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Fibromyalgia – How To Deal With The Diagnoses By Maja Iten

Have you recently received the diagnoses of “Fibromyalgia”? Most likely you have been suffering from chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibro fog, sleeping disorder, IBS and other very unpleasant symptoms for years before the diagnoses.

When you asked your fibro doctor what you could do in order to get rid of this terrible disease, you most likely learned that there was not really a cure for it. The doctor probably told you there were some medications that could give you some symptom relief. “It’s incurable,” your physician most likely added.

As relieved as many fibromyalgics are when they learn that they have a real disease and that it is not just all in “their head” as they have been told for many years, the sobering awareness comes very quickly that their physician does not have a real answer to offer. Does that mean that you have to live with this disease for the rest of your life?

Most physicians would tell you so. However, I do not agree.

I had Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, IBS and some other related conditions for 15 years and had to quit working because of the conditions. My search for answers took me 15 years. Some years ago I met a European physician who has been treating Fibromyalgia naturally for 30 years and with great success. Dr. J. Sacher clearly states that she has seen many cases of Fibromyalgia reversed and that it, therefore, is curable. But how can you deal with the diagnoses before even thinking about solutions?

What is the first step to do after having gotten the diagnosis? The first step to take is not to panic. Stay calm and refuse to get into the, “oh my God, I’m gonna have to live with this for the rest of my life” mood.

What would the next step be?

The next step is to reconsider the word ‘incurable’. Incurable means nothing else but that your doctor doesn’t have a pill to get you symptom free. But could physicians heal pneumonia 500 years ago? Could they fill a cavity? Keep in mind that there is not just the medical path, but also the natural path. The natural path is great for cases when the doctors do not have any answers to offer.

What can the natural path do for you? The natural path is not only about cutting off symptoms, like the medical path is. The natural healing path is about strengthening your health and thus, helping the body to reverse the illness itself.

Does that mean that there is a cure for fibromyalgia? There is a medical rule that states that if only one person can be cured of a disease, it can be considered curable. In fact there are thousands of former fibromyalgia patients who have reversed their condition and are now living normal, pain-free lives. I happen to be one of them. I have been symptom free since 2004.

What are your possibilities? Keep in mind that there is not one “cure-all, quick-fix” pill. In that regard your doctor is right. But that does not mean that there are no answers. Very often the natural, alternative health field has much better solutions to offer, especially for chronic diseases. Given the fact that most pain drugs and sleeping pills are addictive, the natural path is a great alternative to consider. There are nontoxic, natural ways to relieve pain, chronic fatigue, etc., without any negative side effects. The natural reversing process takes time and patience. The question remains: Isn’t it worth giving the reversing process some time to work since we did not become sick within a week or a month?

Why does not your doctor know about this? Physicians are entirely dependant on the information they get from the pharmaceutical companies. Nowadays physicians are so overloaded with work that they hardly have the time to learn things that go beyond the medical path. Also, very often it is a matter of the age of your physician. Those who are in medical school now will have quite a different understanding of fibromyalgia and other immune disorders.

Where and how can you learn more about the fibro reversing process? There are several strategies to become symptom-free naturally, but it is not easy to get this information unless you have a fibromyalgia support system behind you. When you start thinking outside the box you begin to find new answers and support groups. The main thing at this point is not to lose hope.

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Fibromyalgia - How To Deal With The Diagnoses  

Most fibromyalgics mistakenly believe that fibromyalgia is incurable. Although there is no quick-fix-cure-all pill there are several alterna...

Fibromyalgia - How To Deal With The Diagnoses  

Most fibromyalgics mistakenly believe that fibromyalgia is incurable. Although there is no quick-fix-cure-all pill there are several alterna...