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Lotta Berge

Pick a word Choose one word in each box to make your own story. Once upon a time there was a 1

poor brave bored

grandmother thief dentist who was going on a trip to 3 China Australia India .


The 2

was called 4 brought 5



his her

mouse parrot snake on the trip. They went by 1 boat plane bicycle to 3 It was a 7 fantastic awful crazy trip.


One day 4


and 5 went for a walk.


There it was! A 8

panda kangaroo tiger

! An animal they had

always wanted to meet. - Hello! said the 8

. How was your trip?

- We had a 7

trip, answered the 2

The 8

told them all about 3

Back home the 1 and 5


made a film about


their adventures in 3


They became rich and famous. They then lived happily ever after. 

Write your story on the next page.

My story

Draw a picture.

Read your text in English and Swedish to a friend. Lotta


Date .........................

The lost key Use the pictures to write a story.


Write the story on the next page.

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