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A well planned Township – Kharghar Kharghar, a town in Navi Mumbai developed by CIDCO (City and Industrial development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd.) is one of the most beautifully made and planned township in Mumbai. The infrastructure of Kharghar is extremely stupendous and is developing very fast. The upcoming international airport in Navi Mumbai is just 4 km away from the town. Navi Mumbai considered as a well planned city where Kharghar stands as the most d eveloped township in this planned city. Kharghar is one of the most properly designed and with world class infrastructures in the town it looks very wonderful to notice such infrastructure in the city. The town is divided in 45 sectors. Kharghar development took years as there are many concept and project that was undertaken to make this town a really worth watching town. The entire nature lover’s out there would love this place as the open space and greenery gives a pleasant atmosphere. The two most famous chowk namely, “Utsav chowk” and “Shilp chowk” developed following the Roman architecture which consists of a wonderfully sculptu red fountain. At the night while entering Kharghar the Utsav chowk glows which makes the atmosphere of the town a very bright one? The waterfall Pandavkada is the best place for picnic lovers. This place is well known for years as a picnic spot and now aft er the development in the town the waterfall area is also developed. The Golf course makes the town more attractive, so all the golf lovers out there can enjoy golf over here. The golf course is situated at the foothills of the Kharghar mountain range near Pandavkada. After so much development there has been tremendous increase in t he public count and as Kharghar is a very big town, CIDCO has constructed a skywalk from Kharghar Railway station which connects the pedestrians directly to the town crossing over the Sion-Panvel expressway. The overall length of the skywalk is 1780 meters. The skywalk in the entrance has an open type escalator. This town has the most number of education institutions in the whole of Navi Mumbai. Not only that but there are big n ames institution situated here like NIFT for fashion designing, A.C Patil college and Saraswati College for engineering, Yerela College of Medical, International schools and many other degree colleges are situated here. Being so much develop ed the town still remains as a non

alcoholic town as there can be no wine shop which will be licensed in this town. The known 5 star luxury hotel Royal tulip increases the beauty of Kharghar. Utsav Chowk, the family oriented park is also a very popular spot in this town to visit. It is a very vast park and very famous in Kharghar. Kharghar development was a very core concept for CIDCO as it was the town in Navi Mumbai with very high expectations and the town which is going to be noticed further as the development of the city progresses.

A well planned township  

Kharghar, a town in Navi Mumbai developed by CIDCO (City and Industrial development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd.) is one of the most beau...