chef with help from this 128-page recipe book.

1253 Barbecue Turner

1328 LED Headlamp Linterna LED para la Cabeza


Shine a bright light right where you need it. Great for cars, home repair, crafts, more! Batteries not included. Lamp: 2 3⁄4" W. x 2 3⁄8" H. x 1 1⁄2" D.


Recetario para Parrillada

Volteador para la Parrilla

This durable flipper with no slip edge is the perfect tool for every cookout. 12 1⁄2" L. x 4 1⁄4" W.




Thermal Drawstring Lunch Tote

Drawstring Closure!

Keep this stylish thermal cinch tote handy for on-the-go snacking and meals. 9 1⁄2" x 5 1⁄4" x 10 1⁄2" H.


1412 1410 1413


1413 Citrus Paisley Thermal Drawstring Lunch Tote

1410 Coral Chevron Thermal Drawstring Lunch Tote

Bolsa Térmica, con Listones de Apretar a los Lados, con un Dibujo de “Citrus Paisley”

Bolsa Térmica, con Listones de Apretar a los Lados, con un Dibujo de “Coral Chevron”

1412 Purple Spirals Thermal Drawstring Lunch Tote

1411 Green Spirals Thermal Drawstring Lunch Tote

Bolsa Térmica, con Listones de Apretar a los Lados, con un Dibujo de “Purple Spirals”

Bolsa Térmica, con Listones de Apretar a los Lados, con un Dibujo de “Green Spirals”


16 1⁄2” x 7” x 15” H

Screw-on Lid and Straw Included

Insulated! 1452 Purple Spirals Tailgate Tote with Cooler

1423 Purple Spirals Double-Wall Insulated Tumbler with Straw Vaso Térmico con Pajilla con un Dibujo de “Purple Spirals”

Cold beverages stay cold in this double-wall insulated cup, which comes with a convenient screw-on lid and straw for on-the-go sipping. Holds approximately 21 oz. (620 ml).

Bolsa con una Nevera Portátil con un Dibujo de ”Purple Spirals”

Get two bags for the price of one! This handy, insulated Tailgate Tote with Cooler is indispensable for picnics, trips and any outdoor event. 16 1⁄2" x 7" x 15" H.

1430 Midnight Poppies Insulated Grocery Bag Bolsa Insulada de Compras con un Dibujo de “Midnight Poppies”

Load it all into our spacious, insulated grocery tote with double stitching and a secure Velcro closure. Food will stay hot or cold far longer than it would in an ordinary shopping bag. 14" x 9" x 18" H.

14” x 9” x 18” H 4



Make Perfect Cake Layers

1332 Colander Scoop Colador en Forma de Cuchara

Holes strain liquids while retaining solids in stews, soups and sauces. Just scoop, strain and serve! 13 5⁄8" L.

1265 Ramen Noodles Cookbook Recetario de Fideos Ramen

1331 Layer Cake Slicer Cortador de Pasteles en Capas

Set blade at the depth you want and glide through any cake to make layers! Boxed. 12 5⁄8" L.

Here's What's

A collection of more than 55 recipes offering new ideas just waiting for ramen lovers. Choose from a variety of recipes for appetizers, salads, noodle bowls, entrées, sides and even desserts! 80 pages. 5" W. x 8 1⁄4" H.


Stop Splatter! 1028 Stow and Carry Pouch 1194 Mixing Bowl Splatter Guard Protector de Tazones

See-through cover with flexible inner ring to prevent splatters during mixing. Fits most hand and upright mixers. 11 3⁄4" Dia.

Bolsa de Guardar para Cargar

Bring your favorite casseroles to dinners, potlucks and picnics. Keeps food hot. Easy-to-carry handle. 18 1⁄2" L. x 11" W. x 1 1⁄2" D.

1167 Italian Large Leaf Basil Albahaca Italiana de Hojas Grandes

Particularly flavorful for fresh use and for pesto, this sweet basil has a larger leaf than other basils. Italian foods of all sorts get a boost from this zesty herb – it’s perfect in pasta, salads and sauces. Snip some fresh for fish, poultry and vegetables, especially eggplant. It’s the crowning glory on ensalada caprese with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes.

