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2016 - 2017

September 2017 - November 2017

Displayed work at “The Essential Taste of Design,” the relationship between food and design, curated by Matteo Ragni Studio with the support of Essent’ial.It took place at Casa Del Pane during the Milan Design Week 2017.

2009 - 2014

November 2014 - March 2016

Masters in Industrial Design Scuola Politecnica di Design Milano, Italy Bachelor of Architecture R V College of Architecture, Bangalore, India 2007 - 2009

Higher Secondary G.D.Matric Hr. Sec. School Coimbatore, India

Riccardo Giovanetti Design Studio, Intern Industrial Designer - Riccardo Giovanetti Milano, Italy L & S Architects, Project Architect Architects - Georg Leuzinger and Saveri Rajai Bengaluru, India

Best Outgoing Student –Higher secondary

January 2014 - May 2014

1st Prize -District level Painting Competition

Mindspace Architects, Intern Architects - Sanjay Mohe, M.Meddapa, Suryanarayanan Bengaluru, India

Best Artist - Higher Secondary

2nd class - Government Sketching Exam Ranked First in Architecture Admissions of Tamil Nadu , Karnataka and Gujarat ( CEPT)- 2009

July 2013 - December 2013

Nambi + Partners, Intern Architect - Arivudainambi Coimbatore, India



English Hindi Gujarati Tamil

Photoshop Rhinoceros AutoCAD (2d) Sketch up Key shot

Craft 3ds Max with V-ray MS Office Indesign

Model Making Sketching Water colour Rendering in Pen Tablet & Ink

Maitri Nirmal Kumar Chandria



Academic Masters


OUTLINE Industrial Design lab 3


UNNOTICED Industrial Design lab 2


ISONGO Industrial Design lab 1

4 months (Nov 2016 to Feb 2017)


POLARIS Product Design Workshop

2 weeks


ODE Initial Workshop 2


KALEIDOSCOPE Initial Workshop 1

1 month (July 2017) 2 months (May - June 2017)

1 month (Mar 2017) 1.5 weeks


28 Professional 31 33 Others 34

THE BACKYARD Architecture Design Studio 5 4 months (total 8 studios)

MORPH L & S Architects FURNITURE Riccardo Giovanetti Design Studio


(Sep 2011 - Dec 2011)

Dec 2015 - Project still in progress on site September - December 2017

OUTLINE pop-up office system

OUTLINE - is a connected office system which lets the user personlise it. It is designed for the changing work environments like Co-working spaces targetting young designers, freelancers and start-up companies. Team members - Hiromi , Muriel Professors - Marco Merendi and Victor Tarasi


Changing work environments • work stations have been replaced by laptops • Hence requirement of classic desks systems has reduced • Transition from formal to informal • Hierarcy is getting invisible • Working flexibility increases productivity • People prefere to have a good balance between work and life.

History of workspaces • Work and rest co - existed • mutlipurpose tables for work and dining • movable workspaces

Product trend is multipurpose workspaces with privacy cocoons ; catering to every employee need.

Interior trends • Industrial • Pop and fun • Organic / green respectively


Pipes and transparent material are used to create levels, layered and transformable spaces


In order to create a balance between Work and Rest , Outline is 2D structure which transforms into 3D when occupied. It also allows the user to customise the frames based on ones mood.

Start your work without stress on a rainy day

Feel at home, with your pet

Quickly gather to discuss small topics / catch up with a colleague

De-stress through meditation

Work with your project group separately

Have a proper meeting to share ideas





Outline office system is basically structured by combining “Main modules” and “ Main accessories “. Main Module Pipe dia = 40 mm Base Disc dia =150mm

CMF Chic Black Elegant Definite Presence Lucid

Material Powder coated steel

Adding main accessories gives strong support for the main module

Pure White

Table Dimension - 800 x 650 x 720 Material Table top - MDF board Leg - Powder coated steel

Mattress Dimension -1600 x 950 x150 Cushion - 450 x 450 x 125 Material - Polyester stuffed with Polyurethane foam

