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Dehydration is more likely to attack during the summers, as compared to other seasons, fearing which we are told to drink more water and liquids during summers. But, this does not mean that we don’t consider the intake of water during other seasons. Water is important for us 365 days a year, lack of which can make our bodies dehydrated anytime of the year.

While you may think that dehydration can only cause a little weakness and fatigue that can be solved with intake of liquids and glucose, the illness can in fact do much more than that! It can affect the urinary system, digestive system, endocrine system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and the heart. This is why Maitri Hospital’s urologist in Kota says that it is very important to stay hydrated, especially for those who are excessively involved in sports, exercise, workouts, and outdoor activities. As the body loses too much water during such activities, heat cramps can easily develop, which are very uncomfortable, and can impact your system and stamina. In fact, such affected systems and stamina can also cause a variety of orthopaedic injuries like muscle strains, muscle tears, and fractures. Also, loss of water can lead to heat exhaustion, which can result in fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and at the worst, unconsciousness. All of this makes it difficult for the body to perform its functions properly, increasing the likelihood of injury. By now, you may have understood how important it is to stay hydrated. But how? Simply by drinking lots of water and liquids, you may say. But, there is more to it. If you

will to plan ahead and maintain awareness of your body throughout the day, you can stay hydrated and continue enjoying your everyday activities, without risking your body. 

You must drink lots of water before participating in any kind of exercise. To be specific, you must consume at least 1 liter of water up to 2 hours before starting your workout.

You must drink lots of water before performing any outdoor activity. Consistently drink up to half a liter of water every 10-20 minutes while exercising.

You must also drink water after exercising. Drink at least half a liter of water after your exercise.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to focus on water intake only when you are involved in an activity. Your body continues to lose liquid even when at rest. So, make sure to keep drinking water regularly throughout the day.

If so much of water is making it too much for you, you can shift to other liquids like coconut water, lemon juice, glucose, and sports drinks. All of this can replenish electrolytes that are lost through sweat. But yet, we would always suggest plain water as any artificial drinks may have added sugar, which again has negative effects on your body if you take in too much of it.

Last but not the least, never stress yourself. If you think your body can’t take it, immediately stop your exercise, workout, or whatever stressful activity you are doing. After all, prevention is always better than cure!

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Can Dehydration Affect The Bones And Muscles? - Maitri Hospital  

Can Dehydration Affect The Bones And Muscles? - Maitri Hospital