Keeps Hands Clean!

1031 Microwave Splatter Covers - Set of 3 Cubierto para Salpicaduras para Microonda - Juego de 3

Dishwasher safe covers keep your microwave clean while cooking. Food cooks faster without drying out! Set of 3: 9", 6 7⁄8" and 5" Sq. All are 0.5 mm thick.

1039 Bottle Baster Botella de Baster

1188 Silicone Garlic Peeler Pelador de Ajo


Roll garlic cloves in cylinder and quickly peel away skins while keeping hands odor free. 1 5⁄16" Dia. x 5 1⁄4" L.

A new way to baste your foods. Instead of using a brush or mop, you can simply fit this bottle top baster over any bottle and it acts as a brush. This heat resistant silicone basting lid will fit almost any bottle of sauce or marinade. It makes basting quick and easy.

The Bag Is A Pot! Set of 3!







5831 Cheddar Cheese Spread

12 oz.

Salsa de Queso con Rabano Picante

7424 Beef Sticks Palitas de Salchicha

9240 Garlic & Herb Snack Spread

1353 Kansas City Rub

Salsa de Queso con Ajo y Hierba

Mezcla de Especies para Sazonar

12 oz.

8 oz.

12 oz.

Double-Pack box! A tangy, traditional BBQ rub inspired by the great “rib joints” of Kansas City. Perfect for your next cook-out or anytime your menu needs a little extra kick! Each packet serves 8.

0180 Beef Summer Sausage Salchica de Vaca 11 oz.

1121 Three Cheese Garlic Biscuit Mix Tres Combinación de Bísquet de Ajo de Queso

Yields 15 biscuits.

1123 Chicken Enchilada Soup Mix Sopa de Enchilada de pollo

Double-Pack box! Each packet serves 8.

1120 Garlic Pesto Cheese Ball Mix Combinación de Pelota de Queso de Pesto de Ajo de sabor


serving suggestion

0158 Cajun Style Summer Sausage Salchica de Vaca Picante

11 oz.

1132 Cranberry Almond Pasta Salad Mix Mezcla de Ensalada de Pastas de Almendra de Arándano

Includes cranberries and pasta! This full-flavored blend of herbs & spices combine with cranberries for a sweet & zesty meal on its own! Add diced turkey or ham for a heartier version. Serves 12.


1207 Taste of Tuscany Cheese Ball Mix Mezcla para Bolita de Queso con sabor a la Toscana

Double-Pack box! Each packet serves 16.



Salsa de Queso Nacho

0221 Horseradish Cheese Spread



5844 Jalapeño Cheese Spread

Salsa de Queso 12 oz.



Double-pack box! Each packet serves 8.






Morley Candy has been creating High Quality chocolates since 1919. Many of the recipes still in use today were developed by Grandma and Grandpa Morley.

1129 Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels Caramelo con chocolate oscuro y sal

Morley's famous caramel dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with fancy sea salt crystals. An amazing sweet and salty sensation! Gift Boxed. 6 oz. K D

Two 4 oz blocks in every package!

1208 1208 Peanut Pretzel Bark Tabla de Pretzel con Cacahuate

Sensationally Sweet ‘n Salty! Crispy pretzels, fresh roasted peanuts, and Morley milk chocolate. Gift Boxed. 6.5 oz.

1125 Cookies & Cream Clusters

1126 Pecan Torties®

1124 Coconut Clusters

Pedazo de galletas con crema

Dulces hechos de pacana y caramelo

A generous layer of premium milk chocolate tops plump southern 1124 pecans and Morley famous Copper Kettle recipe caramel. 1126 K D Gift Boxed. 6.5 oz.

Cluster de chocolate y coco

Morley smooth and creamy vanilla coating swirled with chocolate cookie morsels in our famous cluster shape! Gift Boxed. 5.5 oz. K D

Sweet shredded coconut, rich milk chocolate, and a secret ingredient all blended together. Mmm! Gift Boxed. 6 oz. K



1130 Dark Chocolate Almond Bark® Corteza de Chocolate oscuro de almendra

1124 1125

Fresh roasted almonds swirled in pure Morley Dark Chocolate an old fashioned favorite! Gift Boxed. 6.5 oz. K D

1128 Peanut Butter Block Bloque de la mantequilla de cacabuete


Nuggets of rich Morley milk chocolate stuffed with creamy peanut butter. Each box contains two tasty blocks, individually wrapped. 8 oz.

