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Add Variant Watermark to Gallery Videos

Are you having fear of stealing while sharing videos on internet? Well, this issue can be sorted easily and quickly by using Video Stamper which Add Watermark Text to your already captured Video clips in the form of Date Time Stamp, Signature & Geolocation.

Quickly Re-Edit your Video Clips with Video Stamper Editor Application available for Android users that facilitates you to Add, - Text as a Caption or Custom Signature - Timestamp as Date and Time Stamp - Location as GPS Geo Tag 3-in-1 is the consideration name given as it edit the videos with enticing watermarks.

There is even need of stamped videos as part of professional works, isn’t it? When you share videos of your work, the watermarks on it will help people to know about you and your profession. Therefore, Video Stamper is developed to induce every clip (selected by you) with decorative and scintillating stamps.

Astonishing feature worthy to look at:

• Accessible Video selection from your Gallery • Custom or Original option for Date and Timestamp. • Changeable font formats • Stamp size (++) or (--) is adjustable • Stamp position is changeable • Selection of stamp color with background relevancy. • Easily “Add or Edit” Text for Signature stamp • Location can be customized in GPS Geotag stamp • Add Geotag on Video in the form of Latitude and Longitude • Preview before finalizing stamp

Have a look to significance of each stamp in detail: 1. Date and time Adding up date with accurate timestamp to your videos allows you to relive all past happy moments plus alongside making all your videotapes approachable, whether you use it formally or casually. 2. Signature Signature stamps allows you describe recorded moments by customizing text. Adding up a cluster of words or phrases will gloom up videos perfectly for sharing and reviewing. 3. GPS

Add a Geotag all your videos easily and quickly using Video Stamper. All you need to do is switch ON your phone’s GPS so that your location can be fetched for inserting into videos instantly. So boost up your smartphone and download Video Stamper now to enchant all your video clips with an easy to access Video Stamper application!

Video stamper  

Add Watermark Text to your pre-captured (Gallery) Video clips as Date Time Stamp, Signature & Geolocation

Video stamper  

Add Watermark Text to your pre-captured (Gallery) Video clips as Date Time Stamp, Signature & Geolocation