Plant pot Dimension- 500 x 500 x150 Material - Ceramic

For Privacy Translucent Polyester Screen

Organisers Clip on trash- bin Hanging Fabric Bag

Light Clean Soft Tranquil

Other optional accessories


Foldable box


UNNOTICED a mediterrenean warmth

UNNOTICED - is a home decor product designed for the brand INCIPIT. INCIPIT (the beginning in Latin) is a Milan-based creative lab and business whose aim is to nurture young talent, share skills and business acumen, and promote young designers. The company was founded in late 2013 by Roberto Hoz and Marta Bernstein, two entrepreneurs with experience at several leading Italian design companies. Team members - Dima , Giuseppe Sammartino Professor - Valerio Sommella


Introducing a product after market research • that is a composition of few elements • can be easily assembled • adds warmth to the space • add textile to the brand • cater to mediterranean atmosphere

The Collections mainly have Tableware, Clocks and Lighting. • They use metals, glass and ceramic with colours being Burgundy , light greys and blues, pink and white. • Their products are found in houses, restaurants and at various exhibits of other brands. • The product price ranges from 38 to 420 Euros. • The products are sold online and through concept stores.

The product explorers • coloured metals • coloured glass • ropes The product aims to occupy • personal corners • side tables • entrances



To create more play - the contrast between fragile and strong material is played with. A fragile rope holds the whole composition together

Study of the angles and reflection through mirrors. Some angles produce infite reflections (180 deg) Some angles produce 3 reflections (90 deg)

A decor element adds life to ones living space. Inorder to do that , we decided to play with reflective properties of elements starting from water which is a natural element of life that creates reflections.



• Unnoticed is a composition of 4 main parts - vase, base, mirror and rope. • It is designed as a decorative element for one’s side tables and entrances. • It adds a mediterranean warmth to one’s space. • The reflection of the vase in the steel mirror gives an illusion of a bouquet instead of a single flower. • The whole composition has a contrast between fragile and strong elements.



Packaging The product can be easily assembled or dismantled due its small overall size 150 x 100 x 350mm. Base - Terrazzo - blue or yellow Vase - Coloured glass - Pink or Yellow Mirror 1 - Polished steel Mirror 2 - Blue or Green polished steel Rope - Elastic or Cotton Blue or Grey CMF Inspirations - Mediterranean mood - blue and green

Technical Drawings CMF Options - Mediterranean mood - blue and green



ISONGO switch to elegance

ISONGO - a smart home system is designed for the brand BASALTE BASALTE works to optimise the comfort of the houses and is usually customized based on the user needs.The system controls the temperature, lights, blinds, music and security of the house.Along with the hub, we have the bracelet , that further helps one control the levels of temperature, music etc . The hub automatically detects the room one is in and accordingly activates a particular system Team members - Maya , Marilyne Professors - Chris Miller and Martin Franzen, Design Group Italia


Persona Marco and Caterina Live in a villa; Brasschaat, Belgium. Marco: 38 years old. - SURGEON - Loves Sports / Fitness freak Caterina: 35 years old. - Home Caterer and food blogger - Loves Opera, has a passion for cooking and travelling to get introduced to new tastes. The images show the moodboards for the lifestyle of the couple, form inspirations colour material & finishings.





• The hub and the bracelet attract attention to it as a sculpture / statement piece and not as a tech object. • It works on preset settings and the touch screen on the hub for basic settings. • The bracelet helps you customize these settings. • The hub picks up on consistent changes and adapts automatically to it, making it smarter with more usage.



The screen of the hub lights up only when touched. The hub detects the time & location based on the bracelet. For example, the lights are automatically switched on to a certain brightness by the hub. You can adjust it to your requirement with the bracelet. Hence you can control the comfort of your house from either inside or outside the house.




show me the way

MARCO POLO’S LAMP The idea was to design a lamp which was portable and can be used in situations such as treks, camping, adventure, NGOs , travel etc. POLARIS is developed as a lamp , which along with being a lamp , gave one a sense of memory of the past. It takes one back to the history of travel. It is a souvenir. Team members - Eleonora Professor - Huub Ubbens


Polaris is for people who are into adventure such as trekking , hiking , camping etc.

It is based on the concept of using energy from nature. For example, sun dial - sun, compass - magnetism, sand timer - gravity.



Polaris works on the concept of free energy motor. When switched on , the magnets are set into motion and convert kinetic energy to electric and then to light energy.