1127 Almond Pecan-dy® Crunch Almendra crujiente Pecan-dy

Gourmet popcorn with loads of almonds and pecans smothered in a buttery, toffee coating. Boxed. 6 oz.


11 10



9649 Sweet N’ Crunchy Trail Mix Mezcla Dulce y Crujiente de Semillas y Frutos Secos


Be prepared to celebrate with this tempting combo of peanuts, raisins, choc-o-buttons, honey roasted peanuts, roasted almonds, and shelled sunflower seeds. (7 oz. bag)

Snack Attack!

6290 Honey Roasted Peanuts Cacahuates Tostados con Miel

Delicious roasted and salted peanuts with a sweet honey coating – a perfect combination of flavors. (6 oz. bag)



9647 Gummi Bears Ositos de Goma

Gummi candies in the always popular bear shape. (7 oz. bag)




HON 1103 1103 Cherry Sours Gomitas de Cereza

Luscious cherry-flavored candies with a sour bite! (7 oz. bag)


6286 Peanut Squares Cuadraditos Crocantes de Maní

Blanched peanuts nestled in a candy crunch. If you like peanut brittle, you’ll love Peanut Squares. (6 oz. bag)


6287 Neon Sour Gummi Worms Gusanitos de Goma Néon Ácido

Worms never tasted so good! (9 oz. bag)



9648 Cashew Snack Mix Mezcla con Castañas de Cajú

A simple mix that is simply DELICIOUS! Sesame sticks, peanuts, and cashews roasted and lightly salted to tantalize your taste buds. (6 oz. bag)


6188 6788


0039 6188 Peanut Butter Cups

0039 Chocolate Caramel Squares

6788 Caramonds

Cuadritos de Chocolate con Caramelo

Caramel inside milk chocolate shells. 0 grams trans fat. Boxed. 6 oz.

Chocolate con Almendras y Caramelo

Luscious almonds are covered in milk chocolate and silky caramel. 0 grams trans fat. Preservative Free. Boxed. 8 oz.

0054 Chocolate Covered Cherries

Copitas de Crema de Cacahuete Cubiertas en Chocolate

Cups of chocolate filled with rich, silky peanut butter. Preservative Free. Boxed. 6 oz. 0 grams Trans Fat per serving.


7804 Cashew Butter Crunch Quebradizos de Anacardos

Cerezas Cubiertas en Chocolate

A delicious shell of milk chocolate surrounds a gourmet Maraschino cherry. 0 grams trans fat. Boxed. 5 oz.

Quality cashews covered in a rich buttery glaze. Preservative Free. Boxed. 0 grams Trans Fat per serving. 7 oz.

0050 Chocolate Covered Mints

Menta Cubierta en Chocolate

Rich and delicious dark chocolate surrounds a cool peppermint center. 0 grams trans fat. Boxed. 6 oz.




Toffee de Chocolate Ingles

Buttery toffee coated in milk chocolate. 8 oz.

1346 Maple Fudge

1347 Chocolate Fudge

1348 Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Dulce de Leche con Sabor a Arce

Dulce de AzĂşcar Chocolate

Dulce de AzĂşcar con Chocolate y Crema de Cacahuete

The taste of Maple Syrup bursts through with every bite you take of our silky smooth Maple Fudge. Premium ingredients create a flavor sensation that will be remembered by all.

Our Chocolate Fudge is a chocolate lover's dream. Made with Belgian chocolate, rich Dutch cocoa, sweet cream, butter, and cane sugar for a taste like none other.

The perfect combination of our decadent Chocolate Fudge, made with Belgian Chocolate, and our old fashion Peanut Butter Fudge made with our special blend of peanut butter.




