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THE WORLD TURNS STILL January 4th - 11th, 2014 Albareh Art Gallery, Adliya.

THE VOICE WITHIN/ THE VOICE WITHOUT September 7th - 14th, 2013 Bahrain Fort Site Museum.

DWELL August 27th - 29th, 2013 Akbar house, Hidd.

This exhibition is a manifestation of each of our personal perspectives on our complex interwoven lives. On how interconnected we are, and how disconnected we can be, and what experiences have molded us, and stayed with

us long after they had passed. Each artwork’s concept differs from the other, although they are in essence our individual perceptions on engraved memories, the impact of connecting to people, and our hopes for the future.

The idea behind this exhibition is to deconstruct the various compositions that make up our personal values and beliefs – what do we value, what makes them so valuable and what are we willing to do to preserve those values?

The cycle of a home changes constantly as if it has a lifespan of its own. As many of the old houses in Bahrain surrender to the effect of time, we loose more architectural evidences for our connection with the past. Since our connection with

the world turns still Albareh Art Gallery

the old houses comes from our families, and our relationship with them forms who we are now; here we pay a tribute to them through the art of storytelling, reflected in various mediums such as photography, illustration, and installation.

winter 2014