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There’s no doubt that your family doctor is well qualified and competent to treat and solve all kinds of health issues, which is why he is your family doctor. A doctor becomes a family doctor when he treats the entire family consisting of all age groups since years. It is the trust that the family members have in him for every small health issue that makes him a “family� doctor. This would also mean that he can treat conditions of toddlers and children too.

However, there is a special field designated to the treatment of only children-related diseases, known as paediatrics; and the doctor who specializes in it is known as a paediatrician. Such specialists are trained specifically to treat ailments of only infants and children. They receive special education and achieve a special certification to prove their qualification. Let us take a general look at how paediatricians are different from family doctors. The first and most obvious difference is that paediatricians treat ailments of only the younger age group, while family doctors can treat general diseases for all age groups, ranging from children to senior citizens. Secondly, paediatricians are trained in child development and behaviour to be able to better understand their mentality and actions. Family doctors on the other hand may not have received such extensive child development training. It clearly shows that paediatricians are better trained to handle children and treat any conditions that they may suffer from, which proves that paediatricians are a better choice against family doctors when you want to have your child diagnosed and treated for any

kind of health problems. However, there are many other details that show you why you must opt for a specialized paediatrician. Paediatricians have a focused understanding of child health issues – Paediatricians spend 3 complete years focused on learning about ailments of children, with complete knowledge of the same. This specialization helps them to easily identify and diagnose both common and complex health issues. Also, it makes it easier for them to stay updated with the latest advances in paediatric care and medicine. Paediatricians are educated about child behavior and development – Children don’t act the same way as adults. They have their own way of thinking and accepting. A paediatrician is well educated to understand all of this, which makes it easier for them to handle any child with ease, thus making him comfortable to accept the treatment faster. Paediatricians can come down to the level of children – Just as mentioned above, because paediatricians are well educated in understanding child development and behavior, it is easy for them to handle kids. This education also helps them to come down to the level of the mentality of children, and treat them accordingly. This makes children feel that they aren’t speaking to a doctor or adult, but a friend of their own, which builds a relationship of trust and friendliness, thus helping the child to recover faster and better. So, the next time you want to take your child for a diagnosis, it would be better if you take him to a specialized paediatric doctor in Kota. You can make a visit at Maitri Hospital, where you have not one, but an entire team of paediatric specialists who have immense experience of treating a variety of children-related ailments like growth disorders, low birth weight, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and much more. For more updates & notification, browse our social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn

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Should You Choose A Family Doctor Or A Paediatrician? - Maitri Hospital  

Should You Choose A Family Doctor Or A Paediatrician? - Maitri Hospital