8oz Gift Boxed

8oz Gift Boxed

8oz Gift Boxed


1201 Chocolate English Toffee





1143 Bold Statement Comfort Sling Bolsa de Bandolera con un Dibujo de “Bold Statement”

BIG, lightweight, washable tote holds up to 35 lbs and cleverly folds up into a stretchy pouch measuring just 4 1⁄2" H x 3" W x 2" D. Quick-clip. Wide, comfortable shoulder strap. Open size: 13" H x 15" W x 6" D.

7 pockets for easy organizing!

Interior Zipper Pocket

1434 Purple Tall Tote Bolsón Largo (Color Morado)

Our Tall Tote is ideal for keeping the essentials in one place. Its bold, striking exterior and whimsical interior make this bag not only practical, but also fun for everyone! 13 1⁄2" x 4 1⁄2" x 15" H.

1433 Color Block Tote Bolsón de Colores

This bright red and orange beauty is calling your name! Features include durable polyester construction, double stitching, silver grommets and heavy-duty zipper closure. 16" x 5 1⁄2" x 17" H.

1453 Purple Spirals Designer Carry-All Bolsa Organizadora con un Dibujo de “Purple Spirals”

Featuring three back pockets, two front pockets and a roomy interior, this go-anywhere tote can handle all the items your busy life requires. 15 1⁄2" x 6 1⁄2" x 10 1⁄4" H.

Contrasting Interior Design 1435 Island Chevron Pocket Pal Carrier Bolsa con Bosillo Estilo ”Island Chevron”


Interior Zipper Pocket

Tote all of your daily essentials with the Pocket Pal Carrier! Magazines, books, accessories, and whatever else you need can be tucked away in the side pockets or stored in the spacious main compartment. 18" x 9" x 16" H.

Two Side Mesh Pockets



Fit all the essentials in one place!


1421 Green Spirals Double-Wall Insulated Tumbler with Straw Vaso Térmico con Pajilla con un Dibujo de “Green Spirals”

Cold beverages stay cold in this double-wall insulated cup, which comes with a convenient screw-on lid and straw for on-the-go sipping. Holds approximately 21 oz. (620 ml).

Contents not included

1421 5073 Zebra Tri-Fold Wallet Cartera de Triple Doblez con Diseño de Piel de Cebra

Keep your cash and important cards in this savvy zebra print wallet. 7 1⁄2" L. x 4" W.

Contents not included

1416 Citrus Paisley File Box

1419 Citrus Paisley Car Organizer

1417 Coral Chevron Beauty Basics Organizer

Caja de Archivo con un Dibujo de “Citrus Paisley”

Organizador de Carro con un Dibujo de “Citrus Paisley”

Bolsa Organizadora de Cosméticos con un Dibujo de “Coral Chevron”

Stay organized in a trendy way with this versatile, portable file box! Important papers, files and folders will never get lost again. 12" x 6" x 12" H.

No more messy backseats! This clever car organizer hangs over the front seat and contains many pockets to keep everything in its place. 14" x 17" H.

All of your beauty essentials in one spacious, easy-open organizer bag. What could be more attractive than that? 24 1⁄4" x 11" (open).

1418 Tropical Flower Total Tote


Bolso total de Mano con un Dibujo de “Tropical Flower”

The Total Tote won’t let you down! Made of durable, woven polypropylene, this bag gives new meaning to the phrase “carry all”. Features inside pockets and a fun Coral Chevron interior! 19" x 10" x 15" H.

1429 Purple Spirals Tablet Case Funda para una Tableta Electrónica con Diseño de ”Purple Spirals”

Don’t just protect your tablet – accessorize it with this fashionable neoprene case! 10 1⁄2" x 1" x 8 1⁄2".


Contents not included

Striking, pocket-filled interior!



3018 Black Filigree Cross Necklace Collar

A designer look with this stylish silver toned filigree embellished cross pendant with crystal center. Necklace is accented with crystal and filigree beads. 18"L with lobster clasp and 3 1⁄2" extension.

4764 Gold Heart & Crystal Earrings Aretes color oro y cristal en forma de Corazon

Double gold hearts with rhinestone detail. Approx. 5⁄8" x 5⁄8".