Polaris can be used in several ways • When on the move , can be held with the hand • The self locking hinge helps one manipulate with the brightness of the light. • Can be placed on the table. • Or hung on a hook in the tent.





creating a new language

PANE AL PANE - VINO AL VINO Bread and wine, a culture derived from the past is all about bare necessities of life, of celebration, of joy, of sharing and togetherness. It is about memories, bonding and expression.Ode was exhibited at “The Essential Taste of Design,”the relationship between food and design, curated by Matteo Ragni Studio with the support of Essent’ial. It took place at Casa Del Pane , Porta Venezia , during the Milan Design Week 2017. Team members - Giuseppe and Shunya Professors - Matteo Ragni and Antonio de Marco


The object represents a mix from two strongly different cultures, Japanese and European. The wind chime that inspired our design is used in Japan to give a voice to the wind. For example - during the warm summer the wind chime is able to announce with a soothing sound, a fresh moment of pleasure for the user, breaking the silence.It is also a symbol of Goodwill in the Japanese homes. It is about creating a new language for communication, through a basic gesture like toasting.



Sectional Drawing Glass 1


Sectional Drawing Glass 2



the OCD dream

Essent’ial works with simple solutions for daily life with the essentiality, sustainability, beauty and genuiness.Keeping these as our main guidelines we decided to design a product for daily use for students like us. To create a simple, lightweight and portable design with either one or two materials and no binding agent as provided by Essent’ial. Team members - Alessandro, Heejoo and Tanmay Professors - Matteo Ragni and Antonio de Marco


Step 1 The side and top flap is folded in

Step 2 The bottom flap is folded in.

Most students have messy workspaces, with Kaleidoscope it helps you keep that clutter in a box The name KALEIDO is given to the product as it started of with different ideas, like the beads in a kaleidoscope and then together they form a pattern; here the product. It also attributes to the prism shape and the possibility of varied functions based on the user.


Step 3 The 4 flaps are locked in the grooves provided KALEIDO goes with Essent’ial ‘s ideology of a simple design for an everyday object using minimum material and maximum functionality. It’s multi functional , portable, sustainable and can be used for other purposes such a gift box or jewellery box. It can also be recycled.

The concept was to have a box that opens to form a smaller space of itself, letting you see the things inside easliy and when closed it holds your phone also.



breathe in divinity

The Backyard , is boutique hotel set in the backyard of a historic temple precinct - the Bull temple in Bangalore. Location - Basawangudi, Bangalore. The hotel, to be designed had to cater to tourists, students and a religious surrounding.It also had to respond to the Historic temple just outside the site and a small shrine within the site.The site area is 3200 sqm. The project is an individual work. Professors- Ar. Anil Dube , Ar. Nagraj Vastarey, Ar.Meera and Ar.Nandita Srinivas


The hotel is designed to respect the existing temple axis,views and also the trees, giving it a very organic plan. The ground floor is kept open and semi open in terms of views to continue the park near by into the site visually.


• Here it is shown, how the various activities are layered vertically. • The ground floor is a public zone and as one goes above the areas get privatised.


• The massing is done such that a few blocks align to the site boundaries and few align with the Bull temple Gopuram. • The blocks that are near both the enteries are aligned to the Gopuram. • The building height is lowest at the enteries and then goes high in the middle. • The greenery is taken in to break the building mass into smaller units.






reinventing the past

MORPH - is a renovation project of a prominent newspaper office in Bangalore in the city centre. The reception redesign is a small part of other works in the same campus.The building being more that 100 years old, stands strong even today. The management felt the need of renovation because of the changing generations and the surroundings. The entire campus is about 1 acre in size. Company - L&S Architects, Bangalore Principal Architect - Mr. Saveri Rajai


The campus has 4 buildings, each built at different times.The areas are to be renovated .The existing reception uses the entire ground flloor of the first building.

The present reception has a lot of spaces which are not efficiently used and the value of land is high ,the area is reduced to one side of the building as shown in the plan below and the remaining area is opened out to public



A series of furniture - chairs , coffee tables , sofas, side tables, vanity areas etc. for mass manufacture were designed during the internship with RICCARDO GIOVANETTI DESIGN STUDIO, for a upcoming company.





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A compilation of Industrial Design and Architecture projects


A compilation of Industrial Design and Architecture projects