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Sincerely, Stephen Crossman President On Pack Solutions HEAD OFFICE n 198 Valois, Vaudreuil-Dorio Quebec, Canada J7V1T4 Toll Free: 877-420-1377 Fax: 450-424-1377

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U.S. Sales Office ine) 710 Channing Way, (Mezzan Berkeley, CA 94710 6 Toll Free: 877-420-7755 ext. Fax: 450-424-1377

On Pack Attachments and Packaging Components We have been the go to supplier for high quality custom and stock on-pack attachments used in the wine & spirits industry and increasingly in grocery and health goods space for over fifteen years. Our expertise and experience ensure that your promotions make it home with the consumer. From cost saving designs that fit your existing case packs to environmentally friendly multipack carriers, our catalogue has what you need. Simply call us for immediate results.

Promotional attachments get your products off the shelves. We make sure that your promotions look better than the competitions, and correspond to your brand. We save you money by making sure the promotions fit within your existing case packs and by simplifying the application process. We have seen pretty much every promotional give-away available, and have a stock attachment ready to ship to your packaging facility. Our design team can apply our accrued knowledge to prepare custom attachments in any color and shape. What could be easier than sending us an actual sample of your bottle and premium and letting us propose the ideal on-pack attachment?

Stock Attachments OP3000








Stock Attachments OP3008








Stock Attachments OP3016








Stock Attachments OP3024








Stock Attachments OP3032








Stock Attachments OP3040








Scorecard Friendly Recycled Fibre Board Multi-Pack Carriers Completely Customizable to FIT Your Product PERFECTLY

Custom Designed, No Mould Charges, Stunning Graphics in up to eight Colors Our special blend of 85% Post Consumer Fiber-Board with optional over moulded recycled resin closures. Three closure styles to choose from, unlimited design applications.


Eco Friendly Clothing Manufacturers & Retailers Promote Your Brand On Our 100% Recyclable Fiber-Board Hangers

17” Top - Model 17T

15” Top - Model 15T

12” Top - Model 12T

10” Top - Model 10T

12” Clip - Model 12C

17” Drop - Model 17D

15” Drop - Model 15D

Available Plain or Printed in up to eight Colors No Mould or Die Charges Custom Designs our Speciality GOH Friendly - We Manufacture in China, USA + Canada 12” Drop - Model 15D

100% Recycled, 100% Recyclable, 100% Biodegradable Print your logo or graphics in up to eight colors. Our special blend of 85% Post Consumer with option to laminate with various recycled paper substrates.

10” Drop - Model 10D

15” Clip - Model 15C

Packaging Handles & Reinforcements World-wide clients trust Canada’s leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of plastic packaging handles, reinforcements, multi-pack carriers, on-pack rings and specialty packaging products to integrate into their packaging designs. Our client website is the perfect place to source small quantities of plastic handles and reinforcements. Our custom and stock handles are integrated into the largest volume packaging production lines in North America. No matter what count you require for packaging, we can handle it!

Packaging Handle Reference Guide Model PH-60045 PH-65045 PH-67545 PH-78765 PH-75045 PH-90070-FB PH-90099 PH-10770-FB PH-61220 PH-91220

RS001 x x x x x



x x x x x x

x x Excellent for Designers, Testing, and Mock-Ups. We have been listening and are happy to present our online store specifically designed for small quantity orders. Simply click on the image and fill in the color and quantity - everyting can be completed online. Credit Card payments are directed through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to place your order.




Register Online for our Complete Sample Pack and Complimentary Coffee Mug Simply go to

Have a Extra Wide Cap? We can manufacture our attachments in stretchable rubber.

Stret ch Closu able Rub b res a re Ide er for E al xtra Non Stand Large ard C aps

Stock Handles & Reinforcements

For small quantity purchases please order online at

Did you know that we can manufacture your handle in your PMS color for only a slight upcharge? We can reproduce your Brand Logo on your Handle. Call us.

PH-60045 6”L x .45”W

PH-78765 7.87”L x .65”W

PH-65045 6 1/2”L x .45”W

PH-90070 9”L x .70”W

PH-67545 6 3/4”L x .45”W

PH-90099 9” L x 1” W

PH-75075 7 1/2” L x 3/4” W

PH-10505 10 5/8”L x .5” W

Stock Handles & Reinforcements For small quantity purchases please order online at

PH-61220 6.12”L x .20”W

RC-003 Reinforcement Plate

PH-91220 9.12”L x .20”W

RC-004 Reinforcement Plate

RC-001 Reinforcement Disc

RC-005 Reinforcement Plate

RC-002 Reinforcement Plate

Custom Handles is Our Speciality. Have a Unique Requirement.

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OnPack Solutions Inc. Head Office 198 Valois, Vaudreuil-Dorion Quebec Canada J7V1T4 U.S. Sales Office 710 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94710

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