1088 Chandelier Bracelet Brazalete

The black mesh bracelet gives depth to clusters of clear and silver faceted beads. 8"L.

3010 Heart Charms Filigree Earrings Pendientes

Lovely filigree heart earrings perfect for almost any occasion with French wires. Earring posts are nickel free, surgical steel & hypo-allergenic.

3306 Filigree Designer Hoop Earrings Pendientes

Lightweight silver hoop designer earrings that suit any occation. Earring posts are nickel free, surgical steel & hypo-allergenic.

3284 Sophisticated Filigree Heart Necklace & Earring Set Collar y Pendientes

This heart-shaped whimsy includes matching earrings. Necklace, 18"L with 2" extension. Earrings, 1" drop with leverback closure. Earring posts are nickel free, surgical steel & hypo-allergenic.

4183 Silver & Matte Silver Bracelet Brazalete Entretejido Plateado y Plata

Silver finish bracelet features two styles of dangling circles on an O-chain. Approx. 7 3⁄4" L.

3141 Butterfly Doodle Necklace

3012 Swirl Around Designer Ring


Large silver butterfly pendant on black multi-cord. 18" with 2" extension.



5172 Rhinestone Butterfly Earrings Aretes Mariposas de Diamantes Falsos

Silver stretch swirl ring.

Delicate champagne-colored rhinestones decorate these whimsical butterfly shaped earrings. Approx. 7/8” L.




Thermal cooler bottom opens with a zip; keeps hot food hot and cold food cold!

1432 Midnight Poppies Insulated Casserole Carrier Portador insulado de Cazuela con un Dibujo de “Midnight Poppies”

For family picnics, day trips and more, you need this eye-catching insulated casserole carrier. Features Velcro closure, heavy-duty zipper and double stitching for extra durability. 15" x 9" x 4 1⁄2" H.

Works great for casseroles too!

Perfect for your next event!

1202 Deviled Egg Carrier

1431 Green Spirals Round Pie Carrier

Cargador de Huevos

Portador de pastel Redondo con un dibujo de “Green Spirals”

Store and carry those slippery deviled eggs in two layers with no mess. 9 7⁄8" L. x 6 1⁄2" W. x 4 5⁄16" D.

Keep your pie cold or hot, and transport it effortlessly with our easy-carry handle. 12" dia. x 4 1⁄2" H.

1137 Land Ho! Tailgate Tote with Cooler Bolsa con Una Nevera Portátil- Con un Dibujo de ”Land Ho!”

2-in-1 tote and thermal cooler keeps food cool or warm and other items handy and dry. 15" H. x 16 1⁄2" W. x 7" D.

1202 1026 Ruffles & Dots Baker Horneador en Fruncidos y Puntos

Hand painted in irresistible, trend-setting patterns, this ruffle-edged pan is sure to please your dinner guests! Microwave and dishwasher safe.13" L. x 9" W. x 2 1⁄2" D.

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe!




4199 Dry Mix

1354 Dry Mix

4199 Funnel Cake Mix 1354 Key Lime Cheesecake Mix Mezcla de Pasteles de Embudo

Delicious memories of those warm, sweet cakes devoured between roller coaster rides and carnival games. Just add water and powdered sugar. 16 oz. dry.

Mezcla de Pastel de Queso Crema y Lima

A refreshing twist on an all-time mouthwatering favorite. 16 oz. dry.


1350 Butter Toasted Virginia Peanuts

1351 Salted Virginia Peanuts

1349 Smoked Cajun Virginia Peanuts

Mantequilla Tostó a Virginia Peanuts

El Gastrónomo Salado Virginia Peanuts

Cacahuates al Estilo Cajun Virginia

These Virginia peanuts are cooked in butter, sugar, and salt to form a special “crunchy sweet” coating for a most tempting treat. 10oz. can.

The peanuts that made us famous. Our super extra large salted Virginia Peanuts are blanched and blister fried for delicious snacking. 10oz. can.


Full of Cajun flavor, these peanuts look innocent enough, but pack a spicy spark that can sneak up on you. 10oz. can.





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