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How to Read Multiple Chapters of NCERT (Class10) In One Day Without Any Distraction?

CBSE Class 10 and 12 Term 2 Examination have less than one month to begin. The CBSE board has released a subject-wise exam schedule for both batches. Class 10 Students will write their first board exam in the subjective pattern. Before the exam, these last moments are crucial when considering Class 10 Board exam preparations. Students need to get rid of all their practices and revision. It will not be difficult if you have the right plan and smart tips in mind for your board exam preparation. Here we are sharing some expert tips that will be helpful for your last-minute exam preparation. By following these tips, you will be able to read multiple chapters of the class 10 NCERT Solution in one day.

Before You Start: ● Create a Distraction-Free Environment Studying in groups is quite tempting, especially if you study a tricky subject and your friends can help you. But it’s not always good, especially when you are pressed for time. If you are serious, find a quiet place where you will not have to move for a while. Studying in a quiet place will allow you to focus solely on your study. If your phone is not necessary for studying, turn it off. It will allow you to focus for long hours and reduce getting distracted.

● Have all essentials with you Do not begin studying without having all the essential things for your study. Take some time to find your notebook, pen, and study materials like a textbook with NCERT Solution for Class 10 and class notes. For example, if you are studying Class 10 Science, you have to have your Class 10 Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Note. Organize these study materials so that you can access them when you need to.

● Stay Calm If you have left studying until the day before the exam, you may be worried about how you will do all the work in such a short time. No matter what your circumstances are, it is important not to panic. Depression and anxiety will make it very difficult to concentrate, memorize concepts, and think deeply. Also read ncert solutions for class 7 maths

Best Tips to Study Multiple Chapters In One Day 1. Make a list of chapters and their important topics First, you need to understand that you can not study everything in one day. Studying everything will take way more time than you have. You will simply focus on essential concepts, terms, and high weightage topics at this stage of your preparation. The basic idea behind this strategy is if the concept is central to the chapters, you will gain an overview of other less important concepts. It will be helpful for all the subjects. But for Class 10 Chemistry, it will be more beneficial.

How do you identify important topics? ● ●

Your subject teacher will explicitly say this is important for your exam. It has come up multiple times in the board examination.

● ●

It is a core to understanding other topics in the chapters. It has been given high weightage in the course syllabus.

Make Short Notes Research has shown that you learn better when you write down information. As you study, take notes on what you want to memorize. For class 10 Maths, prepare a sheet of all essential formulas, concepts, and theorems and stick it where you study. Unlike your class note, this type of note-taking does not have to be neat. Just grab some rough notebook or paper and write down what you need to remember. Make sure you are writing, not typing, as typing does not work on memorizing facts.

2. Make use of Mind Maps, Charts, and Graphs At this stage, this is not something you want to spend your time on. But giving fifteen minutes to make a quick study map is a great way to connect the information you have just studied. One of the most effective study strategies is to connect the various topics and concepts in the chapter. Do not mistake assuming that the study material of the First Week is not related to the Seventh Week. Week 7 is most likely to be directly built on the topics learned at the beginning of the course.

3. Teach your friend/peer Another way of learning things fast is to pretend you are teaching that concept to someone else. Once you have studied and understood the chapter, meet up with a friend or peer for an hour and teach them what you have learned. Ask them if they have any questions about the material so it will help you to revise concepts again and again. Specifically for class 10 science, this technique is beneficial. It may sound complicated, but teaching someone is a great way to learn quickly for a long time. For variance one can check ML Aggarwal class 10 solutions

4. Solve Sample Papers and Previous Year's Questions While you can't always imitate a high-pressure exam environment outside the classroom, sample papers are great tools to properly understand the exam, test your knowledge, and consolidate everything you've learned. With sample papers solving previous years' questions is also essential—select questions that have come more than once in the board examination. If you encounter a surprise while solving a sample paper, you will be better prepared when it comes time to do the real thing.

Conclusion It can be challenging to decide where to start when studying multiple chapters on your plate. The study technique you choose depends on how you study and how your brain keeps information. There is no right

way to read, as long as you read. We simply advise you to set study goals, and until you achieve them, just don’t give up. We hope these tips will help you in your last-minute study. Best of luck for the exam! Also read: 10 Natural Memory Enhancing Techniques